Friday Letters

Dear Joanna,
You seriously make me laugh so hard with your random tweets. If I’m having a bad day, I can guarantee you’ll put a smile on my face with something bizarre! (follow her here)
Dear Steve & Laura,
Thanks for a great day out at the Olympics the other day…although it was stressful in parts, it was a fab day out.
Dear Jack,
You are seriously being the cheekiest little man ever! You behave so well for both sets of grandparents, then we come home and you are an absolute nightmare! I’m sure you’re teething but it seems to be getting nowhere…
Dear Kirsty,
I hope you’ve had some time to check out those videos I sent you…such great memories!
Dear Village Hall, 
Please be free for the first weekend in December when I come down to book! Little man is going to be 1 and it has to be super special.
Dear Mum, 
Thanks for helping me out when I’m almost tearing my hair out with despair. I truly appreciate it.
Dear Work, 
Hello Old Friend. Nice to see you again. Let’s catch up.
Who are your Friday Letters to this week?

Friday Letters

Dear Sophie,
I hope the weather holds out until tomorrow – really looking forward to seeing you tonight, as well as a few other people. It will be a shame if we have to cancel.

Dear Bank Who Shall Not Be Named,
Seriously? I’ve been living on pennies for the past few weeks waiting for a new bank card to arrive and then you tell me that my previous card wasn’t even cancelled and a new card hadn’t been mailed out to me. I am a mum to a 7 month old, I need access to my money at all times and this is just not acceptable. Expect a complaint.

Dear Laura,
It has been weird not talking to you for almost a week as you’ve been at your new job. I’ll catch up with you over the weekend to find out all the gossip.

Dear Jack,
It is great that you’re crawling, sitting up and surfing but it isn’t great when you get a little too confident, have a wobble and fall down and bang your head. Mummy hates hearing you cry but she knows you have to take tumbles in order to learn what to do.

Dear new readers/Twitter followers,
Please introduce yourselves, I love to meet new people!


Who are your Friday Letters to this week?

REVIEW: Lush Space Girl Bath Bomb

I recently posted a review of the Lush Think Pink bath bomb, which I bought as part of a Lush haul with a few other goodies. This bath bomb was one of those ‘goodies’. I’d seen a lot about the Space Girl bath bomb around the blogging community and wanted to see what the fuss was about.
It was Gemma-Louise’s review, which you can find here, that became the deciding factor in which bath bomb I would choose, and I soon had a Space Girl bath bomb winging its way to me.
About Lush
I won’t bore you too much with details of the company behind these luscious bath bombs, I’m pretty sure we all know who Lush are by now. However, if you aren’t so knowledgeable about the brand, here are a few things you may like to know:
Lush will only buy ingredients from companies who do not test on animals. They invent all their own products and fragrances by hand and try to use as little packaging as possible. They also like to make their customers happy & they believe the customer is always right. You’ll always find a happy face beaming back at you from your product – that’s the person who made it!
The Packaging
Not much can be said about the packaging. As mentioned above, Lush try to use as little packaging as possible, instead focussing on the quality of their products. The bath bomb turned up in a little air-tight plastic bag, just big enough for the bath bomb to fit inside. Not pretty but practical and as environmentally friendly as they can be. It gets the thumbs up from me.
The Product
The product is extremely pretty – a mixture between a lilac and pale blue colour. Shaped like a planet, the name Space Girl definitely makes sense. After letting it fizz in the bath for a few seconds, it looked like this:
As you can see, it is starting to foam up nicely and the water below is starting to turn a lovely shade of purple. I then dropped the bomb back in to see what would happen…
I was astounded by how beautiful the colour of the water was. Some people have said that they find this bath bomb to be one of the faster dissolving ones, but I can honestly say that this fizzed away merrily for quite some time. The smell that emitted from the bath bomb was unbelievable too. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what the scent was at first, but after a little while of racking my brain, I believe it smells of Parma Violets, the sweets you used to be able to get from old-style sweet shops. Can you still get them?
If you listen carefully, you can also hear the popping candy that is inside, although I did have to strain to hear mine.
The bath left me feeling refreshed and in a much happier mood, the smell of Parma Violets really lifted my spirits and I got out of the bath with a spring in my step.
Would I repurchase?
Without a doubt, yes. This bath bomb smells divine, looks beautiful and just generally put me in a great mood!
The only downside was having to get out of the bath, unfortunately. With water as beautiful as the above picture, why would you want to?
What’s your favourite product from Lush? Are there any you’d recommend to me for my next haul?

Sunday Rambles!

I finally got myself another one of those bags from Boots, it’s a Celia Birtwell for Shapers lunch bag. It costs £1 and 41p of that goes to Macmillan Cancer Care.
I almost always venture into Boots for my lunch, and Macmillan Cancer Care (as mentioned in previous posts) is very special to me, so anything that helps them is fine by me!

How gorgeous is this little thing? And if you don’t want to put your lunch in it, its perfect for just putting in the little essentials such as purse, keys, makeup, phone etc, and using as an albeit slightly smaller day-to-day bag.

“Through their long-term partnership, Macmillan Cancer Support and Boots UK want to improve the lives of everyone affected by cancer.”
(Quote taken from official press release)

Also, Boots are also currently running their £5 No7 voucher deal if you spend over £5 in store. Its a great offer that runs sporadically throughout the year, and you’ll regret it if you don’t snap some vouchers up.

As the picture says, don’t forget to spend it! I constantly end up with at least two or three in my purse after the end date – I really must stop spending so much money in there!

This is quite a short post today, but I shall post later on – this afternoon, I’m going for a family meal, so expect a picture heavy post and a lot more rambling 🙂

For now,