Mickey Roadster Racers Pit Crew Tool Box | Review

Mickey Roadster Racers

We were sent the Mickey Roadster Racers Pit Crew Tool Box for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Jack has always been a big fan of Disney, in particular Mickey Mouse. He adores the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show and has even got Olivia into Mickey too. He has been loving watching the new Mickey Mouse Roadster Racers show too so when offered the chance to review a Mickey Roadster Racers Pit Crew Tool Box, he was so excited!

Mickey Roadster Racers Mickey Roadster RacersThe Mickey Roadster Racers set comes with 23 tools including a mallet, flat head screwdriver, 2 wrenches, play metal plates, screws, nuts, and nails. The tool box itself has a movable handle and the box comes with a working peg board so children can put their tools into action.

Jack has always loved trying to ‘fix’ things so this was a lot of fun for him. For ages 3+, he had to keep it mostly away from his little sister due to the little nuts and bolts however she did enjoy also playing with the hammer and bopping her brother on the head with it!

Jack knew what each tool was called and what it could do so soon got to work hammering nails in or tightening screws and nuts with his wrench. He had great fun setting up make believe situations and it was quite amusing listening to him talking to himself, pretending to be Mickey and the various other characters/

Mickey Roadster RacersMickey Roadster RacersThe toolbox is great for helping hand/eye coordination. Hammering away or tightening – this needs a lot of coordination. The plastic of the toys makes them quite durable and not prone to breakage which is great. I hate it when you get toys for your child and they break within days as they are just so flimsy. This is a durable set and withstands some quite brutal force from an over excited five year old and an excitable 10 month old too!

The toolbox is, of course, great for keeping all the toys together and this makes it not only easy to store but easy to transport too – so if Jack wishes to take it to Nanny and Grandad’s house, he can with ease.

Mickey Roadster RacersMickey Roadster RacersThe set itself is part of a much bigger range and Jack has already noted down other items he would like from the range for his birthday and Christmas presents. With a usual RRP of £14.99, the Mickey Roadster Racers Pit Crew Tool Box is available at Smyths – and is currently on offer for just £10.99!

Will you be picking this up for your child this festive season?

Organix Carrot Sticks & Apple Rice Cakes Multipacks | Olivia’s Eats In A Day & Our Thoughts

Olivia eating an Organix snack

We were sent some of the new Organix multipacks for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

I’ve mentioned before that Olivia will pretty much eat anything and we are mixing it up between purees and finger foods for her. She is keen to try whatever we are eating whenever we are eating it and hasn’t really come across much she doesn’t like. We’ve recently been giving her what we have been having but we still sometimes pick up some pots for convenience and when we do, we usually like to grab a few baby snacks as well.

Organix Multipacks Finger Foods Carrot Sticks and Apple Rice Cakes

The snacks we usually pick up are the singular packets of Organix snacks so when Organix got in contact and asked if we would like to test out their multipacks, we had to say yes. Owing the popularity of their single packs, Organix have popped their apple rice cakes and their carrot sticks into convenient, great value multipacks.

Olivia eating an Organix snack

Our daily eating routine goes as follows:

  • Breakfast – This is either toast, porridge or a fruit pouch. This is usually followed by a milk feed before a nap.
  • Snack – Olivia will have some Organix rice cakes or sticks or perhaps some baby biscuits
  • Lunch – This may be toast if she didn’t have it for breakfast, a sandwich, some fruit, maybe a pouch or pot if out and about
  • Snack – Again Olivia will have some Organix snacks or some baby biscuits and usually a milk feed before another nap
  • Dinner – This is where she usually has what we are having – if it’s too spicy for her or has nuts in, we will give her a pot as we always keep some aside for convenience

Olivia eating an Organix snack

So how did we get on??

Each multipack contains 4 packs and are suitable for 7 months onwards. I knew that Olivia definitely had a preference of the two products – and you can probably guess which one from the pictures as I didn’t manage to get any pictures of her eating them even though the clean up was very orange and very messy! If I didn’t keep an eye on things, Olivia would certainly just keep eating the carrot sticks until they were all gone, regardless of if she was full or not!

The rice cakes also went down a treat – a handful at a time seem to do the trick and keeping her tummy full until her next meal. She loves snacks probably more than her meals so its handy to have the snacks she loves available in handy multipacks – it means I always have a pack to hand that she can snack on at home or we can take out with us to keep her happy.

Price varies from supermarket to supermarket but the multipacks generally cost from £2 to £2.50 – a great price for such convenience.

Does your child ever eat Organix snacks? Visit the website to find out more about the brand.


PJ Masks ‘Time To Be A Hero’ DVD | Review

PJ Masks DVD cover

We received a copy of the new PJ Masks DVD for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Jack is one of those children who, when they discover a new TV show, gets into easily and deeply. He’s done the same with numerous kids shows in the past and his most recent discovery has been PJ Masks. He has been watching episodes non stop so when the opportunity came up for him to review their first ever DVD, I knew I had to see what he thought.

The new DVD is entitled PJ Masks – Time To Be A Hero and has a running of 72 minutes. As expected of a kids DVD, it has a U classification. The DVD launched on Digital Download, DVD and On Demand on the 30th of October 2017, just in time for Halloween, and has six episodes to choose from (or you can just play all consecutively if you’re like Jack).

PJ Masks DVD

The six episodes are:

  • Speak UP, Gekko! – When Romeo starts using Gekko’s voice for no good, Gekko has to get over his stage fright and get his voice back.
  • Catboy and Master Fang’s Sword – Night Ninja has stolen Master Fang’s prized sword and Catboy wants it back, but he will have to learn not to let his anger get in the way first.
  • Catboy vs Robo-Cat – Catboy has to get Amaya’s and Greg’s stolen superhero pajamas back from Romeo so they can transform into Owlette and Gekko and help him save the day . . . unless he learns that you don’t need superpowers to be a hero.
  • Owlette and the Giving Owl – Owlette’s prized ‘Giving Owl’ statue is stolen by Luna Girl to decorate her new headquarters. If Owlette doesn’t learn it’s better to give than receive, Catboy and Gekko could become trapped in Luna Girl’s newest HQ for good.
  • Catboy’s Flying Fiasco – When Catboy receives a scooter as a gift from an unknown aunt, something smells fishy. But when he can use it to fly, it’s too good to leave at home. Too bad that it’s really a “gift” from . . . Luna Girl!
  • Owlette and the Flash Flip Trip – Using his newest machine, Romeo erases all the stories from books and replaces them with pictures of himself. Rather than relying on her own skills, Owlette plans to use the moves of her favourite comic character, Flossy Flash, to save the day.

The DVD follows the exciting adventures of Connor, Amaya and Greg. They all attend school, just like the other kids but when things go wrong, they will quickly get ready for their mission. School going superheroes, they put on their PJ’s at night and switch on their animal amulets – thus transforming them into Catboy, Owletter and Gekko aka the brilliant PJ Masks team.

PJ Masks DVD coverSo what did Jack think? He was very excited to receive the DVD and as always at the weekend, asked to put it on in bed – we allow him to watch DVD’s or his Netflix account (we have set up a child’s account on ours for him) on Friday and Saturday nights. He likes to go to bed a little earlier too so he can really take advantage of this – and take advantage he does, watching all of the episodes in one fell swoop before finally falling asleep as the DVD looped back to the main menu.

When I quizzed him the next day on his thoughts, he said the DVD was great – the episodes were full of fun and full of action and the PJ Masks team were kept super busy but always won through in the end. Jack also liked that the DVD came with some stickers in the case – as a five year old, he LOVES stickers! When asked his favourite episode, he couldn’t quite choose as he said he enjoyed them all. He isn’t even sure who his favourite member of the team is although I do know it has only increased his love for the show and the characters as a few PJ Masks toys have now creeped onto his Christmas list..

This PJ Masks – Time To Be A Hero DVD retails at £9.99 and is available on Amazon here – currently at £7 although this may not be for long! {affiliate link}. This will make a great stocking filler for all those PJ Masks fans out there!

Kurio Watch 2.0 | The Ultimate Smartwatch Built For Kids

Kurio Watch 2.0 Close Up Of Kurio Watch 2.0

We were sent a Kurio Watch 2.0 smartwatch for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Quite often, boys like to be like their dads – and my son is no different. He always likes to copy his Dad in different ways and when his Daddy recently acquired a smartwatch, Jack proclaimed that he wanted one too. Imagine his delight when he was offered the chance to review a smartwatch from Kurio, the Kurio Watch 2.0.

Kurio Watch 2.0 Boxed

The Kurio 2.0 has some great features to amuse your children. These include:

  • Camera & Video – Not only can they take pictures and record video but they can customise them too with filters!
  • Messaging – You are able to message other Kurio watches. You can send photos, emojis, doodles and text and voice messages using Bluetooth. Also compatible with Android devices!
  • Apps & Games – These provide hours of fun for the user. The games are one and two player and include Tic Tac Toe, Battleship and many more.
  • Motion Detection Games too – move and have fun! You can play oldie but goodie games such as Snake here
  • A real watch – Of course, it is also a real watch as you would expect!
  • Emergency features – You can input your child’s important and medical details in a specialist app designed for this.
  • Timer, calendar, contacts, music, activity tracker, phone, alarm – the list really is endless.

The Kurio Watch 2.0 smartwatch retails at £79.99 and is available from a number of different retailers including Amazon and Toys R Us. The watch comes with two different straps – one regular strap and one colour changing thermal strap that changes colour from the heat of your wrist. The watch is scratch resistant and splash proof – great if you have an accident prone child like I do – and is suitable for children aged 6+.

The display is a 1.54″ touch screen – 240×240 pixels. The battery is rechargeable and the watch has an internal memory of 256Mb but there is also a slot for a Micro SDHC so you can add up to 32GB of extra storage. There is a Micro USB slot to charge and data transfer from and a USB cable is included.

There is so much to do on the watch that Jack really didn’t know where to start. After the initial first charge, Jack and Steve sat there together going through the watch to see what was on it and then you just couldn’t keep Jack off of it – he was so keen to show everyone his new watch,

Jack tended to stick with the games – he’d play drawing games or use the motion sensor to play instruments. It is quite amusing to hear the sound of a drumkit or an electric guitar emitting from a watch and seeing your child rocking out to get the music to play. He also (although he denies this) has been having plenty of fun with the camera and the filters available. He says he hasn’t but his storage is filling up with pictures of his face with different filters, haha!

As well as the games and camera (which Jack loves), there are also some other fantastic features on the Kurio Watch 2.0 that we as parents love. The ability to add your child’s medical details and your contact information in case of emergency is great. It is very unlikely Jack is apart from me unless he is at school but I can have peace of mind knowing that people will know the important details should anything happen.

I also love that the watch has all the important features that a ordinary digital watch normally has – I’ve seen so many adult smartwatches with all these fantastic apps and games and trackers but none of the stuff you generally require from a normal watch. Jack doesn’t know how to tell the time yet but is slowly learning so this will be a helpful resource as he already loves using it. The activity tracker is fab too as I can keep an eye on how active he is actually being.

Kurio Watch 2.0 Close Up Of Kurio Watch 2.0

Jack has been choosing to use his blue strap recently but always has the choice of changing it if he wishes. He has been enjoying playing games and entertaining his baby sister with the musical instrument sounds game – he really does rock out to make those sounds!

The watch has impressed us all. Steve who is impressed by all things techy thinks it is great and there is plenty to do to keep a child entertained. Jack loves it because there are so many games he can play and so many different features he will never be bored. Olivia loves the way Jack involves her in the games he is playing such as the musical instrument one and I love it because there is plenty to do to keep children entertained but it also thinks of the parents too and puts their minds at rest.

I can see this being a popular present in stockings from Santa this year for children of ages 6+. I know a couple of Jack’s friends are already adding it to their Christmas lists!

Degustabox | October 2017

Degustabox - Nuttvia Breadsticks Snackpack - Pip's Real Hot Chocolate Co Real Hot Chocolate Coins - Pulsin Kids' Fruity Oat Bars Orange Choc Chip - Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs

We are sent a monthly Degustabox for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

We love it when our monthly Degustabox turns up – we just love to see what is included. There’s usually something for everyone! You can purchase your own here – they cost just £12.99 per month including shipping but you can get your first box for just £5.99 with a whopping £7 discount! Why wouldn’t you want to give it a try?

So what did we receive this time around?

Degustabox- Vimto Millions Gift Jar -Michel et Augustin cookie - Pechkeks Misfortune Cookies

Vimto Millions Gift Jar – £2.99

At £2.99, this gift jar is a steal. This was by far and away the most popular item in the box – we all love Millions sweets and we all love Vimto so we were always going to love these! They were super tasty and didn’t last long.

Michel et Augustin oversized cookie – £1.60

This cookie was gooey and delicious and it was a shame I had to share it with the rest of the family. I would love to see a bigger pack of them in the future.

Pechkeks Misfortune Cookies – £1.50

I love seeing these included. Their black humour really makes me laugh. Jack ate the cookie but I kept the fortune, haha!

Degustabox - Nuttvia Breadsticks Snackpack - Pip's Real Hot Chocolate Co Real Hot Chocolate Coins - Pulsin Kids' Fruity Oat Bars Orange Choc Chip - Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs

Nuttvia Breadsticks Snackpack – £1.70

Jack loves hazelnut chocolate spread breadstick snacks like this so to find one with 97% less sugar is fab. It means he can still have a treat whilst I know he’s not getting anywhere as much sugar as he would if he had chosen other brands. This has zero palm oil to and Jack absolutely loved it.

Pip’s Real Hot Chocolate Co Real Hot Chocolate Coins – £1.50

I’m yet to use this as I am saving it for when I want a real indulgent treat but this is real Belgian chocolate moulded into single servings of hot chocolate. It is nut free, gluten free and dairy free which is fab!

Pulsin Kids’ Fruity Oat Bars Orange Choc Chip – 59p

Jack loved this – fruity and chocolately, what could be better? Packed with gluten free oats and made woth 1/3 less sugar than the average kids fruit snack, I am more than happy for him to munch away on something like this.

Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs – £2.29

We’ve had these in the Degustabox before and Jack ate them. These are light, crunchy and airy but have plenty of protein and fibre. They are vegan and quite tasty – Olivia loves them too!

Degustabox - Lee Kum Kee Sauce For Honey Garlic Spare Ribs - Cirio Valfrutta - Lee Kum Kee Sauce For Tomato Garlic Prawns

Lee Kum Kee Sauce For Honey Garlic Spare Ribs & Sauce For Tomato Garlic Prawns – 85p each

(We also received a sweet soy sauce as an extra)

We haven’t yet used these but love Chinese food and flavours so can’t wait to give these a try! They look absolutely delicious.

Cirio Valfrutta – £2.29

One of a new range of tasty ready to eat Mediterranean dishes, these are delicious cold in salads or heated in the microwave or in a pan for a tasty meal. Yet to eat this as keeping it for when I am eating on my own.

Degustabox - Feel Good Drinks Water Infusions

Feel Good Drinks Water Infusions – £1.20 each

We received the strawberry & mint flavour and the orange, mango & water. We’ve tried this brand before and find their drinks absolutely delicious. These didn’t last long! 100% natural ingredients, there are three flavours available in the range.

Degustabox - Kabuto Noodles Thai Green Chicken Curry - Heinz No Added Sugar Hoops - LoSaltKabuto Noodles Thai Green Chicken Curry – £1.99

We’ve always got a Kabuto noodles in the cupboard for emergencies as we love them and I am a big fan of Thai Green Chicken Curry so this one was no different. Very tasty.

Heinz No Added Sugar Hoops – 75p

Jack loves spaghetti hoops but I am reluctant to give them to him too often as they can contain so much sugar. These no added sugar hoops are great for giving him what he wants whilst ensuring he has 1 of his 5 a day with no artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours.

LoSalt – this was a free sample size

Steve loves his salt and I am keen for him to reduce the amount of salt in his diet so this was a welcome addition to our box. We’ve already been using it and can tell no different.

Is the box worth the money this month? Yes it is – yet again it comes in at over £20 for all the items you receive, £8 more than what you are paying. As always, there are items I prefer more than others in the box but that’s the way subscription boxes work – you won’t always be a fan of everything!

Have you ever tried a Degustabox?