Wedding Planning Wednesday | 29

It seems as though wedding fairs seem to shut down for the winter which I think is a shame, especially as I now have much more free time than I did in the summer. My best friend also goes on maternity leave on Saturday and we are going to be wedding planning buddies (she recently got engaged and is my maid of honour). 

I have spent the majority of this wedding planning week perusing various wedding blogs, websites and Pinterest but have been good in the not pinning stakes – when I normally seek out wedding pins, I can be there for hours and probably irritate the majority of my followers by pinning so many things in such a small space of time. 

I haven’t got anything new to report in the planning stakes – apart from adding a little bit to the savings pot (and I mean a very small amount), nothing much else has happened. I have, however, signed up to a couple of money making/money saving challenges on MSE that start on the 1st of November – since I am at home, I figured why not make use of every spare moment I get? I have Jack, housework and my freelance writing to do (and blogging, of course) but I still get those times when I’m slumped on the sofa and I could be doing something more productive like making some money somehow! That also leads me onto another point..

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I want to introduce you to my brand new blog – Keene On Saving. This blog is where I will share our financial journey from saving money to making money and everything in between. There will definitely be plenty of wedding posts on there come the new year but don’t fear, I won’t be stopping Wedding Planning Wednesday on here! 

I’d really appreciate it if you could support me and perhaps go and follow KOS? It is a brand new venture for me and I am excited to see where it goes 🙂


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Wedding Planning Wednesday | 28

This week, I have done NOTHING in the way of wedding planning *shock horror*. Yes, I run a series called Wedding Planning Wednesday and haven’t done even the slightest thing in the past seven days.

What I have been doing is figuring a way to save for this wedding. You all know that life has been a little tough financially for us but we are finally setting ourselves on the straight and narrow and I’ve been focused on that – cutting back wherever possible. I found a great new blog: Budget, Budget, Budget – Claire has challenged herself to feed her family for just £25 a week. I have joined her Facebook group and it already has over 1000 members, each sharing their tips. I am now becoming quite the regular on the MSE forums (namely Swagbucks, I must admit) and am really taking inspiration from all of these things.

I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can finally start planning this wedding with a clear head – it feels amazing! 

Sorry for the quick post but since I haven’t got any wedding mumbo jumbo to say, I may as well not waffle on! One last thing to say though: I have been working on a surprise over the past few days and will be revealing it next week hopefully!

Time will tell!

Don’t forget to link up your wedding related posts!


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Wedding Planning Wednesday | 27

Although we’ve had to push the date back (and still haven’t got another date set in stone), I am actually starting to feel a little more positive about everything. Steve has taken a promotion, we are actually managing to pay things off without going overdrawn – it isn’t as much of a struggle anymore. That doesn’t mean that we won’t still be budgeting for things but it does mean the stress eases off a little. 

I am going to be setting up another savings account for our wedding fund. I do already have a savings account but the interest rate isn’t fantastic and since we will hopefully be saving up for a few different things (after paying off all remaining debts), then it makes sense to have a few different accounts to deposit money into. 

I am also planning to do a few more budgeting/saving posts on the blog, I really hope you will be interested. I am also aiming to start getting some wedding related crafting done. My best friend goes on maternity leave very soon and since she is engaged as well, you can imagine what most of our days are going to revolve around.

This isn’t much of a post this week, as I really don’t have much to say. However, I would love to know what wedding progress you have made this week!


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Wedding Planning Wednesday | 26

I’ve had a bit of blogging block recently. You probably haven’t noticed because I have been heavily relying on scheduled posts. When I say blogging block, I have got lots to write about but I just haven’t been motivated to sit in front of a TV screen – especially when Steve isn’t on nights as I want to spend some time with him once Jack has gone to bed.

However, here I am back again at 3pm on Wednesday, hurriedly putting up a (late) Wedding Planning Wednesday post again. 

Don’t get worried, nothing has happened between Steve and me – it is just that the dates we had in mind aren’t really viable right now. If our financial situation did a complete turnaround, then it would be great but I would have less than a year to plan and believe me, I don’t think I could handle that much pressure! 

However, things DO seem to be looking up. Steve has recently taken a promotion, he is waiting for a tax rebate and we are probably selling our car. You may not know but at the moment we are using Steve’s mums car. Our car has been in the garage for a couple of months because the engine is screwed and we just don’t have the money to replace the engine right now. We are probably selling to the garage then buying Steves mums car off her (she was about to sell it when we borrowed it) and then hopefully pick up a decent but cheap family car in the not too distant future – the car we are using is great and all but it is quite small for our needs and guzzles petrol like no other!

I have also been having some luck with my freelance work and am still selling bits and bobs on local Facebook selling pages here and there. Whilst it isn’t a great amount, every little helps towards the wedding fund! I am also currently using sites like Swagbucks (find my referral code here) and similar to build up my points into some Amazon or Paypal giftcards for Christmas presents – I am doing well so far!

How is your wedding planning coming along? Whilst I haven’t been doing as much ‘planning’ recently, I have definitely been doing a lot more background work which is just as essential, right?


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Wedding Planning Wednesday | 25

This week has seen me go through all my old wedding magazines and tearing out pages I like in order to create a mood board. I have never been a mood board kind of girl, however on this occasion, it seems only apt – being able to see everything I like laid out in front of me. I have also seen tons of wedding dress sales right now which is hard to deal with as I don’t have the spare cash to buy them at such a knockdown price – I am hoping I can still find a relatively cheap one when I do have the money though.

Wedding bells seem to be happening all around – it is Clare’s hen night on Saturday and my best friend got engaged at the weekend – she is also due to have her baby at the beginning of January! We have already decided that whilst our partners are at work during her maternity leave before baby arrives, we will be wedding planning together – I am so excited! Like me, she is having to leave fairly early before having the baby – this is simply because where she works (and where I used to work) gets super busy around Halloween and Christmas time and is no place for a pregnant person – you get elbowed and jostled constantly! However, it means more time to do things like this!

On another note, we have been switching everything around lately – cancelling contracts or opting for cheaper tariffs. We came across a fantastic deal for Sky where we get cash back, a gift and more channels etc for less than we are paying with Virgin. We are keeping the Virgin broadband though as it is better but it still works out better – even without the added freebies! The cash back is going straight into the wedding fund! I have also found myself becoming slightly addicted to money saving and financial blogs, taking what they say on board. Although they are US based, two of my current favourites are Making Sense Of Cents and Young Adult Money – alongside the obvious MSE, I am really taking their ideas on board and seeing a change for the better in the wedding fund!

What have you recently done in order to make sure your big day is exactly how you want it to be?


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