Why Do We Judge Mums For Everything They Do?

Being a woman, and especially a mum, there is such a big debate on how we as mums should look. Some feel the pressure to be preened to perfection at all times when they don’t necessarily want to and others feel judged for daring to take some pride in their appearance – we can’t seem to win. No matter what we decide to do in regards to our appearance, someone always has something negative to say.

But why do we have to judge other mums so much? There is no need. We all know what we want, what we like and what will raise our confidence when it is at an all time low. If we want to just chill out in a pair of comfy joggers, let us. If we want to do something about our appearance, let us. It is our life, not yours.

I’ve noticed a lot of judging recently, both from parents and non parents, when some mums decide to have mommy makeovers. But why the judging? These makeovers are becoming increasingly popular with plenty of women having some procedures in order to feel more like themselves again. Surgeons reported a rise in demand of 11 percent between 2005 and 2006 – such a large jump in such a short amount of time!

I’m currently trying to lose some weight and would definitely consider getting some work done to ‘tuck everything in’. After two kids, my body just isn’t as it used to be and whilst I know it stretched and grew to grow my two beautiful babies, I don’t personally find it nice to look at and would love to do something about it.

Many experts and mums see such procedures as having risks although research has shown there are no additional risks to having these procedures separately.  It does of course depend on how much of a ‘mommy makeover’ a woman is having – should she choose to have multiple procedures in one go, that will be more strenuous on her body and of course, increase the surgery time.

But the fact remains that many women are prepared to take these ‘risks’ to feel more like themselves again. Nowadays, mothers are not just mothers. We’re homemakers, we’re breadwinners, we may stay at home and look after the children, we may work from home or we may go out to work. We may be professionals and want that extra confidence boost to enable us to feel able to work in a high paced and competitive workplace.

Us mothers all come from different walks of life and have different responsibilities around just being a mum. Why shouldn’t women be allowed to improve their self esteem if it is something they have truly thought about and really want? Who are we to judge if so and so’s mum that we see on the school run disappeared for a few days and came back with a flatter tummy and perkier breasts – if it is what she wants, it is nothing to do with us!

This culture of judging everyone for everything they do really needs to stop. Society is constantly judging people, especially mums, for not making an effort with their appearance and then simultaneously judge them for actually doing something about it. They get judged for staying at home with the children but also get judged for going out to work – nothing mums ever seem to do is right.

A mum shouldn’t have to feel that she needs to turn to surgery to feel better about herself – she’s doing an amazing job being a mum and she’s beautiful no matter what she thinks of herself – but we shouldn’t judge if that’s what she wants to do to increase her confidence. In fact we should judge society for making her feel that way.

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