Create a Comfortable & Cosy Home Office This Autumn

With the last dregs of summer fading away behind us and all hopes of an Indian summer have been dashed, the cooler Autumn mornings approach with certainty. The chillier starts and earlier nights signify the return of the colder months and as the weather turns, all our thoughts to start turning to buying winter clothes and making our homes cosier! If you work from home, your office will be the place you spend most of your day (and maybe night, too!). With this in mind, it’s important that this space is inviting and warm in order to get you through the autumn and winter days – there’s nothing worse than being stuck in a cold, bare space to diminish your imagination!

The materials in the space will be the biggest driving factor to changing the feel of the place and warming it up. Texture really creates layers and makes the space inviting, in turn. Introduce different fabrics such as a faux sheepskin, fleece, velvet or wool that will create interesting focal points in the room and craft that perfect cosy feeling. Painting your walls and adding a textured wallpaper can also have the same effect. Plump for soft colours such as creams, reds and purples to keep that cosy feel.

As the biggest part of the room, the furniture will have the largest impact on the feel of the space. Colours such as white will have a fresh look and can make the space feel colder if not utilised properly. Wood furniture will create the cosiest feel as it has a warmth to it, but stick to materials such as oak, pine and beech that will give that traditional look we’re used to for that homely feel to your office. Opt for an oak computer desk to really draw the attention of the room, and select a complementary book case and shelves to bring it all together. This style of furniture, together with your textures, will warm up the space and make the room feel complete.

One of the most important aspects of any room is lighting, as this will create the atmosphere and set the tone of the space. Invest in some good quality lamps that will stand the test of time and that will also look timeless in the space. Larger, traditional style lamps will create the cosiest look but it won’t matter too much if you prefer more modern styles as these can work equally as well. Choose a yellow/warm-tinged bulb on a low wattage that will create a pleasant glow to the room. You can also go for other lighting options such as string lights if these are your style. These will create a homely feel to any room, but careful they don’t make you feel too restful or you won’t get any work done!

Accessories will add the finishing touches to the space with only a few pieces needed. These can also be used to transform the space if you’re unable to change any furniture or alter the wall colours. If you have space, introducing plants will give it a natural feel, and also adds another texture in the mix. Add candles for the ultimate homely feel that will add a warmth to the room, especially your favourite fragranced candles – incense or oil burners will also have the same effect! Material accessories such as cushions, rugs and throws are the perfect last minute items and make the space comfortable and warm to work in.

Hopefully these cosy office ideas should get your creative juices flowing this autumn!

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My Side of the Story: What You Need to Know About Vaping

When vaping first became popular a few years ago, everybody saw it as a trendy thing that would go away as quickly as it arrived, like many trends before it. In reality, vaping is still a hobby that millions of people enjoy. The industry around vaping evolves with the market, offering better mods and atomisers along with improved e-juice and an enhanced vaping experience.

I remember the first time I decided to try vaping, and I know how daunting the experience can be, especially today when you have more options than ever to choose from. If you’re a beginner or you’re thinking about trying to vape, here are some of the things you need to know based on my personal experience.

Get a Good Kit

We all started with a kit. Most people who vape started with a kit that they could use out of the box. Only a very few built their own set from different components. It is actually okay to start with a kit, but there is one thing to keep in mind: get a good starter kit.

The first kit you use will determine your experience with vaping. There are some very good kits on the market that you can look into. The SMOK Alien Kit, for instance, includes a mod that supports up to 220W and the company’s TFV8 Baby Beast tank. The latter is very popular because it has multiple pre-built coils that you can use based on your personal preferences.

SMOK Alien Kit is a great starter kit because it is very robust. You don’t have to change a thing. You can even use the kit for years without ever needing a new tank; you just have to replace the atomiser regularly and you’re all set. Settling for a bad (but cheaper) starter kit will only hurt your vaping experience and cost you more money in the long run.

Try Different E-Juice

I have so many bottles of e-juice from when I first started vaping. Back then, it was much more difficult to get samples of different flavours, so I had to buy full bottles of e-juice I may not like just to try the flavours. I’m sure a lot of people experienced the same thing because you can now find online forums and marketplaces where hobbyists sell their unused bottles of e-juice.

Today, however, you don’t have to go through all the trouble of buying big bottles of e-juice just to give it a try. Many producers now provide samples – usually 5ml or 10ml in size – either for free or for a small fee. There is no shortage of flavours to try either, plus it is much easier to get the best liquids at great prices thanks to online retailers such as whose e juice flavours I can’t get enough of.

Find a Comfort Zone

The most important advice I can give you is to find your own comfort zone. Some love to go for the flavours they like. Others play with mods and RDAs to get the most vapour. You just have to understand why you vape, what you enjoy the most from the experience, and just go for it.

There are also those who love vaping for the technology behind it. They collect tanks and RDAs as well as mods. Some even go as far as building their own mechanical mods. You can choose this route too if you love tinkering with gadgets and you are willing to learn the mechanics of vaping.

Whichever route you take, you can never go wrong with vaping. It is a fun hobby to try and explore and you now have millions of other vapers waiting to connect and share the experience through online forums and social media.


Becoming a Creative Writer at School

Each and every schoolchild can become a writer – a bit of practice, a bit of creativity and these writing tips will help you to become a wordsmith.

Pro’s Writing Tips for Children

There are two ways of academic writing: either you learn to write perfect texts at school, or skip that step and then order top-notch papers at

Still, there are times when school teachers expect their pupils to write a story about something so kids have no choice but come up with something. Sometimes laurels of famous writer become a pain in the neck of a future maestro. And in any case, additional knowledge about successful paper writing would not be superfluous.

So if you want to create a masterpiece out of your story how you spent your summer holidays, then this article is for you. Let’s move on!

Steps to follow in creative writing

Bring into notice that it is impossible to create something new and catching, having no idea of good stories essentials. So the first and the main piece of advice that any professional writer gives is: Read! It is not just a good way to get new knowledge and develop imagination, but also a chance to develop writing skills. To do so, you have to read a story in certain matter: stop reading in different places and try to predict what will happen next.

Then make a list of the questions and answer them after finishing the story:

  • What is told in the story?
  • Who participates in it?
  • What happens in the beginning, middle and the end of it?
  • What features of character do you like in every hero?
  • Are there any problems in the story and how are they solved?

That may help you to get better understanding of the principles of writing.

Search for inspiration

Once again, everything comes with practice: search for stories that you like to read, search for ideas that you find interesting to write about. If you like fairy tales, try to write your own version of famous tales. Here are some tips how to make a muse work for you:

  1. Make a plan for the story using questions mentioned above
  2. Look for the topics on the Internet – there are many useful websites with this kind of stuff
  3. Ask your parent to write some sentence starters: it is possible to use them or to change them and thus, create something new
  4. Select three things that have no relation, like sports, magic and giraffe and try to tell a story where all they are combined
  5. Every family has certain tradition, funny moments or notable events worth telling about – try to write a story about them
  6. Storyboard can be a wise solution – draw something like comics to plan everything
  7. When you complete writing, read the story with a list of questions mentioned above nearby – does your story have all answers to these questions?
  8. Read the story aloud. That may help to find places that need improvement.

Following these easy steps you can create your own written masterpiece that will impress your parents, teacher and classmates – just do not be afraid to let your imagination fly.


Dating Isn’t Just For The Young Ones

Dating, especially online dating, is seen as a young people thing – but it isn’t. Anyone of any age can try online dating and potentially even find the man and woman of their dreams. With the rise of dating apps comes the potential to meet so many more suitors. Whilst apps like Tinder are probably still most commonly used by younger people, more and more older people are starting to use online dating sites to find love or just some companionship.

Online dating cuts out the awkwardness of meeting people face to face – you can get to know each other well before you even decide to make a first date official. With the potential baggage an older person can come with, getting to know each other online makes that situation so much easier – you can mention any previous failed relationships, any children or grandchildren.

I bet if you were to ask around, you’d find that plenty of older people that you know have given online dating a try – and their partner may even be someone they have met through the medium of online dating. You just never know.

If you’re over 50, you may be interested in some of these location specific dating sites – over 50s dating Hertfordshireover 50s dating Jerseyover 50s dating Isle of Wightover 50s dating Nottingham or over 50s dating Bristol. If you aren’t over 50 but know someone who would be interested in giving online dating a whirl, why not let them know about such location specific sites?

They may just find the one for them on one of these sites!