Healthy Snacking For Children With Googly Fruit

Googly Fruit healthy snacking for children

We were sent the Googly Fruit snacks for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

As a parent I am always looking for healthy snacks for my kids. It can be so easy to give in and give them those sweets and chocolate they are demanding but why not try to give them something a little healthier?

Googly Fruit healthy snacking for children

I am quite lucky in that both my children quite like fruit but sometimes just don’t want a whole piece of fruit. When offered the chance to review Googly Fruit, I knew that these had the potential to go down really well with my children. So who are Googly Fruit and what did we think?

The brand was founded by Natacha and Alex, parents and aunt and uncle to children. Their mission is to help kids make a lifelong friendship with fruit and vegetables.They have given all their fruit and veg googly eyes and cheeky names and personalities. Googly Fruit is made from 100% organic fruit and veg with no organic nonsense.

We were sent a variety of different products for the children to try. So what did we think?

Googly FruitWe were sent five of the Squeezy pouches – apple, blueberry and purple carrot; apple, mango and peach; apple, pear, carrot and pumpkin; apple, sweet potato and clementine & apple, strawberry, blueberry and raspberry. Both kids love a pouch – they are so convenient and usually quite tasty and the Googly Fruit pouches are no different. I even tasted a couple – they are so fruity and delicious and you can tell there are no additives in them. They taste just as they’re meant to taste and Olivia and Jack are loving them.

We were sent three packets of their crisps: 100% strawberry, 100% banana and raspberry and 100% apple and blueberry. Olivia has tried little bits of these but I still feel as if she is a little too small for these so Jack has been the one mainly snacking away on them – and loving them! He loves fruit and veg crisps – he loves a tasty snack with crunch!

We were also sent three packs of their crunchy puffs. Now my children LOVE puffed crisps so I was sure these were going to go down well – and I wasn’t wrong. I’ve had to split the packets into two equal halves when giving them as the kids love them so much and don’t really want to share with their sibling! So far the carrot ones seem to be most popular – but the others are well liked by Jack and Olivia too.

As well as this lovely selection of tasty treats that my children have enjoyed, they sent this lovely lot to the kids too: an activity book, googly eyes, stickers and a book that tells you the names of all their fruit and veg! Jack was disappointed not to see his name under J until he realised there was a jackfruit and now he is chuffed! Olivia is quite happy that her name is an Orange, she giggled when we kept pointing to it saying it was her, haha!#

All in all, I have been very impressed by what Googly Fruit has to offer. They are spreading a very popular message – that we should introduce our children to fruit and veg whilst they’re young even if that means making them fun. Their products also taste great and I can be assured that when I am giving my children one of their snacks, I’m not giving them any chemical nasties.

I’ll definitely be picking up some more of these for the kids – I can let the kids snack without worrying about what they are consuming.

Have you ever tried the brand?

L.O.L Surprise Pets – What Pet Did We Get?

L.O.L Surprise Pets

We were sent one of the L.O.L Surprise Pets for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Having previously reviewed the L.O.L Surprise dolls and doing an Easter hunt with them, we were chuffed to be asked to review one of the new L.O.L Surprise Pets. Jack is a massive animal lover so he couldn’t wait to see what was inside so much so that him and Olivia got a little too eager and took off the first layer before I managed to take photos, oops!
L.O.L Surprise PetsAs you can see, the L.O.L Surprise Pets are much like the dolls in terms of the layers – I think the only difference is that pets don’t really wear clothes and the addition of the litter box (where you can scoop for surprises). L.O.L Surprise Pets include puppies, kitties, bunnies and hamsters and there is 7 layers of surprises: 1 x secret message, 1 x collectable sticker sheet, 1 x water bottle charm, 1 x scooper, 2 x accessories, 1 x pet and collector’s poster. You can feed your L.O.L. Surprise! Pets with the water bottle or bathe them to find out if they cry, spit, tinkle, or colour change!

L.O.L Surprise PetsL.O.L Surprise PetsSo who did we receive?

L.O.L Surprise PetsWe received Midnight Pup, she is a popular pet and is from the Cosplay Club. She is very cute and when we dug in the litter tray to see what surprises were in store, we found her collar. These went great with her bat wing accessories!

L.O.L Surprise PetsL.O.L Surprise PetsJack fed her water to see if she colour changed, cried, spat or tinkled and he deduced that she spat!

So what do we think? We think that L.O.L Surprise Pets are a fantastic addition to the L.O.L Surprise range – Jack can’t wait to collect some more and see just what pets he gets. Now I’ve just got to persuade Jack that he wants to give Midnight Pup to me – after all, it’s so cute!

You can buy your own L.O.L Surprise Pets from Smyths here for £9.99.

Playing Games With The Family – 5 Second Rule Jr

5 Second Rule Jr

We were sent the 5 Second Rule Jr game for the purpose of review – all thoughts and opinions are our own.

We love playing games together as a family and have a variety of games in our house – board games, jigsaw puzzles, video games – we’ve got them all and play them all together. When offered the chance to review a board game from University Games, I knew 5 Second Rule Jr would be a popular game with the whole family.

It should be easy to name three of something but the pressure of doing it in 5 seconds with the other players waiting can be very daunting. Time is totally not on your side so you just need to say what comes into your head – you never know, you may even be right but then you could also give a completely ridiculous answer too.

5 Second Rule JrThe game is for 3-6 players and for ages 6+. Within the box, you receive the rules, the board, six puzzle pieces, the timer (which makes a noise that Jack and Olivia found incredibly funny) and the question cards. Younger players are given a bit of leeway, only needing to name two instead of three things but older players still have to name three. If you name three successfully, then you move up one space on the board and the player to the left has to then name three more until someone can’t name anymore. Each player has 5 seconds to give their answers and the player to the right of them will be the one to ask them their question. If someone fails to answer in time, then the person to the left of them starts with a new card. However if everyone keeps thinking of answers, a card can stay in play for quite a long amount of time.

5 Second Rule JrWe’ve played this a few times now and find it to be a lot of fun. The pressure really is on with the fact that you only have five seconds to answer and some bizarre and downright silly answers have come out sometimes during our gameplay. The questions are quite diverse – some are about food, some about holidays such as Christmas or Easter, some about the home, some about sports. You never quite know just what sort of question you will get.

5 Second Rule JrJack has been loving playing the game and constantly wants to get it out and play it again. It definitely is going to be something we bring out at gatherings as it is so much fun for everyone involved – expect plenty of fun and plenty of laughs.

University Games have done it again with a fantastic product for kids. 5 Second Rule Jr is available to buy from Tesco, Argos, John Lewis, Hamleys, Toymaster, Toys R Us and from Amazon here {affiliate link}.

Have you played this game before?

Summer Infant Wild Safari Deluxe Superseat | Review

We were sent this for the purpose of review as part of my Summer Infant blogger ambassadorship. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Usually retailing at £49.99 but currently on sale at £24.99 (get yours quick here!), the Summer Infant Wild Safari Deluxe Superseat is a 3-in-1 activity seat which turns 360 degrees. It is also a support positioner and a booster seat. It is great for helping young ones to learn to sit and also works well as a seat for a child who can sit already. There is an adjustable toy bar and play tray which includes 6 colourful toys to engage your child.

The seat has many features as it grows with your child. There are three stages for the seat.

Stage 1 is a soft foam support seat ideal for little ones learning to sit up unaided. Stage 2: is a great activity seat with a 360° rotating tray and toy bar and Stage 3 is a booster seat with chair straps ideal for weaning and toddlers. There is a 3-point safety harness and chair straps included for Stage 3.

The six toys include a toy bar, giraffe teether and spinner and there is also two integral cup and snack holders within the detachable tray. The seat is said to be suitable from 4 months to 4 years or 15kg (whichever comes first) and the seat is wipe clean only.

So what have we thought of this? Well, we are reviewing this after Olivia had already learned how to sit unaided so I can’t say how good it is for stage 1. However stage 2 and stage 3 are both stages that we have used this for so I am happy to talk about them in this aspect.

Olivia loves playing in the activity seat, in fact she would sit there for hours if I would let her. She will happily play with the attached toys and even seems to have good fun eating in the seat too. I can put her drink in one holder and a snack in the other and she will happily sit there, drinking and munching away.

We’ve also recently started using this as a booster seat when visiting friends and family and at home and I am thinking we might pop it into the car for when we are going out for a meal as a family as sometimes the highchairs available are – well, not exactly cleaned to the highest standard after every use. The seat is great as a booster – the superseat itself comes with a 3 point safety harness and straps so you can strap the seat to a usual seat and have your child up at the table with you. Olivia loved being at the table with everyone on Christmas Day and even used it to her advantage – grabbing a whole Yorkshire pudding from the spread in the middle whilst no one was looking!!

For £49.99, I am very impressed with this superseat,even more so at its sale price right now – if you want it, you’ll have to get in quick. If you’re looking for a great activity seat that grows with your child and has multiple uses, then you can’t go wrong with this or any of the other Summer Infant activity seats.

What items do you have in the house for your child that they love?

Siblings by Linda Blair | Book Review

Siblings by Linda Blair | Book Review

I was sent this copy of Siblings by Linda Blair for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I knew that having another child would never be easy, especially five years after Jack. I knew sometimes things would be difficult and that they would be poles apart in interests and also that sometimes Jack would feel jealous but I didn’t know what to truly expect.

I was sent a copy of Siblings by Linda Blair to review and this has been very interesting to say the least. Whilst Olivia is still quite young (so I’ve still got plenty of mileage to get of this book as she and her brother grow up), it has definitely made me think about a few things.

Linda Blair talks about the makeup (size) of your family, gender and spacing, temperament, how being an older child, middle child, younger child can have certain actions. With Jack being the older child, I was interested to see what she had to say about this – and she couldn’t have been more right.

Siblings by Linda Blair | Book Review

The author states that first borns love to act as teachers and carers and this couldn’t be more true of Jack. He loves to try to teach Olivia different things. He loves to take complete charge. However he sometimes can take this too far and try to be the ‘parent’ and of course, Olivia will resist to this – if she doesn’t want to do something, she won’t do it and Jack seemingly is yet to realise this.

The author does say that, with a similar age gap to Jack and Olivia, the older sibling should understand more that you aren’t excluding them and is more interested than jealous. Sometimes I would agree with this but sometimes Jack does make mention to the fact he thinks he is being left out and you can definitely tell when he is jealous – his actions speak so loud! She says that girls rely on words more to instruct whereas boys use their actions – this is definitely true of Jack!

This was an interesting read and I will definitely be dipping in and out as my children get older. You can buy your own copy from Amazon here {affiliate link}.