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So, you’re a smoker or a first time vaper, and wondering what benefits this strange new world of cloud can have?

Well, we won’t go into a rampage about how harmful cigarettes are to your body, at least not completely! We will, however, point out some of the most common factors and benefits that can be achieved by making the switch.

Let us first, however, explain that the uneducated anti-vaper will consistently compare vaping to smoking, and say that those that vape haven’t really quit smoking. This piece will prove how wrong they are.

The First Steps

Most people choose to test the water with vaping because they know that cigarettes are bad for them. It’s not something they question – they just know. Scientific study after scientific study has told us how bad smoking is – so much so that there is little need to rub it in any further.

Smokers used to name an elderly relative who had smoked all of their lives, but this snippet of information is said less and less often. Smoking, these days, doesn’t just feel bad on our bodies, but it feels bad on our minds, as we know, deep down, that we are causing damage. Even the most veteran of smokers will tell their offspring to avoid it. It is just common sense, in 2017, to avoid the smokes.

Nicotine patches, nicotine sprays, and nicotine gums fill the airways in-between the most popular of TV programmes. They have been tried and tested, time and time again, and the positive results are minimal, to say the least.

Vaping is the natural first step. It bridges the gap between smoking and cessation. All of the familiar traits of smoking a cigarette have been uniquely adopted into an electronic cigarette – especially with the cig-alike devices, copying the shape, heating light, flavours, throat hits and vapour. Nicotine levels can be lowered and lowered, and, if necessary, knocked down to zero.

Your Health

When you first stop smoking it only takes a few hours to start noticing the immediate benefits. Within the first few days the health improvements are then magnified considerably. Taste and smell senses are improved dramatically – food tastes better, drinks are more vibrant. Heart and lung functions are gradually returned to that of a non-smoker and the risk of a multitude of illnesses is reduced.

But, of course, giving up smoking isn’t the easiest thing to do. Going cold turkey is only something that can be accomplished by the most determined and hard-willed of smoker. Various cessation kits, from patches to sprays tend to only work on a mind-over-matter basis, with some arguing that their use as a cessation aid is questionable.

Vaping on the other hand, has been proven to be the most effective way to quit the cigs. You are still utilising all of the things that you associate with smoking – the vapour resembling the smoke, and the nicotine levels to suit. And a universe of different flavours to choose from. All of the horrible chemicals found in cigarettes are not present within an e-liquid, therefore allowing your body to recover and repair itself with immediate effect, in exactly the same way it would by going cold turkey.

And, to those who intend to stop vaping – that process is easy, too. You can simply downgrade the amount of nicotine used in your favourite e-liquid over a period of time. Some devices also incorporate the use of a “puff counter”, so that you can limit yourself to how many drags you have on your electronic cigarette over the course of a day.

With vaping, you get to experience the health benefits of having quit smoking completely hassle-free. You can find a wide range of vaping equipment from E-Cigarette Technologies including electronic cigarette starter kits and a big range of e liquid too.



Of course, lets not forget about the cost of cigarettes and how much money you’ll save by quitting. As of 2017’s last UK budget, the absolute minimal amount a packet of twenty cigarettes can cost is £8. And 20 is now the minimal size of packet available – packs of ten are now obsolete. And so, the average twenty a day smoker will be spending £2,920 a year. Even the rolling tobacco smoker can expect to be spending around the £2,000 mark. It’s a lot of money that could be much better spent on you and your family.

So, what does vaping cost?

In a nutshell, it costs a tiny fraction of what tobacco does. A starting device – a cig-alike – can contain the equivalent of forty or more cigarettes in terms of nicotine and inhales, and cost only a few quid. At least half the price, if not more, of your average packet of twenty.

To the mod and tank vaper, it’s all about the equipment and the way in which they like to vape. An e-liquid bottle can cost just a couple of quid and can last a moderate vaper a week. Premium e-liquids can cost more, but still last a substantial amount of time.

Even heavier vaping users can expect to pay next to nothing on their juice when compared to smoking. And, sub-ohm and cloud chasers? Even with the amount of vapour produced with this method of vaping will still be friendlier on the wallet than that of analogue cigarettes – in a big way.

The financial benefits behind vaping, as opposed to smoking, cannot be stressed enough. You really will find more cash at hand, to spend on yourself or your family, or both.


Starting vaping may be about your physical health, and, as stated, the cost of cigarettes. But, ultimately, it is about you and your well-being.

Vaping has so many mental benefits to it – too many to possibly list, as everybody who starts vaping has their own positive outlook on their decision, based on their own personal circumstances.

Just like quitting smoking and going cold turkey, you’ll feel immediate benefits when moving on to e-cigs. And these benefits rub off on your mind and how you go about tackling the challenges and the world before you.

You feel immediately better, in so many ways. Your body tells you that you are improving. You’ll feel more active, and more ready to undertake tasks that once felt annoying or impossible. Your mental state, all in all, is improved.

Three In A Row

Vaping provides so many benefits. Your health, your cash and your mentality are only the three most obvious ones that can be pointed out. As an ex-smoker and a vaper, you will surely find so many other benefits to list – things that have changed and improved in your life that are exceptional only to yourself.

And, sure, there are always similar benefits that can be accomplished by going cold turkey or by using nicotine replacement therapy. But, vaping is here to make the transition away from smoking all the the more easier, and more pleasant, with vast ranges of flavours and equipment to suit you and your lifestyle.

We spoke of the anti-vaper who compares e-cigs to tobacco. There is, absolutely, no comparison. And, in fact, the two most prominent ingredients of e-liquid – propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin – are safe chemicals found in everyday goods the anti-vaper consumes on a regular basis, from toothpaste to baked produce. There is no smoke produced from an e-cig, as nothing is being ignited – the smoke is only vapour, created in much the same way as a kettle boils.

To summarise, vaping is a choice that, until recently, did not exist. To not take advantage of its benefits could prove a mistake to anybody hoping to quit the horrors of tobacco.

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