5 Money Tips for Freelancers


Money is a tricky subject when you’re living the freelance life, but one that you should be well versed in for your own good. Here are my money tips for being your own boss.

Your Personal Financial Plan

This is five tips rolled into one: create a personal financial plan. Knowing where you stand, where you want to get to and how you intend to get there is really important, particularly if you’re self-employed. Whether you feel like you’re not earning enough to warrant a plan, or you feel like you’re earning too much to need a plan, you will always be better off by focusing on a goal and making sure that your finances are organised to work towards that goal.


Get Finance

While there are many merits to living without finance, sometimes the things that you need or want are too expensive to save up for. A car, for instance, is for many out of reach without finance. Unfortunately, many traditional lenders don’t like lending to self-employed people, because people who are self-employed don’t normally have a consistent income on a monthly basis. This is particularly true if you’ve only just started out.

However, there are a number of car finance companies  that brokers like motorfinance 4U work with who are sympathetic to your cause, and will lend to you if they believe it is affordable for you.

Chasing Payment

Don’t get nervous about chasing payment. If you’ve done the work then you deserve the payment. Make sure that you have clear terms, 30 days, for instance, and chase payment when it becomes overdue. If they haven’t paid and you’ve done all the chasing possible, then consider sending a letter from your solicitor. There are firms that specialise in business debt collection that you can get it contact.

If You Get Sick

It’s important to think about what you’ll do when you’re ill. There’s the odd day here and there where you’ll be on the sofa with the cold, but longer, potentially more serious illness need proper consideration. Of course, if you were employed you’d get sick pay, but as a freelancer, you don’t get this. You can see if you’re eligible for Employment and Support Allowance, which is a maximum of £108.15 a week.

Income protection insurance can cover you if you’re unable to work due to illness or an accident, so this is something well worth looking in to.

Emergency Fund

This is money 101 for anyone, whether they’re self-employed or not. An emergency fund is particularly important for those who are self-employed, and it’s often recommended to build one up before you go freelance. It should cover your expenses for 3-6 months, and should only be used if you’re desperate.


Giving your Home Kerb Appeal


No doubt, you have heard the expression, “first impressions count”. It is normally used in relation to the importance of taking care of your personal appearance, and it is very good advice. The way you look has a huge impact on how others perceive you. However, did you realise that the same applies to your home?

The way the front of your house looks is very important. Your friends, neighbours and family all form opinions about you based, in part, on where you live, and what type of property you live in. If you want their impression to be as positive as possible, you need to pay just as much attention to how your home looks from the outside, as it does from the inside.

A nice front door

When people arrive at your home practically the first thing they notice is your front door. Therefore, if you only do one thing to improve the front of your property, buying a new front door or restoring and updating it should be the thing that you do.

You can find some great looking, but affordable external doors by clicking this link. If you really cannot afford a new door, just cleaning and painting the one that you already have, and buying some new door hardware can make a huge difference. A new handle, letterbox and knocker or bell does not cost much ,and if you are careful, you can do the painting yourself.

Clean your windows

Keeping your windows clean makes a big difference to the overall look. Remember to wipe down the frames, and make sure that your curtains or blinds are in good condition and nicely arranged.


Tidy up the garden

Take the time to sweep your garden path at least once a week. Doing so will make a huge difference to how the front of your house looks, and reduce the amount of dirt that is tracked into your home.

Keep your lawn cut, weed your flowerbeds, and periodically clean any areas of hard standing with a high-pressure hose. This will stop mould from forming, and help to prevent weeds from taking hold between the bricks or paving slabs.

Repair your guttering

If you have broken guttering, take the time to get it fixed. This will stop mould forming on the outside walls of your home. It will also protect the structure from water damage. Once water gets into a house, it spreads a long way and can cause damage in all parts of your home.

If you are planning to sell your home, it is even more important to tidy up the outside. Doing so will ensure that potential buyers are attracted to your property from the moment they arrive. This will make it more likely that you will sell your home fast, and secure a good price for it.

If you would like more tips to help you to quickly and easily tidy up the rest of your property, you can find them by clicking this link.

Fitness and fun go hand in hand

When it comes to being fit, all that comes to your mind is to hit the gym. The thought of going to gym itself is daunting. But, fitness can be fun you know and that too without hitting the gym.

Here are some crazy ideas to help you find a way to stay fit!

Sweat it out while dancing:

Dancing is one of the most enjoyable ways to get yourself flexy. Weather you know how to dance or not, it really doesn’t matter. Because dance is all about moving and grooving to the beats, carefree. Dancing boosts and activates your brainpower and helps immensely in giving a new outlook to life.

Sing your heart out:

Everybody loves to sing. So, whether you are a good singer or a terrible one; sing out loud like you are in the opera and break through all the barriers of laziness. Singing is said to lower stress levels and exercises the muscles that is directly linked to breathing. Singing also helps to maintain a large lung capacity which is usually said to decline with age. So, sing away and let your lungs live a little longer but make sure you don’t trouble your neighbors.

Love your hobbies more than you used to:

Hobbies are not only fun but can refresh both your mind and body. The most interesting thing about giving more importance and sticking to your hobbies is that it delays the signs of aging, thus making you look young for a longer time. It creates calmness and creates a sense of well-being.

Experience thrills and chills:

There are no age limits in indulging yourself in fun adventurous activities. So, let your body and brain do the workout while your soul feels the heart throbbing sensation and lets you give- a new meaning to life. Adventure sports helps you boost your stamina, raises your tolerance for uncertainties; thus helping you in your day to day chores that you have to deal with and ultimately leading to better fitness levels.

Unbelievable fitness secrets of online gaming:

Connecting online gaming to fitness must sound insane to you, but trust me; this insane idea can make you very much sane. Online gaming actually helps in slowing down the aging process as well as it keeps you happy in your old age. Crazy, isn’t it? Not only this, online gaming is great in brain storming. Playing games like online bingo come with interesting packages which has fitness and rewarding factors like bingo bonuses that helps you earn an extra buck instead of calories.


Where Can You Sell Your House Quickly?

Collaborative Post

We currently privately rent our house but will definitely be in the market to buy in future years. However something that puts us off is just how hard it can be to both buy or sell your property. My in laws are currently struggling to sell their house – now that all of their children have grown up and moved out, they no longer need all of the space that they have and want to move closer to the seaside – and I don’t blame them.

However I’ve seen how frustrated they are getting with the process – they’ve been in the process for many months now and no one knows how much longer this will go on for. I’m not sure whether the problem is coming from agencies or potential buyers dragging their feet but I see how frustrated they are and understand their frustration.

Luckily they are not in the position where they need to sell their house quickly but other people may be and may consider a site like https://www.readysteadysell.co.uk/. Established in 2006, they offer a free valuation and sell your house quick to a trusted buyer with no legal fees. Of course, this wouldn’t be suitable for everyone but if financially you want to make a break and move away (perhaps the area you live in has just got to expensive to stay in), perhaps this is more of an option for you.

The village I live in is steadily getting more and more expensive to live in – house prices are rocketing as are utilities. I’m noticing that many parents of children at Jack’s school are starting to move away or are considering it – its sad but that’s the way the market is and sometimes people have to move quickly – they’ve found the perfect house somewhere else and need to free the cash up from their own property to be able to complete on the other. Its completely understandable that they would want to sell quickly.

If you ever needed to sell your house, would you consider a site like this? Is the area you live in getting steadily more and more expensive – are you considering moving?

6 Ways To Make An Online Side Income


It always amazes me just how many ways there are to make money online. The Internet has long been an incredible frontier for innovation, of course, and it seems that the situation is no different when it comes to the human determination to add to one’s coffers.

Here are just six of the best ways to generate some cash ‘on the side’ with little more than a web-connected PC for company.

  1. Answering surveys

Some of us have always delighted in responding to questionnaires, and there are plenty of sites – ranging from YouGov to PopulusLive – that enable you to enjoy the online equivalent. You won’t get filthy rich, but if you’re prolific enough, the up to £3 that you can typically pocket for each survey could quickly accumulate.

  1. Market trading

If there was one world that many of us presumed would always be inaccessible to the layperson, it was that of stocks, shares and currencies. Well, “many of us” were duly proven wrong by the emergence of such online market trading platforms as eToro that have truly popularised it as a way for the average person to boost their bank account.

  1. Freelancing

The web has also dramatically opened up the market for freelancers in recent years, with sites like PeoplePerHour and Fiverr enabling independent professionals to volunteer their skills in such fields as graphic design, copywriting and programming. Just be aware that the competition between freelancers for work on these sites can be fierce, and that you could find yourself undercut on price by a resident of a country with far lower living costs than the UK.

  1. Testing websites

With companies’ online presences all-important these days, user testing couldn’t be more crucial – and when you sign up to become a tester at What Users Do, you will be given between three and five tests to do a month, with £8 earned for each one. Again, it won’t make you ludicrously wealthy, but you do also gain the satisfaction of helping to make the web a more user-friendly place.

  1. Running your own website

This may be easily the most labour-intensive means to make money online of the options in this list, but the rewards are also potentially far greater, as shown most famously by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

You don’t necessarily need to be the next big social media magnate, however – simply being astute enough to pick up certain domain names (such as those named after an up-and-coming music or movie star) before they become desirable, then selling them on for thousands, could be a very tidy earner.  But if you prefer the idea of a fully-fledged online home of your own, Save the Student’s Owen Burek has written an insightful guide to the steps involved in building a successful website.

  1. Matched betting

A very notion of a form of betting where you can’t lose money sounds like the stuff of get-rich-quick scams, but it does exist and has been written about in positive terms in the mainstream press, including The Guardian and The Telegraph.  

In a nutshell, matched betting entails you covering your bases by betting both for and against a particular outcome, making use of the free bet offers that are abundant on the websites of the leading bookies. The risk of traditional betting is thereby eliminated, giving you as much as £2,000 extra in your bank account every month.

Speaking of matched betting, one of the leading matched betting specialists – Profit Accumulator – has its own interesting list of 25 legitimate ways to make money online. It’s one that I suspect you will struggle to argue with.