5 Dating Tips We Are Always Told But Don’t Always Follow

When it comes to dating, we think we know it all. Whether you are dating around because you are single or are actually dating someone regularly, we all think we know best and tend to ignore the tips we are given for making it a success. But perhaps we should actually think about following those tips every once in a while.

I never used to follow any dating tips I was given when I was single – and look where that got me? Nowhere. Taking the time to relax and not worry about it (think of this as an extra little tip) saw me meeting Steve and here we are eight years later with two children, engaged to be married! So what tips do I have for you today?

Keep Your Identity

When we meet someone new, it can be so easy to drop everything that is unique about ourselves to fit what we think they want us to be like. Don’t do this! Keeping your identity keeps you balanced and is definitely more attractive to a partner.

Try Something New

Get out of your comfort zone every once in a while and try something new. You can maintain your identity whilst giving something new a try. Perhaps salsa dancing or life drawing has been suggested as a date idea; don’t completely pass it off as a no-go.

Trust Your Gut Feeling

If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t right. We all get that weird feeling in our gut if a situation doesn’t seem all it is cracked up to be. Don’t continue because you’ll feel bad otherwise; if you have a bad feeling about it, get out of there.

Learn From Your Past

We probably all have a bit of a chequered dating history and it is important to learn from this. Work out why your previous relationships failed and if you played a part in their downfall at all. Work on any issues you have so any future relationships are not affected.

Don’t Make Assumptions

It is easy to assume the best (and the worst!) in someone but we really shouldn’t. We could be disappointed or we could be surprised but we could also find ourselves in a situation we aren’t happy with.

Do you find yourself usually ignoring these tips? We all do at some point but they are there to help you – be sure to remember them next time you are on a date. If you are still single, there’s a number of dating sites out there looking for some new singles – why not give Worcestershire dating, Peterborough dating, Galloway dating or Hereford dating a try? Find the right site for your local area!

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Big Changes Ahead

We have big changes ahead in our household. In the next few months, our whole dynamic will change. Steve has been looking into changing his career for quite some time now and is looking to head into teaching. To do this, he will need to retrain so he will be heading back to university (well, Open University). Working full time and studying alongside a family life would never work so Steve is actually going to be going part time which means I will have to step up and be the breadwinner.

I’m actually having quite a successful year so far and I hope it may continue – however whilst Steve was off sick recently, I managed to get so much more work done, invoice for so much more and actually earn quite a bit that I actually earned the same as what Steve would have earned working 42 hours+ a week. With this in mind, Steve is going to be at home more and helping out with the kids and around the house, giving me more time to work.

This enables him to also get studying and also go part time in a job that he enjoys more than what he is doing now – he’s applying for loads of different things at the moment and has a few things in the pipeline. He also has a definite job to go to (with his boss from a few years ago) if he doesn’t find anything before September. He will be keeping the holiday he’s accrued and getting paid for that as well as his normal wages so August should be a fairly comfortable month.

These are massive changes and they could be quite stressful but I am so looking forward to the challenge and for Steve to be in a happier, healthier place doing what he loves. I feel it will be so much better for our family, getting to spend more time together. Wish us luck!

What It Is Like Being A Mum Of Two

Some people ask me what it is like being a mum of two – and honestly, I can say that not that much is different at all. Yes, I’ve had to spend time adjusting to life with two children. Jack has had to adjust to not being the only child anymore and whilst he adores his sister, this hasn’t been easy for him. His behaviour hasn’t been that great since Olivia was born – whilst we try to give him one on one time with us too, it can be so difficult with a baby who is constantly needing you. However Steve and I both make the effort to take him to places on our own, to put him to bed, to read him a story or have him read his school books to us.

Life as a mum of two isn’t easy but it wasn’t necessarily easy as a mum of one. Yes, there is one more person to worry about, one more mouth to feed, one more body to clothe. But you adjust to this, you work things out and soon it doesn’t seem like much difference at all. I’ve been through it all before with Jack so whilst having a young baby isn’t ever going to be a walk in the park for me, at least I’ve been here before and know what I am doing.

Having a daughter isn’t much different to having a son – of course there are the obvious anatomical differences – but Olivia has a similar temperament to Jack when he was a baby, she does so many things like he did it is unreal. I get to dress her in cute little dresses and tights which is great – and does cause my bank balance to take a bit of a hit – but for the most part, not much is different at all.

The only thing I am currently struggling with is my work/life balance. With Jack at nursery last year and at full time school this year, I had got used to having a select amount of time in which to work. Now I have to work around Olivia as I couldn’t afford to take maternity leave being self employed. This can be quite difficult at times, especially when you add school runs and appointments into the mix. In the school holidays, Jack is quite happy to amuse himself some of the time but I obviously have to make time to spend with him so my work/life balance really takes a hit.

I wouldn’t give up being a mum of two for the world but it certainly isn’t a walk in the park. However, we make sacrifices for our children and do things to keep our children safe and happy. If work has to take a hit, so be it – I won’t ever get these times back.

Do you have more than one child? How do you find it?

Trying Something New With CasinoEuro

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I come from a betting family but I have always stuck to what I know. Lottery, bingo, horse racing and greyhounds was as far as I would stray but I knew family members and friends who were much happier to give casino games a go. Casino games can be a lot more fun to enjoy and pump up the adrenaline a lot more than a simple game of bingo so I was excited to give CasinoEuro a try and have a go at their casino games.

I was given the opportunity to give the site a try with a bonus applied by the site themselves and to see how I fared on their slots and live casino games. I find playing bingo games a lot of fun so I was hoping for some of the same feeling when using the slot machines and live casino. I chose to play in the evening when I was relaxing after the children had gone to sleep. That time is mine and Steve’s time and if he is watching one of his TV shows that I am not that interested in, this gives me plenty of time to do some stuff for myself. It is so relaxing to sit there playing a couple of slot games with a drink at your side and the recliner up – everyone needs a little bit of relaxation time, right?

I always thought that online slot games had to be played with large amounts of money but this isn’t the case. You can play as responsibly as you like – setting the bet from as a little to as much as it would allow. I often stuck with the lowest bet of 1p which usually equaled to 25p per spin. You can raise this up if you feel you are responsible enough with your money to do so though.

I’ve of course played the odd game of Blackjack with friends but I have never been to a real life casino nor have I played casino games online. Poker and Baccarat have always been a little confusing for me but the Live Casino makes for a fun experience as I learned the game as I played.

What I found great about CasinoEuro as a brand is that you can also play on the go. I may choose to sit at home and use my laptop on the sofa – relaxing when the kids have gone to bed – but knowing that I can access my account and play from my mobile or tablet when elsewhere is great – whilst I may personally be unlikely to do so, it means people can pass the time doing something they find fun.

I will definitely be using the site again as it has plenty of games to keep me occupied when I am looking for something to do and don’t mind playing a little bit of my own money. I can have a go on some slots or try a few of the casino games – the choice of games is endless. You can check out the site’s Facebook page here and perhaps even have a read of their blog?

As with all forms of gambling, you do stand the chance of losing all the money you have put in so it is important to know your limits should you decide to play and know when to stop.

Weight Loss Diary | Five Months In

Olivia is now five months old so it means I have been back at Slimming World for almost as long. I haven’t actually updated in about four months – whoops.

I must admit that I have been struggling to get back into the motivation to lose weight but that has actually all changed since Steve properly started the plan with me. I’m constantly uploading pics to my local group, I’m always posting on my Slimming World Instagram and our meals have been amazing. So since January, how have I been doing? Here you will see how I’ve fluctuated and how in the past few weeks I finally seem to be on track.


17th Jan- -11lb (this was after the birth of Olivia!)

23rd Jan- -2lb

31st Jan – +2lb (this was after my birthday so expected!)

6th Feb – +1lb

13th Feb – -1lb

28th Feb – +4lb 

7th Mar – -2lb

14th Mar – +1.5lb

21st Mar – – 1.5lb

As you can see, at this point I was really struggling. I was completely fluctuating and couldn’t seem to get my focus.

28th Mar – +4lb (No actual excuse for this at all, a very bad week!)

3rd Apr – +1.5lb

11th Apr – -3lb

17th Apr – + 0.5lb

25th Apr – + 0.5lb

From now on is when Steve joined and you can see the motivation return….

2nd May – Stayed the same

9th May – -2lb

16th May – -1lb

23rd May – -2lb

30th May – -2.5lb

6th Jun – -0.5lb

13th Jun – -2lb

It really does show that with some support and motivation, you can actually get back on track. I am now back at 10.5lb lost. I need 12.5lb to get back to my lowest weight on my SW journey and 3st 2.5lb to lose to hit my target – wish me luck!