Joules Very Handy & Marvellous Mitts

Hand soap and hand lotion. Hardly the most glamorous of items to review on the blog. However, when they look as pretty as this pair, they definitely deserve some recognition. I was lucky enough to win these in a competition on Twitter – I was kindly recommended to Britmums by the lovely Michaela and was chuffed to find out that they had picked me for a prize! I had no idea what I would be receiving right until it popped through my letterbox and I love them! You even get some emery boards and a holder for the two bottles – handy for keeping them together!

I’m currently keeping them in the kitchen for everyday use, although I do keep an eye on Steve to make sure he doesn’t waste the soap – I want to make them last as long as possible!
The Very Handy hand wash is pretty much like any other everyday hand soap. It lathers well and does its job. The main item I wanted to talk to you about was this though…
…the Marvellous Mitts Hand Lotion. I am constantly using my hands, whether it be at work, housework or clearing up after Jack. My hands often need a little bit of care and attention and I generally turn to either my L’Occitane or Elizabeth Arden hand creams. However, two new beauties have been contending for the crown recently: this and Soap & Glory Hand Food (review coming soon).  It all depends on where I am in the house as to which one I use (I have hand creams everywhere…much like the rest of my beauty collection!) but this is so soothing and moisturising. The lotion itself is very thick and creamy but soon sinks in, leaving hands feeling super soft.

I can’t find this set on the Boots website any more  leading me to believe it was a Christmas special – there are plenty of them still around on various other websites though such as Ebay (always worth a look!). 

What hand products are you loving right now? 

No7 Exceptional Definition mascara

 You may recall me posting about the free No7 Deco Darling giftset I received just before Christmas when I bought 2 or more items from the No7 range (link). This was just one of the items I received in the box and I promised that a full review would come soon. I also mentioned that this mascara was pretty good on first impressions, but have my thoughts stayed the same?

I am a mascara-holic, it seems. Just the other day, I tweeted about my collection of mascaras. Seriously, who needs TEN of the damn things? I’m really trying to use them up at the moment so I didn’t really need a new one… ah, the perils of being a beauty blogger sometimes!

It definitely doesn’t have the most impact as others in my collection and does fall a little short of my expectations after continued use. The brush is a little bristly which is one of my pet hates when it comes to mascara wands and it definitely doesn’t hit all the right spots. However, it definitely does reach every lash, little ones and all, and considering I have tiny little lashes, the fact that it gives any definition at all is good in my book!

Seeing as this is only a travel size of the mascara, I shall never say never on buying the full size but only once I have finished up all my other mascaras. 

Have you tried the No7 Exceptional Definition mascara? What were your thoughts?

You can buy the full size version here for £11.

Rojukiss Spot Light BB Cream

 Older followers may know that I am part of a certain beauty panel for Wishtrend; the WUBB Beauty Bloggers. Comprised of myself, Sarah from Life In A Breakdown, D from Sweet, Grace from All That Slap, Liss from Latino Look and Laalaa from Dolce Vanity, we occasionally get sent products from their ranges to try out – sometimes the same, sometimes different.
Meet the Rojukiss Spotlight BB Cream*. Described as being good for oily and combination skin, this BB Cream originates from Korea; one of the leading original countries for the production of BB Cream.
I have tried various high street alternatives but was always told that the original formula’s were different and sometimes even better to the ones we know and love on our high street. 
Said to cover blemishes whilst creating a natural skin tone, I was eager to see how it would fare. The various big name brand alternatives that I have tried have left me a little disappointed and reluctant to dip into the BB world again – so this popping through my letterbox was definitely a chance to try again! 

The formula itself is quite thick, a big difference to many of the other creams that I have tried. I did worry when applying that this shade would be too dark for me: fortunately, it suited me perfectly – however, it cannot be said whether it will or won’t work for you – having only one shade does hold its limitations.

 As I’ve mentioned, the formula is thick and incredibly moisturising. I found application a little rough; it seemed to drag across the skin as I was applying – however, this isn’t a deal breaker for me. I used this as a base for my makeup the other day before work and had a few (nice!) comments about my skin that day; which I’d have to contribute to the BB Cream itself! 

All in all, this is a fantastic BB cream – a great alternative to Western BB creams that we can so easily find on our high street. If it applied smoothly, I would have given this a 5 out of 5 – no doubt about it! However, although it isn’t a deal breaker, I can’t get past the dragging sensation so for that reason, I’ll have to give it a 3 out of 5. 

This BB Cream currently retails on Wishtrend for $20 (50ml) – which roughly converts to just under £12.50. A little more than our high street brands perhaps, but better in quality for sure. 

What is your favourite BB cream?

No7 Stay Perfect lipstick ‘Classic Rose’


No 7 Stay Perfect lipstick in Classic Rose £9- link 

I received this lipstick as part of a set that I bought just before Christmas which I posted about here. As I mentioned in the previous post, I hadn’t really tried many No7 lipsticks before, opting to stick to my normal choices of MUA and Rimmel – however, I also mentioned that I would definitely be going back for more after this little beauty. I wore this for a little while on Boxing Day and am already planning to wear it for my birthday at the end of this month; it is a perfect rose shade that really compliments any skin tone.
On my lips, it comes up a quite subtle pink but can be built up to provide a much more intense colour. I find some lipsticks to be quite drying but I found this lipstick to be the complete opposite – extremely moisturising. I used to suffer awfully with chapped lips for years until I started using a certain holy grail product of mine; however I have recently been trying to use up other lip balms and thought I could feel an attack coming on. Luckily, this never happened but even if it had, I would definitely reach for this over my other lipsticks. I am keen to try out some more of the range; hopefully I will receive some Boots vouchers for my birthday so I can have a big splurge!

Have you ever tried any No7 lipsticks? What were your thoughts?

No7 Deco Darling GWP

The other day, I was waiting for Steve to pick me up from work and as usual, he was running late. I didn’t want to go back into work and wait for him, as it was crazy busy and I knew I’d get roped in to helping out, so I quickly popped into Boots to have a browse. I had no intention of buying anything, however just as I was leaving, having checked my points balance, I happened to see this giftbox above! Already intrigued, I went closer and saw that there was an offer on: buy any 2 No7 items and get the above giftbox, priced at £26, for absolutely nothing. That’s right – £0 – totally free! You can see this fab deal here.

I ummed and aahed for a couple of minutes and then picked up these two beauties:
(L) No7 Stay Perfect So Simple (R) No7 Stay Perfect Beanie

I haven’t done any nail swatches yet but these are the perfect additions to my collection. I have an ever expanding collection and yet I have barely any nude or brown shades. I really like No7 nail polishes, they are fantastic quality, very affordable and come with the added bonus of Boots points!

I had a peek into some of the other boxes on the shelves but picked up a sealed box for myself, stopping myself from opening it until I got home. So what did I get?
A little bit of everything it seems!
No7 Stay Perfect Metallic Eyes Pencil in Black – £6.50
I haven’t used this yet, having a vast array of eye pencils, however it seems to be of good quality and I look forward to trying it out.
No7 Stay Perfect Eye Shadow in Thunder – £7
As you may know, I am an eyeshadow junkie. I have an array of shadows littered across the house and am always pulled in by the lure of a new palette (still hoping someone will buy me the Naked palettes..hint hint!). This is quite a nice shade, however I have been leaning towards some lighter shadows recently with a bolder lip so I can see this being pushed to the side for a while.
No7 Exceptional Definition mascara in Black £11
This mascara is pretty good, people! I will be posting a review within the next few weeks, however I am reluctant to use it too much right now as I am trying to finish up some others – it always seems to be the way, I either have nothing of one product and need to go out and buy more or I have bloody hundreds of the things! This doesn’t match up to Lancome Hypnose Star in my opinion, however it is definitely worth trying out for such an affordable price!
No7 Stay Perfect lipstick in Classic Rose – £9
I know what you’re thinking – another lipstick?! Yes, another one to add to my collection. I haven’t tried many of the No7 lipsticks before, choosing to stick to my favourite brands, however I will definitely be going back for more after this lipstick! This is a perfect winter shade and something I can guarantee that I’ll be wearing over the party season.

Have you taken advantage of any of the Boots offers recently? What do you think of No7 products?