Choosing The Perfect Baby Name

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Now I am over halfway through this pregnancy, our attention really has turned to names. Boys names have always been much easier for us to choose so knowing that this little one is a girl has proved quite difficult name wise. We have a few we quite like but Steve is notoriously difficult when it comes to girls names – there really aren’t many that he is keen on! Jack also has a few favourites but we aren’t too keen on them ourselves – no matter how much he tries to persuade us!

I’ve been taking a look at this infographic from for some inspiration and there are a few I like on there. Its also interesting to see the current trends and predictions for the future – I must admit I do know quite a few Harry’s, George’s, Lily’s, Noah’s and Ava’s!


It is so difficult to decide whether to go for something traditional but increasingly common or something more original but not too ‘out there’. I can definitely see some of these predictions coming true and have in fact heard of a few of these names being used already! I’m currently keeping the names we’ve got shortlisted close to my chest just because I want to but I am definitely open to suggestions on girls names, especially if you can encourage Steve to like them!

With so many of my friends being pregnant with girls right now, I’ve noticed that we are all struggling. Both Jenna from Chic Geek Diary and I know each others potential names but of course, that could be subject to change – I suppose it all depends on what name baby girl suits when she finally arrives.

If you’ve got children, did you struggle with choosing baby names? Did you have tons of names for one gender but barely any for another like us? I’d be interested to know!

Shopping For Comfortable Clothes

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With the weather being as hot as it has been these past few months and my growing belly, I’ve been struggling to find clothes that are not only comfortable but are weather appropriate and fit well. I’ve spent much of the summer in long baggy vest tops and leggings or long floaty maxi dresses and it seems like my wardrobe has been on a constant repeat.

Now that we are heading into the cooler seasons, I am still finding that I can get quite hot and I have been looking for some clothes to last me through the next few months. I have of course stocked up on leggings and loose fitting tees but I’m also considering opting for some white linen pants to keep me cool and comfortable, whatever the weather.

It can be so difficult to dress for the weather whilst also remaining completely comfortable. When the heat cooled the other day, I wore a woolly jumper as it was bitterly cold yet by the evening I was regretting my decision as it had suddenly become increasingly humid again!

Its been a while since I’ve been clothes shopping properly. Now Jack is at school full time, it has enabled me to have time around other commitments to actually head to my local shopping centre and actually see what items there are around. What has helped has been the fact that both Steve and my Mum have also had some holiday from work to use up so have come with me and helped me decide on what actually suits me and what is actually practical in the grand scheme of things. To feel comfortable for the next few months I definitely need comfy bottoms – so leggings and linen trousers are a must. Some loose fitting t-shirts are also always useful and a good jumper or two as the winter months draw in obviously.

But with so much choice out there, it can be difficult to choose for both practicality and what is suitable; I’ve almost come home with a cute little dress recently just because it was 1) cute and 2) discounted yet it neither suited me or was going to be comfortable or appropriate for the upcoming seasons – hence why it was discounted!

How do you shop for comfortable clothes? What are essentials when it comes to choosing comfortable clothes for your wardrobe?

We All Love A Competition – Have You Checked Out Real Foods?

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I love a good competition as you all well know and apparently plenty of my readers do too! I’ve recently been made aware of a number of great competitions over on the Real Foods competition page and wanted to draw your attention to them as there are some fantastic prizes to be won!

First of all they have a fantastic Great British Bake Off competition. They have added links to one mystery ingredient in each of their GBBO emails to win £100 to spend online or instore at Real Foods. There are 11 to collect and there is one ingredient in each GBBO email. At the end of the series, the competition will end and you should have a complete list of ingredients which you can email them to enter. They even handily provide links to previous emails in case you missed them! There’s also a GBBO photography competition to win discount at Real Foods too which ends on the 21st of September!

If the GBBO competitions aren’t your cup of tea, then maybe some tea itself is! There are three different competitions currently live for different Pukka teas – there’s a competition for Pukka Organic Turmeric Gold Tea, one for Pukka Organic Refresh Tea and one for Pukka Organic Vanilla Chai Tea. All of these competitions end on the 30th of September 2016.

Finally there is a fantastic competition live to win some TreeVitalise Original Birch water 750ml which also ends on the 30th of September 2016. All you need to do to enter these fab competitions is visit the competition page and follow the instructions. Wishing you the best of luck if you enter, there’s some fab prizes to be won!


What I Do When I’m Not Working

Working from home can be incredibly difficult. Having the discipline to ensure you get everything done on time whilst also trying to take care of a family and a house can sometimes be very hard to keep on top of but somehow all of us who work from home manage it.

I have to fit my work around various different things so what exactly do I do when I’m not working? It often seems like I am doing anything but working which isn’t good but at least being self employed, I can make up the time somewhere else if needs be – a luxury those who are employed do not have.

Spend time with family

I don’t often get much time with Steve and Jack together so we have really taken advantage of this during the summer. Steve purposefully booked some time off so we could all be off together as usually he’s at work or Jack’s at school and there’s only one or two of us home at the same time. Spending time with them is my favourite thing to do and I so wish we could do it more.

Try to get some me time

This is a real rarity. Usually work comes first but every now and then I need to take some time to recharge my batteries and just relax. If Jack is in bed and Steve is on a night shift, I take this time to catch up with the stuff I’ve got recorded on the DVR or to read that book from my TBR pile or play more of casino games – something I don’t do very often but like to do every now and again in the hope of winning some cash – you know how much I love a good win as I’m a bit of a competition addict – this is just the same for me!


Look after family

Having a lot of elderly family often means I am running errands for them or caring if another family member has to go away. This isn’t every day or even every week but it does take a big chunk out of my work time when I do it.


Some may not see it as such but I go to Slimming World just as much for the conversation as I do the weighing in. Even though I am now pregnant, I still attend every week – mostly just to see the same friendly faces that I am used to. I also often arrange to meet friends at the local coffee shop..even if I have a soft drink – as its nice to catch up when I’m not working and they’re also free.

What do you get up to when you’re not working? If you’re self employed like me, how do you divide your time?

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Five Free Fun Things To Do

We all love to have fun but sometimes fun can be expensive. Even when we are at home, we can sometimes fork out a ton of money on takeaways, movie rentals and then wonder exactly why we have done so.

Here are my top five free fun things to do:

Visit a local park/museum

A lot of museums are free to enter, all they ask is that you perhaps leave a donation. This doesn’t mean you are obliged to do so however so if you are looking for something fun and free to do, a museum is sure to take up a few hours of your day. I personally love the Tring Zoological Museum although I do tend to leave a small donation.

Parks are also a great option – just take some food from home and a football and you can be entertained for the whole afternoon.

Surf the internet

The internet has so many things available that you can do for free. From watching Youtube video after Youtube video to chatting with friends via Skype or social media or perhaps even playing some free bingo games, being entertained whilst at home needn’t be boring – or expensive.

Visit friends

I live in a small village so a lot of my friends are within easy walking distance. Even if they aren’t as easy to walk to, why not take a walk to your friends one day? The exercise would be great for you and cost you nothing and you get to see your friend at the end of it too!


Read a book

I know reading isn’t for everyone and that’s fair enough – but if you love reading, reading a book is one of the most fun free things you can do. Whether you pick one up from your own to-be-read pile or you head on over to the library, this will cost you nothing and keep you entertained for quite some time.

Start a blog

It may sound difficult but setting up a blog can be easy and free. If choosing to start a blog for free, I would certainly suggest using Blogger – it is easy to customise and is great to use when starting out – its where I started out, in fact. If you feel like you have something special to say, why not start a blog and get the word out there?

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