Develop Your Career Whilst Changing Nappies With These Online Approaches

As many as 61 percent of mothers in the present day are unmarried when they welcome their newborn babies. With modern times being less economically stable than they used to be and the family unit a less fixed and structured one, gone are the days when women chose to be just mothers and stay at home looking after their babies whilst their husbands made money.

The millennial mum is highly connected, holding an average of 3.4 social network accounts  and spending an average of 17.4 hours per week on these. With internet usage levels increasingly on the up, there is no reason why you too shouldn’t be developing your career whilst looking after your baby.

Here’s how:

Online networking

Whether you are a company employee or your own boss, the internet has made it easier for us to stay connected with our professional environments. If your job is office-based, chances are you can perform this from the comfort of your home whilst looking after your baby (provided your employer is happy to give you some flexibility in your working patterns). Maximise your working day by engaging in some important online networking. Once your daily tasks are completed, make sure you take to Skype to keep in touch with your professional circle and not lose sight of what is going on.

 Glenn Carstens-Peters

Online studying

It is easy to think that you will not study again in the years to come when you have a toddler to look after. Statistics show that only 50 percent of teenage mothers have a high school diploma by age 22, compared to 90 percent of females who didn’t get pregnant during their teen years. The world is an ever-changing place, with the need to invest in renewing skills and qualifications being a priority. Study an MBA online and get ahead of the game, by never allowing your responsibilities as a mother get in the way of your career development.

Web developing

A study published in 2014 showed that the number of freelancing mothers in the UK had risen by 24 percent in two years, with the main reason for this being a desire to have more flexible working hours. If you have also decided to fly solo, building your website might be the first obvious step for you to take in order to have an online presence. A web developer will cost you and you will not be totally in control of the end design, so why not embark on the journey of designing your own website? Platforms like Wix are easy to use and they will help you produce a beautiful and engaging site.

Looking after your baby whilst developing your career sure ain’t no easy task. It never was and it still isn’t. The internet, however, has made it easier for people to build businesses from their own home and has also helped employees adopt more flexible working patterns and stay connected to their colleagues. Whether you are looking to keep up your networking efforts, launch your own website or go into education whilst caring for your baby, you too can do it by studying the options outlined above.


Win a Britax Trifix iSize Car Seat Worth £250

I am running this giveaway as part of my Britax Mumbassador ambassadorship. I have not been compensated for this post.

I’ve been a Britax mumbassador this year and had plenty of news to tell you about their new products. They kindly sent me their first stage car seat when I was in the late stages of pregnancy with Olivia and we still use this every day. I recently reviewed the Britax Holiday stroller and now the time has come for you to receive one of their items to try. Britax have kindly offered one of their Trifix iSize car seats worth £250 for a competition – how fab?

Britax Trifix iSize car seat

Here’s a little more about the car seat itself:

Made in Germany and designed with Britax Römer’s renowned crash testing capabilities, it is based on the award-winning TRIFIX2 platform. This seat that conforms to the ECE R129/01 car seat regulation (i-Size) is suitable for children from 76 cm to 105 cm tall (15 months up to approx. four years), making it the perfect follow up to the popular BABY-SAFE i-SIZE infant carrier.

It is safe and east to install every single time. It is approved for all cars with dedicated i-Size seating positions as well as cars with ISOFIX and Top Tether anchorage points. The car seat does not require an additional base for the unique installation that reinforces the stability of the seat, whilst allowing for more space in the foot-well of the car. Integrated ISOFIX connectors have also been designed specifically for the TRIFIX2 i-SIZE to provide complete and unrivalled protection for little ones, allowing for both safe and easy installation.

It offers all round protection, ensuring children are optimally protected thanks to the large, deeply padded side wings and Britax Römer’s SICT inside technology, which absorbs energy and keeps children away from the impact of the crash. Additionally, the special V-shaped form of the headrest is designed to control the movement of the child’s head in an impact. In the event of a frontal collision, Britax Römer’s patented ISOFIX with Pivot Link system directs the force downwards into the vehicle seat, thereby reducing the risk of head and neck injury, while the Top Tether with rip stitch technology helps reduce the forward movement of the child in the case of a crash. The Top Tether’s unique stitch pattern has been designed to progressively rip in a controlled fashion, absorbing the force of the frontal impact during a collision.

These features, along with the 5-point harness with soft neoprene performance chest pads (which can be easily removed for washing), help to protect children from an impact of any direction. The unique range of safety features allows parents to travel with peace of mind knowing that their precious cargo is well looked after.

It is super comfortable. The advanced ergonomics of a good seating position and superb padding offer a stress-free journey. The three recline options can be adjusted easily with one hand without waking up a sleeping child. The headrest provides seven height positions to ensure that the seat will grow with the child.”. The majority of Britax car seats – including the TRIFIX2 i-SIZE, which is made in Germany – and all of their car seat fabrics and covers are made in Europe.  Britax Römer has strong internal standards for chemical and mechanical testing for fabrics and other components. The TRIFIX2 i-SIZE is available from July 2017 onwards for £250 and is available in Cosmos Black, Flame Red, Storm Grey, Olive Green and Moonlight Blue, with additional colours to follow. For more information, please go to

Britax Trifix iSize car seatSo would you like the chance to win one for yourself? All you need to do is fill in the Rafflecopter below!

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Good luck!

Take The Stress Out Of A Family Day Out

It goes without saying you will often want to treat your family to a day out. Going out together in this way is always going to be a great way to spend time together, and it is a good bonding session for most families. But that isn’t to say that it is always only enjoyable. Far from it – there are in fact always going to be a huge range of problems and potential upsets when you take your family on a day out, no matter where or what for. But the good news is that you can always find ways to make it a lot less stressful, and in the process you can learn to enjoy it all the more as well. In this post, we are going to take a look at a few of the things you can do to make any family outing much less stressful.


Plan In Advance

The more that you know about what you are going to do on your day out, the better. Having some kind of a plan in place is often a great way of ensuring that you keep the stress down to a minimum. This is because most of the stress you will experience on such days will be related to not knowing what to do, or not being prepared as to what you are going to do together as a family. If you are keen to enjoy the day as much as you can, then planning it out in plenty of detail is bound to make a huge difference.

Of course, it is up to you just how much you plan it out, and it’s perfectly possible that you will want to retain some sense of spontaneity in the day as well. However much you feel you might want to plan it, make sure you stick to that. As long as you do that, you will enjoy it much more, and that is the whole point here. Try to bear in mind everything that you might want to fit into the day, and don’t leave out anything major – especially if it is anything that your children have been begging for for a long time. The better you plan your day, the more you will enjoy it, so this is definitely in your best interest.

Pack Well

You might find that you need to take quite a few belongings with you when you go on your day out. The truth is that you want to be as perfectly prepared as possible, so that you don’t have to worry on the day itself. The better you pack your bags therefore, the more likely you will be able to enjoy the day as much as you can. Of course the trick here is in knowing what you will actually need, and much of that understanding will come from planning the day, as we have already discussed. But you will also want to make sure that you pack a little extra than what you need. You will probably already be aware that as a parent you always need to pack more than seems necessary. This is especially true on a day out when you will not be home again for quite a few hours. Ultimately, you want the day to go as smoothly as possible, and that means packing everything that might be handy.

But Not Too Much

Of course, the other side of that same issue is packing far too much, another common problem which many families will find happening quite often. This is too easily done, especially as you always want your children to be able to enjoy the day as best as they can. But there is a danger in packing too much, which is that it might end up causing more stress than necessary and in the process making the day far less enjoyable. It is therefore a good idea not to overpack, and to find ways to carry what you do take around much more easily. If you are taking a trip to the city, you can probably make use temporarily of a storage service, and that could make a huge difference to how easily the day goes. But no matter where you are, you should find a way to carry what you have in comfort. You will be surprised at what a difference this makes to the stress levels of the day.

Remember Breaks

Even though the whole day will hopefully be enjoyable, you will probably find that it feels necessary at some point to take a break. Not only will you need to feed your children, you will also find that having a break from whatever you are doing will ensure that you as parents can enjoy the day much more as well. We all know just how stressful such days can become, and the simple act of taking a short break can really make a world of difference. Even if you don’t feel that you are going to have time, you should find a way to make the time, as you will be glad that you did after the event. Breaks are also a chance to discuss with your children options about the remainder of the day, and make sure that they are enjoying what you are doing and that they are happy. Don’t skip out on this – you will find it to be an essential part of the whole.

Know The Limit

It doesn’t matter what you are doing or even how close you are as a family – there will always be a point when it is time to call it quits. There’s nothing wrong with this – it’s actually just part of the whole process. But you should pay attention to the prevailing mood throughout the day, and make sure you know exactly when it is time to call it a day. Having the ability to know this can really make a world of difference, and it’s something that can take a lot of practice.


The Best Household Tech Devices For New Parents

Technology is advancing all the time and it is often providing us with new devices that can simplify our daily tasks. Together with Babythingz, retailers of cosytoes (carefully designed cocoons for your little ones), I have shortlisted the latest nifty gadgets which can provide a helping hand to new parents. If you’re stuck for a Christmas gift for a new parent, these may be the perfect purchases for you:

Parent and baby smartband

We are all familiar with the smartbands that have been created to monitor health and fitness – nearly every household has one. The parent and baby smartband goes one step further and has been specially designed for new parents. It can be used during pregnancy to track foetal movements, exercise progress and doctors’ appointments and the parent’s fitness is tracked through steps, calories burned, distance travelled and hydration levels.

It can even be used after birth. The technology can be used to track feedings, pump sessions, vitamin intake, diaper changes and many other reminders to help you day-to-day. There is even a corresponding app so that you can link the data from the band to your phone.

These products have received positive reviews. Many new parents have claimed that it has helped them through both pregnancy and with monitoring their new-born.

Portable white noise machine

As research revealed that the noises that a baby hears in the womb can be replicated after birth, white noise machines have been developed. They have been found to help your baby get to sleep as they find the noise soothing.

Technological advancements have led to the release of the portable white noise machine. This gadget is discreet meaning that only your baby can hear the soothing sounds and it will not disturb others – handy in my household so as not to wake Jack. The gadgets can play a variety of tracks such as heartbeat, ocean waves and raindrops.

They have been developed to turn off after a certain amount of time too. So, if your baby does drift off, the sounds won’t be playing all night long thankfully.

Pacifier thermometer

As new parents will know too well, trying to take a baby’s temperature can be difficult as they wiggle and squirm out of your grasp. At the same time, it is important to monitor your baby’s temperature as it can be an indicator of a cold or perhaps they’re too hot under the blankets.

The recent invention of the pacifier thermometer has addressed this issue. In the shape of a pacifier or ‘dummy’, this thermometer will fit nicely into your little one’s mouth and they won’t even know what you’re up to. A perfect alternative to the traditional thermometers which can cause your baby to become a little agitated. Olivia often wriggles so this would be perfect for her.

Video monitors

Baby monitors have always been an essential purchase for new parents. It allows them to sleep that little bit easier, knowing that if their baby stirs they will hear it through the monitor.

Through the rise of tablets and smartphones, the new monitor includes video feature. This allows you to see the baby from a different room. It also works across the internet too so you can watch your baby from work whilst the other half is babysitting.

Self-warming bottles

Many parents are reluctant to go out when they know that it will be feeding time. Often at a restaurant, it can be a worry that there won’t be a facility to warm your baby’s milk or what if they overheat it? Mimicking the design of self-warming hand warmers, self-warming bottles have been designed. 

There’s no need for a microwave or kettle when you have one of these handy gadgets. With one press of the button, the system heats itself up and warms the milk to the natural temperature of breast milk.

You can use it as many times as you like too, simply recharge it in the microwave or pan and it is ready to be used again.

Collaborative Post

You Are Growing Up Too Quickly, My Son

Many people recently have said how quickly Jack is growing up, how much bigger he looks since they last saw him – and I am inclined to agree.

Maybe it is since I have had Olivia that I have noticed how much more mature he seems and how much he is becoming his own person, maybe it was slightly before then but the fact remains that he has certainly developed into his own unique personality, his own unique style. From speaking with his teachers at this recent Parent’s Evening, I was informed that he had definitely become more confident – although still much more confident with his peers than teachers and other adults.

This is clear to see in the way he acts at home – the things he does, the way he speaks, how he dresses. He is reluctant to allow us to pick out clothes for him – unless he is being very lazy, of course – and he likes to sort out what he is wearing in the morning. The only clothes he allows me to sort for him are his school uniform and his football clothes for his after school football club.

He knows what he wants to put together and how he wants them to go and has started showing an interest in buying clothes when out in town. He often likes to visit Pep & Co and Primark in town and has recently started wanting to visit River Island for their boy’s range as they have such ‘cool’ clothes. He has told me that he is hoping for some clothes from there for his birthday and/or Christmas – I think I’ve got a little trendsetter on my hands. He has also been passed down some great quality Next, M&S and GAP stuff from one of our friends – some still with the tags on – he went through and picked out the things he liked most.

He simply is growing up too fast and it is so important to treasure these days. He is more confident, he is reading slightly above the level expected of his age and he is right on the level for Maths too. He is a very intelligent little boy and he is growing up into a wonderful young man – I just wish these days would slow down.

I’m treasuring these days as they come but it sure does make me sad how quickly they pass us by – if only I had Bernard’s Watch, then I could stop time for as long as I wanted!

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