Kitchen Culture In The UK

Five-star acrylic sheet supplier The Plastic People, who create kitchen splashbacks to add a stylish touch to a cooking area, has delved into what the UK’s kitchen culture looks like today.

According to research carried out by Mintel, sales of small kitchen appliances have increased from £635 million in 2011 to £897 million in 2015! Sales of food preparation appliances have increased by 145 per cent from 2011 to 2015 and sales of hot beverage making appliances have increased from £78 million in 2011 to an estimated £148 million in 2015 — an 89 per cent boost.

The research also revealed that in 2015, 42 per cent of Brits bought a kettle, 30 per cent of Brits bought a toaster, 15 per cent of Brits bought a sandwich maker or grilling machine. Just 13 per cent of Brits bought a juicer of smoothie maker with 13 per cent of Brits buying a coffee capsule or pod drink maker and 11 per cent of Brits buying a filter coffee machine.

The following is the frequency of upgraded appliance types in the kitchen, from homeowners who either renovated their kitchen in the 12 months prior to the release of the 2017 Houzz Kitchen Trends Study — UK, are currently renovating their kitchen, or are looking to do so over the three months after the release of the research:

  • Dishwasher(s) – 82%
  • Fridge/freezer – 78%
  • Extractor fan – 77%
  • Hob(s) – 75%
  • Wall oven(s) – 56%
  • Microwave – 53%

The same study also revealed that stainless steel was the most popular colour when upgrading appliances, followed by black and then white.

The most popular events that triggered Brits to update their kitchen were 42% had only recently purchased their home and wanted to make their kitchen their own, 32% had wanted to update their kitchen all along and finally had the means to do so. 30% could no longer stand their old kitchen 26% acknowledged that their old kitchen had either deteriorated, broke down or became unsafe. Just 14% were adapting to recent changes that had happened to their family and lifestyle.

Layout wise, 32% opted for a U-shaped design, 28% opted for a L-shaped design and 14% opted for a Galley design.

93% upgraded with worktops, and the top materials used were quartz (engineered) , used by 24%, granite, used by 20% and laminate, used by 17%. White was also the top colour for these worktops (27% selected this tone), followed by grey (17%) and then black (15%).

Over 90% upgraded with cabinets, taps and other plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures and a sink or set of sinks. Over 80% upgraded with appliances.or through their choice of flooring, by looking at their kitchen wall’s finish or with a new kitchen splashback.

For built in features, 42% opted for a kitchen island, 40% opted for a pantry cupboard, 34% opted for a breakfast bar, 29% opted for a built-in wine fridge or rack and 12% opted for a peninsula.

It is very interesting to see what UK households opt for when renovating their kitchen and you can view the full research here. How would you renovate yours?


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