Rome: The Sights: Part 1 {Picture-Heavy}

As you all know, I went to Rome a couple of weeks ago and it was amazing. However, it is but a distant memory now so I’m lucky that I have plenty of pictures to look back on.
These weren’t originally on our list of places to visit but after being not so subtly persuaded by Steve’s grandfather and cousin,we thought we’d give them a go. We got to the most famous ones at noon, only to be told that they were shutting until later that afternoon. Instead of giving it up as a wasted trip, we took a walk about half a mile down the road to another set which are not as famous. You aren’t allowed to take photos in the catacombs themselves so unfortunately all our pictures are of the outside buildings and the church. We were a little disappointed as the tour we took was a little brief and we didn’t really find out much that we didn’t already know.
Trevi Fountain
Don’t worry, we took your suggestions on Twitter and visited the iconic Trevi Fountain.Unfortunately, as you can see, we chose a very busy day so couldn’t get anywhere near to throw a coin in. They were also doing work on the fountain (you can see the scaffolding to the left of the pictures). We stood in awe at the fountain, it truly is a beautiful sight. The only space we could find to stand was a gelato shop, so of course, whilst taking in the sights, we had to indulge in some ice cream! Yummy.

Vatican City
As you can tell, this is where Steve took over. Even though I’m the blogger and I should be taking photos of absolutely everything, Steve took the camera for this trip and boy, did he take a lot of pictures! I’ve already cut these down twice. Obviously, the Vatican is a must-see when you go to Rome and we made sure we made plenty of time to visit. For some odd reason, Steve decided it would be a good idea to climb the capula. It was five euros to take the stairs or seven to take the lift. As we were carrying Jack (we had to leave his pushchair in their cloakroom area), we thought that the elevator would be the best bet. Only thing is, after you’ve paid your extra money, there is a sign through the next door that says there is still steps to climb afterwards. A few steps would be fine, but out of 500 steps, the lift only misses out 200 of them… Yes, that’s right – we had to climb 300 narrow, steep steps with Jack in tow. I felt sorry for all the elderly people that had chosen to take the lift and were now struggling to climb to the top. There is no way of getting back down that way again, you have to carry on to the top – but what breathtaking views await you! We couldn’t really appreciate them at the time, being out of breath, sweaty and dehydrated – but once we’d got downstairs to the roof where you catch the lift back down again, we grabbed a drink and took a look at our pictures. Just wow.
I’ll be bringing you part 2 of the sightseeing next Sunday, as there are just too many pictures to share with you in one post! Next week, I shall be sharing pictures of the Tomb Of The Unknown soldier at the Piazza Venezia, Sant’Angelo Castle, the Forum and the Colosseum. I’ll also be sharing the pictures of everything else AND the only OOTD picture I took out there! 
Have you ever been to Rome?

A Proposal Story

If you hadn’t guessed by now by my endless tweets and statuses about it, I’m engaged! I asked on Twitter if anyone would like to see a proposal story and the answer was a resounding yes – so here we are. 

It happened whilst we were on holiday in Rome (pictures of Rome to come soon) and I’d told a few people that Steve had been acting a little weird before the holiday and I didn’t know why…Now I do!

Steve kept looking for little restaurants that were tiny, personal and romantic but shockingly (in Rome!), we could not find one – or rather, he could not find the perfect one. At our hotel, the main restaurant was situated in a courtyard with parasols over some of the tables. We’d had lunch there when we’d first arrived at the hotel and both of us had said how much we loved it – being able to eat in the sunshine without leaving the hotel? Bliss. We’d also had our evening meal there a couple of times – sitting in the cool night air by candlelight was definitely something special.

On the final night, I decided I wanted to start packing before going for our meal, even though we didn’t leave until 6pm local time the next day! However, Steve kept telling me not to and to start getting ready. ‘We’re only going for a meal downstairs’ thought I and didn’t understand why he was getting so antsy. 

We got downstairs and ordered our meals (tomato & cheese pasta for Steve, gnocchi with sea bass for me) and Steve decided to buy a bottle of wine. We chose the one the waiter suggested and settled down for our meal. Jack was whingeing most of the time, the day had been tiring and he wanted to sleep but no matter what we had tried, he just wasn’t playing ball. It didn’t help that every time the waiter came over, he started giggling! 

My gnocchi was amazing and Steve asked if I wanted a dessert. I wasn’t going to, but I saw the dessert I’d had on the first night on the menu and had to choose it again…

This is a picture of the dessert from the first night by the way…

Our waiter, Nicola, brought the desserts out and they had those silver lids on them. I was in the middle of sorting Jack out so found it a little odd when he didn’t remove them and leave. I sat back down and he removed them – then he kept asking strange questions like ‘Did I get the right fruit on it?’ and stuff like that. I didn’t realise he was trying to get me to turn it round – to where he had hidden a little pouch that Steve had given him. I went to eat some of it and Steve bluntly told me to turn the plate around…


I asked ‘What is it?’ and I got my answer by Steve getting down on one knee…

Of course, I said YES
The rest of the night went by in a blur, the next thing I remember is going to bed! We did take a few pictures of the waiter and ourselves – he had been great throughout the week and was so great on the night – he even took these pictures! Miraculously, Jack stopped whingeing throughout the whole thing! Steve obviously has him well trained!

We haven’t decided on a date just yet but we’re thinking 2015 – unless we manage to come into some money. I’m selling loads of stuff on Ebay and in a blog sale to be put up later in a bid to start saving for it! Now to start buying all the wedding magazines….