My Healthy Kitchen Meals | Review

Items sent for the purpose of review

I was recently contacted by the team behind MyHK (or My Healthy Kitchen) to see if I wanted to try their new meals. I’m currently on Slimming World so wavered for a bit as I didn’t know the syn values but figured out  – they’re healthy, so why not?

These nutritionally balanced ready meals are available at Waitrose and Ocado, having recently launched there. When you’re pushed for time, it can be so tempting to pick up something not so healthy but this offers you a different option without having to eat salads all the time. Each meal is under 500 calories and has no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Each meal has at least one other nutritional benefit too – whether that is low fat, low salt, being a source of fibre or containing a certain amount of your five a day.

They launched on the 15th of May in Waitrose and there are currently six myhk meals available to purchase. These are Moroccan Prawn, Roasted Vegetable Mediterranean Risotto, Oriental Chicken, Prawn Katsu, Chicken Paella and Pea, Mint and Rocket Risotto. They are all inspired by cuisines from around the world and have tons of healthy and exciting ingredients. So what was I sent?

We were sent the Pea, Mint & Rocket Risotto (made withArborio rice and quinoa crushed pea and fresh mint pesto, pickled red cabbage, rocket, and a creamy onion sauce); the Chicken Paella (cooked with tender roasted chicken breast, beautifully smoky chorizo, sweet Piquillo peppers, peas, Arborio rice and sundried tomato purée) and the Prawn Katsu Made with aromatic star anise, fennel, fenugreek, and coriander seeds, our irresistibly tasty katsu sauce has a spicy kick. It works perfectly with the flavours of the juicy king prawns, pickled carrot, and jasmine rice). A real wide variety of meals and flavours to sample.

I haven’t always been a risotto fan but this one was super delicious – packed full of flavour and colour and very filling – you get so much food in the pot; you don’t quite realise just how much food there is. This was very minty and very tasty.

I have always been a fan of paella so I knew I’d love the chicken paella – ate it so quickly I didn’t even get a picture of it before I scoffed it all! It tasted just as paella is meant to but I had the added benefit of knowing that it was super healthy too. Finally I tried the prawn katsu. I’ve always heard tons about katsu curries but had never actually properly tried one – I wasn’t disappointed though. It was packed full of flavour and oh so filling. That is exactly what you need from a decent ready meal – good taste and it fills your belly. I’m definitely going to be picking some of these up as sometimes I just don’t have the time to make a meal from scratch. They’re so delicious!

I was very impressed with My Healthy Kitchen ready meals but here is what you need to know:

Some of the meals are suitable for vegetarians – if they are marked with a green ‘V’, then you will know they are vegetarian. None of the meals contain nuts but they do sometimes handle nuts in the factory – so it is your personal choice if you choose to eat the meals. The pea risotto, chicken paella and prawn katsu are great if you are gluten intolerant as they don’t contain any ingredients with gluten BUT they haven’t yet been certified as gluten free. The same goes for the roasted veg risotto – it is made to a vegan recipe with vegan friendly ingredients but hasn’t yet been certified vegan. There are also some meals that are dairy free – the oriental chicken, the moroccan prawn, chicken paella and the veg risotto.

Each meal serves one person and because of the fresh ingredients, aren’t recommended for freezing. However I would definitely recommend these meals if you need a healthy option for nights when you just can’t be bothered.


Degustabox | March

Box sent for purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

We recently got sent our monthly Degustabox box, a great box of treats we receive each month with a wide variety of products. So what did we receive this month?

The Jelly Bean Factory Jelly Beans – £1.49

Who doesn’t love jelly beans? These went down a total treat! We love jelly beans in this house.

£onepounders Chocolate Eclairs – £1

I’d never heard of this brand before but I love a good chocolate eclair and will definitely be checking out the products they have to offer.

Whitworths Cacao Raw Bar – £1.50

I can normally give or take raw bars; I either love them or hate them; but I found this one quite pleasant in itself.

Maldon Smoked Sea Salt Flakes – £1.50

We haven’t used these yet but we love sea salt so this is a great addition for our cupboard staples.

Heinz [Seriously] Good Creamy Tomato & Garlic Sauce – £1.99

I love Heinz as a brand and was so happy to see this inclusion as we had never tried this before. It says perfect for chicken and it really was!

Weetabix On The Go Vanilla Breakfast Drink – £1.39

These are so handy to quickly grab as you are heading out the door and taste fab too!

Rebel Kitchen Chocolate Mylk – £1.89

This dairy free coconut milk drink with cacao isn’t something we would necessarily pick up by ourselves at the supermarket but Jack really enjoyed it.

Weetabix On The Go Protein – £1.99

Just like the other Weetabix drink, these are great for a quick fix.

Naturelly – £1.19

A juicy jelly snack, drink or dessert, Jack really enjoyed this and we will definitely get some again.

Westons Caple RD Dry Cider Blend & Pure Hopped Cider – £1.99

We weren’t a fan of the pure hopped cider as we aren’t big beer fans but the tart finish of the Caple RD was lovely.

Gusto Organic Lemon Energy – £1.50

This was super tasty and full of flavour. I hadn’t heard of the brand before but will definitely be checking them out.

We also received Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo’s in mint and peanut butter for £1.49 each – these didn’t make it too photographing as they were just so good, we totally recommend! We also received some Pipers Crisps for £2 in a cider vinegar and sea salt flavour that tasted just like the chips you get at the seaside – delicious!

I was very impressed with the box this month. There were some repetitions again – we have had the Weetabix drinks a few times now but we still love them so we’re not fussed.

What would you be in your perfect food box?

Degustabox | February

Time again for our Degustabox review and wow, what a box we had this month! To get your first box for just £5.99 including postage instead of the usual £12.99, just use the code IE7Z8 when ordering at the checkout here.

So what did we get?

Heinz No Added Sugar Beanz – 65p each

These were a great inclusion in the box. Jack loves baked beans and its great we can give him some that have no added sugar.

Kabuto Rice Noodles – £1.99

A great snack for me at my desk, these were super tasty.

Bebeto Candy Crush Gummy Mix & Bebeto Cheese Cake Gummies – £1.69 each

Wow is all I can say. The Candy Crush sweets went down far too easily – super tasty and super juicy. The cheesecake sweets took a while to get used to – they tasted so much like cheesecake yet it seemed weird without the actual cheesecake texture – but I ate them all up quite happily.

Koko Dairy Free Original – £1.50

Since none of us need to use free from lactose and soya products, I am donating this to the food bank so that someone who is in desperate need of it can benefit.

Maui and Sons Dark Chocolate Coated Banana Chips – £1

These were the first thing to disappear from the box as I absolutely adore chocolate covered banana chips. These were really yummy and I will definitely pick these up again!

Peppersmith Dental Chewing Gum and Dental Mints – £1.50 each

Perhaps a strange addition to the box but very minty and handy to have in your handbag!

Diablo No Added Sugar Chocolate Covered Wafer – 95p

These was tasty – much like a Time Out, just without all the sugar

Willy’s Apple Cider vinegar sample bottle – Full size available for £6.95

We love apple cider vinegar so this was a welcome addition to our kitchen cupboard! We haven’t used it yet but I am so excited to!

Willy Chase’s FITCORN Popcorn – £1.99-£2.19

We received the apple cider vinegar flavour and were very impressed. Seems a bit weird to have such a flavour on popcorn but somehow it works!

New York Delhi’s Americanos chocolate covered coffee beans – £1

None of us like coffee so we are gifting these to my brother in law.

Just Bee Honey Water Blueberry and Double Dutch mixer – These are extras – I haven’t tried the mixer yet but Steve tried the honey water as he is a big fan of blueberry and wasn’t a big fan unfortunately.

Blossom Hill Fruit Bloom Hints of Elderflower – £4.99

I was so happy to see this – I love Blossom Hill and this is really delicious. A great treat on a Friday night.

Coldpress Berry Beet Juice – £2.79

I love a good beet juice so I was happy to see this and this was really nice. I really felt as if I was getting lots of vitamins from it.

I was very impressed with this box this month. Whilst there are a couple of products we won’t use, we have found other uses for them so everything will be used. The box again comes to over £20 which is great when you consider that you are spending at most £12.99 on the box, including delivery!

Would you ever consider a food subscription box?

A Healthy Meal Plan For The Week Ahead

Just yesterday I posted my weight loss diary for my first month back on the Slimming World plan. I have strayed quite a bit from the plan this week so I’ve decided that before I weigh in next week, I need a decent healthy meal plan for the week ahead instead of relying on convenience. It’s been a stressful week – Steve’s finally gone back to work and Jack’s come down with chickenpox – we’re having to do our best to keep him away from Olivia but of course, being only five he doesn’t quite understand.

Meals have been whatever me and Steve can be bothered to cook, if at all – so I need us all to get eating healthily again. So what am I thinking of having on the meal plan for dinners for the week ahead?

  • Wednesday – Diet Cola Chicken, cooked in the slow cooker with plenty of ‘speed’ veg that the SW plan calls for
  • Thursday – Roasted Vegetable Pasta,  pasta and plenty of ‘speed’ veg
  • Friday – SW Chicken Curry with rice & plenty of speed veg
  • Saturday – SW bolognese (I blend up lots of veg in the sauce) plus extra veg on the side
  • Sunday – Gammon with lots of veg and some sweet potato mash
  • Monday – Speedy chicken salad with a splash of light sweet chilli sauce

Hopefully if I can get my dinners back on track, I will start to feel a lot healthier in myself again and also start to see a difference on the scales. My breakfasts I know are on plan (I usually have Weetabix or some form of rolled oats) and lunches usually are too as I have a quick salad or a sandwich using the extras I get on plan for breastfeeding. It’s dinners I really struggle with so lets hope I get back on track this week – wish me luck!

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Degustabox | January 2017

Item sent for purpose of review. All thoughts & opinions are our own.

Another month, another Degustabox to review. I’m a bit late in getting this post up due to everything that has been going on recently but here is what we have thought of the items this month and if you want to get your box for just £5.99 including delivery instead of the standard price of £12.99, just use the code IE7Z8 at the checkout! Happy shopping!

Yushoi Snapea Coconut & Chilli rice sticks – £1.79

I’ve mentioned my love for Yushoi before and I was extremely lucky with these as they were a little too hot for Jack to have more than a few and Steve just isn’t a fan. ALL MINE!!

Popchips Ridges Crazy Hot – £1.99

They certainly weren’t lying when they said crazy hot, these nearly blew my head off but Steve liked them, both the heat and the flavour.

As with all subscription boxes, you sometimes get items that won’t be used – none of us are big fans of wholegrain rye or quinoa so we donated these Finn Crisps snacks (1.99) and this Quinola Mothergrain (£2.49) to the food bank in our village.

Crabbies Scottish Raspberry Alcoholic Ginger Beer – £1.39

We are already big fans of Crabbie’s and this tasted absolutely divine – we will definitely be picking up more!

Aspire Drinks (Mango & Lemonade and Cranberry) – £1.45 each

We’ve tried Aspire many times in the past and always been impressed. These have zero calories, zero sugar and zero fat but taste great – so refreshing and healthy.

Protein Boost (strawberry flavour) – £1.29

We don’t tend to have protein drinks in the house but this tastes amazing and definitely gave me some extra get up and go.

We also received a fiery ginger hibiscus drink which was definitely fiery and super tasty!

Fruitella 30% Less Sugar – £1.25 

We love Fruitella in this household and these didn’t last long. You couldn’t even tell there was less sugar in them than normal ones – a big thumbs up from us!

The Chia Co Chia Seeds – 66p each

We don;t eat chia in our house so these were also donated to the local food bank.

We were also sent this lovely real hot chocolate from Pip’s Real Hot Chocolate Co and a 100% off voucher for a The Collective product – yummy!

Finally we received these – Little’s French Vanilla Infused Instant Coffee which we are passing along to my brother in law as we don’t drink coffee and this Natvia 100% natural sweetener (£4.99). With us both starting our diets again, sweetener is a must have in our kitchen cupboards so we are keeping this for our future bakes!

I’m very impressed once again. Whilst I did end up donating a couple of items to the foodbank and giving one away to family, this is the perils of subscription boxes – there’s something for everyone in sub boxes but not everything will be perfect for everyone. However we had some fab items that we really loved such as the Crabbies, Yushoi and Fruitella. The box came to over £20 which is great value considering you are paying just £12.99!

What would have been your favourite item from the box?