My Jenny Craig Experience

A while ago, before Christmas, I was contacted by the lovely people at Jenny Craig asking if I’d like to have a 2 week trial of what they had to offer. I knew instantly that I would be taking them up on their offer but didn’t have the time to arrange anything until after Christmas. I rang them up to sort everything out early on in the New Year and my 2 week supply of Jenny Craig food* was with me within the week.
I didn’t get pictures of every meal or snack but here are a few.
The phone call before the dispatch of my box was great: the lady on the other end asked questions about why I wanted to lose weight, how much I wanted to lose, things like that – and I felt really supported. Add to that the text letting me know my box was on its way and I was truly impressed at their level of customer service. 

Unfortunately, a few things started to go wrong once I had received my box. Closer inspection of my 2 week menu suggested I had a variety of different cereals but when looking at the other paperwork, I found that two of these were out of stock. During my trial, I also found that some packages had been labelled wrong and ended up with the same breakfast for 12 out of the 14 days. This wasn’t a big deal for me, the cereal was pretty yummy and filling which is what counts – but I thought it deserved a mention.

I was told to expect a call on the Monday from someone, to go through everything and to see how I was getting on. I never received this call at all during the 2 week timeframe and I am left to wonder if they forgot? It was at this time that I was really struggling with the diet, constantly feeling hungry in the evenings. I confided in another blogger, Sarah from Life In A Breakdown, who has been on the Jenny Craig plan for months, and she had an idea what it could be – they’d simply dropped me down to 1200 whereas she and others had been dropped down to 1500 first. With all those missing calories, no wonder I was feeling hungry! I tried not to snack throughout the 2 weeks but I will admit there was the odd occasion where the hunger got too much and I had a slice of toast/ handful of crisps.

I don’t want to be a negative Nelly throughout as I did find some of the food to be really filling and tasty – I particularly enjoyed the soups and the provencals. The pictures above are a handful of the meals or snacks I had throughout the fortnight – super tasty!

All in all, I have to believe that the Jenny Craig plan isn’t for me. Although I lost an amazing 6lbs whilst on the plan, I didn’t feel supported and I hated feeling hungry! However, the food was tasty and it obviously showed results.

I may try the Jenny Craig plan again in the future once I’ve tried out other options but for now, I think its time to part ways.

Marks & Spencer Shapewear Finder

As a mum with a definite mum tum, I am always searching for ways to appear slimmer than I truly am or to build my confidence up, hiding that jelly belly away. 
When given the opportunity by Marks & Spencer to test out their shapewear finder tool, I was interested to see what results would come up. 
The idea is pretty simple: there are six steps to complete, finding out your preferences for your shapewear. I like to feel like my shapewear is holding my tummy in but I don’t like the body to be tight so I go for a light control piece rather than the firmer options. I found these steps easy to carry out and was finally given the option of a few different pieces. I opted for the Secret Slimming Light Control Body* in black and tested it out on my birthday to see how well it worked and whether the handy online tool had got it right.
I am obviously the one to the right in the picture but as you can see, the body is almost like a leotard, designed to hold in all lumps and bumps. I wore this all day whilst out, even after changing for the evening and found it to be extremely comfortable. Other shapewear I’ve tried in the past has been tight and irritating, whereas I completely forgot I was wearing this the majority of the time. I even had a few people come up to me and ask me if I’d lost weight – including my Grandad, who isn’t known for compliments nor tact! 

Overall, I am extremely impressed with both the tool and the quality of the item sent to me for review. I had always been recommended M&S for shapewear and now I can see why – this application is perfect for figuring out the perfect item for you without splashing the cash before hand. I have also been drawn into the lingerie section, M&S do some beautiful stuff (link).
You can find the tool here. The Secret Slimming Light Control Body retails at £19.50 and is available here
Who do you rely on for your shapewear needs?

sweets for my sweet

When offered the chance to review some of All Occasion Sweet Shop’s yummy treats, how could I resist? I was actually partaking in a 2 week diet trial at the time of their arrival and had a fight on my hands to ensure I managed to try some of them for myself – but I managed to, even if only just.
I was sent four of their sweet jars* to review: the Flying Saucers Jar, Rhubarb & Custard, Refreshers and Haribo Happy Cherries. I gave Steve the pleasure of opening the parcel and he was audibly pleased at what we had received! Not only were there some old favourites included but they each come in jars akin to those from sweet shops of yesteryear – the ones that can stand upright or on their side. This was a big plus for us, especially me who believes packaging is part of the appeal when it comes to products.

I’m sure you all know how the above items taste but if not, let me tell you – they were delicious! Family and friends that happened to pop by all indulged in some sweets themselves and loved them. These jars retail at just £4.99 apiece and are perfect unique gifts for just about anyone in your life. 

It has come to that time where I am seriously starting to think about my wedding and I couldn’t help but notice that the All Occasion Sweet Shop has a section dedicated to weddings. I just may have to incorporate sweets into my big day somehow; I know they would definitely be a huge hit.

For sweet hampers, jars, gifts or just some old favourites, All Occasion Sweet Shop is definitely the place to look – offering a variety of options, you’re bound to find what you are looking for. See what all the fuss is about and check out their website here.

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Wishtrend Fortune Beauty Box


The lovely people over at Wishtrend kindly sent the WUBB Review Panel their highly anticipated Limited Edition Fortune Box* to test out this month. Packaged in a box with shredded red tissue paper, the red theme continues through to celebrate the Lunar New Year in Korea.

This box costs just $29.99 for all of these products – all are available separately on the website but this is not a deal to turn your nose up at!

So what did I receive? 
I had been eyeing up the Klair’s products on the Wishtrend website for quite a while now so was ecstatic to see this included in my box. I have tried it out a few times since receiving it and will be writing a full review up soon. The price of this has almost covered the cost of the whole box!

Designed to remove redness, this little beauty couldn’t have come at a better time. I have heard only good things about Skin & Lab products so I am looking forward to giving this a fair trial and bringing my thoughts back to you soon.

I have never really used serums before so I am looking forward to giving this a try. It smells absolutely delicious too!

I also received some sachets: Caolion Blackhead Steam Pore Pack sampleConfume Argan Treatment Oil sample and the Skinmiso Pore Beauty sample. Even before the samples, the products in this box come to a whopping $63.97 making this box more than worth it! They even sent a fortune cookie too!

I will be reviewing all the items included in the box in due course and can’t wait to report back with what I thought of them!

Did you manage to get your hands on a Fortune Box?

Cherry, Cherry Baby

Regular readers of Futures will know that I am a big fan of independent jewellery sellers. Of course, show me a diamond and I’ll love you forever, however I just love having fairly unique pieces that I can guarantee none of my friends will own.

I was recently given the opportunity to review the Believe In Love charm bracelet* from Cherry Baby. Available for just £2.50 from the site, you can also buy more charms for your bracelet from the site and it won’t cost you the earth! They even take custom orders, which is brilliant if you are looking for something specific!
I can’t tell you how much I love this bracelet – I’ve been wearing it to work and have had plenty of people ask where I got it from – which is always a good sign, I feel! I can see me indulging myself in a few more pieces from the site before my next payday – I’m thinking of treating myself to something from the Mothers Day range! 

Cherry Baby has various collections including Film & Screen and Retro but they also have holiday specific collections such as Valentines and Mothers Day – perfect if you’re struggling for a gift!

Have you ever bought any jewellery from Cherry Baby? What would be your pick?