Top Decor Touches that Finish Off a Space

Have you recently renovated a room in your house and still feel as though it’s missing “something”? Often, people spend a lot of time, money, and focus renovating the major things such as flooring, paint color, and furniture, but forget how important the little things can be too. It’s those small décor touches that can actually work to tie a space together and help create a flow throughout the house.

So, if you’re unsure of what your room needs and what it’s missing, you will want to check out these top décor touches that work to finish off a space.

Don’t Shy Away from Artwork

Art is one of those things that can often scare people off simply because they assume it will be expensive and they may not know much about it. In reality, artwork can be very cost-effective when you know where to find it.

Take a look at the paintings available through Fine Art America as an example. You’ll find watercolors, acrylics, and more in originals or prints. If you’re on a tight budget, opt for a print that you can frame. You’ll still get the effect that you’re after but at a fraction of the cost.

Now, as you select your artwork, it’s important you focus on what calls to you, what works with your color scheme and design style. There’s no need to worry about who the artist is, the history behind the artwork, etc. Just keep things simple and go with what you like.

Bring the Outside Indoors

Another tip is to bring the outdoors in by adding accessories such as potted plants and flowers in the space. Fresh greenery helps to liven up a space, act as decor and helps to add drama to a room. You can purchase different varieties and sizes of plants and place them on the floor, shelves, a table, etc. Just be sure you are mindful of the lighting conditions in your home when selecting plants. Most plants will need at least a bit of natural sunlight.

Throw Pillows and Blankets Add Elegance and Interest to a Room

If the room you are finishing is a bedroom or family room, then it’s an absolute must to grab some decorative throw pillows and blankets. With these, you can be a bit creative and mix textures, colors, paintings, and prints. This helps to create drama, interest, and even elegance in the space. Of course, there is also a functional aspect to these items since they make the space so much more comfortable.

Add a Personal Touch

The final tip is to make sure you complete the room with a few personal touches. This could be family photos, your own paintings, drawings, family heirlooms, a special collection, the list goes on. Anything that is special, unique, and personal to you. This injects your own personality and tastes into the room, making it different from anyone else’s space.

The Special Touches are What Make the Room

It’s these special touches that truly end up making a room and giving it that unique feel.


How To Know A Girl Likes You

You’re probably chatting to plenty of lovely and smart girls but have no clue whether any of them actually like you in that way. The question has probably been going around and around your brain for days and you can’t quite come to a conclusion whether she actually likes you.

When it comes to online dating, sometimes the meaning and intention of messages can become misconstrued and confused from what was originally intended. You may feel like you are being flirty and jokey towards herand she might you’re acting a bitweird. You might feel that a girl isn’t all that into you but she may just be playing it a little cool and actually really likes you.

But how can you tell if she likes you? Doe she initiate conversations more often than not? If she starts the conversation frequently this is a top sign that she likes you as she wants to talk to you so much, she is prepared to start the conversation. She definitely won’t start it too often though as she wouldn’t want to come across as clingy or needy. It can be a very fine line between the two that needs to be walked very carefully.

Does she say goodbye first? A girl who likes you is more likely to end a conversation first as she wants to show you that she is interesting and has a social life outside of you and your conversation. If they send cute emoticons or emojis in their messages then this may also be a clue. Many people use the small smile emoticon so don’t read too much into those – but if she’s using lots of wink faces, blushing faces and large smiles, chances are she is very interested in you and she’s trying to let you know.

Is she one for teasing? Can she be mildly suggestive in the things she says, leaving things completely to your imagination? This implies she wants you to think about her – and often. Does she frequently drop hints about certain things – perhaps about places you both know well and both frequent? Perhaps she’s always talking about her house and maybe your house. She is hinting that she would like you to go there or her come to yours.

There are plenty of signs to look out for to know if a girl truly is into you but these are the most noticeable. Keep an eye out for signs of these and you’ll soon know if she truly likes you. 

Want to find the girl of your dreams? Try these sites: Manchester singlesDorset datingHertfordshire datingBristol dating and the Strathclyde dating site.


Making the Most of Unexpected Windfalls

We’ve been saving for our first home’s deposit for a while now, and whether we use the personal loan we secured while we wait for my savings to pick up, or for the inheritance to come in, or by the time we are able to get a suitable property we can cover it on our own again, we’re finally ready to make the deposit and realise our dream.

Getting to this point hasn’t been easy, but it’s so worth it to build our family home together and create something really solid for the children. While we’ve put away a little from each pay packet and I’ve added varying amounts to the pot depending on what my month was like, Steve’s inheritance is also a major help, and we’ll use it to fund the deposit if my savings haven’t picked up.

If you get a windfall like this, I encourage you to also put it towards something worthwhile. You might not be looking to buy a home, but there are always good investments to be made when a large chunk of money that you weren’t expecting fortuitously lands in your lap. It could even be winning the lottery, and after you’ve dealt with the logistics of that actually happening, you’ll need to make decisions about what to do with your windfall.

Settle Your Debts and Decide Your Priorities First

Of course, the first thing to do is pay off any debts that you have. After that, there are some good tax planning decisions and investment options that can help you make the most of your money. The biggest things to look at when you’re deciding what to do is how long you have to leave your money untouched, and how much you’re investing in the first place. I’ve given you some ideas here, but anything higher (lucky you!) and you should consider consulting a professional financial advisor.

Christine Roy

Investing Windfalls

With smaller, but still sizable, sums of money the best thing to do is take medium-risks over a period of at least 10 years. In my research, the best experts I found suggested a portfolio with 40% in UK stocks and 20% and 15% in US and Europe stocks respectively. For emerging markets like Asia and Japan, invest 5% in stocks but before you do this, make sure you’ve put 10% of your windfall into absolute return funds. These are funds run by experts, who use different strategies to ensure profitable returns.

In terms of tax planning, if you can afford to leave your money alone until you’re at least 55 you should think about putting it into a pension fund that you get a 20% basic taxpayer relief and 40% higher tax payer relief, and are now allowed to spend on anything you’d like. You can also make use of your and your partner’s $15,240 ISA allowance. A low-cost FTSE Tracking Account is a good idea for £5,000, since they can average 5% growth per year after inflation.

I am excited to be prepared and know what I would do with a sudden financial blessing. What would you do?

In Collaboration

The Best Ways To Shop Online For A Bargain

If you love to shop online, you’re certainly not alone. Thank to the internet, so many of us can order the things we really need in life, and have them with us the very next day. We often do it with life’s little luxuries too. However, when you are shopping online, you can often find that the availability and accessibility of just about everything makes you want to just buy it right away. And that can start to get you in trouble before long. So, you may find that it’s better to start bargain hunting online instead. Because when it comes to the internet, there’s always a bargain to be had. You just have to know how to find it!

Shop Around First

First of all, you need to make sure that you always shop around. It’s so easy to just buy the first thing you see. But you have to learn to bide your time. You will find that, by comparing prices, you’re always able to get a better deal than what you first find. Sometimes, you will find a cheaper alternative that saves you a significant amount of money. And it will turn out that you’re happier with the alternative anyway. But you won’t be able to take advantage of this if you don’t shop around.

Oli Dale

Use Comparison Sites

For some purchases, it’s going to be far too much work for you to look through every single site in the market. And fortunately for us all, we don’t always have to – thanks to comparisons sites. For this link home or van insurance, holidays, or even branded items, you can compare prices on set sites or search engines. Then, you know you’re always getting the product you want at the best price.

Look For Discount Codes

Whenever you buy anything online, you should also look out for a discount code. Not every single site will accept them, but many will. If there are things you want to buy, then you don’t always have to go for it right away. Be patient and see if there is a discount or coupon currently available. Then, you will always be able to bag a bargain.

Don’t Discount Used Items

At the same time, you shouldn’t always look to cross off used items. Sometimes, you can save a lot of money buying from eBay rather than buying brand new. You may even find that an item has only been used a few times or is in perfect condition. Then you’re going to be saving a huge percentage off of the RRP just for buying used.

Get Cash Back Each Time Too

You’re also going to want to think about getting cashback each time you shop too. By using a cashback website, you will earn a percentage each time you shop. It will store in your account and you can then withdraw it to your bank account or in the form of vouchers. You’re effectively getting more money back, just for making a purchase that you were planning on making in the first place.


3 Ways a Storage Bed Can Help Declutter Your Home

Few households aren’t plagued with clutter. It is just something we’ve learned to live with until it gets to the point that we are tripping over our shoes and boxes that line the halls so that we are literally stepping sideways to get from room to room.

If you are like millions of others around the UK who are simply tired of all that clutter, it’s time to get proactive. Have you thought about getting a storage bed to help solve the problem?

  1. Storage for Seasonal Linens

Most people change their household linens according to seasons. For example, in the winter months you are likely to need warmer quilts and comforters while hot summer nights require nothing more than a top sheet or lightweight cotton blanket. All those seasonal linens no longer need to clog up closets, causing overflow, because you can stow them neatly in storage space built into the bed.

  1. Toy Storage in the Kids’ Room

How many times have you gone into the kids’ room only to trip over toy trains, dolls and little pieces that only God knows where they go or what toy they belong to? That is a common complaint amongst parents and one which can easily be resolved with under-bed storage drawers and/or shelves. There never seems to be enough room to put that additional toy box, so it makes perfect sense to utilise every bit of floor space efficiently.

You can’t expect the kids to open crates to store toys, but you can teach them to quickly pull out a drawer and throw toys in while hopping into bed. Even little ones learn this habit quickly. And, while you’re at it, you can use one of the drawers for clothes and other items which never seem to find a home anywhere else.

  1. Books, Magazines and Important Documents

Few of us actually have a bona fide filing cabinet and so all those documents we need to ‘store’ somehow get put on countertops, shelves and anywhere else we can find a spot. That is, if we can find someplace that isn’t already piled to the ceiling and in that case, those papers land just about anywhere but where we can quickly find them.

Books and magazines also add quickly to the clutter. Students often use the excuse that they did their homework but now it’s missing. Under bed storage can put a stop to that right away. If one drawer is allocated to homework, books and other school items, there’s no excuse for “losing your homework.”

You can probably think of infinite ways to use that space if your home is overly cluttered. Why let dust grow under a traditional bed frame if you can choose a bed with storage? This piece of bedroom furniture is ideal and there’s so many different styles to choose from to suit your preferences, for example this range of bedroom furniture and beds by The Place for Homes includes options for all ages and numerous brands, so you can find something that’s within your budget.

One of the side benefits of owning a storage bed is in keeping dust to a minimum as well. Looking for a way to declutter your home and reduce dust balls underneath? Storage beds are the perfect solution!