Coconut Oil : Some Tips For New Mums That You May Not Have Known

coconut oil

Did you know that Coconut Oil is a great all-in-one product for new mums?

From treating cradle cap to acting as an organic moisturiser and oil for a baby massage, The Groovy Food Company Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is the perfect, 100% raw, all-natural and versatile product to use on both mother and baby’s delicate skin.


Cradle cap is an extremely common skin condition with new babies and appears as a dry, scaly rash on the scalp. Gently rubbing a small amount of Coconut Oil into the affected area (approximately half a teaspoon) every other day can help soothe and clear the skin. The Coconut Oil acts as an intensive and all-natural moisturiser. Olivia has had some cradle cap and we have found this works well.


Soaps and shower gels can often include synthetic ingredients and fragrances that are not good for sensitive or eczema prone skin – with Jack having eczema, we are being even more careful with Olivia’s skin. Create your own baby wash by mixing equal measures of Coconut Oil, organic castile soap and water. Just gently massage the soap over your baby and clean with lukewarm water.


Baby massage is a great way to help a new born baby’s digestion and aid sleep, providing a relaxing treatment for parents and their babies. Natural and organic Coconut Oil is great for baby’s skin too as, unlike other massage oils, it contains no chemicals. It has antioxidant properties and is deeply nourishing, sealing in the moisture.


Pregnancy hormones don’t do wonders for your hair (I should know) – by running a teaspoon of Coconut Oil through wet locks and leaving it overnight for an intensively nourishing treatment, your hair will be left smooth and repaired.


Post pregnancy, skin can become sore and irritated – rubbing some Coconut Oil into the area will leave you with smooth and silky skin. Alternatively, adding a tablespoon of Coconut Oil to a warm bath will also leave your skin feeling brand new.

We’ve been sent some products from The Groovy Food Company and have been putting them to good use. The coconut oil (£5.99 for the 283ml and £9.99 for the 500ml) has been used for many of the above tips – and of course, you can use coconut oil for cooking!

We’ve also been sent some fabulous Agave Nectar (£2.50) to naturally sweeten stuff for us – we don’t use sugar in the house anymore so usually rely on sweeteners but this is a great alternative. Finally, we have been sent some Coconut Flour (£3.76 for 500g) and some Coconut Sugar (£3.99-£4.49 at various retailers for 500g).These are going to be great for the baking we have planned over the next few weeks and we have already given them a quick test – fantastic!

Did you know there were so many uses for coconut oil? What do you use it for?

Items sent to help with creation of this post

What To Do When Your Child Hurts Themselves

If your children are anything like mine, then they are very accident prone. Well, Jack is – Olivia isn’t mobile enough yet so we are yet to see if she is. He can be very clumsy so is often taking tumbles – but sometimes these aren’t always his fault! It is important to teach our kids to stay safe when away from home – this guide from the NSPCC is very helpful – but sometimes this can’t always be helped.

We are lucky enough to live in a beautiful village but sometimes the state of the place leaves a lot to be desired. There’s always pot holes in the road that take ages to be filled or workmen digging up part of the path. Jack is at school between September and July like every other child – and I can guarantee not a week goes by when there isn’t work being done on our route to school. Now, baring in mind our route to school is straight across the common from our road, slightly up one road and then down one more road to the school – this is quite a short route to school yet there is always work being carried out and the workmen aren’t always helpful. I’ve seen them leave tools around – so easy for children and even adults to trip over on the school run – and I’ve seen them with holes in the ground not properly fenced off. Jack is old enough to know not to go to close but toddlers aren’t. It is incredibly dangerous.

It is often spoken about letting our children take more risks but sometimes the risks are there without us even noticing! I now have a few things I do when Jack hurts himself to assess the situation. Tell me if you do the same.

See How Hurt He Is

If Jack comes over to me crying and/or claiming to be hurt, I always check his face, hands and legs for any cuts or bruises and stem the bleeding if there is any. I also ask him if it is going to fall off – this is our way of getting him to admit whether it actually does hurt or whether he’s playing on it a bit. I will still comfort him – and won’t tell him off – if he is playing on it a bit however it is extremely important to know the severity of it which is why we do this.

Assess The Situation

Whose fault is it? Was Jack simply not looking where he was going or was it caused by something else? Normally it is a case of Jack tripping over his own feet or just not looking where he was going but he has been hurt before by outside sources – the aforementioned workmen leaving their tools out. Yes, Jack should have seen them before he tripped over them but he shouldn’t have to expect them to be there – they shouldn’t be there in the first place. If he’d encountered a more serious injury from something caused by an outside source, I would definitely consider contacting the solicitors at – we shouldn’t have to expect to avoid things that shouldn’t be there in the first place.They should know to be more careful – especially with children around – and perhaps they will learn not to do it again this way.

Take Action

Your child may just need a cuddle and a kiss and they will be fine. Sometimes they may need a plaster or a bandage to stem the bleeding and sometimes the injury can be more severe. It can be easy to miss certain injuries so if you believe something to be wrong, no matter how small, consider contacting out of hours to see what they say – someone I know’s son recently broke a bone but none of them (including him) noticed – it was only after he awoke the next day that he did. If the accident and injury wasn’t caused by your child, perhaps think about taking action so these outside sources know to be more careful and not do it again. Whatever you decide to do is completely up to you – just make sure you are informed with all the facts beforehand.

When your child hurts themselves, what do you do? Do you use the ‘is it going to fall off?’ phrase like me with your child? Do you find that other people just aren’t careful either, just like in my area? Make sure you aren’t doing any of these six things when your child hurts themselves though!


Keeping Kids Busy & Active This Summer With Sun-Pat

The summer holidays can drag on and we often find it difficult to think of new and exciting things for our children to do. We’ve still got tons on our list to do but sometimes you just have no idea what you can do. Sun-Pat know exactly how important it is to keep kids busy this summer and sent us a fantastic sports kit so we can have some fun keeping active this summer.

Jack loves sports – he is always full of energy – so he was excited to see what was in the bag. We were sent a cricket bat, ball and stumps; a football and a skipping rope. Three completely different ways of keeping active that also provide hours of fun.


Knowing that other kids are just like Jack and want to get outside this summer, Sun-Pat are holding the Fuelling Families giveaway where you too can win a sports kit for your child – they have 420 to give away. They are even giving away a free downloadable Fuelling Families guide too – you can enter the giveaway and download your guide here. There are 42 cheap or free activity ideas for you these summer holidays.

So how do we keep Jack active and busy in the summer?

We like to get out and about as much as possible. Whether that is playing sports like above – sometimes Jack goes to the driving range with his Daddy and he’s also about to start golf lessons – or whether we go the park, we like to make sure the children are out in the open air as much as possible.

We also visit our local wildlife park – we can often spend hours walking around the park without realising just how far we’ve walked. We also like to go for walks as much as possible too – we are lucky enough to live in a beautiful village with lots of greenery so we have plenty of places to go for a walk.

We also keep Jack busy by challenging his mind. Whether that is him doing the Summer reading challenge like he is at the local library, doing puzzles or setting up some sums or some spelling tests (education doesn’t stop just because it is the summer holidays!), we like to make sure he always has a lot to do. We’ve even visited the cinema so far this summer – and that has certainly kept us busy!

Jack loves keeping busy during the holidays – he hates doing nothing and always wants to be out. Why don’t you head over to the Sun-Pat website and enter for your own kit today?

This post was written in collaboration with Sun-Pat Fuelling Families.

Jack’s First Trip To The Cinema

Would you believe that we only took Jack to the cinema for the first time this Tuesday??

We’ve had a few people ask why it has taken this long to take him. After all, he is 5 – he’ll be six in December. I don’t feel that we really should have to justify ourselves but I simply wasn’t going to waste money when he didn’t have the attention span to sit through a film. Once he actually started sitting through films at home, we realised it was now time to take him – and so we did.

My Mum kindly came round and looked after Olivia so we could both enjoy this experience with him. Olivia had a lovely time with her Nanny and it was great to get some time with just Jack – I think he liked it too as it has been almost 7 months since he last got us to himself!

We booked in advance on the Cineworld website so all we needed to do when we got there was pick up our tickets and grab our snacks for the film. We picked Despicable Me 3 in 3D for Jack to see as his first ever cinema experience as he absolutely loves the film series and has been begging to see it! We also got him the Despicable Me 3 bucket and cup that Cineworld were offering at a discounted price with a Munch Box. Armed with a Munch Box (popcorn, water (we had a choice of water or Capri-Sun) and raisins (choice of chocolate or raisins), a hot dog, a Tango mixed Ice Blast, 2 Diet Cokes, some Milky Way Magic Stars and some Pick & Mix, we headed into the film.

Before the film had even started, Jack mentioned two films he wanted to see next just from the trailers – Captain Underpants and The Emoji Movie! So we will be heading back again soon apparently! So how was Jack’s first time at the cinema?

He absolutely loved it! He spent the film giggling away and couldn’t take his eyes of the screen. He loved seeing Gru, Lucy, the girls and the minions again and loved meeting Dru. Of course he couldn’t stand Balthazar Bratt! Even Steve and I chuckled a few times – it really is a great family friendly film.

 We will definitely be taking Jack back again soon – and even going just the two of us for date nights. Our local cinema has recently had a revamp and it is incredible! So many screens, so much to see, there’s even a Starbucks there too! I’m so glad Jack’s first experience was a positive one and he loves the cinema just as much as we do!

How old was your child when you first took them to the cinema?



The Essentials You Need for a Newborn

Congratulations! You are soon to be parents! Once you are over the initial shock, you must prepare yourself for the onslaught of well-meaning advice from friends, family, and once the bump starts showing, from strangers on the street. You are now entering a new world; one which you have never had to notice before, but it has always been there – lurking. In this new world, you will be made aware of unexpected gadgets and gizmos that apparently a baby needs in order to thrive. However, amongst all the products out there, there are some essentials that you will need straight after birth.


First things first: when the baby is born, they will need to be clothed! You are going to need clothes for a baby whose size is a mystery. Newborn clothes are very, very cute; however, your baby will not be in them long, and may even never wear them depending on his birth weight, so do resist buying too many. It makes far more economical sense to buy 0-3 months, otherwise, the baby will be dwarfed by them initially. Note that sleeves can be rolled up, and legs left long. Buying secondhand or accepting hand-me-downs is the ideal because babies just don’t wear these sized clothes for long. Remember to buy a quality washing detergent that will be gentle enough for a baby’s sensitive skin.


Whether you choose cloth nappies or disposable ones, be prepared. You will use up to 15 a day at first. It is best to buy small packs of different brands so that you can find the type that suits your baby – some may irritate your baby’s skin or not fit as well as another brand. Be mindful that baby wipes, while they get your baby’s bottom clean, are very harsh on their skin – warm water and a cloth is the gentlest. Remember to pat your baby dry, and use a diaper rash ointment to not only prevent nappy rash, but to treat it too. Choose one that is free from any chemical nasties.

Car seat

How are you going to get the baby home from the hospital? The baby needs to be transported in the safest way available, and now there are a vast selection of car seats available on the market. You need to think about whether the seat is suitable for your car’s make, or if you have more than one car, make sure the seat fits both. Consider as well whether the seat will fit safely in the front and the back seats of the car – you may have a 3-door, in which case you need to think about how easy it is to lug the baby seat in and out, and be able to fix it securely from a front viewpoint.


Current advice is to have your newborn sleeping in the same room as you, placed on their back, for the first six months of life. Choosing a Moses basket or crib provides a cozy and confined space for your baby, however, you may prefer to go straight to a cot. Make sure to think about whether you will want to have the baby sleeping near you when they have their daytime naps. Remember that it is always advisable to replace the mattress if you have a second-hand Moses basket or cot – it is inexpensive, but may prevent your baby from getting ill or worse from lingering mattress bacteria from another child.