Booking Our Family Holiday & Sorting Out Our Holiday Wardrobe

It may only be February but we are already thinking about where we are going to go on holiday this year – and what stuff we want to take with us.

Jack has got his heart set on going to a holiday park of some description – maybe the one we went to with my parents at the end of 2016, Haven like we did last year or Butlins as he has become obsessed with the idea of going there ever since seeing the advert on the TV! Perhaps we might even go back to the Isle of Wight and spend time with my aunt who lives over there!

Perhaps we might even go abroad – there are plenty of places overseas that we would love to visit and then we also have Steve’s sister living in Tenerife – it would be lovely to go and visit her at some point – Jack adores her so he wouldn’t complain!

This has got me thinking about holiday wardrobes however. I’ve not really got much holiday wear in my possession – especially since I have lost a little weight since last year. I need some nice new items – especially items for the beach as we will certainly be there most days, it is a great place for families.

I’ve been looking at the kaftans and cover ups available at David Nieper – something I didn’t really consider last year when on holiday in the middle of summer – and I thoroughly regretted it. These are so good for when you’ve been on the beach in your bikini or swimming costume and need to cover yourself back up without having to struggle to take the swimsuit off or try and put clothes over the top and boiling thanks to the hot temperatures. The soft towelling cover up as pictured above would have been perfect last year for me.

I want to pack soft, breathable items and David Nieper’s kaftans and cover ups really fit the bill. Whilst we haven’t yet booked anywhere for our holiday, I may just have to purchase a couple of them in anticipation of hitting the beach. Even if I don’t go into the sea or swimming pool myself, I may want to sit on the sand or by the pool under some shade – these would be perfect for that.

Do you wear kaftans or cover ups to the beach? Are they one of your holiday essentials?


Why I Would Love To Go Travelling In Asia

I don’t really have regrets but do you ever wish you’d done something now that you had the opportunity to do but that has long passed you by?

I once had the opportunity to go travelling in Asia, it was a school trip and my friends and I were all keen on going. We were told long in advance about it so we could save up for it and I was all for it – but eventually nerves got to me – nerves about being away from my family for so long, nerves about not managing to make the money in time from my weekend jobs. Eventually I pulled out, as did most of my friends. Only one friend ended up going on the trip.

In the years since then, many people I know have gone travelling – and one continent in particular seems popular with them. Asia, specifically South East Asia. There are plenty of countries in South East Asia that they have travelled to and one such country is Malaysia which is one of the countries I would absolutely love to visit.

Photo Credit – Wander With Jo

A blogger I know has talked about Malaysia at length too and has mentioned some great places to stay – the Genting Highlands hotel resort. Genting Highlands is an integrated resort with hotels, casinos, and a theme park atop Gunung Ulu Kali, Pahang, at 1,740 metres altitude. The resort has a very cool temperature because of its position, ranging from 15-25 degrees celcius. The views are incredible and I can see myself staying here – I want somewhere that has all the amenities and has the sights-  Genting Highlands hotels certainly have that!

The first hotel Highland Hotel was opened in 1971 and was granted the only casino license in the country the same year. The famous Genting Skyway cable car was built in 1997 and has the reputation for being the “World’s Fastest Mono Cable Car System”. I feel that if I was to visit Malaysia, I’d have to go to the Genting Highlands, don’t you?

Photo Credit: Wander With Jo
It is said to be fairly easy booking hotel online so I’ll definitely be checking out the various hotels at the Genting Highlands Resort – there are plenty to choose from and so many have almost top marks on the star rating system which is fantastic- not often you see that for a resort, there is usually one really great place to stay and other mediocre ones but Genting Highlands is not like them – there are so many popular, well liked places to stay.

So why would I love to go travelling in Asia?

I’ve never ventured out of Europe

I’d love to spread my wings a little more. I’ve only been abroad twice, to Italy and to France – and I’d love to see what else the world has to offer. The views the countries in Asia have to offer me are absolutely incredible and I’d love to get involved in the cultures and see the sights.

The beauty

I’ve already touched on it slightly in my previous point but Asia is an absolutely beautiful continent – who wouldn’t want to see it upfront and personal for themselves? It’s all well and good seeing it on a TV or computer screen but nothing would beat seeing it in person, right?

You’ll never be bored

There is so many countries to visit, so much to see and do. Why wouldn’t anyone want to visit Asia, especially South East Asia, when there is so much on offer? World famous sights to see, incredible views, great accommodation, fantastic entertainment. There will always be something for you to see or do – something new to experience.

Is there a particular place you’d love to visit one day – that you may have once had the opportunity to visit but didn’t take up? Or is there something you had the opportunity to do in the past and wish you had done now? Let me know – I hope I’m not the only who looks back and thinks they should have done certain things – hindsight, eh?

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My 2018 Travel Bucket List

Collaborative Post

I haven’t got to travel much this past year what with Olivia being so small but I am determined to change that next year. I’ve been to Rome, Paris and all across the UK in recent years but want to spread my wings a little bit in 2018, whether that is with my family, just Steve or with friends.

I have many friends who are regularly jetting off somewhere for a couple of days – travel is what they choose to spend their ‘fun’ money on and I’d much rather visit new places than have that takeaway every week or buy that magazine each week for a year when that could get me a cheap ticket somewhere. has been a great resource for giving me some ideas for my bucket list. I’ve still obviously got the few places I’ve always wanted to visit and they will remain on my bucket list for 2018 in the hope I finally manage them but I’ve also got a few more places I’d love to visit if I had the chance.


I would love to go back to Rome – we went as a family when Jack was tiny and he doesn’t really remember much of it. We managed to get quite a lot done in four days but I still feel as though there is so much more to see.


Steve and I have been saying we want to go here for years. One of my friends recently visited and I was so jealous.


Steve’s grandfather was Canadian and he has friends out there plus his cousin is moving there for two years next year so we’d love to go visit the country of his ancestors and also pop in to see family and friends too.


I’d love to take the family to Paris. I went with a blogger friend back in 2015 and totally didn’t get to do everything we wanted in the time we were there – and of course, Disneyland Paris is there so I’d love to take the kids!


This is one of the places we would love to visit for a top of the range beach holiday – it is simply beautiful.


I really want to explore Europe more and Spain has always fascinated me. We have Spanish friends and would love to visit where they came from.


My aunt lived in Greece in her twenties and always talks about Greece wistfully. Steve and I would love to visit and see what my aunt is raving about.


My great grandfather was from Australia and my Mum and I have always said that we were going to visit one day. It would cost a lot but this can always be a 2018 dream, right?

These are just a few places I would love to visit in 2018 – although I don’t think funds would allow for all of them, haha! What places are on your 2017 bucket list?


Keeping Children Happy When Travelling

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Travelling can be stressful at the best of the times but if you are taking your whole family along for the ride too, it can get even more stressful. It is so important to keep your children happy when travelling otherwise it can ruin the whole journey!

We haven’t yet travelled abroad with Olivia – the furthest we’ve got is Great Yarmouth! – but we have with Jack – to Italy in 2012. But you can travel both abroad and within the country, can’t you? Holiday Gems have asked me to share my top travel tips when travelling with children.

Pack A Bag Full Of Interesting Things

Books, card games, iPad. Whatever you know will keep your children happy, pack it. Jack was just a baby when we went to Rome so slept most of the travel time but on our long car journeys, it is very easy for him to get bored. We always ensure we have the iPad with us so he can watch movies or play games and we also pack some books, toys and card games so he can keep himself amused in the back with his sister and whoever else happens to be travelling with us (usually my mum).

Bring Some Snacks

Children are always hungry (well, they say they are) so it is important to make sure you have some snacks packed for your journey. Fruit, crisps, cooked meat – these are all perfect to put in your handbag and pull out when the inevitable ‘I’m hungry’ whine permeates your eardrums.

Think Ahead

If travelling abroad, make sure you think ahead – book seats together, check flight check in times and things you can do whilst waiting for your flight. The last thing you want is a bored child complaining before you have even got on the plane.

Consider Them

The final tip I have is to consider them – consider them in ALL aspects of your holiday. Make sure the place where you are going is somewhere they will be happy, consider their thoughts and feelings during the actual travelling process and make sure they are kept occupied and not bored.

These are my top travelling tips – what are yours? Have you checked out the top tips for flying with children on the Holiday Gems website?

Now we all love travelling and now you’ve got a chance to win a Trunki travel pillow. Just fill in the Rafflecopter below. This giveaway is UK only and ends at 23.59pm on the 28th of September 2017. Good luck.

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Romantic Holidays: Top Locations You Should Consider

So, you want to book a romantic holiday with your loved one this year? Well, you still have more than enough time to make the arrangements if you’re quick. The issue is that most people have no idea where they should travel. With that in mind, there are some destinations mentioned in this post you might like to consider. Every place listed here today is guaranteed to provide you with a romantic experience. So, you just need to perform some more research into each of them after leaving this page. Best of all? You might even get some excellent last minute deals if you look in the right places.

Paris – France

Known as the city of love, Paris is always a top choice for happy couples who want a romantic experience. You just need to stay in the middle of the city to get the most from your trip. You can visit sights like the Eiffel Tower and take lots of memorable photographs. You will also find many upmarket restaurants and bars at the location. Booking river cruises and more is possible. Also, you have to remember that France produces some of the most fantastic wine in the world. So, you’re probably going to drink a lot of alcohol during your stay. Just make sure you check out the best attractions online to ensure you don’t overlook anything important.

Los Cabos – Mexico

Mexico is a pretty romantic destination across the board. However, you often have to travel to the southernmost points for the best experiences. The fact that there are many wedding planning companies in Cabo should tell you something about the area. Thousands of couples travel there from the UK and the US every single year. You’ll encounter pristine white sands and clear blue waters all along the coastline. You could spend your days snorkeling or scuba diving if that appeals to you. You will also find lots of unique restaurants that serve a variety of different authentic cuisines. Just make sure you don’t forget to take a camera.

Agadir – Morocco

Morocco is a rather poor Muslim country on the northwestern side of Africa. Many people overlook the destination because they have preconceptions about the residents. However, there are many misunderstanding about the people of Morocco. They are always welcoming to travelers, and the country is safer than most visitors imagine. Agadir is a French coastal resort that’s popular with people in Europe. Prices are always reasonable, and there are lots of interesting archeological sites. So, take the time to research Morocco and see if it’s a suitable location for your romantic break.

At least one of the suggestions from this article should appeal to you. Just make sure you involved your partner in the decision-making process for the best results. Also, don’t feel scared about visiting places like Morocco because of what you might have heard on the TV. It’s a stunning and exciting place where your money will stretch further than you might imagine. The local cuisine is also delicious.