Weaning With Tommee Tippee | Magic Mat & Easy Scoop Bowls

These Tommee Tippee products were sent for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Olivia has now been weaning for a couple of months and is doing well. As I’ve mentioned before, we have been letting Olivia explore different things – finger foods, purees etc. She loves a pouch when out and about and loves her porridge in the morning.

Apart from a few small bowls and a few spoons, we didn’t have much in the way of weaning implements but were recently asked if we would like to review some items from fabulous baby brand Tommee Tippee so it made sense to ask if we could review some weaning items. We opted for some Easy Scoop Feeding Bowls and one of the Magic Mats.

Olivia currently alternates between her booster seat with tray or her highchair at mealtimes – in the mornings we just don’t have the time or energy to get the highchair out so her booster seat gets pulled out ready for porridge time. I was wondering if the Magic Mat would work with the booster seat but I needn’t have worried as the mat sticks to all flat surfaces!

Let me tell you about the items we received and what we thought about them.

The Easy Scoop Feeding bowls are stackable which makes them easy to store – always a bonus. They have a triangular base and an ergonomic handle for better grip. These work with the Magic Mat which is why we chose them. They are suitable for babies from 7 months and they are BPA free. They’re also dishwasher, microwave and steriliser safe.

So what did we think? The bowls are a great shape and are a decent size for growing babies. The bowls we currently have for Olivia are tiny and the shape is quite difficult plus it is super easy for Olivia to knock it over or put her hands in it and get the food absolutely everywhere. With this bowl I can keep a good grip if not using the Magic Mat and can make Olivia’s porridge with ease without worrying about the bowl overflowing with porridge – her other bowls are so small!


The Magic Mats work with all Tommee Tippee bowls and plates which is fantastic. They are designed to hold the bowls and plates in place using the suction device in the middle of the mat. This makes it so much easier and less messier to feed your baby – although mine has given it a real good go at still making a mess even with those! It is wipe clean, is suitable for babies from the age of 7 months, is BPA free and also dishwasher, microwave and steriliser safe.

As you can see from one of the above pictures, when a Tommee Tippee bowl or plate is attached to the mat, it is stuck there completely. The mat itself sticks to all flat surfaces as mentioned above but I do have to admit that Olivia has been able to peel it off on a couple of occasions when she is one of her more spirited moods – not so helpful when her bowl is full of food. However if your child isn’t determined to be a little monkey, this will stick there perfectly and won’t move unless you decide to remove it. The suction works well and it is super easy to clean which is just what you need from a weaning product.

Would I recommend? I’d say mostly yes. You’d have to be careful with the Magic Mat if you have a very spirited child – I’d have been okay with Jack as he didn’t really muck around at mealtimes but Olivia is a nightmare for it – but if your child isn’t so spirited, you won’t encounter any problems. The bowls are a great addition to our weaning products as they are the perfect size, shape and grip for both mother and baby plus they are easy to store – just what every mum wants!

Have you ever tried any of the Tommee Tippee weaning products?


SpaceCot | The Travel Cot With A Difference

The SpaceCot was sent for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

When it comes to baby stuff, I think Olivia is pretty much kitted out with everything she needs. However the one thing we still needed to get was a travel cot. – and the SpaceCot is exactly that. We don’t tend to travel too much but it is always something handy to have and with some events in the pipeline, one will be needed when she goes to her grandparents for the evening – after all, we can’t expect them to hold her if she’s tired! When offered the chance to review a SpaceCot, I just had to say yes.

Designed using space technology to make it light to carry and simple to use, SpaceCot is everything you could want from a travel cot. Weighing in at just 6 kilograms and coming with a carry case too, it is easy to just pop in the boot and head off to wherever you are going. The cot itself opens and closes in under 3 seconds without you needing to bend down. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the fact that it was lightweight and so easy and quick to put up that it would flimsy but you’d be wrong – it is sturdy, strong and safe and comes with a super comfortable mattress too. The travel cot Jack had, whilst it was fit for purpose, had a mattress that was nowhere near as good or as comfortable as the one provided with the SpaceCot – this mattress is a Zero-G mattress and is up to 10mm thicker than other travel cot mattresses.

A great feature of the SpaceCot is the two detachable levels. Suitable from birth to three years of age, it grows with your baby. You have a detachable top level which you can use as a crib for a younger child with the mattress or you can remove that and use the lower level for an older child. Olivia is now just slightly too big for the upper level as it is for babies under 6 months old but it is a great feature and I’d be happy to lend this to friends with younger babies should they need to travel.

Olivia has been having her naps in the SpaceCot during the day at home to test it out over the last few weeks and I think she actually prefers the SpaceCot to her own cot – she’d probably love to sleep in it at night too! She loves to just chill out in it too – she’s quite content to sit and play with some toys, using it as a playpen, if I need to get a piece of urgent work done. There is plenty of room for Olivia whether she wants to sleep or play and I am safe in the knowledge that she is comfortable and secure in the cot itself.

The cot is made from removable and washable eco friendly fabric – great when you think of all the stains and stuff a child will put it through – and the mattress provided is foldable for easy storage. With patented safety locks, you can guarantee that only Mum or Dad can open them and the instructions given help you to put the cot up with total ease.

You may think that given all its specifications that the SpaceCot isn’t full size but it is – outside dimensions folded are 810mm in height, 580mm in length and 140mm in width. Unfolded is 810mm in height, 970mm in length and 580mm in width. The mattress itself is 950 x 500 x 40mm if you were wondering.

Available in three colours – biscuit, silver and midnight grey (this colour is exclusive to John Lewis), the SpaceCot is available to purchase from a variety of stores including Hippychick, JoJo Maman Bébé, John Lewis, Mothercare, Toys R Us and Tesco Direct among others. You can also purchase one from a number of independent stores. The Spacecot retails at £140 which I think is a great price considering all of its great features. It is quick to put up and put down and has the fantastic crib feature so that you can use it from birth. I’ll definitely be recommending this to all of my friends who have babies – although I may be a little reluctant to lend them mine. This will be so handy over the next few months as we plan to take some trips within the UK – easy to store at home and in the boot of a car, you just can’t go wrong.

Degustabox | August 2017

Box was sent for the purpose of review – all thoughts and opinions are my own.

We love when we receive our Degustabox boxes – we love seeing what treats we receive each month. This month was no difference – so full of treats that we all could enjoy.

What items did we receive though?

Bahlsen PiCK UP! Black ‘N White – £1.69 – We have always loved PiCK UP! bars so were very happy to see these in there. A white chocolate bar sandwiched between two crisp chocolate flavour biscuits, these are absolutely delicious.

Refreshers Softies – £1 – Steve and I grew up loving Refreshers and these Softies looked to be a real treat. Making the treat of our childhoods soft, fruity and chewy, they were quite strange at first as we got used to the Refreshers flavour having a different texture but they didn’t last long.

Cadbury Curlywurly Squirlies – £1.99 – Bitesize pieces of Curlywurly, these were lovely and a real treat. It took a lot of willpower not to finish the bag off myself!

Cadbury Dairy Milk Big Taste Toffee Whole Nut – 65p – This was also very yummy and is now in this convenient on the go size but a few bites and it’s gone – could do with some more bites!

Jelly Squeeze (Apple & Blackcurrant and Orange flavour) – 69p – These are fun, squeezy jellys in pouches – great for lunchboxes and when you are on the go. These are gluten and lactose free and are also suitable for vegans and vegetarians unlike most other jelly products. Jack was very impressed.Seabrook crisps – £1 – Crinkle cut crisps that taste great. We normally have Walkers or Pom Bears in the house but these provided a nice alternative and had some great flavours.

Light Bites Popped Chips (Pesto & Sundried Tomato and Sweet & Smoky Chipotle) – 99p each – Under 100 calories, gluten free and veggie friendly, these are great for everyone and come in some exciting flavours.
Maggi Fusion noodles (Fiery Sweet Chilli and Sticky Hoisin Duck) – £1.39 each – These are great for a quick lunch when you don’t quite know what to make for yourself. Taking only four minutes, these are quick, easy and tasty.

Tabasco Green Pepper Sauces – £1.89 – Now I am not a big fan of green jalapeno peppers but Steve is so I’m leaving the judgement up to him on this one. He is yet to try it but I bet you he will be a massive fan.

Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise – £1.69 – We know how much we love Hellmann’s mayonnaise, we always have a bottle in the house although we usually opt for the Lighter Than Light version – however this will always be used in our house

Orangina Limited Edition Summer bottles (Light & Original) – £1.20 each – Who doesn’t love Orangina? These are super tasty and you can feel a little less naughty by opting for the Light version if you so wish.

Twisted Halo Coconut Water with ginger and vodka- £1.50 – With natural flavours, no added sugar or sweeteners, this is a taste sensation. Mixing three of my favourite things together and coming in at just 90 calories, this is a refreshing summer drink with a little kick. Lovely.

Overall we have been very impressed with the box this month – whilst the value of the whole box works out to a little less than some of the other recent boxes, we have been satisfied with each item this month which is great!

Sprucing Up Our Garden With A Brand New Bench From GardenBenches.com


Item was sent for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

I was recently contacted asking if I would like to review a garden bench from Garden Benches. Whilst we have a fairly small garden, we are always round Steve’s parents along with many other members of the family so knew that a garden bench would be perfect for their garden so we could sit out and enjoy the sunshine.

After much perusal, we finally opted for the Winchester Double Oval Back Teak Garden Bench. At 120cm, the bench is a little more diminutive than perhaps other benches but it still looks great in any garden. Retailing at £245 but currently on sale for £199, there are a vast number of extra product options (waterproof cover, teak oil, anchor kit grass, anchor kit hard surface and plaque engraving) and the option for free next day delivery is also available. There is even the choice between three different coloured bench cushions for an extra £35 each.

As with most benches from the site (apart from a select few), the bench arrived flat packed for self assembly. The bench arrived quickly after I was informed of the order being placed. The bench was be cardboard wrapped, then covered with high density polythene for water resistant protection. It came in a cardboard box, sealed and then delivered by a courier. If you would like your bench assembled, you would need to contact the company, pay an increment of £30 and your bench will be delivered on a pallet.

With regards to assembly, I let Steve do the hard labour. I have never been handy with tools so left it to him to put it together. Whilst you would think putting together a bench was quite simple, it wasn’t as simple as could have been and the instructions were a little confusing however Steve managed it in the end. It would be great if the instructions could be a little clearer.

Once finally put together, it was time to see how it looked in the garden and to get everyone’s thoughts. Jack was the first to try it out and was very happy – I can tell this will be his favourite place to sit in Nanny and Grandad’s garden in the sunshine. The bench is described as a two seater but we can fit more depending on the size of the person sitting down. I’m regretting the decision not to get a plaque created for the bench as I do think that would have been a nice extra touch.

As with all of the company’s products, this bench comes with a 12 month Manufacturer’s Warranty which is great. All of the wood used in the construction of their garden benches is sourced from the Trees 4 Trees Stewardship Council (T4T). Each of their garden benches also comes with a unique hang tag that carries a World Identification Number (WIN). You can simply logon to trees4trees.org website, enter your WIN number and you can see their contribution to the program.

So what are our thoughts on the bench? Well not only is the wood great quality and sourced from the T4T, the bench is sturdy and holds well. We haven’t yet decided the perfect place in the garden for it but I am sure we will find it soon. For now, we have it towards the bottom of the garden near the house but I can see it moving towards the top end or onto the patio. I’ll leave the decision up to my in laws but it is a great addition to the garden and we are very pleased with it. It is a lovely place to sit in the sunshine and chat to family and will be great for any family garden parties that should occur.

It has also stood up to the elements that our summer have had to offer so far which is a big plus point from us.

If we finally move into a bigger property with a bigger garden, I’ll definitely be looking for a garden bench for our garden and will be heading to gardenbenches.com to find one – they’re good quality, affordable and can be delivered the next day if ordered before 2pm. What could be better?

What seating do you have in your garden?

Back To School Labelling With Korbond

Kit sent for purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

When it comes to your children going back to school, there is so much you have to think about. Making sure all their uniform and P.E kit is ready, that their bag is packed correctly, that you’ve got the right size shoes. Something that I always leave to the last minute is labelling and I know that is awful. We are usually about two weeks in before I remember to label anything but luckily I have a headstart this year, thanks to this Korbond Back To School Labelling Kit.

Korbond is a family owned and operated business in which still hold family values at their core. Their mission is to be the most professional and highly regarded non-food supplier to their customers. Available to buy in Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s and other leading UK retailers, they are one of the most established haberdashery brands out there. The kit they sent me included some iron on labels, some stick on labels, some shoe labels (great if your child struggles with their left and right), some hemming web and a bag tag that they can hook onto their book bag or rucksack.

We are heading out this week to grab some school uniform bits – the plain polo shirts and trousers as we’ve kindly been given some of the school branded stuff from our friend whose son is the year above. We’re all set for labels now as you can see from the variety we’ve got below.

With the amount of stuff Jack has to take in (uniform, shoes, wellies, P.E kit, all-in-one, book bag, water bottle etc), we often need a variety of different labels and Korbond really do provide you with a variety to choose from. We’re definitely going to be picking up some more Korbond labels as these are great quality and do the job perfectly. They are durable and much more affordable than many of the other labelling brands out there – plus you know you get good quality when it bears the Korbond name.

For 24 woven name labels, 6 pairs of long lasting shoe labels and 15 dishwasher safe lunchbox and water bottle labels, you will pay just £3.99 – a price that probably can’t be beaten! The bag tags are just £3 for 2 and you can also get a set of 24 iron labels with a fine point marker pen for just £2.69 – they really do offer great variety. I was sent a few of each in my kit to give them a try and I’m definitely impressed.

Some quick labelling tips

  • Do it all in one go. Labelling clothes can be a little repetitive but it is easier to get it all done in one go than say you will do the rest later and forgetting to do it.
  • Use a fine point marker pen – other pens easily rub off or wash out.
  • Label everything. Even if you don’t think it needs a label, it probably does. Even down to their hats and winter coats – you don’t want to lose them.
  • Use stick ons for items like water bottles, lunchboxes and iron ons for clothes. No matter how well a stuck on label is stuck to a label on their jumper or in their shoes, it will come off incredibly easy and could lead to your child’s item getting lost.

Labelling is so important when it comes to going back to school. Do you have any tips?