Back To School With Sambro

When Jack goes back to school, he is going to be in Year 1. He is growing up so quickly – and of course with it being August, we are starting to buy all the back to school things he needs. It is always good to be prepared so when we were asked if we would like to review a Lego Batman 3D backpack, we just had to say yes. Lego and superheroes? Jack has recently seen the film and loved it – and as it features two of his favourite things, I knew a related backpack would go down a storm.

Sold by Sambro on Very among other retailers for around the £16 mark, the backpack is actually a 2 in 1 backpack. As well as being a front pocket, the circular pocket at the front also doubles up as a detachable lunch bag – extremely handy if your child takes packed lunches into school! The backpack has adjustable straps and has a carry handle on each of the two sections.

The detail on the rucksack is incredible. There is a Lego print on pretty much all of the bag including the back, sides and straps. The 3D element is also incredible – it really seems as if Batman is flying out of the backpack towards you! The colours are intense and I am very impressed.

Storage wise, this is fantastic. There is plenty of space for all your child’s school essentials and then even more – handy if your child needs to store their coat or jumper somewhere – you know it will all fit. As well as being a pocket, the lunch bag part is fully insulated with foil so that you can guarantee that your child’s lunch is kept as fresh as possible whilst stored in their bag during school time. You can be confident in the fact that your child’s food will still be as tip-top as it was when you put it in there.

As you can see, Jack is incredibly chuffed with his new backpack. As I mentioned, it features two of his favourite things – Lego and superheroes, what’s not to love? One thing I feel I should mention is the size of it – the backpack itself is quite large (perhaps because of how much storage it has to offer and the 2-in-1 detachable element) so this may be better suited to someone a little older than Jack, perhaps 7 or 8 plus. He is 5 and quite tall for his age and this was quite big for him – the straps adjusted well but as you can see in the pictures above, the backpack itself is the size of Jack’s upper body!

All in all, Jack is extremely happy with his new backpack and can’t wait to use it. He’s also very happy with the lovely set of stationery Sambro also kindly sent him which will set him up perfectly for September. Sambro have yet again pulled it out the bag with the products they have to offer – perhaps you will be picking something up for your child for September?

Item sent for purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Summer Fun With Silly Spaghetti from Paul Lamond Games & Giveaway!

The summer holidays can be long and boring for a five year old so we are trying to ensure that we have plenty to do over the next few weeks. As well as days out, we love staying in and playing games as a family so when we were given the opportunity to review Silly Spaghetti from Paul Lamond Games, we were very happy. Jack loves games that require something a little different from the norm and this is certainly the game for this.

Silly Spaghetti is designed for 2-4 players and the main aim of the game is to be the first to untangle your spaghetti from the pins by wrapping around your fork, as you would do spaghetti you are eating. You receive a plastic play board, a cardboard ‘topping’ with holes cut out, a select amount of pegs and stickers to use on those and the die and four different coloured strings. The stickers are the peppers, tomatoes, meatballs, mushrooms and spaghetti. The spaghetti gets dropped onto the board and the pegs are then pushed in – and then the game begins!

You each choose a fork and make sure your spaghetti is wound as tight as possible around your fork and then every player takes turns to roll the dice. The youngest player goes first. Whatever you land on, you take a peg corresponding to that ingredient out. If you land on a star, that is a free play and you get to choose which ingredient peg you take out. You want to remove the toppings that are blocking your spaghetti so you can free it more easily and so you can win the game.

With Jack being 5, he didn’t always understand how to make the best move – sometimes he would remove the peg that made it easier for the rest of us so we had to teach him to seek out the ones which would help him more than they would help us. Hopefully he will get better at making these decisions for himself in the next few games we play.

The game is great for children aged 4+ – although those of a younger age may not quite understand trying to choose the best peg for themselves rather than everyone elses – they may end up picking randomly instead of thinking about it.

However Jack had great fun playing this with us – it is a great game for all the family, all the pieces are incredibly sturdy. I can’t wait to play this again as a family and I am sure this will be brought out time and time again when his friends come over to play.

Now you’ve heard all about our thoughts, how would you like to win the game for yourself? Well, you’re in luck! This giveaway is UK only and ends at 23.59pm on 13th August 2017. Good luck!


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Degustabox | July 2017

Item sent for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

We love getting our monthly Degustabox and seeing what treats we get in it. You can get one for yourself here for just £12.99 a month which includes delivery. Considering the contents of the box often exceed over £20 in price, you really are getting a great deal. So what did we get in this month?

OLOVES Healthy Olive Snacks – 99p each

Nobody in the household actually eats olives as we don’t like them. So we will either be giving these to family or friends or popping them into the local food bank.

Merchant Gourmet Simply Cooked Red & White Quinoa – £1.99

I quite like quinoa but Steve has never tried it before so I am looking for the perfect dish to use this with – I am still yet to use it.
Crafted fruit juice – £1.80

We were sent the Mango and Passionfruit flavour and it is absolutely delicious. No added sugar or sweeteners and a serving provides you with 1 of your 5 a day – yum!

Maille Dijon Original – £1.99

I don’t use mustard but Steve does so he will enjoy this very much!

Frylight cooking spray with Avocado Oil – £2.99

With both Steve and I being on Slimming World, Frylight is always going to be a popular addition. I think we possibly have all of the flavours and different varieties now!

Weetabix Additions Coconut & Raisin – £2.99

Another great thing for us on Slimming World as these are HexB. These are delicious and a great alternative to the plain usual Weetabix.

Ryvita Thins Three Cheese – £1.89

These are absolutely delicious! Topped with cheddar, regato and emmental cheese, they taste great and we all fought over them to get the last one!

Rowntree’s Randoms 30% Less Sugar – £1.29

I love Randoms so to get a packet with 30% less sugar is great – a more guilt free treat. They are free from artificial flavours, colours and sweeteners and are absolutely delicious!
Thor Dry Apple Spritz drinks

These were lovely – something a bit different for your tastebuds. We were sent the ginger and mint flavours.

Blossom Hill Spritz Elderflower & Lemon – £4.99

I love Blossom Hill and this is a nice fresh and fruity twist on wine. This tastes absolutely delicious.

We were also sent a full value voucher for a tub of The Collective Kids Bug Tub Yogurt (£2) – I can’t wait to go and pick one up as I am sure Jack will love it!

The total value this month comes to just under £24 which is great value when you pay just £12.99. I can’t wait to see what next month will bring!

Our Weaning Journey So Far

We were sent the Babease items for the purpose of review – all thoughts & opinions are our own.

Olivia recently turned six months old and we decided to start weaning her. She is still breastfeeding but we have introduced a few meals a day with her having milk when she needs it. We are giving a few different things a try – we are combining both baby led weaning and purees – and seeing how she gets on.

Right now, she currently has porridge or toast for breakfast – we feed her the porridge, she feeds herself the toast. For lunch, she will have a puree or toast if she had porridge for breakfast – we won’t give her toast twice. For tea, she will generally have a puree but we are also going to give BLW a try for this too – we are often having salads for tea ourselves so it will be easy to make her a small amount for herself. For snacks, she generally has some age appropriate crisp puffs or wafers.

We were recently contacted by Babease,  a company founded by trained chef Tom Redwood and endorsed by expert nutritionists and parents. They aim to introduce little ones to distinct flavours and textures through a broad range of fresh and tasty recipes. They are championing the importance of babies developing savoury palates before sweet ones with a vegetable-led, real food focus.

We were sent a variety of 6m+ pouches and 7m+ – of course, Olivia hasn’t yet tried the 7m+ but we have been trialling the 6m+ ones so far. Her first pouch was the sweet potato, carrot and cauliflower. The puree itself was very smooth and I love the fact that the pouches are organic and that the ingredients list literally includes just the three vegetables that make up the puree. So far this has proved to be her favourite, although the pear and mixed berries is following closely behind. I can’t wait to see how she gets on with the 7m+ range!

What I really love about these pouches is that you can either squirt the puree out into a bowl and spoon feed your child or you can let them hold the pouch themselves and feed themselves. As you can see, Olivia much prefers to feed herself.

She is getting so good at feeding herself and is finally starting to understand how food differs from breastmilk. For the first few days of weaning, she seemed very confused – trying to suck on everything and not realising she needed to gum stuff to mush it up in her mouth. We believe she has a tooth coming so that will definitely help her as she continues on her weaning journey.

The Babease range is available in Tesco, Boots and Ocado and you can also buy them from Amazon too {affiliate link}, retailing at between £1.20 and £1.50 per pouch. There is such a wide variety of flavours!

So far we seem to be having a really successful weaning journey and long may it continue – Olivia seems to enjoy most of what she is having – whether that be pouches, porridge or toast – and we can’t wait to try more things with her over the upcoming weeks.

Have you got any top tips for weaning? Any things in particular you think we should try?

Review | 5 Drawer Rustic Brown Abaca Storage from Rattan Direct

This item was sent for the purpose of review. All thoughts & opinions are my own.

I was recently sent the 5 Drawer Rustic Brown Abaca Storage Rack from Rattan Direct – you can buy it here. Retailing at over £200 normally, it is currently on sale for £149 and worth every penny. We are currently using it to store our baby essentials in our living room but this would be perfect for a conservatory – and if we were to move to a new place with a conservatory, it would definitely be pride of place there.

Natural rattan is made from a long type of vine that grows in tropical climates. Want to see more about the storage rack and what I thought about it? Check out my video below.


Have you ever considered rattan storage? Would this look great in your conservatory?