Why Finding The Right Photographer Is Crucial For Your Wedding

I’ve mentioned previously that Steve and I have now been engaged for over four years. We do plan on getting married eventually – however the past few years have been a bit of a struggle financially so we put the wedding plans on the back burner. Now with Olivia here as well and the sad losses of my father and Steve’s grandfather (who would have been two of the most important people at our wedding), we are starting to think about our wedding yet again.

Choosing the right suppliers is crucial to your big day. The catering, the decor, everything needs to be spot on. But what is the product that is going to stand the test of time, that will still be in use in many years to come? That’s right – the photography – and that’s why you need to find the right photographer for you and your wedding.

I have attended wedding shows in the past and been handed business cards from photographers but none of them have actually clicked with me and what I want. However I recently came across Leonardo Photography Studios, a photography business run by David, and I adore his wedding photography.

It can be tough to find exactly what you want when it comes to wedding photography but I really feel David gets what people want. These gorgeous pictures from Helen and Paul’s wedding at Ruthin Castle not only capture the love that they share between them but also the absolute beauty of their surroundings – the castle is spectacularly beautiful and I love to see pictures of the venue included in the wedding photography; after all, the venue is very important!

The same can be said for Kevin and Brian’s wedding at Peckforton Castle. David manages to capture every aspect of the wedding in perfect detail. With both these venues in his local area, David has managed to capture the essence of both the buildings and the weddings being held within them – and that is a very talented person in my eyes.

Finding the right photographer for your wedding means you’ll forever look back on your photos of your wedding day with happy memories; knowing you chose the right person to capture all of those special moments. Why not take the time to find the right one for your wedding – I certainly will be when we finally get married (whenever that may be), I just wish David lived a little closer!


Choosing The Perfect Entertainment For My Wedding

We have now been engaged for over four years and we have two children. Steve and I realised recently that we do actually want to get married sooner rather than later so have been looking into our options. We don’t mind if we don’t get the fancy nuptials – we are happy to go and get married at the registry office with our children, parents and siblings and that be that, but what we do know is that we would really want a party.

Every girl dreams of her perfect wedding but I’ll be honest with you, I’ve thought more about what I would like at the reception. The bit where everyone gets to have some fun, some food and drink and just generally have a great day. Even if we end up getting married at the registry office with just a few witnesses, we will definitely be holding a reception for all of our family – we both come from very large families – and there are numerous things we would both like at our wedding reception.

Choosing wedding entertainment can be tricky. There is so many things to choose from out there and so many suppliers. It is important to distinguish what you want and look for the best quality supplier that you can find to ensure your perfect day goes off without a hitch.

First and foremost for me is a photo booth – perhaps from someone like Booth Boy. I love the idea of me, Steve, our friends and our family dressing up in masks and stuff and getting some fantastic photos for the photo album. I have been wanting a photo booth at my wedding since before Steve and I even got engaged so I am making sure I get one for my reception – they are so much fun!

I’d also quite like a live band or a good DJ to play some music that would get everyone up and dancing. I know a few DJ’s and a few bands so I’m quite honestly spoilt for choice.

Finding the  perfect wedding entertainment can be tricky but I’m sure with my choices we are bound to have lots of fun. Now we’ve just got to set the date….

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They’re There for You: Treat your Wedding Guests Well

When you’re selecting hotel accommodations, your main concern should be your guests. These friends and family have travelled to share your special day and bring you joy and support. Some have taken time off work, and they may have made a serious investment in your wedding, both in time and money. They’re also likely to give you a present. What can you do to thank them (besides writing a heartfelt thank you, post-event)?

One of best ways to tell your guests how pleased you are by their presence is to make your block of wedding party reservations at a most excellent hotel. If you’ve chosen the beautiful bay side community of Brighton, you can’t go wrong with offering your guests the opportunity to stay at Brighton Savoy’s 4 Star Accommodation.


You’ll want to look for hotels that feature, for example, beach weddings, commitment ceremonies, and give you the option for weddings both outside and inside. Give your guests an attraction. Brighton, for example is known for their world famous – and historically significant Brighton Bathing Boxes. And you know what your guests will really appreciate? Free on-site parking (especially when many are accustomed to staying in hotels that charge outrageous daily parking rates). You may have guests who have limited opportunities to stay in a world-class four-star hotel. Give them that chance!

A savvy bride and groom who are getting married in a metropolitan area will want to give attendees a choice of three price points: budget, mid-range and luxury. Some guest may really be stretching it financially, by attending your wedding –others, when they find out it’s being held in beautiful Brighton, will turn their guest-status into vacationer. This rate is generally only recommended by wedding experts when the hotel is the only viable venue and you have a number of guests who’ll have to spend at least one night there.

Once you’ve chosen your hotel, you’ll have the option of a guaranteed block or a courtesy block. The first is also called “closed” and involves you providing a deposit and signing a contract. You’ll be held liable (for the cost or percentage of the value of non-occupied rooms. The courtesy block is alternatively called an “open” block because you won’t be held financially responsible for unsold room, but hotels will often give you a cut-off date of when the reservations must be made by. In courtesy block reservations, some hotels will only give your special rate to the rooms in the block, and others will have to pay market rate.

Wedding reception venues in Melbourne such as Brighton Savoy offers a choice of four reception rooms, views, beautiful vistas and on-site locations idea for wedding photography. Two of the reception rooms – catering for 24 to 250 guests — offer the newlywed couple and their guests a bay view.

Whether you’re planning a wedding party flash mob or not, who wouldn’t love the opportunity to trip the light fantastic in a gala ballroom. Your wedding video will be something to behold when it’s shot at the Brighton Savoy’s Gala Ballroom, with a large central chandelier, a fully redecorated and refurbished room, decorated in classy silver, grey and black. The bridal table is elevated so you’ll get to survey all your guests and see how much they’re enjoying your wedding. You can even marry in the room in the location’s atrium.

Other rooms at the Savoy include the smaller, wood-panelled Wellington, the Seaview overlooking Brighton Beach, and the smallest, Seaview Terrace, overlooking Port Phillip Bay.

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Update | Wedding Planning

It has been a long long time since I last spoke to you about wedding planning. I even had a wedding planning series for a while but as life got busy and financial problems set in, the series and the wedding planning had to take a bit of a backseat.

As you can imagine, things do change and in the three years since we got engaged, our plans certainly have changed here and there. With both of us having big families, it would be too expensive to have every family member there but it is proving difficult to cut down to a select few. We are still quite interested in having the wedding outside although I also wouldn’t be opposed to getting married in my small village church. As we’ve grown up a little more, our tastes have changed and our budget has fluctuated. With things to pay off and a wedding to save for, it doesn’t look like it will happen anytime soon but a girl can dream, right? I had best get saving those pennies!


I’ve actually considered having a quick registry office wedding instead and then having a big party for the family. The wedding does matter, of course, but as long as we’re married, we don’t need all the glitz and glam that some people do and our budget probably won’t stretch to. There are only a few things that I am adamant on having at the wedding. Jack as a page boy, my best friends little boy as a page boy and her baby bump as either a page boy or flower girl depending on what she has. In regards to entertainment, I am still not sure if I want a DJ or a band – there is a fab local band who I wouldn’t mind – and I am determined to have a photo booth, perhaps from a company like OMG Photo Booth, one of the best in the business. They look like so much fun and although I know they seem to be all the rage at weddings now, I really want one for ours when it eventually happens.

As it stands, the wedding budget is currently at £0. However, I am excited for 2016 as I have so much planned – and becoming debt free and saving a ton of money is part of that. Wish me luck!

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5 Ways To Survive Your Best Friend’s Hen Night

A hen night is often a raucous occasion, even more so when the hen is one of your closest friends. With my best friend’s hen night happening just last week, I thought it was time to share my top 5 ways/tips to survive your best friend’s hen night.

5 ways to survive your best friends hen night

1. Pre-prepare

If you are only going out for drinks, make sure you have a stodgy meal such as pasta or something just as heavy to soak up the alcohol. You’ll be thankful later on. If you are going out for a meal, do the same – that meal will help you later on.

2. Stick to one drink

I am awful for doing this – and even mixed my drinks last weekend, feeling the worse for it on Sunday morning until I took some painkillers and had some caffeine. Sticking to one drink may be hard if there are other options available but it definitely won’t make you as ill.

3. Drink water in between alcoholic drinks

If you really don’t want to wake up with a hangover, drinking water in between alcoholic drinks will help. Alcoholic drinks dehydrate you which is why you always want more. Drinking some water in between will quench your thirst and stop you from drinking a few too many – after all, you’ve got a hen night to enjoy – you want to remember some of it!

4. Keep what you take out to a minimum

It is so easy to be tempted into getting really drunk on your friends hen night – and this could lead to you losing your personal possessions or even getting them stolen if not careful enough. Keep the contents of your bag to the absolute minimum – that way if you do lose things, you haven’t lost everything.

5. Enjoy yourself

Yes, you do want to make sure that the hen is enjoying her night but you also need to let go of the worries and make sure you enjoy yourself too. Have a couple of drinks (soft drinks if you don’t drink alcohol), throw some shapes with your friends and make some memories. After all, it’s your friends ‘last night of freedom’ – you want it to be a good night, right?

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