Degustabox | December 2016

Box sent for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Just before Christmas, I received my monthly Degustabox – a food subscription box filled with yummy treats for just £12.99 including delivery. To get your first box for just £5.99 (including delivery!), just use the code IE7Z8 when checking out here. So what were we sent this month to try?

a2 Milk – £1.39

This has been featured a couple of times in Degustabox over the years, I believe. We have definitely had it before. Unlike regular milk this is free from the A1 which can trigger symptoms often associated with lactose intolerance. We actually get our milk from the local milkman (my brother) so we will be giving this to our local food bank for someone else to use as we probably won’t use it ourselves – we have tried it before though and liked it.

Eisberg Alcohol Free Wine (Sauvignon Blanc) – £1.39

I may have shrieked just a little bit when I saw this included in the box. I love Eisberg alcohol free wine and don’t find it in supermarkets often enough. Being pregnant I knew I was going to miss my glass of wine on Christmas Day so I got to enjoy this instead and was very happy – it was delicious!

Bite+ Multi Grain Flakes (Falafel flavoured) – £1.69

I can’t say I have ever tried falafel flavoured snacks but these were surprisingly..interesting! I can’t say they are something I would pick up on a regular basis but they were okay for a quick snack when you are peckish.

Bahlsen Akora lebkuchen biscuits – £1.99

I love Bahlsen biscuits and these are no different. These have a delicious spiced jam filling and a gingerbread base, covered in chocolate. They may be an acquired taste but we all enjoyed them very much.

What A Melon watermelon water – £2

I’m not a fan of watermelon so I’ve given this to Steve to take to work as he is much more of a watermelon fan.

Hoots Snacks – 69p each

We received both the salt & pepper and the salt & vinegar multigrain snacks. I love a good multigrain snack and I love the fact that they are baked not fried, making them that little bit healthier. These are really tasty and I will definitely pick up some more when I see them.

Gallo Italian Four Cheese Risotto – £2.29

I love risotto so I was intrigued to see this offering from Gallo in the box. I do love Gallo products and this takes just three minutes in the microwave – this is great for a tasty quick snack and I will definitely grab this again.

Gallo Riso Gallo Three Cheese & Vegetable Risotto Box – £2

Another microwaveable offering from Gallo, this is microwaveable in just 1 minute and 30 seconds. You don’t need to add any water and this contains no artificial colourings, no hydrogenated fat and no MSGS – a quick, tasty, healthy snack choice.

Maggi 3 Minute Noodles – 75p 

We received the chicken flavour. I love noodles and always have a pack or pot in my cupboard for a quick snack. These also come in beef or curry flavour. Maggi are a great brand that we always have in our kitchen so I will grab some more next time I see them.

Nutri-Brex – £3.79

We’ve tried Nutri-Brex before but I am passing these along to my Mum as they are gluten free, they sound super tasty.

Bahlsen Lebkucken Mischung biscuits – £1.99

These gingerbread pieces with glazing and chocolate are delicious and were quickly consumed by Jack, Steve and I – much like other Bahlsen products in our household!

Bristows Oh Fudge! Apple & Cinnamon flavour – £4.99

Fudge is one of our favourite sweet treats and these apple and cinnamon flavour fudge pieces were so delicious, they even have little bits of apple in them. These were such a lovely treat just before Christmas.

We also received a bottle of Newton’s Apple Fizzics (£1.29) which Steve had the day we received the box – a blend of apple juice and sparkling water, it was apparently quite yummy and all natural with no sugar or sweeteners.

I was very impressed with the box this month. It far and away exceeded the usual £12.99 price, coming in at over £20 for the products within the box. What do you think would be your favourite?


9 thoughts on “Degustabox | December 2016

  1. This is such an eclectic and interesting combination of treats, I think the gingerbread pieces would be my favourite they look delicious. x

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