Looking For A New Car


I mentioned recently that we are looking for a new car. As our family is growing, so have our needs for a bigger amount of space and for a more reliable car. Our car is about to turn ten years old this year and isn’t the most reliable of cars so we need something spacious for us and that we can rely on too.

We’ve been looking at www.YOUTUBE.com videos as when it comes to repairs, some car repairs can be costly. If they are something we can rectify easily ourselves, we want to be able to do so and know how to. Whilst we budget for car repairs, sometimes they can become incredibly extortionate and completely blow our budget.


We’ve been looking at numerous different car brands and seeing how much car parts would cost if we needed to repair. We’ve had trouble finding parts for previous cars without having to pay really high prices so sites like www.buycarparts.co.uk are perfect for pricing up these items.

It is very unlikely that we will be purchasing a brand new car so knowing cost effective ways to maintain a car is absolutely essential. Whilst I am not the person who would usually take on repairs in the household, it will be handy to know exactly what I need to do and how much certain things cost so I can price up accordingly.

We’ve already been looking around dealerships and seeing what kind of cars are suitable for both our needs and budget. Knowing which ones are easy to make repairs to ourselves (obviously we wouldn’t try and take on any major repairs ourselves) will certainly help us make a decision.


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