Reading The Signs Someone Likes You

When we like someone, we want to know if they like us but it can be difficult to tell. What signs do you need to look for to find out if someone likes you?

Body Language

A persons body language tells a lot about them. 93% of all communication is non verbal so being able to read someones body language is important. Women may try to close the distance between you, she may expose her wrists which are one of the more sensitive and tender parts of their body. She will also find a way to touch you. A man shows less signs – he might push his shoulders back. Eye contact is the most important obvious sign.

Friends Can Be More Than Friends

Some of us may feel that we are in the friend zone but it is important to realise that friends can become more – one can develop feelings for the other. To work out if a friend likes you as more than a friend, the way they act around you will be different. They may act more chivalrous or ask if you like someone constantly.

Mirroring and Barriering

People who like someone will often mirror the others movements and also try to remove any barriers between them. If someone is copying your movements or constantly removing obstacles between them, then it is more than likely that they have a crush on you.

These are just a few ways of working out if someone likes you – but fingers crossed they just tell you, eh?

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Bouncing Back From Heartbreak

Heartbreak is a terrible thing. People deal with it in completely different ways. Some people get straight back ‘on the horse’ so to speak and get straight into the dating scene again. Some wallow in their sadness and take what seems like a lot longer to get over it. However just because someone is bouncing back suddenly, doesn’t mean they are completely over it.

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Bouncing back from heartbreak can seem like it will never happen – but it will and you can get back out there and meet someone new! Have you ever bounced back from heartbreak and met someone new?


Plastic vs glass greenhouses – which should you choose?

Greenhouses are perfect garden furniture for horticulturists as they allow them to make the most of the seasons, experiment with growing more exotic plants and grow more tender vegetables such as cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes.

There is a range of different glazing options for greenhouses and they all have advantages and disadvantages when compared. The right glazing for your greenhouse will be determined by your requirements, personal preferences, climate and budget.

Together with The Plastic People, retailers of polycarbonate sheets, we look at the pros and cons of creating a greenhouse from plastic or glass:

Fitting a greenhouse

With gardeners keen to grow their own produce in their backyards, greenhouses remain in high demand. Customers first face two choices when they decide that they would like a greenhouse – to build or to buy. Although buying a ready-built greenhouse can save time and energy, purchasing the parts from a supplier and assembling it yourself could save you hundreds of pounds.

Experts at Gardeners World estimate that building your own greenhouse would only take up one weekend too. There are plenty of tutorials online to guide you into building a greenhouse but it consists of five main steps:

  • Ensuring you have a level foundation
  • Assemble each section and attach loosely with clips and bolts
  • Fitting the door runners, the door and any automatic window openers or vents
  • Lining the glazing bars with foam glazing tape or rubber strips to act as a seal. Fit the roof first with glass or polycarbonate sheets and then the wall panes
  • Tighten all the bolts, starting from the top of the fixture

If this sort of DIY is not up your street, alternatively, you can buy one from a garden retailer.

Pros and cons of a glass greenhouse

Gardeners who greatly value the aesthetics of their garden tend to go for glass greenhouses as it gives the ‘traditional’ look. Research by gardeners at The Telegraph found that, compared to twin-wall polycarbonate sheets, glass had a 2-3% higher light transmission. However, this is because the light scatters as it passes through the twin-wall and manages to reach areas that light penetrating through glass cannot which could be advantageous.

One negative of glass is durability. If your greenhouse is in the flight path of any birds or footballs, you could find yourself replacing the panes regularly. Glass is very fragile as a material and can become damaged off a small bump.

Pros and cons of a plastic greenhouse

There are many advantages of introducing polycarbonate panes to your greenhouse. Some polycarbonate sheets, like the ones sold by The Plastic People, were found to be 200x stronger than glass yet half of its weight. This makes the material easier to use and more durable. Due to its hardwearing properties, polycarbonate does not need replacing as much as glass and has been found to be a longer lasting alternative for traditional glass panes. Upon testing (vigorously with a hammer), the plastic sheets were found to be shatter-resistant which is perfect for any mishaps that may occur in assembly or in the garden.

Polycarbonate sheets also filter out nearly all the harmful UV rays that you may become exposed to when gardening in the greenhouse, allowing you to harvest your crop without the fear of sunburn.

If thermal insulation is important to you and key to the growth of your plants, glass is the slightly favourable option. A single sheet of polycarbonate has 0.1 less ‘R’ value (measurement of thermal insulation) than a sheet of horticultural glass. However, this can be solved with a twin-wall polycarbonate panel which assists with useful light diffusion as mentioned.

If twin-wall polycarbonate is your panel of choice, it must be sealed properly as the flutes within the wall can attract moisture, mould and insects – proper assembly would prevent this from occurring.

At one time, a negative property of polycarbonate sheets was clouding over time. However, technological advancements have prevented this from occurring and the sheets remain clear all year round.

So, it appears that polycarbonate sheets could be the new glass when it comes to greenhouse panes. Boasting durability, shatter resistance and light diffusion in all the right places, it is ready to take on any challenge that the UK weather has to offer.


Bag Yourself A Date This Christmas!

The festive season is fast approaching and social media will soon be awash with people moaning that they are single and wanting to find someone for Christmas. Now there is nothing wrong with being single at Christmas but it seems so many people just don’t want to be – and that’s fair enough.

Christmas is such a fun time, it seems only right that we should have someone to share it with – but just how do you go about finding someone perfect for you in such a small amount of time?

Online dating – that’s how. A place where you can truly be yourself (unless you decide to try catfishing which won’t work out well for you) and people can get to know the real you before you meet for the first time. First dates in person can often be so awkward but when you’ve already been chatting for some time, that awkwardness dissapates almost straight away.

Finding the right site for you can be quite difficult so maybe trying something location specific is worth it – that way you will be able to meet likeminded single individuals in your local area. Try these location specific sites if you want – a Buckinghamshire dating site, Glasgow dating site, Cardiff dating site, Belfast dating site or if you are a bit older, perhaps the over 50s dating Cambridgeshire site is for you.

Give online dating a whirl and have fun getting to know people – and bag yourself that festive date!


5 Things To Consider When Finishing Your Basement

In the world that we live in, no longer are the basements of homes restricted to only serving as space for safeguarding and storing goods. Basements can be expertly transformed into a living space. So, if you are looking to add functionality to your home and increase the overall value of your abode, you should seriously consider finishing your basement. Without straying away from the topic any further, here are 5 things to consider when finishing your basement!   

  1. Know what you intend to use the basement for

Before starting your project, it is essential for you to know what you intend to use the basement for.  How can the basement be most beneficial for both you and your family? Are you planning to use the space to set up a gym?  Or, is it a movie theatre that you intend to build?

  1. Pay attention to moisture issues

It is of paramount importance for you to ensure that no water makes its way into your basement. In order to ensure that doesn’t happen, there must be a proper drainage outside; you must also seal the cracks in the foundation of your home. In addition to that, you must also ensure that the ground is graded away from your home. For an added measure of peace of mind, you can even consider including vinyl flooring in your development plans. It is always better to be safe than sorry, and it is in your best interest to identify and rectify potential moisture problems before they cause expensive water damage in the future.

  1. Invest in noise control

Ok, so you intend to set up an entertainment room in the basement. Of course, doing so will undoubtedly cut down on noise in the main living space. However, it will not completely eliminate the noise. And, if you intend to play loud music or watch movies in the basement, you should consider investing in resources that help control noise. You can insulate the ceiling of the basement with fiberglass or stone wool insulation. You can even install drop ceilings that offer noise control.

  1. Acquiring the necessary permits

If you are planning to remodel your basement on a large scale, there may be a need for you to acquire a building permit first.  Failure to acquire this permit in advance could be disastrous and it could play an atrocious role in halting your project. You could be slapped with other unpleasant consequences too such as costly delays in construction and even legal action!  

  1. Furniture

The furniture you choose will eventually make or break your basement project. Therefore, you must choose your furniture carefully. When selecting furniture for the basement, it is essential for the furniture to be functional and serve several purposes. You should know that a piece of furniture is an investment that speaks volumes about your personality. Hence, you must always opt for something that can stand the test of time– something you love now and will continue to love in the future. Visit the site,, for a wide selection of modern and sleek furniture.