The Best Household Tech Devices For New Parents

Technology is advancing all the time and it is often providing us with new devices that can simplify our daily tasks. Together with Babythingz, retailers of cosytoes (carefully designed cocoons for your little ones), I have shortlisted the latest nifty gadgets which can provide a helping hand to new parents. If you’re stuck for a Christmas gift for a new parent, these may be the perfect purchases for you:

Parent and baby smartband

We are all familiar with the smartbands that have been created to monitor health and fitness – nearly every household has one. The parent and baby smartband goes one step further and has been specially designed for new parents. It can be used during pregnancy to track foetal movements, exercise progress and doctors’ appointments and the parent’s fitness is tracked through steps, calories burned, distance travelled and hydration levels.

It can even be used after birth. The technology can be used to track feedings, pump sessions, vitamin intake, diaper changes and many other reminders to help you day-to-day. There is even a corresponding app so that you can link the data from the band to your phone.

These products have received positive reviews. Many new parents have claimed that it has helped them through both pregnancy and with monitoring their new-born.

Portable white noise machine

As research revealed that the noises that a baby hears in the womb can be replicated after birth, white noise machines have been developed. They have been found to help your baby get to sleep as they find the noise soothing.

Technological advancements have led to the release of the portable white noise machine. This gadget is discreet meaning that only your baby can hear the soothing sounds and it will not disturb others – handy in my household so as not to wake Jack. The gadgets can play a variety of tracks such as heartbeat, ocean waves and raindrops.

They have been developed to turn off after a certain amount of time too. So, if your baby does drift off, the sounds won’t be playing all night long thankfully.

Pacifier thermometer

As new parents will know too well, trying to take a baby’s temperature can be difficult as they wiggle and squirm out of your grasp. At the same time, it is important to monitor your baby’s temperature as it can be an indicator of a cold or perhaps they’re too hot under the blankets.

The recent invention of the pacifier thermometer has addressed this issue. In the shape of a pacifier or ‘dummy’, this thermometer will fit nicely into your little one’s mouth and they won’t even know what you’re up to. A perfect alternative to the traditional thermometers which can cause your baby to become a little agitated. Olivia often wriggles so this would be perfect for her.

Video monitors

Baby monitors have always been an essential purchase for new parents. It allows them to sleep that little bit easier, knowing that if their baby stirs they will hear it through the monitor.

Through the rise of tablets and smartphones, the new monitor includes video feature. This allows you to see the baby from a different room. It also works across the internet too so you can watch your baby from work whilst the other half is babysitting.

Self-warming bottles

Many parents are reluctant to go out when they know that it will be feeding time. Often at a restaurant, it can be a worry that there won’t be a facility to warm your baby’s milk or what if they overheat it? Mimicking the design of self-warming hand warmers, self-warming bottles have been designed. 

There’s no need for a microwave or kettle when you have one of these handy gadgets. With one press of the button, the system heats itself up and warms the milk to the natural temperature of breast milk.

You can use it as many times as you like too, simply recharge it in the microwave or pan and it is ready to be used again.

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You Are Growing Up Too Quickly, My Son

Many people recently have said how quickly Jack is growing up, how much bigger he looks since they last saw him – and I am inclined to agree.

Maybe it is since I have had Olivia that I have noticed how much more mature he seems and how much he is becoming his own person, maybe it was slightly before then but the fact remains that he has certainly developed into his own unique personality, his own unique style. From speaking with his teachers at this recent Parent’s Evening, I was informed that he had definitely become more confident – although still much more confident with his peers than teachers and other adults.

This is clear to see in the way he acts at home – the things he does, the way he speaks, how he dresses. He is reluctant to allow us to pick out clothes for him – unless he is being very lazy, of course – and he likes to sort out what he is wearing in the morning. The only clothes he allows me to sort for him are his school uniform and his football clothes for his after school football club.

He knows what he wants to put together and how he wants them to go and has started showing an interest in buying clothes when out in town. He often likes to visit Pep & Co and Primark in town and has recently started wanting to visit River Island for their boy’s range as they have such ‘cool’ clothes. He has told me that he is hoping for some clothes from there for his birthday and/or Christmas – I think I’ve got a little trendsetter on my hands. He has also been passed down some great quality Next, M&S and GAP stuff from one of our friends – some still with the tags on – he went through and picked out the things he liked most.

He simply is growing up too fast and it is so important to treasure these days. He is more confident, he is reading slightly above the level expected of his age and he is right on the level for Maths too. He is a very intelligent little boy and he is growing up into a wonderful young man – I just wish these days would slow down.

I’m treasuring these days as they come but it sure does make me sad how quickly they pass us by – if only I had Bernard’s Watch, then I could stop time for as long as I wanted!

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Tommee Tippee Sangenic Tec Advanced Nappy Disposal System | Review

Tommee Tippee Sangenic Tec

We were sent the Tommee Tippee Sangenic Tec for review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Everyone knows that babies produce an awful lot of dirty nappies. Now with Olivia weaning and teething, I seem to be changing more nappies than usual and even worse, they’re more horrible than usual too.

Luckily our local council provide us with big sacks for us to put dirty nappies in that they then collect but there is still the matter of where to put them once changed. You don’t want them hanging around, you don’t want to put them in the main rubbish bin as you have a dedicated collection but you also don’t want to be running out of the front door to drop a nappy bag in the big sack in the bin cupboard every time you change a nappy. So what do you do?

Tommee Tippee Sangenic Tec

We were asked if we would like to review a Tommee Tippee Sangenic Tec Advanced Nappy Disposal System and I jumped at the chance, thinking this would be the perfect way to store some dirty nappies and take them out to the bin cupboard in bulk.

Desribed as the only bin that twists and wraps to block odours, this system came with a softly scented citrus refill too. There is a plunger in the lid and an antibacterial multilayer film which 99% of germs that kill odours.

Tommee Tippee Sangenic Tec

We were sent a white bin and it was pretty simple to set up. You just need to pull the included film out of the refill, gather film together and push through, remove the lid, tie a knot in the film, use the hook to secure the knot and replace the lid.

We’ve been using the bin all the time over the past few weeks, what with the multiple nappy changes we have been doing. The system is fairly easy to use – you just open the lid, push nappy until gripped, twist the turntable 360 degrees clockwise until the nappy is sealed and that’s it. You then just need to plunge the lid into the twisted film and you will have fresh film ready for your next nappy.

Tommee Tippee Sangenic TecThe design of the system is quite plain but that is what I like about it – it fits into any colour scheme in any room. It is a decent size, fitting quite a few nappies before needing emptying but it isn’t imposing – its not too big, not too small. Odour wise, I haven’t noticed any of the smells from Olivia’s more pungent nappies making their way out of the bin so I’d definitely say it ticks all the boxes on the odour eating front.

Tommee Tippee Sangenic TecThis has definitely been a handy item for me to have in the house – saves me having to run to the bin cupboard every time I change Olivia and is easy to transport between upstairs and downstairs so I can use it whenever I like, wherever I like.

You can find out more about the disposal system here or you can buy your own on Amazon here for just £19.99 right now {affiliate link}.

Do you use a nappy disposal system at all? If not, how do you dispose of your nappies?

Having Children Will Always Alter Your Relationship With Your Partner, But Is It For Better or Worse?

Having a child changes your life in so many ways. Most people will already have fallen in love with their little one while they’re still in the womb. As soon as they make their way into the big, wide world, they become your priority. Nothing else comes close to the level of importance that this tiny being holds over your heart. So, it’s not all too surprising that having kids will alter your relationship with your partner in many ways too! Now, people will often ask new parents, if their relationship with their significant other is any the better or worse for having a child. There’s no easy answer to this, of course, as different people will react to the new addition to their life in different ways. As a new parent, you can never know what to expect. However, here are a few ways that your relationship with your partner may differ once you start hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet on your floor.

Tired Tension

Having a child is exhausting. This is undeniable. Babies have no sense of time and have much shorter sleep patterns than adults. Though they sleep for (on average) 13 hours a day, this isn’t solid sleep. Your baby will often nap and awake once every few hours. So you should be prepared for restless nights with regular calls for feeding, attention and love. This is all part and parcel of being a new parent, however, it often unsurprisingly results in tensions, as you and your partner will be tired and thus have shorter tempers with one another. The odd snap here and there is completely normal. The key to overcoming this is to acknowledge that you are both tired and you have to give one another as much help and support as possible. Don’t allow night feeding to fall entirely on the shoulder of one parent or another. Even if you are breast feeding, milk can be expressed, ready for feeds at inconvenient times.

Absence Doesn’t Make the Heart Grow Fonder

Sometimes, you will realise that your partner isn’t the parent that you imagined them to be. This is always a disappointing realisation, and sometimes it may be something that they overcome. Perhaps they are just struggling to adjust themselves to their new responsibilities or are overwhelmed and dealing with their stress in unproductive ways. However, if issues continue for a lengthy period of time and your partner doesn’t react positively to suggestions of support and help, it may be better for you to continue your parenting journey as the child’s primary carer. You can find help through Austin Kemp Family Law Divorce Solicitors.

Time Alone

It is important that you and your partner still have a little time alone, undisturbed in one another’s company. While this may not be achievable while your newborn is still young, as time goes on, you shouldn’t feel any guilt about leaving them with a trusted relative, friend or professional carer for a night. This will give you and your partner time to bond and reconnect with one another without distraction. You both deserve to kick back and relax at some point, so ensure you get the rest that you need. Use this opportunity for a comfortable night in with a takeaway and film, a meal out or perhaps even a couple’s massage at the spa.

It is important to remember that all sorts of life events can have a profound effect on your relationship, so it’s important that you don’t stress too much about how your new addition will change things between you and your loved one. With compromise, effort and caring, the experience of parenthood will more often than not bring you together and strengthen your bond.


Olivia | Seven Months On

I’m so late with posting this seven month update, Olivia is almost eight months old – oops! The summer holidays completely ran away with me! Again, Olivia has changed quite a lot since her last update and has really got her own little personality going on now.

She’s loving finger foods at the moment but still loves a bowl of porridge in the morning. She still loves her fruity wafer biscuits too and really likes rice cakes.She’s now rolling over a lot and is even managing to sit up unaided – she does get quite shocked when she realises she is sitting there all by herself though!

She is noticing the world around her more and more – she loves being out in the open air, looking at trees or sitting down in the garden, playing with the grass. She’s also started to notice animals a lot more – her grandparents currently have two dogs staying at theirs and Olivia gets so excited every time they come into the room!

She is still hair pulling constantly – I think it is a comfort thing – and she’s adoring her big brother more and more each day. I think it is going to be strange for her having Jack back at school as she’s had six whole weeks of having him at home, playing with her and doing fun things as a family. But hopefully she’ll continue to try to do the things she has been attempting and she may actually manage it without Jack going and getting it for her – she’s become quite lazy over the summer holidays at trying to get anywhere because she knows Jack will just get it for her. She’s been trying to crawl and is desperate to so maybe we might see that happen in the next few weeks…she just wants to keep moving!

I’m now starting to pick up presents for her Christmas gifts and birthday – starting early as she’s born exactly two weeks after and Jack is exactly three weeks before. Have you started Christmas shopping yet??