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We were a little late to the Apple craze and luckily didn’t have to pay a penny for our Apple products – I won both our iPad and Steve’s iPhone but suffice to say, not a day goes by when we don’t use them and we would definitely be lost without them. Of course, Steve always has his iPhone with him and the iPad mini is usually with me but we needed something functional so that we could charge our Apple products without having to stop to pick them up all the time.

Enter MyTrendyPhone who kindly offered me the KiDiGi Desktop Charger to review. This seemed like the perfect product for both of us to try out in our respective work places. Whilst my job is pretty much 99% based around sitting at a computer, Steve’s isn’t – although he does spend his fair share of time in the office at his work – as a security officer, he has to go to different sections every few hours and the staff rotate to a different section each time. He needed something that was portable but also made his phone easily accessible whilst charging – plus don’t you hate having to stand your phone or tablet up to watch something? We chose the black desktop charger and eagerly to put it to the test in our different work situations.

I spend a lot of time in front of my computer and often find myself reaching for my phone or the iPad to check something out – if I tend to use another tab on the computer when I am working, I can guarantee I will get sucked into various social media outlets and lose my focus – so having another form of technology makes it easier to check things out when needing to research something. I often take pictures on the iPad too and need to upload them – its much easier having the technology right in front of you on the desk than having to untangle the charger cable from around your feet and pulling the ipad or phone onto the floor in the process!

Steve tends to watch a lot of TV and films at work during the quiet moments which they are allowed to – after all, if you are on a 12 hour shift and haven’t seen anyone but the other person in the office for ages, you need to stop yourself from going crazy, right? We all know how frustrating it is to prop our phones up with something and even more so when on charge. This solves all those problems. Functional and sleek, this could be the answer to your prayers.

Whether you need this for practical or fun reasons, I would highly suggest picking one of these up for just £12.60 from My Trendy Phone – they look good and are functional too – what’s not to love?

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  1. i've been trying to win an ipad for ages, can you give me some tips/info on where you won yours/suggest some places? i'm subbed to your other blog also, will you be doing some comping tips on there?

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