Kid proofing your floors

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Children are a blessing and a miracle that we are very lucky to be able to welcome into our lives. So it is incredibly important that we prepare our homes for new arrivals. There are a number of ways you can get your home ready, and we’ll take you a few of those in this blog.

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One of the most important places to protect, is a place where your children will spend a lot of their early days, the floor. Whether it be crawling, or taking their first steps, it’s important to ensure your floor has enough protection to keep your children safe. A majority of flooring is safe for children, your flooring can however be subject to damage. Scratching and surface damage can occur from the most simple of things, such as push chairs and children’s toys. So if you’re worried about this, hardwood may not be the best option for you.
Laminate on the other hand has great durability, and is probably the best flooring out there for families with kids. It has great water resistance, perfect for any accidents! It’s easy to clean, and very easy to maintain. It’s durable, so will last a long time. It is also perfect for heavy footfall, and can withstand a lot of pressure that family life throws at it. Surface damage will be limited, and scratching doesn’t usually show through. It is also perfect for families with children that suffer from allergies, due to the tight seal, dust, dirt, pollen and other allergens can’t penetrate it so won’t hang around for too long!
Photo used with permission from Posh Flooring

Carpets and rugs are also a great idea to help protect your children. They provide a soft landing, and have far better static qualities to prevent them from slipping over! If you’re looking for the cheapest and most logical flooring for kids, laminate will be your best friend. Hardwood is great for homes looking for a bit more style, but practicality is not it’s strong point! We hope our guide has helped you, head to

Lunch With My Little One With Hartley’s Jelly

This post is in collaboration with Hartley’s Jelly

Jack is super excited to be back to school. One of the things he has mostly missed is lunchtime and whilst he normally indulges in a hot school meal, he has recently been asking to take a lunchbox in every now and again. He loves nothing more than sitting and chatting to his friends at the lunch table. Hartley’s, the brand behind the jelly pots that Jack loves so much, have even released a series of videos focusing on the weird and wonderful things kids talk about over their lunchbox. Dr Sam Wass is a child expert who created these videos – it has been very interesting to see just what topics children talk about together over lunch. Watch them here!

Hartley’s kindly sent us a lunchbox, some stickers and some of their fantastic No Added Sugar jelly pots so that I could have lunch with Jack now that he is back at school and talk about some of the different things going on in our lives – from the food he likes, to friendship, family and education. He even decorated his lunchbox, back and front, with the stickers provided.Hartleys No Added Sugar jelly pots are all the fun of a normal pot, just with no added sugar. These are a handy small pot and perfect lunchbox size so made for the perfect treat for our lunchtime chat. We discussed how he was feeling being back at school (super happy apparently because he was made Artist of the Week!), who his good friends were this week (he told me in great detail that he had been playing King Arthur and Merlin with a couple of his friends) and also family and food. No surprises when it came to the food discussion – he obviously mentioned jelly! He’s a big fan and so am I especially now they have introduced the No Added Sugar jelly pots to the range!
It was really nice getting to chat to him one on one – we don’t get much one on one time at the moment with him being at school and his sister being so small so it was well needed. As you can see, he enjoyed wolfing down his jelly pots – and I’ll be surprised if he leaves us any to try! Hartley’s know how super stressful the back to school rush can be which is why they have your back – they are giving away lunchboxes when you collect 12 Hartley’s lids. If you’re buying Hartley’s anyway, then why not collect your lids and claim your free lunchbox and sticker pack? If you don’t, why not give their No Added Sugar pots a try? Your child thinks they’re getting a really tasty treat and you can be safe in the knowledge that it is good for them too! What kid wouldn’t love a free lunchbox too?

These pots come in a range of great flavours – strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, orange, apple and tropical – so your child really will be spoilt for choice. Will you be collecting lids so you can pick up your free lunchbox? Check out promotional pots for more details and once you’ve collected all 12, visit the site to claim!

We’ve been loving these no added sugar pots – have you tried them yet?

Woman Up: Breaking With Tradition For A Better Wedding

There is nothing wrong with wanting to stick to traditions. A lot of us do because we want our wedding to feel like what we’ve grown up hoping for. But treating those traditions like rules isn’t the way to go, either. Women are starting to take a little more control of their weddings and here are a few ways they’re doing it.

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Getting it out before him

It’s still a rarity, but women proposing to men is getting a lot more common. Some simply don’t feel like they have to sit and wait to be asked. If you know what you want, then asking for it at the beginning of a life-long partnership is a refreshing way of starting a habit of openness and honesty. Not just from him making the big question, but from the lady of the relationship, too. There are plenty of resources like the 77 Diamonds Engagement Trends 2017 to help you put the plan together for it as well. The cultural notion that a man isn’t ready to get married until he proposes is just wrong. Anyone should be open to starting that dialogue rather than fidgeting and waiting for it constantly.

Put a ring on it

If there’s one aspect to feel truly sorry for the man about, it’s choosing a wedding ring. What does the average guy know about choosing a ring? How well would you even trust some of your best friends to choose a piece of jewelry you are going to wear for life? More couples are choosing rings together, so perhaps that fearful trip to the jewelers for men is becoming a thing of the past.

The question of money

The parents of the bride pay for the wedding is the traditional answer. Your parents might even insist on it. However, the truth is that weddings aren’t getting less expensive. Even smaller arrangements cost more nowadays. Instead of entrusting it all to them, it might be worth putting together a budget with The Knot’s How To Pay For A Wedding guide. If they want to help, then let them, but don’t be afraid to pitch in if you’re afraid of imposing on them too much.

The role of the mother-of-the-bride

Mothers are super important. We know it both as daughters as mothers, ourselves. But our mothers tend to get relegated to the sides when the wedding happens. Even worse, we attribute to them a stereotypical role of controlling and overbearing behavior on them when often that’s very far from the truth. It’s emotionally difficult for them and it doesn’t often reflect the closeness of the relationship between mother and daughter. It’s time to stop shoving mothers aside. More women are starting to let their mothers have that role in their bridal shower that they’ve always been told to avoid and even making them their matron-of-honor and giving them pride of place. Could you show your mom some more love during your wedding?

It’s wonderful to see women becoming more empowered and giving themselves more agency on how they want their relationships to go. If a tradition just doesn’t feel right to you, talk to your partner about it and see if you can’t find your own way, a better way, to do it.


Venues! Everything You Should Know When Choosing and Booking


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When you start planning a wedding there are so many different things to organise that it can become easy to feel overwhelmed and lost. Don’t worry, it’s completely natural. Many people believe that it may be a good idea to ease into preparations by sorting out the small details. These are often fun and quaint, for example, wedding favours and table arrangements. But instead of focusing early efforts on the little details, you should get the big things out of the way first. Perhaps the most important part of your organising process? Booking a venue. After all, without a venue, you will have nowhere to say your vows and celebrate. So, here’s a quick run through of everything you need to know about choosing and booking the perfect venue for your big day.


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Have an Idea of Your Ideal Venue

There are so many different places that you can get married that you’re not going to have time to look at them all. So have a vague idea of the type of venue that you prefer. Some people will opt for their local church. Others would like a traditional country manor, like Clevedon Hall. You might be interested in something a little more quirky, like a small scale cinema or an event in a forest. Whatever your interests, there will be something out there to suit you perfectly.

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Start Looking Early

Even if you’re planning on having a long engagement, it’s essential that you start scouting out places well in advance of the date. Why? Popular wedding venues tend to have huge waiting lists, often being fully booked up for months in advance. Start your search online or by flicking through glossy wedding magazines. Try not to set your heart on a specific place from the start, as it may not be available or able to accommodate your wedding party. You want all of your loved ones to be there, so it’s not worth cutting attendee numbers just for the sake of a particular venue. Remember, the presence of people is much more important than the quality of the pictures that you will take away from the ceremony. Choose a few different venues, so that you can always fall back on a different one if your favourite isn’t quite right.

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Book Viewings

As we are all well aware in the modern world, pictures can be altered and edited to make the subject look a lot more attractive than it might be in real life. So, to save disappointment on your big day, make sure that you book a tour of the wedding venue that you have in mind. Seeing the location in real life could confirm your wishes to get married there, or it could make you realise that this is definitely not the place that you thought it was. If possible, request to be shown around by someone. They will be able to show you all areas of the building and its grounds and may even have little bits of historical information that add to the atmosphere of the place.

When you’ve viewed a place and you’re absolutely certain that this is the venue of your dreams, place your deposit! This will secure the space and allow you to move onto organising other aspects of the event.


How to Quickly Bridge Any Gaps in Your Finances

None of us can predict the future and it is nigh on impossible to predict when some seismic event beyond our control will completely turn our world upside down. It is not uncommon in such scenarios for us to find ourselves with gaps in our finances.

Oftentimes, a small burst of cash is all we need to see ourselves through a particularly difficult period. Whether you find yourself in need of cash to cover your personal debts or to get a business off the ground, when it comes to finding a reliable way of obtaining a modest amount of money, options are limited.

For those seeking big loans, it’s as easy as walking into a bank with a proposal. For many of us, however, those of us who don’t require such large advances of cash, there are fewer options. There are still some providers of the kind of short-term, cash loan that we need, as well as a number of ways we can raise some or all of the money by ourselves.

Easy Savings

For those who don’t need the money right this second but who are simply looking for ways to make some very rapid savings, there are numerous options open to you. Saving money is mostly a matter of common sense and planning. People who seem to have an unnatural gift for managing money are usually those that like to keep their lives organised to what many of us would consider an excessive degree anyway. It is demonstrably true, however, that better organisational skills lead to more refined decision making, and in the case of managing one’s personal finances, there really is no such thing as too much management.

Simple things, both at home and at work, are often the biggest money savers. Lots of small savings will quickly add up, meaning that one only needs to take a multitude of small, easy steps rather than radically readjusting their lifestyle for the sake of their finances. One of the most prominent examples of this is electronic devices.

We often stop thinking entirely about the fact that electronic devices cost money to run. A games console or television, even a light or a ceiling fan, that are left on when not in use are costing you money! You can invest in a remote-control plug that will allow you to switch everything off at the wall with the press of a button; this is perfect for ensuring that all electronic devices are switched off when they are not needed.

Another easy way to help you save and manage your money is to use an app that tracks your expenditure. You can find a few suitable options here.

Sell Unused Items

Many of us are sitting on absolute treasure troves without ever realising it. Do you have a cupboard overstuffed with DVDs that you haven’t watched in as long as you can remember? If so, it might be time to box it all up and sell it on. Again, you are unlikely to get much money for any individual DVD as they are incredibly cheap and common, but if you have a large collection, those pennies can add up. The money you make won’t be life changing, but it can go some way to helping you clear any current debts and begin to pay off any outstanding balances.

Short Term Loans

Short term loans are for smaller amounts of money than the type of loan normally given out by a bank or similar institution. Short term loans are usually for amounts between £1,000 and £5,000 and are given for only a short term, usually a matter of months rather than years. The advantage of such a loan is that it is almost instantaneous, meaning the money is available virtually straight away.

Before committing to any kind of loan it is important to have a good understanding of one’s own finances. Establish exactly what your regular income and outgoings are and use a loan calculator to work out how much you can afford to borrow and repay each month. An easy-to-use loan calculator that you can try out can be found at:

By not using a loan calculator you increase the chance of errors being made in your calculations and when it comes to your finances you want to be certain about any steps you take. As such you should check, double check, and triple check, everything to be certain that you can afford to take any steps that you are considering.

Needless to say, loans eventually need to be paid back and while one might expect short term loans to be seen as safer bets than big loans by lenders, the interest rates charged do not always reflect this. Be certain that the terms of any loan you take out are ones that you won’t have any trouble sticking to, as problems repaying a loan can snowball and create a more serious situation. A loan calculator is a good way of minimising the chances of this happening.

When looking to bridge any gaps in your finances, there are a number of options open to you, depending on how much money you need and how quickly you need it. Never take on more debt than you are sure you can repay.