How to Make Sure You Get a Good Deal When You Go for Driving Lessons

Are you planning on getting your driver’s licence but you need to take driving lessons first? Then continue reading to access a few tips that will help you be certain that you’re getting the absolute best deal on driving lessons that will prepare you for getting behind the wheel. And don’t forget to also check this site out for mock exams that will help you pass your driving theory test so you can be ready for your lessons on the road.

Purchase Blocks of Lessons

As with other purchases, you can save money on your driving lessons by simply purchasing them in bulk. Typically, if you book five or more lessons, you could probably save a decent amount of money. A majority of driving schools will provide this perk, so take advantage of it if you can. It will allow you to spend more time on the road, while paying a discounted rate, and you can also oftentimes choose the dates and times that work best for you. Just be aware that you will likely be with the same driving instructor for all of your lessons, so if you do not like the instructor, you will have to simply work with them as best as possible.

Practice with Experienced Friends and Family

You can take fewer paid driving lessons if you are able to practice with family members or friends who are experienced, confident, and safe drivers. So ask some people you know if they would be willing to head out onto the road with you and show you the ropes. Then you can book just a few lessons with a professional driving school just to learn anything that you might have missed with your family and friends, and to be sure that you are fully prepared to get your licence.

Search for Introductory Driving Lessons

Seek out introductory driving lessons that are really affordable, or even free. This is perfect if you are just starting out and you have the time to really shop around for the very best deals on your lessons. There are a lot of driving schools that will provide new students with reduced rates for their introductory lessons, in particular, and some schools might even provide them at absolutely no cost to you, so take advantage of these lessons to begin learning the ropes.

Search for Deals Online

There are a variety of websites that you can use, such as HotUKDeals, Groupon, and Wowcher, to find a lot of local driving schools that are currently offering discounted rates and special deals. Often, these discounts are just for the first few hours of lessons, but they could definitely save you quite a bit of money, so they are worth seeking out.

These are just a few of the ways that you can effectively save money on your driving lessons. The experience of learning how to drive is exciting, but you should also take it seriously, and these affordable lessons will definitely give you the know-how to stay safe on the road.


If We Owned Our House…

Living in privately rented accommodation, there is so little that you can do to actually make your house seem like yours. I’ve mentioned before that we are considering putting in an offer should the owners ever decide to sell – when we moved in almost five years ago, we were made aware that they may want to but it hasn’t happened yet. However, just because we are privately rented, it doesn’t mean we haven’t got a whole host of ideas about what we’d do to the place.

We’d take up the carpets on the downstairs level – carpets and young children are never very practical and we’ve always preferred hardwood flooring instead like many of our friends have. We would completely redo the garden – our garden is on a slant and one of the walls is crumbling so we’d repair the wall or build a new one and level the garden out entirely somehow. It’s just not somewhere I am happy for Jack and any future children to play outside right now – but we are lucky to have a large green just behind our back gate.

Other things are those that are more aesthetically pleasing than what I’ve mentioned above. Skylights have always been a favourite of both mine and Steve’s so a good quality and affordable roof lantern would always be an option if we came to own this house. We are lucky enough (although not lucky when you consider the lack of storage it thus brings) to live in a flat roofed property so the installation of such a thing would be pretty simple.

Obviously we would be looking to keep renovations as affordable as possible if we had just bought the property as everyone knows that isn’t cheap to do but I’m sure we could manage it and have what we want for our own property. We also know that renovations with children in the house can be quite tricky and certain steps would need to be taken to keep them from danger but this is obviously a bridge we will only cross when we come to it.

Right now though, a girl can only dream. Everyone has their perfect house, their perfect garden, their perfect life in mind, don’t they? I’m just lucky that my fiancé has very similar tastes to me and that means should we buy this house – or even another house – in the future, I know that we will be together every step on the way of turning our house into the perfect one for us.

What renovations would you choose to have if you could?

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Tips to relax for busy mommies

As a full time mother, finding time for yourself can be a bit difficult. The whole day you will have either your children around you or will have to be organizing for food, laundry and other household chores. There is literally no time for anything else. But it is equally important to be taking proper care of yourself in order to be healthy and happy both mentally and physically. So, here are a few tips for you to relax and take better care of yourself:

Stay well hydrated: Staying at home, we usually end to forget having a glass of water. Drinking plenty of water helps you in ways that you wouldn’t even realize- from maintaining a glowing skin with a nourished complexion to having a healthier body, it all depends on the amount of water you drink.

Take care of those dark circles: after all the work you do the whole day, the stress can surely get to you. And there is no better proof of this than your puffy looking eyes. To avoid this, you should try making use a few green tea bags. There is nothing much to it. Just place the tea bag in the hot water for few minutes and allow them to cool down. After they cool, lay down and place these bags over your eyes and feel the difference.

Have some fun: When kids are away from home and you find time for your self, go online and register with an online gaming site. There are plenty of bingo sites that you can choose from. You get to play a variety of games and can also meet a lot of people online. What’s better is that you can win prizes too!

So, make the most of your time mommies and learn how to pamper yourself. There is absolutely nothing wrong in that.


Win a signed Team Northumbria netball with Go Girl Insurance

You may remember a little while back I told you about a fantastic competition that the team at Go Girl were hosting? Well they’re hosting one again and you need to be quick as this great competition ends tomorrow so get your entries in now!



Up for grabs is a Team Northumbria signed netball. I am a big netball fan and often wish I had continued with the sport myself so this is a great prize for me and many of my friends – netball is one of our favourite sports! Featuring players from last season such as Tuaine Keenan and even England call up Leah Kennedy, this is a must have for any netball fan.

If you didn’t know, Go Girl are one of the UK’s most prominent car insurance providers and a member of Sabre Insurance Company Limited. They are also the Official Car Insurance Sponsor to England Netball and the Vitality Netball Superleague – a great partnership, I am sure you will agree.



The competition closes on the 14th July at 10am. If you want to enter, head to the website here and get your entry in by answering the competition question. Good luck!

Note to entrants: The competition is being run by Go Girl in association with England Netball. There is one signed Gilbert netball to give away. Entrants must complete the registration form to enter. Terms and conditions apply. The draw will take place on Friday 15th July and the winner will be notified by email.

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Is Snoring Affecting Your Sleeping?

Snoring is common in most households but the severity of it can differ from person to person. Some may snore just a little, others may snore really loud and deep and sometimes wake themselves up. It is evident that snoring in your sleep can in fact affect your sleeping or the sleeping of those around you and I know from personal experience that it really, truly does.

I’ve been told by Steve that I snore but I have never woken myself up with it and having tried to record myself a couple of times, have never heard it. However that isn’t to say I don’t, I just may not snore as regularly as others do. However, snoring is something I have had to deal with my whole life. My father is a massive snorer and my mum isn’t much better. We may have been in separate rooms but that didn’t make a difference, my Dad’s snoring could wake the dead, he is that loud. Once Steve moved in, my sleep really took a hit – it was like they were composing a snoring chorus between the three of them!

Since moving out many years ago now, I obviously haven’t had to deal with their snoring very often (except for when we go on holiday together) but I still have to suffer with Steve’s. He can be so loud yet never wakes himself up – whilst I am laying there, cursing him for keeping me awake. Even Jack occasionally snores – and sometimes he can be just as loud as his Dad!

I’ve tried ear plugs in the past but I just can’t sleep with them in so they didn’t work for me. I’ve exhausted all avenues of what I can do myself and I am exhausted at the constant lack of sleep that comes with snoring significant others and a four year old who doesn’t understand the concept of time. Its time for the culprits to try and help and perhaps even try a stop snoring mouthpiece! Anything is worth a go now as I am starting to get fed up with my lack of sleep – the other two seem to sleep just fine and get the optimum amount.

Has snoring ever affected your sleeping? Do you have any tips for me that don’t involve banning my fiance and child to the sofa or Jack’s room?