The Importance Of The Perfect Wedding Ring

There’s a lot of imagery that comes with the idea of a wedding. The flowers, the guests, maybe the church hall – the beautiful surroundings, the suits and of course the dress.  All of these things come with the idea of the wedding and all of them signify matrimony. The biggest sign of the wedding is the wedding ring, despite everything else – the wedding can’t happen with the rings!

The wedding ring is an incredibly important part of a wedding. Why is that? Well, rings have always proved partnership – from the Egyptian days where rings made of the papyrus reed were offered to potential wives right through to now, where you buy a set of rings to propose a marriage and then seal a marriage.

Marriage has been seen as a religious tradition, but rings haven’t! Christians didn’t except the ring’s use in marriage until almost one thousand years after Christ. However, the wedding rings used were not the simple ones we prefer now – they were high fashion and decorated to the extreme. The Church still disagreed though and their views became the norm in the 13th Century, when rings became simplified and more spiritual. We still see this today, but we still use excess with our luxurious engagement rings, which are seen as an embodiment of love, so need to be beautiful, fashionable and expensive! The wedding band is more refined.

Yes, there are two rings – the engagement ring and the wedding ring! You propose with one and ‘seal the deal’ with the other. Both are incredibly important in the role of the wedding. The engagement ring is usually more exciting – simply to signify the seriousness of the commitment and the love involved, while the wedding band harkens back to traditional times. We still follow in that vein to this day, and it doesn’t look like it is changing.

It’s almost important to get the perfect wedding ring for your partner. A nature lover might love something more laid back, so check out these wooden wedding ring sets while a traditionalist will opt for a gold band. It’s all about knowing your partner, so you need to be the expert here. Choosing a wedding ring that is heavily disliked by your partner is a recipe of disaster in a number of areas, simply because it is so very important.

A wedding ring is specifically important because it’s usually worn every single day moving on from the wedding. A ring sends a message to everyone that you’re in a relationship. What’s more, it’s a constant reminder that you’re in love, and there is another person on this planet that loves you back! It is a constant reminder of your happy day. Getting the right wedding ring is important because it’s one of the only things that will last for an entire lifetime, hopefully like your marriage! Not many things are eternal, but marriage should be, and a wedding ring is – it might just be one of the most important decisions you have ever made. Take it seriously!


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