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My Golden Ticket

We were sent a copy of My Golden Ticket for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

We have previously reviewed a few different titles from Wonderbly. We reviewed the Little Boy Who Lost His Name book, the Kingdom of You and The Birthday Thief and we have noticed that they’ve added even more titles to their product range. With Jack really getting into Roald Dahl books right now, we jumped at the chance to review a copy of My Golden Ticket.

My Golden TicketAvailable in softcover for £19.99 or hardcover for £25.99, My Golden Ticket is a new personalised book that takes any child to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. The book is completely personalised with your child’s name – so of course we chose Jack to receive a copy.

At the end, your child even gets to discover something special – a one of a kind Wonka bar inspired by their name. Unfortunately it is just a picture though it would be cool if it was a real Wonka bar, wouldn’t it? It even includes a personalised Oompa Loompa song too!

my golden ticket

As always, you can dedicate the book to whoever you are buying it for so we got Jack’s name put in the dedication section. The book, as I have come to expect from Wonderbly, is impeccably designed with beautiful illustrations. The story, as always, is creative and keeps kids interested until the final page. Jack loves reading Wonderbly books as he never quite knows what to expect. Although the titles give a little something away, he never quite knows how the story will go.

My Golden Ticket My Golden TicketYou see all about products you have read about in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory such as Hair Toffee. I think I enjoyed reading it almost as much as Jack as it really harked back to my childhood, reading Roald Dahl books.

Jack really enjoyed reading his copy of My Golden Ticket and has been showing it to friends and family that come to the house. He has always said he would love to visit a chocolate factory and this book enables him to use his imagination to go there. Yet again, this is a Wonderbly product that we love – they have such fab books in the range and look like they have included some more fabulous titles in recent weeks too.

Would your child love a book like this?

Monster Smash-Ups Rhino Remote Control Truck | Review

remote control truck

We were sent a Monster Smash-Ups Rhino Remote Control Truck for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Jack has been begging us for some remote controlled trucks and cars of late – and just like buses, three come along at once. We recently reviewed a My First Scalextric and an Anki OVERDRIVE which Jack loved but of course, these both require track. Jack was also keen to try something that gave him a little more freedom so when the opportunity to review one of the Monster Smash-Ups remote control trucks arose, I knew he’d be eager to try it out.

remote control truckMonster Smash-Ups are the new remote control trucks from Toyrific. There are three different models: Rhino (which is the one we received and is blue), Viper which is red and Raptor which is yellow.

The trucks are radio controlled for up to 15 metres, can reach high speeds of up to 15km/h. They have a tilt/turn movement, an ejector seat where you can watch the driver fly into the air (complete with AGHHH scream), and it is rebuildable – you can crash and then rebuild.

remote control truckThe truck is charged by a USB and takes around 90 minutes to charge fully. Run time after charging is around 30 minutes which is decent however with a charge time of 90 minutes, you may expect something more. The control simply needs two AA batteries.

remote control truckThis is perhaps one of the easiest remote control trucks I have ever had the pleasure of playing. The driving is so realistic and it tilts and turns perfectly. As mentioned the truck is completely rebuildable so should you crash, you can easily put it back together. If you hit the front bumper onto something, the driver is ejected from the seat with a scream – very fun and you will find that you spend most of your time crashing just for the fun of it! You may be slightly worried that crashing would impact on the car but it is very robust.

remote control truck remote control truck remote control truck

For the retail price of £34.99, this is a great toy. 30 minutes is plenty of time to play without getting bored and the fact that the driver ejects from his seat and you can rebuild the truck is another plus point. Some remote control trucks only have a handful of features and can get quite boring after some time playing but this can provide hours of fun – perhaps you may even set up an obstacle course for the truck to swerve round and crash into? The truck comes complete with some start and finish race signs and some traffic cones too! See some footage of the truck in action below:

I can see this being a popular addition to children’s Christmas lists as it is so much fun and very affordable too. You can purchase a Rhino, Raptor or Viper remote control truck for yourself on Argos here or Amazon here {affiliate link}. Is this something you could see your child or children enjoying?

Kiddiewinkles Personalised Toy Basket | Review


We were sent a Kiddiewinkles personalised toy basket for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Anyone who has children will know how toys can get all over the place, no matter how much you urge your children to put them away. Jack already had a multitude of toys, add Olivia into the mix and I’m constantly tripping over things! When offered the chance to review a Kiddiewinkles personalised toy basket, I said yes and chose to get one for the two of them to share.


We opted for a neutral gingham toy storage basket. Retailing at £25, you can get these personalised with a name or phrase of your choice. Since my children were sharing it, I opted to get it personalised with ‘Jack & Olivia’s Toys’. It has been beautifully embroidered onto the side of the basket.

It arrived packaged well, folded in plastic. As I took it out of the bag, it quickly sprung straight back into shape. The storage baskets are cotton quilted and deceptively large in size. These are large enough to store a variety of larger toys and tons of little toys if you wish – which is what Jack chooses to use it for (see picture below). He has decided to use it to store the toys that both he and Olivia play with so either of them can go into it and grab the toy they want.

The storage basket is perfect for either bedrooms, nurseries or playrooms – Jack chooses to keep it under the stairs where the rest of his toys are in our open plan living room. The basket also has soft flexible edges so you can store lots of differently shaped items.

It has a neutral gingham fabric on the outside and a plain lining on the outside and the basket feels incredibly soft. The basket is 100% cotton and has two extremely strong handles for easy transportation. Whilst we may only be using it for small toys at the moment, it is good to know that we’d still be able to transport it if it had larger items in it.

As you can see, there is plenty of room for plenty of toys in the basket – something that is great for families such as ours where there are plenty of toys that need storing away!

We are very happy with our storage basket – Jack really likes the space it has for storing toys and loves the personalisation. Olivia is obviously a little too young to really understand about what it does but she loves playing with the basket itself – a testament to how soft it is.

Me? I just love anything that keeps my kids toys that little bit tidier and when they look and feel as good as this basket does, then that’s even better. With plenty more designs to choose from on the Kiddiewinkles website, why don’t you pick up one for your children? Plenty of space, 100% cotton and uniquely personalised to your child, what’s not to love?

SmartGlobe Adventure AR | Making Learning Fun

We were sent the SmartGlobe Adventure for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

I’ve mentioned before how much Jack loves to learn so when the opportunity came up to review this SmartGlobe Adventure AR {affiliate link} from Oregon Scientific that currently retails at £59.99, I knew he would absolutely adore it.

The SmartGlobe Adventure AR comes with plenty of different features. For ages 5+, this requires 3 AAA batteries which are included. There is also a Smart Learning Pen included too.

The globe is very easy to set up. In fact it is pretty much already set up in the box – once you’ve cut the cable attaching it to the box, it simply slides out and you can start using as the batteries are already included. The globe is positioned on a white stand and spins on its axis like any other globe so you can always turn it to find the country or continent you want.

There are five games (one of which you can see in the video demo below of Jack trying to find the countries requested), 19 English language challenges and 6 French language activities too. There is plenty of educational content with players able to explore more than 220 countries. Jack kept revisiting Kenya as it is a country he has been learning about a lot at school recently.

When using touch mode, players can discover more about what they wish – from continents to capitals to population and more. Jack especially liked comparing the populations of countries – did you know Saudi Arabia has millions more in population than Iraq?

When doing the quizzes, you can level up. Jack completed level 1 of the capitals quiz so went onto level 2- I’m not sure if it went slightly quicker but the voice does tell you to ‘hurry up’, making the pressure greater each level you go up. If your child is currently learning where capitals are on a globe then this is a great way of getting them to refine their skills. There is plenty of quizzes in ultimate challenge mode too!

You may be wondering what the AR part of the name stands for. Well this globe is so much more than just a globe! With a dedicated app available from both the Apple Store and Google Play, users can experience Augmented Reality (AR) using their tablet or smartphone to see landscape, animals, landmarks and even dinosaurs! This is a great extra feature to the globe and one Jack loved using.

Wanting to play a game? Simply tap your pen on what you want to do on the base of the globe – do you want to play a game of finding the countries or do you want to touch and find out more about a certain country such as their national anthem or some amazing facts about them? Perhaps you want to compare populations? Simply tap what you want to do – if its a game, they will ask you to go and tap the countries or continents or capitals they mention. If you are looking to find out more about somewhere, simply tap what you want to know on the base of the globe and tap the country on the globe that you would like to learn more about.

What is great about this globe is that everyone can learn from it – not just the kids – and you can have fun whilst learning too. Jack has been spending hours learning about the different countries (especially Kenya, as I mentioned before) and playing the different quizzes. He’s only 5 so isn’t completely knowledgeable about the world around him but with the SmartGlobe Adventure AR, he is slowly learning more and more.

The AR feature is a fantastic extra feature and Jack was astounded by just how much it adds to the experience. He is quite happy to sit there and learn with the globe but the AR aspect really does make it all the better.

Once you’ve finished with the globe for the day, you can simply turn it off and place the pen in the attached holder, ready to use for another day. The globe is lightweight and easy to store away if required however Jack has this on his bedside table, ready for us whenever he wants it.

So what are our thoughts on the SmartGlobe Adventure AR? We think it is a great educational resource that certainly makes learning fun. With Jack starting to learn more about other countries at school, this will be a great help with his learning. It is also great for us as parents to learn more about the world around us. The price is incredible for the level of technology and education you are getting and I would certainly recommend this for children this Christmas – they will have plenty of fun whilst learning too!

We’ve been learning all about capitals this week – what is the first thing you would do?

Trying Out The Tommee Tippee Steamer Blender for Hallowea’n

We were sent a Tommee Tippee Steamer Blender for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

We started weaning Olivia a couple of months ago now and she has slowly been moving onto slightly lumpier food as she gets older. We were recently sent this Tommee Tippee steamer blender to make our weaning journey a little more fun. We were also sent some fantastic Hallowea’n (Halloween) recipe ideas to get your little one involved in the Halloween fun.

But first of all we wanted to trial it using some simple ingredients – an apple, a banana and a a pear – and we made something for all three stages to see how it fared.

The Tommee Tippee blender steams fruit, vegetables and meat preserving key nutrients and flavour. The blender itself is very simple to use – just a one touch button to either steam or blend depending on your requirements. There is also a timer so you can personalise your cooking. The instruction booklet comes with timings for which ingredients you are using so as you can see, we set the steaming timer to 10 minutes and the blend time to 4 seconds on this occasion. The bottom picture shows the fruit as it is getting steamed.

The one touch button is a great function as is the timer. It means you can really personalise the meals you are cooking. We thought we would start simple with some fruit and see how well it fared for each stage of weaning. The blender blends to a range of textures for every step of your babies development which is great. It blends as soon as a steam cycle is finished so you don’t need to worry about any decanting. There is also only a small amount of parts which makes it great for easy cleaning. So how did the blender fare?

You can clearly see the range in textures from stage 1 to stage 3 – Olivia is past the puree stage now but for the simple purpose of testing this machine to its full advantage, we thought we would create a meal from every stage. She is now stage 2 and will be moving slowly into stage 3 in the next few months as she starts to deal better with lumps! We are very, very impressed with what this Tommee Tippee blender has to offer,

But now onto the Hallowea’n recipes…what should we give Olivia to help her join in on the festivities? Here’s some recipe ideas for you below:

We are going to be giving the Pumpkin Smash a go for Olivia for her tea on Halloween and may just have to make some Silly Apple Bites for Jack to try too!

Will you be creating any of these Halloween recipes for your child this week? You can buy your own steamer blender here where it is currently retailing for £70 {affiliate link}. It is also available at Argos, Boots, George, Littlewoods, Toys R Us and Very.

Happy Hallowea’ning!