3 Ways a Storage Bed Can Help Declutter Your Home

Few households aren’t plagued with clutter. It is just something we’ve learned to live with until it gets to the point that we are tripping over our shoes and boxes that line the halls so that we are literally stepping sideways to get from room to room.

If you are like millions of others around the UK who are simply tired of all that clutter, it’s time to get proactive. Have you thought about getting a storage bed to help solve the problem?

  1. Storage for Seasonal Linens

Most people change their household linens according to seasons. For example, in the winter months you are likely to need warmer quilts and comforters while hot summer nights require nothing more than a top sheet or lightweight cotton blanket. All those seasonal linens no longer need to clog up closets, causing overflow, because you can stow them neatly in storage space built into the bed.

  1. Toy Storage in the Kids’ Room

How many times have you gone into the kids’ room only to trip over toy trains, dolls and little pieces that only God knows where they go or what toy they belong to? That is a common complaint amongst parents and one which can easily be resolved with under-bed storage drawers and/or shelves. There never seems to be enough room to put that additional toy box, so it makes perfect sense to utilise every bit of floor space efficiently.

You can’t expect the kids to open crates to store toys, but you can teach them to quickly pull out a drawer and throw toys in while hopping into bed. Even little ones learn this habit quickly. And, while you’re at it, you can use one of the drawers for clothes and other items which never seem to find a home anywhere else.

  1. Books, Magazines and Important Documents

Few of us actually have a bona fide filing cabinet and so all those documents we need to ‘store’ somehow get put on countertops, shelves and anywhere else we can find a spot. That is, if we can find someplace that isn’t already piled to the ceiling and in that case, those papers land just about anywhere but where we can quickly find them.

Books and magazines also add quickly to the clutter. Students often use the excuse that they did their homework but now it’s missing. Under bed storage can put a stop to that right away. If one drawer is allocated to homework, books and other school items, there’s no excuse for “losing your homework.”

You can probably think of infinite ways to use that space if your home is overly cluttered. Why let dust grow under a traditional bed frame if you can choose a bed with storage? This piece of bedroom furniture is ideal and there’s so many different styles to choose from to suit your preferences, for example this range of bedroom furniture and beds by The Place for Homes includes options for all ages and numerous brands, so you can find something that’s within your budget.

One of the side benefits of owning a storage bed is in keeping dust to a minimum as well. Looking for a way to declutter your home and reduce dust balls underneath? Storage beds are the perfect solution!


New Year’s Resolutions That Will Change Your Life For The Better

New year’s resolutions can be tricky. At the start of a fresh new year that’s filled promise, hopes and expectations we set ourselves these goals to make life better. To improve, to do more. It makes sense, unless you’re making progress and improving then you’re stuck in the same place. The trouble is, we can set goals that are far too specific or unrealistic, and can be disappointed in ourselves when they fail.

Live a More Healthy Lifestyle

This isn’t setting a goal saying ‘I want to be skinny for summer’ or ‘I want to weigh X amount’ or ‘I want to wear X dress size.’ It’s making an effort to generally live a healthier lifestyle. You could set mini goals here such as eating your five portions of fruit and veg a day, exercising three times a week or going to bed an hour earlier. But make sure they’re realistic and be flexible, that way if things don’t go exactly to plan you’re less likely to feel like you’ve failed and give up. Focus on diet, exercise, sleep, your mental health and general wellbeing. You could join a Zumba or yoga class, you could join a slimming club for recipes and motivation. 5:2 diets are effective as you restrict calories on five days on the week and can eat more on the other two, it gives you more balance and makes you feel less restricted. There are lots of different companies that have variations of this, Shake That Weight version of the 5:2 diet is just one example. You could try different apps or fitness trackers that log your steps, activity, calorie intake, water intake and more to keep tabs on what you do currently so you can see how you can improve.

Ian Schneider

Boost Your Confidence

Living a healthier lifestyle and feeling more confident go hand in hand. But there are other things you can do too. Go to the hairdresser and have a new cut and colour. Treat your skin at a spa or buy some new products. Try out some new makeup items and follow tutorials on Youtube. Purchase some new clothing items that flatter your figure and make you feel good. We all lead such busy lifestyles, it’s easy to put yourself to the bottom of the priority list. Take some time out for you, invest in things that will make you feel good about yourself. You are worth it.

Socialise More

Again it comes back to leading busy lives, but socialising can often take a back seat. Meeting a friend for coffee or lunch, getting everyone round for a dinner party or barbeque might just seem like a luxury but spending time with the people we care about is essential. It helps you to keep close bonds and maintain a support system around you. When things go wrong in life (which they will from time to time) having a friend to support you and a shoulder to cry on can make everything much easier to cope with. Often they can provide you with a different viewpoint or perspective which can be really useful when you have tunnel vision on your problems. Aim to meet up when you can, if that’s not possible at least pick up the phone. Let the ones who matter in your life know that you love and care about them.

Get Your Money Under Control

Whether you earn a little bit of money or a lot, knowing exactly what to do with your income is important. If you’re currently in debt, speak to a debt management company or charity who will help you get the interest frozen and reduce your repayments to a manageable amount. If you keep missing payments and falling behind, check out some of the budgeting apps and computer software out there. This helps you to plan your budget, remind you when to pay and works out exactly how much you’ve paid and got left to pay in the month. At the very least, get a calendar or notepad and write down the dates and amounts that need to be paid so you’re not missing anything. If money is tight each month, work on ways to reduce your spending. It could mean using a price comparison site to make sure you’re getting the best prices on your utilities. It could mean switching big brands on your grocery shop to less expensive brands, and coming up with a meal plan each week so you’re not making unnecessary purchases.

See More of The World

Travel expands your mind, allows you to learn about new cultures, meet new people and it’s fun too! Travel is never a waste of time, if you’re able to make it happen then it’s something that’s definitely worth doing. If you don’t have much money, backpacking or going on a road trip doesn’t cost much and allows you to see part of the world. Even a family vacation means you’re exploring a new place and seeing a new part of the globe. Studies have found one of people’s biggest regrets in life are not travelling more, so don’t let this be one of yours when you’re old and grey. You don’t have to stay in five star hotels or dine in luxury restaurants. You can go camping, stay in motels, eat from cafes, grocery stores and street food from markets. Make it work, get out there and make 2018 your year of travel! You could aim to visit one place a month, even if it’s just driving to another location in the city or country where you live.

People complain about new year’s resolutions, saying that you don’t need a new year to make a change. And this is true (every day is a fresh start after all!) there’s nothing quite like the promise of a new year to help you shift into action. Use this motivation and make the year ahead your best yet.

Have you jotted down any ideas for your new year’s resolutions yet?


I’m Always Looking For A Good Bargain

If there is anything you should know about me it is that I love a good bargain. Whether that be by taking advantage of deals online or visiting charity shops and picking up as new pieces for pence, I can always be found looking for some sort of good deal.

As it comes up to Christmas, I am looking for bargains even more. We have just had Jack’s birthday, we’ve got Christmas in just over two weeks and then Olivia’s birthday is in early January. It can get very expensive so anything that helps keep the costs down is fine by me.

But there’s also another side to this – there is always some fantastic sales in the last few months of the year and the early months of the next – Black Friday sales, Boxing Day sales, January sales. In these, there is always such a wide variety of items that can be bought for a much lower price than normal.

Jonathan Brinkhorst

I’ve been utilising the LatestDeals website recently to help me to find bargains most suited to my needs. I’ve mentioned that we have been looking at new houses recently and are planning on moving. We’ve also got a number of appliances that could do with a refresh – we’ve had our washing machine, fridge and microwave for donkeys years now so to find some cheap microwaves would be very handy. Mine has started making a weird sound when microwaving stuff so I don’t think it is too long before it gives up the ghost. I’ve found a few models that I’m considering but ultimately it all depends on what property we end up moving to and kitchen space – after all, microwaves aren’t one size fits all!

I’ve also managed to pick some great deals on toys for Jack’s birthday and Christmas presents – he is very much into certain things at the moment like Paw Patrol, Scooby Doo and Ghostbusters but those toys and other paraphernalia don’t come cheap. However I have managed to get some fantastic deals on some of the items which has freed up my budget a little to buy some more stuff for stocking fillers.

I’ve also picked up some items for Olivia – although she is obviously not getting too much for Christmas or her birthday as she is only tiny and it is not like she will remember it! She has a walker, some books and some extra little bits but nothing too big.

Have you found any decent bargains recently? Did you pick up anything from the Black Friday sales and will you be logging on this Boxing Day to grab some good bargains?




Life: An Update

Life has been a little strange recently. Work has picked up massively but it seems like just as soon as we are getting somewhere, something comes to bring us down again. I’ve had a few end of year bills come in and have paid them with the excess money I have been earning – however this means I haven’t been saving as much as I would usually do.

We finally found two properties in our area that suited our needs. I’ve mentioned before that the rental we are in right now is a little too small for our needs and we need to move but stay within this area due to Jack’s schooling.One property is perfect, the other almost perfect – but we encountered a problem. With my savings almost depleted, Steve’s inheritance still pending and our deposit in this place tied up until we move out, we couldn’t work out just how to get the deposit for one of these other places.

We finally hit on an idea and searched for online personal loans to see if we could find one that would help in this situation. The plan is to pay it back as soon as the inheritance comes through or my savings start rising again. We finally found one and now we are just waiting on hearing about the properties, to see if we can move out after all. Unfortunately we were in a Catch 22 situation – if we didn’t raise the funds, then we definitely wouldn’t have been able to afford the deposit. If we don’t get the property, we now have funds for no reason. But decisions have to be made and that’s what we decided. Hopefully it works in our favour!

pina messina

If we don’t actually move out just yet, we will keep it in savings until it is required – finding a property that suits our needs in this area isn’t that easy due to really high property prices, both to rent and buy. Of course, if the money comes in to pay off the loan before we need it for anything, then of course we will pay it off.

That’s not the only thing that has been going on recently. Steve’s searching for a part time job to go alongside his studies, work (as I mentioned before) seems to have perked up quite dramatically the past few weeks and life is very busy. However I sometimes find the life working from home a little lonely at times so with the prospect of a few new businesses in the village in the New Year, I might take on a few hours at one of those, just to get out of the house and have some time to myself. Sounds silly but I know plenty of mums who do actually go out to work, not for the money but the time to themselves!

Jack has just turned six and Olivia is about to turn one. With so much in the pipeline for 2018, I had better get preparing. Life has been a little bizarre recently – taking turns I am just not used to – but hopefully these twists and turns will all work out for the best. Fingers crossed we manage to get one of these properties – I’ll let you know.

What has been going on in your life lately?

Collaborative Post

Decorating The Table And Chairs For Christmas

For the first time in years,we are hosting Christmas this year. We usually head to Steve’s parents but with them being away this year, his brother and my mum will be coming to ours. The pressure is on since it has been quite some time since we have hosted guests for Christmas and trying to get stuff that everyone likes is a nightmare. Not to mention that we are very lacking in space in this house so some moving around may be required to fit everyone in.

We’re yet to decorate the house for Christmas having just had Jack’s birthday and will be doing so soon but what I have been thinking about is how we will decorate the dining table and dining chairs for Christmas. Steve’s mum always has a beautifully festive table and chairs and I want to do the same. We’re actually lacking in dining chairs for everyone with all our guests so I could probably do with some more dining chairs too!

Brooke Lark

I plan on getting a nice festive tablecloth and festive napkins for the table plus some crackers with some hilarious jokes. Of course we will have our nice cutlery and glasses out too. But how can I decorate dining chairs to look festive?

I didn’t realise but there is so many different things you can do to make your dining chairs more Christmassy for the big day. Maybe add a simple bow, you could even choose different colours for each guest. I’ve heard of people using glitter sprayed pinecones in their decor too so I’m sure there is a way you could work those into a chair decoration. Of course, what is Christmas without a wreath? I’m thinking a tiny wreath on the back of each dining chair would make for some lovely festive decor. Guests can even take them home afterwards!

Although I am quite daunted by the prospect of hosting Christmas this year, I am also quite excited. After all, it gives me a chance to make my house super festive (which is always fun for the kids) and show people what I can do – and it means that if I make myself in charge of the decor, then Steve can be responsible for the food on the day instead, haha!

Do you decorate your table and chairs for Christmas? What do you do?