A Look into the Process of Creating Diamonds from Ashes

Even after the grieving period has subsided, there are still moments when you wish you could still be with your lost loved one, when you remember that you never wanted to be without them. Thanks to memorial diamonds, now you can be with them wherever you go.


Modern technology makes it possible to turn their ashes into an actual diamond that can be set into any precious metal to create a personalized ring, pendant, earrings, and more. You can even have multiple diamonds created from the ashes so that everyone in your family has one as a treasured keepsake.

Memorial Diamonds are Real Diamonds

Though creating diamonds from human ashes has become a popular trend recently, the process of purifying carbon was first invented in 1954 by Dr. H. Tracy Hall at the General Electric Company. It was then altered to extract carbon from human ashes in the early 2000s. Today, advanced technology has made it easier than ever before to synthetically produce a diamond from the carbon found in human ashes.

Natural diamonds are made of carbon that have been placed under extreme heat and pressure for thousands of years to create a crystal. The human body is also comprised of 18% of the same carbon, which is not destroyed by the cremation process. A trace of nitrogen (3%) is also found in human ashes. Both the carbon and the nitrogen are placed under intense heat and pressure in a synthetic process that takes only months to produce a crystal that becomes a memorial diamond.

Here’s how it’s done.

How Memorial Diamonds are Made

To produce a diamond from human ashes, there are many steps that must be performed by a certified and licensed laboratory.

Step 1. The ashes are first placed in a special solvent to remove impurities and unstable chemicals. Then, it is mixed with a nano powder within a special chemical gas environment. Once the removal solvent binds with the impurities, the entire solution is placed in a centrifuge to separate them from the ashes. Special care is taken to protect any remaining carbon and the separated elements are reduced to an extreme minimum.

Step 2. From the centrifuge, the ashes are subjected to an extreme temperature to further purify them. All oxygen is removed and a special gas is injected to protect the ashes from oxidation. Some ashes may need additional attention to help separate the solid carbon from any chemicals still present. The heating process may take anywhere between 48 hours to two weeks depending on the equipment the laboratory is using.

Step 3. The ashes are placed in a wet chemical environment within a specialized cabinet to further remove any heavy metals. The cabinet is kept within strict temperature levels while stirring the mixture to continue protecting the carbon. Once this step is completed, any impurities found in the ashes are reduced to 1/500 of the original impurity content, which equates to the carbon becoming 99.99% pure. If the purity is not yet 99.99% at this point, further measures are taken.

The result of the purification process is the carbon has turned into flake graphite that is formed into a cylindrical shape. The graphite contains certain elements, including nitrogen that determines the diamond’s color. Every element is unique to your loved one’s chemical makeup, which ensures that your diamond is truly one of a kind.

Step 4. The graphite is carefully wrapped for protection before being placed in a special press along with a tiny natural diamond seed to help start the growing process. To turn ashes into diamonds, the press simulates the extreme forces that naturally occurring carbon would undergo within the earth. The carbon remains in the press for months until the crystal has grown to the desired size and the requested color has been established. In general, the slower it takes a diamond from ashes to grow, the more stable its structure will be.

The Final Steps

At the end of the required time, the rough memorial diamond is taken out of the press and ready for polishing. You can request a rough, un-cut diamond, but it is recommended that you not take your diamond to anyone who is not trained in cutting and polishing memorial diamonds.

Experts at the laboratory are highly trained and experienced in the field, and they are well acquainted with what is required to polish a memorial diamond and remove any remaining graphite or other materials still on the memorial diamond’s surface. Jewelers who are not familiar with memorial diamonds do not have the special cutting skills that are necessary to preserve your diamond and probably will break it.

After cutting and polishing, a unique loving message can be etched on your diamond by laser inscription. You might also request having your loved one’s name added. After etching, your diamond is ready to be set in a precious metal of your choosing if you so desire.

A final inspection is conducted where a grade analysis report and a certificate of authenticity are created to accompany your diamond. And the diamond is officially recognized by both the Gemological Institute of America or the International Gemological Institute. The diamond is then wrapped and prepared for shipping directly to you.  

Customizing the Setting

Many laboratories offer putting your diamond in a setting of our choice, but you are welcome to have your diamond set with a jeweler in your local area if you want to customize it. If you decide you want to customize, there are still some designers who will fulfill your vision using wax moulds and carvings followed by old-fashioned casting, polishing, soldering, and welding.

However, modern technology allows jewelry designers to use special computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided modeling (CAM) programs working together to create a 3D prototype model of your vision. CAD describes the computer software programs used to create the 3D model that allows you to view the jewelry you’re trying to design from every angle before it is physically rendered in a growing machine.

CAM are the software programs and machinery that create and physically make a 3D object. The object is set into a 3D wax model to help create a prototype of what the final piece of jewelry will look like.

The artisan skills required to create such a model are highly specialized and take many years of training. By working with you and including you in the process, a CAD design can be altered at any time without wasting any resources before being digitized and sent to other jewelry technicians who take that data and create a 3D wax or resin form.

CAD design is a much faster way to create your jewelry. You will receive your jewelry in a fraction of the time of conventional methods and your cost will lower. Plus, your piece will look exactly as you want it so that your memorial diamond will be set in the most beautiful way possible.

A Uniquely Beautiful Treasure

Because of modern technology, you can now preserve the memory of your loved one in a beautiful memorial diamond of your choosing. You can even customize the design of its setting in a unique piece of jewelry if you wish. As the service is available in the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, and Australia, turning your loved one’s ashes into a diamond is easier than ever before. It is a unique and lovely way to forever treasure the love you shared.


Are You Taking Too Many Risks With Your Finances?

It’s important to be sensible with your finances. If you take too many risks, you can end up in a dangerous financial situation where either you don’t have enough money to get through the month. Or, you are left in a position where you have to borrow cash. You should never be in a position where you need to borrow to stay in the green and to avoid this you should be taking less financial risks. But, to do that, you need to know where risks come into play with your finances so here are a few examples.

Buying On Credit

The first risk that you need to be aware of is buying on credit. It’s important to understand that when you buy products or services on credit, you are spending money that you don’t have. Now, that doesn’t mean that buying on credit is always a bad move. There are some situations where it can be very useful. For instance, if you’re buying a car you’re looking at a huge cost that can be made easier with finance options. However, you do have to be prepared for issues like the interest rate as well as any bills that you might have to pay on top of this. The same is true when you buy using a credit card. You need to know when you’ll be expected to pay back and how much it could cost you in the long run.

The danger or risk here is that you take buying on credit for granted and participate in these type of purchases far too often. In 2008 the housing market crash was actually made worse by so many people living on credit. However, from a personal stance, it can just plunge you into debt that can be difficult to recover from.

The solution is to look for zero interest deals. That way you can buy on credit without the risk of a high interest rate dragging your finances down.

Legal Costs

There are various times in life where you might have to pay for legal representation, and one example would be a personal injury. If you have been injured in an accident, you might look for a way to claim and get the money back that you have lost due to loss of work or possibly even medical bills. However, in cases like this, it’s important to understand the danger of legal costs. Even in a personal injury case, the costs of legal representation can rise over what the average individual can afford. The solution? Make sure that you are looking at no win no fee options. With services provided by Quittance no win no fee solicitors and other similar firms, you can claim on a personal injury without the risk of being sunk by high legal costs. That means you’ll only pay if you win and this makes it a completely win-win situation. Even if you lose, you won’t really be losing anything. At least, not financially.


If you’re eager to grow your finances, you might be thinking about getting into investments. There are plenty to choose from such as property or perhaps the stock market. However, you do have to remember that investments are essentially gambling. Particularly if you have no pro knowledge of what you’re investing in. For instance, if you don’t know anything about the stock market, you might as well just spin the roulette wheel instead. You’ll have roughly the same chance of coming out on top.

The answer here is to look at low-risk high gain investments like penny stocks. With penny stocks, you have the potential of investing in a company that could be the next Apple or Google. But because the stock hasn’t risen yet and the company isn’t successful, they’re cheap. So, you can buy them up without much risk involved at all. Or, you can think about getting professional advice with your investments from a broker. Brokers are experts on the market and can help ensure that you pick investments that at the very least will stop you from making a loss.

Alternatively, you can limit the risks by diversifying your investment portfolio. By investing in various different sources, you can make sure that if one fails you have others that you can fall back on. If you do this, you should be able to keep your finances healthy, even if you are taking a few risks with things like stock.

Hopefully, now you can see why it’s important you don’t take that many risks with your finances and take these steps to avoid the dangers.


Everything You Need to Throw the Perfect Summer Party

Summer is approaching fast and with the summer months comes good weather. So this is the perfect time for you to throw a garden party. Embrace the opportunity to gather all of your friends and family together for a joyous day basking in the sun’s rays without people traipsing about your house and causing a mess to your interiors. Here’s everything you need to get in order to throw the perfect day for all of your loved ones.


Stephanie McCabe

First things first: when people culminate en mass, they’re going to be hungry. The perfect solution? A BBQ. A BBQ can cater to all of your guests’ dietary requirements without breaking the bank. The cooking style is perfect for the carnivores among us. Throw some ribs, burgers and hot dogs on the grill and have buns ready at hand to place them in. Catering to vegetarians and vegans? There are plenty of meat substitutes available in your local supermarket. Consider bean burgers and veggie sausages. You can also BBQ some colorful veggies and pop them on skewers for the extra wow factor. If you plan to have a few parties over the summer, or more in the future, invest in a high quality gas grill. This will cook food more effectively than a disposable BBQ and you’ll be able to cook more items at once.


There’s always a chance that the weather may take a turn for the worse half way through the event. So make sure that there’s sufficient cover for your guests if it starts to rain or if your guests fancy a bit of shade for a while. There are marquee companies out there who will be able to provide you with (and often even set up) sturdy marquees that will sufficiently protect you all from the elements. Set up a table beneath this where you can lay out food, preventing it from toasting or drying up in the sun. Make sure there is plenty of plastic seating beneath it too. It will give your guests somewhere to relax and gather for conversation throughout the day.

Kids’ Activities

Chances are there will be some children present. Whether they’re nieces and nephews or friend’s children. They’ll need to be occupied throughout the day, so give them something fun to do. Set up a little paddling pool where they can cool off and splash about. Just ensure that they are always supervised by an adult (of course). You could also set up some games for them to play. Consider twister or board games. Water guns or water bombs are always fun in the hot weather and if you are extra organized you could even have games such as pass the parcel or musical chairs.


For a great atmosphere, ensure there is some sort of sound system set up so you can play music throughout the day. This may be loud speakers within your home or a wireless radio in the midst of the action. This will help to create a party atmosphere.


How The Dating Scene Has Changed Since I Was Last Single

I haven’t been on the dating scene for quite some time now but have plenty of friends who are currently on the dating scene. I am getting to the age where people are either all settling down and having children or they are splitting up with their long term partners and joining the dating scene once again.

It has definitely changed since I was last single (eight years ago now!). Social media is bigger, we have apps – so much has changed that the dating scene is honestly quite daunting! One of my friends is currently giving Watford dating a try – we live in Hertfordshire and she has met a few local lads who have taken her fancy. However she is quite happy to be single and just chat to local men so maybe adult dating would be more her thing?

I also have a friend near Birmingham who has recently separated from her husband and is giving Birmingham dating a try. She’s had a few nightmare stories but hopefully she will find love again soon in her area.

Dating has changed so much since I was single though. Now you can meet through an app and more often than not, get crude messages before even discussing other things. There were only a select few dating sites around back then – now there are so many. You used to meet people for a drink in a local bar or go bowling or to the cinema – Steve and I went out for a meal and to the cinema for our first date – now you can do all manners of things for a first date. You may chat to them for just a day and decide to go on a date and other people you may chat to for weeks before you decide to go on a date!

My Welsh single friends have Gwynedd dating to try out, and there are even sites out there for specific counties (Warwickshire dating) and even a site that covers all those small little isles that usually get left out of everything – try
Western Isles dating if you live on one of these!

Dating has surely changed since I was single. There are local sites for all areas so you can always find someone local to you who is looking for love but you can also find love on apps or even social media. It can be daunting – especially for my friends who have recently come out of fairly long term relationships and are looking for something new – but exciting too.

How has dating changed for you?


House Hunting & What We Want

Now that Olivia is almost six months old, we are really going to be house hunting soon. Jack moved into his own room at nine months old but this won’t be possible in the house we are living in currently – but Olivia also needs her own space. The problem is that we are renting one of the lower priced properties in our local area, everything else is much more extortionately priced. Should we choose to buy – if we are in a position to in a couple of months – house prices are also through the roof and it will be tough to find the right thing in our budget in this area.

We have been considering further afield but we are reluctant to move Jack away from his school and his friends as yet if we don’t have to so we will be continuing to look in our local area for now and see if we come up trumps. But what exactly are we looking for?

Three Bedrooms (At Least)

We need a bedroom for us, a bedroom for Jack and a bedroom for Olivia. It would be great if we could also have a spare bedroom but we are aware that may just push our budget that bit too much.

A Large Kitchen

After living in a cottage with a massive kitchen and small rooms and then this house with a tiny kitchen and much bigger rooms, we are looking for a property that doesn’t skimp on the size of either. Our kitchen is absolutely tiny and it can be quite horrible to cook in there as you simply have no space whatsoever. We will be looking for a decent sized kitchen in whichever property we move to next.

A Fireplace

We want a fireplace as it is something we have desperately missed since moving out of the cottage six years ago. Whether we opt for an ethanol fireplace from EthanolFireplacePros.com or something different remains to be seen but we want something warm and comforting to look at in the living room.

A Home Office Space

This doesn’t need to be a whole room, it can simply be a decent sized space in the corner of another room but I really need a nice office space to work from. I’m really going to be working on my freelance side of things now that Olivia is getting a little bigger and can go out with grandparents for the day – I will be taking full advantage of the child free time I have to get plenty of work done so need a nice space to work from.

What do you look for in a house when you are house hunting? Are there any things that will absolutely sell it for you?