How To Nail Online Dating When Its New To You

Despite online dating having been around for years now, there are still some people out there who haven’t given it a try.

But there are some tips out there for all those newbies taking their first tentative steps into the online dating world. Here are just a few:

Ask A Friend For Help

You probably won’t know how to talk about yourself, to big yourself up. If you do, it is likely you will overdo it and perhaps come off a little arrogant, boastful and perhaps untruthful. Enlisting a friend to help you means that they will be able to capture the real you in words and write you a cracking profile that makes people pay attention.

Give It Time

Don’t expect people to come flocking to your inbox straight away – that is very unlikely to happen. Get to know and interact with others – make time for internet dating and you’ll see where it can lead to. Filling out your whole profile takes time and so does chatting with other members – give it time and wait for the results.

Safety First

No matter how much you want to meet someone, remember to always keep safe. Report anyone that makes you feel uncomfortable to the site moderators/admin so that they can deal with them if they see a need to. Don’t agree to meet someone for the first time in a deserted place – choose crowded places like bars and maybe see if you can take a friend with you. Also don’t give out personal details willy nilly. People can be anyone behind a computer screen – not who they say they are. If ever suspicious, Google Reverse Image Search their picture to be sure that it possibly is them and not some photo they have pulled off the internet.

Make Sure You’ve Got Some Photos

Make those photos flattering – but not untruthful. You don’t want a photo of yourself up there that makes you look awful but you also don’t want to be using so many filters that people wouldn’t recognise you in real life. Have photos of you – looking friendly and happy – and make sure you post more than one.

Have fun!

Finally, remember to have fun. The dating world can be daunting and stressful so try not to take it too seriously. Just see where the whole experience takes you. You could potentially meet the person of your dreams. You may not. You may meet some lifelong friends or someone you choose to have some fun with without the worries of a proper relationship. You know exactly what you want from joining a dating site so enjoy the journey as you work towards getting what you want – and meet plenty of new people along the way that could enrich your life in some way.

Do you have any tips for online dating when you’re new to the whole experience?

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Can You Keep The Love Alive After Valentines Day?

Valentines Day can make or break a couple – it can show some couples if their other half is truly committed and it can show others that they are totally flogging a dead horse and it is better to end the relationship now than to try and go the distance and fail miserably.

You have men and women who will go all out for their partner, those who put in minimal effort and those who didn’t even bother at all – or claim they forgot (when how can they, it isn’t like it is so commercially pushed straight after Christmas Day…). Hopefully though, you don’t need Valentines Day to show your partner how much you love them – you make the time to show them every single day.

But how can you keep the love, the passion, the romance alive after a day like Valentines Day? Here are some quick tips that you could potentially take advantage of.

Know What Each Other Means

Yes it would be easier to be straight talking but some people just don’t work like that – and you really have to know them to understand what they mean. Knowing what each other intends and actually means is key to ensuring your relationship lasts the distance.

Write unexpected cute notes and texts

Leave little notes where they least expect to find them. Brighten up their day with words about why you love them.

It doesn’t need to be Valentines Day to give gifts

Gifts aren’t expected but doesn’t it always feel great to receive a gift – especially if we aren’t expecting it? Perhaps your partner has seen a new book they want to read. Why not grab it for them and gift it to them one day when you know they aren’t feeling 100%? They will be so grateful that you were so thoughtful and bought a gift that you knew they wanted.

Surprise Them

I don’t just mean with gifts but with dates, days out, spontaneous cooking for them. Everyone loves a surprise – no matter how many people protest this, we all know its true- and nothing beats doing something spectacular that we weren’t expecting. A hot air balloon ride for two is a lovely surprise as is a meal at the restaurant you had your first date at. These surprises show that you like to make an effort for your partner and that these things mean as much to them as they do to you.

These are just a few ways you can keep the love alive after Valentines Day – do you have any other tips for how you can let Valentines Day help you as a couple – rather than potentially hinder you as it does so many others? I’d love to hear them – lets keep those fires burning long into 2018 and further.


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Looking For Love This Valentines?

In collaboration

Valentines Day is quickly approaching and some people have already got their day planned completely. But if you are single, you are probably either enjoying the fact that you don’t have to celebrate the day with anyone or potentially you could be wishing you had someone to share the day with.

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It is well known that many single people hate to be alone on Valentines Day and will try and find someone to spend the day with, even if they stop talking to them or break up with them a few days or a week later. If you’re in Liverpool you may already be signed up to the Merseyside dating sites and hoping you’ll meet someone in time for the big day.

There has been claims that Valentines Day for women is like something like the Superbowl or the World Cup for men – women are obsessed with the day and want to share it with someone. I’ve been with Steve nine years almost and we have had some years where we have done lots of romantic stuff like the cinema and the restaurant, other years we just stayed at home. But the point was – we were together – even if we didn’t make special plans specifically for the day.

That is what a lot of people want. They don’t necessarily want all the fancy stuff – the candlelit dinners, the twelve red roses, the home cooked meal with wine by the bottle, the cheeky card and present with a box of delicious chocolates. Sure, that can be lovely – and it is always nice to receive as an extra but it doesn’t have to be the be all and end all. Some people just want company on the day of love – and that’s ok.

Whether you want to try dating Derbyshiredating Birmingham or dating somewhere else in the country, online dating is there for you at any time of the year so you can get online and get chatting to like minded men and women and perhaps even secure yourself a date for Valentines Day. Whether you choose to pop to the bar for a couple of drinks together or decide to book a table in the best restaurant in town for a semi romantic meal, visiting your local dating site is always a good place to start if you want a date for the day – after all, everybody is looking for the same thing.

Are you looking for love this Valentines Day or have you got a special someone? What have you got planned – do you go in for the day completely – all bells and whistles – or do you like it a little more understated?

The Unwritten Rules Of Dating Online

When it comes to online dating, there are obviously the real rules, the terms and conditions for each site, but did you realise that there were some unwritten rules too?

Here are some you really should know about:


When it comes to your profile, don’t be modest. You are just putting yourself down and it doesn’t make you attractive to others. On the other end of the scale though, don’t brag too much – you’ll just put people off as they will think you are an egotistical person with no consideration for others.

Don’t buy into the cliches – long walks on the beach; watching the sunset – how often do we see these on people’s profiles? Be unique. Be different.

Don’t specify exactly what you are looking for; just give a general idea. Specifying hair colour, height, weight etc could lead you to not finding the one simply because he or she didn’t quite meet up to the standards you had set out so they never ended up messaging you.


Add a photo- there is nothing worse than an online dating profile with no photo. It makes it look like you have something to hide. That being said, make you sure you have more than one. Just one photo isn’t very reliable. Also make sure the photo shows your true self. Don’t choose one that is overly flattering as people will be so disappointed if your picture doesn’t match up to your true self.


You don’t have to reply to every message you are sent, no matter what people say. That being said, don’t keep messaging for weeks on end without doing anything about it – you’re only stringing each other along that way. However don’t engage in conversation with people if you truly aren’t interested. Just gently end the conversation and move onto chatting to someone else – you don’t want to be giving people false hope.

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Fingers crossed you can find the man or woman of your dreams – and make sure you keep to the unwritten rules of online dating to ensure you can potentially meet The One – or the one for fun!


How Successful Is Online Dating?

Online dating is big business nowadays but just how successful is it? We’ve all heard the horror stories but how many of us have actually heard the success stories? How many of us have actually been that success story? We know it happens but just like everything else in life, people tend (and prefer) to focus on the negatives.

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No matter what location you are, there’s a site out there for you – Cheshire dating sites, Sheffield dating sites, even dating Nottinghamshire. So how successful can online dating be for you, looking for someone local to you who shares your interests?

If you search the internet or read the real life weekly magazines, you’ll find the disaster stories but if you look hard enough, you will find the success stories too. Stories of people meeting their high school sweetheart once again, stories of people who decided to give online dating one last shot and finally meeting the man or woman of their dreams.

There’s a story out there of two people who fell in love through online dating despite speaking two entirely separate languages and only knowing a few words of each others language. If these people can make online dating work for them, then surely you can!

Be inspired by these success stories – because they could be you! Why wouldn’t you want to give yourself that opportunity to potentially meet the one?  There are people out there who only signed up to support their friends in their online dating journey and who have ended up finding the man or woman of their dreams. It is crazy that so many different things can occur from online dating but just like every avenue in life, you can meet the one anywhere, at any time, doing anything.

There’s been articles about how online love is the most likely form of love to last – is that any wonder when the majority of people find their partners online in this day and age? There are so many good stories of how people met online and how they ‘clicked’ – all great stories to tell the grandkids, right?

So how successful is online dating? Pretty successful I would say – you have the potential to meet old flames, meet new flames, find someone you click with instantly, someone who’s a slow burner. There is so much potential out there so why not get yourself out there and have some fun getting to know some like minded individuals? You won’t regret it!