Would I Ever Change Anything About Myself?

Is anyone ever truly happy with themselves, like 100%? I don’t believe anybody truly is and whilst people say they would never change a thing about themselves, I’m sure everyone has things that they feel are flaws, have hangups that they just cannot get past.

As a teenager, there was quite a bit I didn’t like about myself and would happily have got changed but as I have turned into a late twenty something, these things have changed. My body shape has changed and so have the majority of things I wanted changed but there is always that one constant isn’t there? Mine is my nose. Whilst my nose isn’t the most horrendous out there and others say there is nothing wrong with it, I really don’t like it when I look in the mirror. But would I ever be brave enough to change it? I’ve been researching rhinoplasty at the West Ave Plastic Surgery to see what my options would be.

I’m quite unlucky in that my mother has quite a long thin straight nose and my father’s was a little more on the larger size. My nose has obviously taken features from both and simply looks a bit silly – well, it does to me! I would love nothing more than to get it fixed to a shape I am happy with but I’m always put off by the price and the procedure – I’m a wimp when it comes to surgery (I even had to be put out to have my wisdom teeth out!)

I’ve given up hope that my nose will change to suit my face better – of course I knew that would never happen but hey, we live in hope right? However all my other assets did what I wanted over time so would it really be so bad to have a little help in achieving my perfect nose? Surely not.

As yet I am still undecided as to what I want to do and I am weighing up my options to see what would work best for me but knowing there are great doctors such as Dr Roth from the West Ave Plastic Surgery doing these procedures, I have faith that if I choose to have something done it will be a seamless procedure.

So would I ever change anything about myself? Possibly. I’ve just got to work up the courage to do so! I know it would make me feel a lot better.


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