Why It Can Be Hard to Find People in Texas without These 3 Tools

They do things big in Texas, it’s true. Texas is the second largest state in terms of land mass consisting of 268,597 square miles. With a population of 27.86 million people as of 2016 estimates, Texas is also the second most populous state in the nation as well. It is a big state, but that isn’t the reason why it may be hard to find people living there. Actually, without the right tools, it may be next to impossible to find someone if you don’t know where to look!

1. The United States Postal Service

This may or may not work unless the person you are looking for left a forwarding address with the mailman. Also, you would have had to know at least one recent address to send a postcard or letter to. If you clearly mark “Please Forward,” the USPS will attempt to do so.

2. Local Telephone Directories

It would be interesting to note the statistics, but it is safe to say that a growing number of households no longer have a hardwired telephone connection. With the dominance of cellphones, a growing number of people are refusing to pay the high rates of home phones with exorbitant long distance charges. Also, you’d need to know what city to look at.

If you want to check the Texas White Pages, the best place to look is online on sites like Intelius. They can do a rapid scan of Texas and all other states, which makes it possible to have only a general idea of where your friend or family member might be. Plug in “Texas” and you will almost certainly find a listing if that person has a listed phone number.

3. The Internet

Then, there is the Internet. Not only can you contact sites like the above mentioned Intelius.com, but you can also search a number of the most popular social media sites. Facebook, Instagram (also owned by Facebook), Twitter, and LinkedIn are great places to start. You can even do a Google search with your friend’s name and perhaps something will pop up if they are at all active online or have been in the news for any reason whatsoever. In fact, after a major disaster, and if they have been displaced, their name very well could pop up on a list of evacuees.

With a constant influx of illegals crossing the border and census data in flux from day to day, Texas records can be difficult to track if you don’t have a bit of Internet savvy and the right tools to use online. As one final tip, you can always connect with people who come up as related to that person when you do a white pages search. Family members may have more current information if that person doesn’t have a residence or utilities in their name.

The best tool ever is the Internet when it comes to finding people in Texas or anywhere else. You just need to be familiar with the tools and apps available. Once you’ve mastered that, you can almost certainly find anyone in Texas if you set your mind to it.


The Best Places To Meet Single People This Christmas

Looking to meet other single people this Christmas? Are you looking for love? Where can you meet single people at Christmas time?

Christmas parties

Sure, there will be plenty of couples at these but there are bound to be single people too, hanging around at the bar or by the music system. They will be waiting in the wings, on the sidelines, rather than out there getting their groove on so why not approach any man or woman that takes your fancy and see what they are like? You could just meet the perfect person for you.

Christmas fairs

Imagine the story you could tell your grandchildren – our hands met across a crowded stall at the Christmas fair, filled with little trinkets that we were buying for your Great Aunt Ellie. It’s a tale to tell, surely? Whilst you may not always find single people at these types of things, you can get chatting to a wide variety of people over shared interests – and who knows, you may just hit it off.

Christmas shopping

It can be a stressful time, Christmas shopping, and sometimes we just need to sit down and relax. Whether you choose to head to a coffee shop or your local bar, there are bound to be other stressed male and female shoppers doing exactly the same. You may get chatting and you might even forget why you were there in the first place. You really can meet people in the strangest of places and hit it off with them.

Under the mistletoe

What best way to meet someone new than under the mistletoe? It can seemingly appear out of nowhere and it is only right that you kiss the other person under it, right? You might know them, you might not – it is definitely something you will end up talking about for months to come- and it could even set some sparks off, who knows?

These are just a few places you could find single people this Christmas but you can also meet new people at these sites: Birmingham singles, Berkshire dating site, Glasgow dating site, Fife dating and Oxfordshire dating. Happy Christmas!


Where are the best Retirement Hot Spots across the UK?

With the end of the year fast approaching, 2018 brings us a range of new opportunities, but if you want to start planning your retirement for the new year then you need to read this handy guide. Perhaps you want to retire to somewhere different or you simply want to know where the best retirement spots across the UK, we cover it all in this helpful guide.

Retirees can look forward to decades of active living, but the big question is – where? With the help of Oxford Tube Times, we discover some of the best retirement hotspots in the UK.

Regional retirement

Breaking the statistics down by regions shows how the amount of people retired has been affected by the increasing statement age. Overall, 16.4% of the UK is retired, a result of people living longer. However, this has been impacted by the increasing state retirement age, which is set to continue to steadily increase over the years.

According to research from Prudential, when it comes to people putting their feet up, the South West has the largest retirement percentage with 19.6% in total. Wales follows closely behind with 18.4% and the East of England with 17.5%. Clearly, retiring to the south of the country is a popular choice.

Despite this general trend, London had a low retirement percentage at 11.1%, which underlines that the bustling city isn’t for everyone.

Best places to retire

Although retirement can be a wonderful time in our lives, it can also be a stressful time in a person’s life as there are so many options and routes that can be taken. So we’ve looked at some of Britain’s best places to retire based on activities in the area, transport links and what the community is like.

Chichester, West Sussex

Chichester is one popular location for retirees, bringing an idyllic vision to life. With Georgian architecture throughout the city, it’s full to the brim with culture and art. Regular markets are held in Chichester, bringing together residents on a regular basis and endorsing the region’s community spirit.

Located in the south, the city has great transport links to London and Gatwick, allowing those in retirement to venture in and out of the capital if they want to immerse themselves into a busier culture or to even jet around the globe on their next holiday.

Cromer, Norfolk

To spend your years by the seaside, look no further than Cromer in Norfolk. With sandy beaches and colourful buildings, you’ll wake up with a smile on your face every morning. This town is famous for its long pier, home to the Pavilion Theatre. The theatre is host to regular productions, highlighting the town’s enthusiastic arts culture with productions from all over the country. The town has good transport links into and out of Norwich, including buses and rail.

Newcastle upon Tyne, North East

If you’re looking for a place full of smiling faces, Newcastle upon Tyne might be your best bet! Named the happiest place to live in the UK by the European Commission, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be able to enjoy many days of relaxation in this city.

Whatever you’re interested in, the chances are that Newcastle has it – from the Baltic Art Centre to over 300 cafes and pubs and more than 92 parks and churches to visit during your time off. If you’re looking to venture out of the city, Newcastle is well placed to travel north to Scotland or further south.

What makes a good retirement?

Retirement can be very daunting as it is something that none of us have previous experience in, therefore it can sometimes be difficult to know the key ingredients that make up a happy retirement. However, some make complete sense and are achievable by any retiree.

One of the main factors is affordability; you want to enjoy your retirement and not have to worry about your finances, so you can treat yourself from time-to-time. You should also consider what’s going on in the area you want to retire too – if you’re a social person, you don’t want to move to a place where there isn’t much going on!

So, where will you be retiring to? A coastal area with a great view of the beach? A city with all the essentials you need? Or a rural village where you can enjoy regular walks in the sun?


Where are the best New Year’s Eve Displays in the UK?

December brings Christmas, a very special and magical period, though it also brings the end of 2017, with the start of a new year dawning upon us. With that in mind, it’s time to plan your New Year’s countdown to make it as special as it can be. To avoid attending a disappointing display, we’ve teamed up with Stagecoach, who offer unbeatable bus prices, to find out what displays you should be heading to, to celebrate the countdown to 2018.


Why not head to the capital of the UK to spend the countdown, join the thousands on the Thames this New Year. The capital is one of the most iconic locations for New Year’s Eve celebrations in the country.

Big Ben’s iconic ‘bongs’ will count us into the first day of the year before the display begins. The fireworks usually last around 12 minutes and are always mesmerising! The fireworks will be accompanied by exhilarating music that will get the crowds jumping and show a true sense of love and friendship.

Tickets are priced at £10 per person and can be bought in groups of four. A second batch of tickets will be released soon, so keep an eye out on the official website.


Edinburgh’s Hogmanay festival is one that caters to all, which is especially helpful for those families with smaller children, whether you’re ringing in the new year with the family or with your other half. This NYE festival is unlike no other, with many different activities taking place on the day.

Don’t want your little one to miss out on the celebrations but midnight is way past their bedtime? Don’t worry – midday is the new midnight! At 1:00pm on the 31st December 2017, the festival has its own Baby Love Disco, which allows your little ones to let loose on the dancefloor whilst day-clubbing to some of their favourite songs! You might be questioning: ‘why? the whole point of a NYE party is to countdown in the new year’. Well, they will be — for Queensland!

If your little one can party a little bit longer, attend ‘Bairns Afore’ which is an entirely new event to the festival itself. The stage will be based at the bottom of Edinburgh castle, which will host family-friendly entertainment and even fireworks before it’s time to put your children to bed.

For those who are plan on staying up a little bit later, there is an outdoor concert where Rag’n’Bone Man will be headlining. Other performers include Ceclan McKenna and Nina Nesbitt!

More about what’s happening at the Edinburgh Hogmanay festival can be found on their official website. Tickets vary in price — grab them before they sell out!

If you’re looking for something a little less crowded, take a look at some of top picks across different parts of the UK:



If you like your upmarket locations, then why not attend the most exclusive New Year’s Eve event at the prestigious Vermont Hotel in Newcastle. Dress to the nines and enjoy a Gatsby-inspired gala in the sparkling ballroom with jazz music and plenty of dancing – and don’t forget the vintage alcoholic beverages. With a view of the Newcastle/Gateshead Quayside, it’ll be a night to remember.

Tickets for the first-class event are priced at £159 per person. Book today on the official website to avoid disappointment.


Manchester also offers another upmarket event, the Malmaison in Manchester is one of the best places to celebrate the New Year this year. With an evening of music planned, dress in your finest tux or gown and get ready to dance the night away. Start the night with a glass of bubbly and prepare yourself for the grand buffet, featuring cooked roasts and local seafood.

Tickets range from £59 to £100 per person. Visit their official website to book tickets today.


Fancy a New Year’s countdown with a twist? In Leeds you can go to a rooftop party where you can dance away under the stars. Head to Angelica’s rooftop party for a night to remember. Starting at 21:00pm and ending at 02:30am, you’ll be entering 2018 in the best place possible with an electrifying atmosphere. Book your tickets now to avoid disappointment!

So, what event will you be heading to this New Year’s Eve? Will you be going to a popular outdoor event or a more exclusive party with your friends and family?


Give Dating A Go This Christmas!

Are you looking for love this Christmas? Have you considered giving online dating a go? So many more people will be looking for love at this time of year as they hate the prospect of being single over the Christmas period.

If you’re a more mature person, perhaps consider a senior dating site to find love or companionship from someone close to your age. If you live on the coast, perhaps Norfolk dating for the more mature person is your cup of tea.

Senior dating can be a lot of fun if you give it a chance. There are just as many older men and women out there looking for love as there are younger people, perhaps even more. If you are an older man or woman living in Yorkshire, perhaps Yorkshire dating would be worth a try or perhaps if you are from Berkshire, Berkshire singles are what you are looking for.

Christmas dating is all the rage and there are plenty of people out there just waiting to hear from you so why wouldn’t you want to give online dating a try? You can meet so many like minded people who share your interests and hobbies and are looking for someone to experience them with. It is horrible to feel lonely at Christmas time so surround yourself with friends and get out socialising. Meet new people, have fun and potentially maybe even meet the one. You won’t know until you give it a try, will you?

You won’t know until you try – so why wouldn’t you? Get dating this festive season and see what it brings – perhaps the New Year spells a whole new start for you and some new significant other? Have a very merry Christmas and here’s hoping you get all that you want this year!