5 Ways To Survive Your Best Friend’s Hen Night

A hen night is often a raucous occasion, even more so when the hen is one of your closest friends. With my best friend’s hen night happening just last week, I thought it was time to share my top 5 ways/tips to survive your best friend’s hen night.

5 ways to survive your best friends hen night

1. Pre-prepare

If you are only going out for drinks, make sure you have a stodgy meal such as pasta or something just as heavy to soak up the alcohol. You’ll be thankful later on. If you are going out for a meal, do the same – that meal will help you later on.

2. Stick to one drink

I am awful for doing this – and even mixed my drinks last weekend, feeling the worse for it on Sunday morning until I took some painkillers and had some caffeine. Sticking to one drink may be hard if there are other options available but it definitely won’t make you as ill.

3. Drink water in between alcoholic drinks

If you really don’t want to wake up with a hangover, drinking water in between alcoholic drinks will help. Alcoholic drinks dehydrate you which is why you always want more. Drinking some water in between will quench your thirst and stop you from drinking a few too many – after all, you’ve got a hen night to enjoy – you want to remember some of it!

4. Keep what you take out to a minimum

It is so easy to be tempted into getting really drunk on your friends hen night – and this could lead to you losing your personal possessions or even getting them stolen if not careful enough. Keep the contents of your bag to the absolute minimum – that way if you do lose things, you haven’t lost everything.

5. Enjoy yourself

Yes, you do want to make sure that the hen is enjoying her night but you also need to let go of the worries and make sure you enjoy yourself too. Have a couple of drinks (soft drinks if you don’t drink alcohol), throw some shapes with your friends and make some memories. After all, it’s your friends ‘last night of freedom’ – you want it to be a good night, right?

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Wedding Planning Wednesday – A Revival?

As you may have noticed in yesterdays Like Love Loathe post, I am very much back in the wedding planning scheme of things. I have so many ideas and really need an outlet to share them! I am thinking about bringing back Wedding Planning Wednesday with other occasional wedding posts here and there – would anyone be interested in these kind of posts?



I would keep you updated with all the aspects from putting some money away for the wedding until the final choices on everything – do you want to come along for the journey?


You can find all the previous Wedding Planning Wednesday posts here. What do you think I should do?


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Wedding Dress Fever

Although I have put Wedding Planning Wednesday on a hiatus as the series was stressing me out when I have limited funds to play with, this doesn’t stop me pinning wedding related things to my Pinterest and occasionally taking the opportunity to seek out a bargain.I have already said plenty of times that my wedding dress doesn’t need to come with an extortionate price tag as long as it is the right dress for me. It could cost a couple of pound from a charity shop and it’d still be perfect as long as it was the right thing for me. It is now every girls favourite time of year – the sales – and I have spent the past couple of days seeking out any fashion and beauty bargains including wedding items too!Dress First aren’t exactly a new name for me; I’ve heard plenty of good things about them before and I was amazed when I found out they sold wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and the like too – providing a dress for every occasion, it seems! Of course, I took a look and did I like what I saw? 

All three of these come in at under £200 each – in fact, my favourite of the three (the one in the middle) is currently under £100 in the sale – I’m very tempted to make that investment, what do you think? With most coming in costing thousands of pounds, it isn’t very often you can find good quality cheap wedding dresses and with prices at an all time low due to the holiday season, it seems silly not to make that leap! Whilst it may be a little while yet before we actually tie the knot (after all, we haven’t even got a date set in stone) and planning has ground to a halt, this doesn’t stop me being the typical engaged girl mentally planning her big day even if it isn’t being written down on paper just yet. I may have just found the perfect dress for me.What is your budget for a wedding dress?post signatureSponsored Post

Wedding Planning Wednesday | 31

First off, congratulations to my lovely friend Clare who got married on Sunday – she looked amazing!

Secondly, I am writing this article at ten to one in the morning, having just finished writing up 5 articles for work. I am extremely chipper for this time of night and this is for a variety of reasons. 

These past few weeks have seen both me and Steve take a step back and really assess our finances and see just how realistic we are being when it comes to giving ourselves enough time and money to plan our wedding. Although I especially have been focused on saving money and paying debts where possible (even starting KOS!), Steve has been a little reluctant. However, this all seems to have changed.
I have been getting frequent writing work and it is often well paid too. Steve, as I have mentioned before, recently got a promotion and he is, in fact, at an interview sometime today for an even higher position. This position is much better pay and closer to home meaning that not only would Steve be earning more but he’d also be saving more when it came to petrol! Steve had also been stuck on emergency tax since he started the job in May – he has now finally started to see some of it trickle back in which has come at just the right time! Our car has been off the road for a while now and we have been using my MIL’s car in the interim. Whilst it is good for getting Steve to work, it is quite tiny and also guzzles petrol like there is no tomorrow – so Steve is getting the car sorted once and for all. 
We have also cut down on all manners of items – Steve managed to halve his phone bill and actually get unlimited everything compared to the caps he had on the more expensive bill! Our internet is cheaper now and we even managed to get our utilities down too! 
Just writing this down is making me feel so positive about where my life is heading. We may finally get to start properly planning the wedding in 2014 and hopefully this series can reach its full potential!
What changes have you made this week?


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Wedding Planning Wednesday | 30

30 weeks (give or take where I missed a few) of Wedding Planning Wednesday. Planning has stalled recently as I have been focusing my attention on other things, however that does not mean all wedding related things have passed me by.

Today I wanted to share with you some fantastic Pinterest boards to follow – these are definitely keeping me inspired!

Hitched.co.uk Incredibly Beautiful Bridalwear

Doves & Peacocks Favours

The Natural Wedding Co Wedding Details

I follow a number of other boards and can often be found repinning wedding pins here. My current favourite pin is this:

Found this on Pinterest and it leads back to the amazing Rock N Roll Bride here.

Who are your favourite pinners right now?


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