Dating Online In The UK

Have you given online dating a try recently? It has changed so much over the years, evolved into something more. Whether you are a regular on the Surrey dating site or you live further afield and the Yorkshire dating site is more your hunting ground, there are so many single men and women out there waiting to hear from you and you are bound to find someone you share a deep connection with.

Whilst there are some dating apps and sites that have a bad press, they aren’t all bad – and whether you are looking for some fun or believe there is the potential of a long term relationship from it, online dating really does offer you the best of both worlds. You get to ‘window shop’ and see what men and women are out there and can act on it only if you really want to. Meeting in a real life situation rather than online can make it difficult to say no to a date if you aren’t interested – there’s just something about face to face contact that can be quite awkward. This way you can get to know the people online first before considering taking things further.

Its handy to know that there is a dating site for everyone out there. Whilst my aunt is quite happily single, she lives on the Isle of Wight and there is even an Isle of Wight dating site should she choose to find herself a new partner. Whether you are young or old, man or woman, rich or poor, online dating sites don’t tend to discriminate and it is great that we are now at a point where there are local dating sites available at our fingertips. We can meet local singles without making too much of an effort! I’ve got single friends all across the country so its nice to know they have the opportunity to meet a local man or woman if they choose to – whether they use a Bristol dating site, a Cambridge dating site or some other location’s local site.

If you want to look for a relationship now, it couldn’t be any easier. So what are you waiting for?


Finding The Right Shoes For You

I have never known families that are so hard to buy shoes for as mine. I’ve gone from having narrow feet when I was younger which made shopping for shoes difficult to putting on weight and needing slightly larger than normal. My mum has quite large feet for a woman, wide too – and finding the right shoes for her can be so difficult sometimes if her size at a certain shop is too small.

My Dad often had trouble finding shoes for himself when he was alive but I am making sure that Jack always has shoes that fit perfectly. I’ve never mentioned this before on my blog but I had to have an operation when I was 15 because of a problem with my foot that was exacerbated by wearing cheap shoes that didn’t fit properly. Now 12 years on, I’m considering get the other operated on so I know how important it is to have the right shoes.

I will never skimp when it comes to my children’s health. Whether it is their eyes, their teeth, their feet – I will make sure they get the best possible care to avoid problems in the future. If only I could persuade some of my family to do the same – but you can’t make stubborn people do anything, eh?

I’ve been checking out this extra wide shoes buying guide to give me some idea of what I should be purchasing for mine and my mum’s feet. It can be so stressful trying to find a perfect pair of shoes – especially when you are shoe shopping for the whole family and just want to get in and out of the shops as quickly as you possibly can – so knowing exactly what you need to be looking for gets rid of so much stress and hassle.

Do you always make sure you have the right shoes – or do you just opt for the cheapest ‘just so’ pair? I’d love to know how you buy shoes for yourself and your family.


18 Shake Alternatives

As you may read in the review on, 18 Shake contains only organic components. The formula of this shake provides the best combination of ingredients for the better weight loss results. The shake shows great values in all essential ingredients such as sugar, fat, protein and fiber. Sugar comes from the natural sweetener called stevia and its amount in one serving does not exceed 1 gram. Protein of this meal replacement consists of two protein sources. The first one is whey protein isolate that provides all the necessary amino acids. The second one is whey protein concentrate that supplies more fats, lactose and carbohydrates. As a result, the users obtain 15 grams of top quality protein.

Due to well-balanced caloric content (90), 18 Shake shows great efficiency in hunger suppression. However, it is not the only advantage of the shake appreciated by the consumers. Since the product contains no artificial sweeteners or other synthetic ingredients, you will unlikely experience any side effects. To sum up, 18 Shake is an effective safe product with great chocolate taste that costs around $50. This probably the best solution in the market of 2017.

However, if for some reason you need to find an alternative to this meal replacement, look at the following list of its competitors.

YES Shake

This product designed by Yoli is free of any synthetic components or cheap additives. The main feature of YES Shake is PuraWhey. This is a protein blend on the basis of whey protein source. Each serving of this meal replacement supplies 12 grams of top-class protein.

The energy value of the shake is 80 calories. The content of sugar is 2 grams making this diet shake a great solution for both losing weight and building muscles. The users differ in opinion about YES Shake, while some consumers are dissatisfied with taste and performance, while the others claim great effects of using the shake. Nevertheless, the majority of negative feedbacks is associated with the overestimated price of the product. A month supply costs $80.


Shakeology is an effective meal replacement that is made of around 70 components. Despite the enormous price of the shake ($130), the ingredients can be called unique or super qualitative. The product offers 130 calories for effective appetite suppression. The protein of Shakeology comes from five plant protein sources and one whey protein. The overall quality of protein is not bad.

The major trouble of Shakeology is high content of sugar. This fact reduces the performance of the shake for weight management purpose. However, the users are satisfied with appetite suppression efficiency and complain about too high price.

IsaLean Shake

This MR product by Isagenix is free of artificial sweeteners and soy. IsaLean contains around 30 ingredients. The protein consists of casein and whey protein sources. Such blend results in unthinkable 24 grams of protein in each serving.

Besides, the content of calories and sugar is also huge. Each serving of IsaLean Shake is filled with 240 calories 11 grams of sugar. These values are not favorable for losing weight but useful for appetite suppression.


3 Easy Date Ideas

Struggling to think of date ideas? Perhaps you and your partner haven’t been on a date for a while and don’t really know what you can do. Perhaps you met on a Derbyshire dating site and have used up all your date ideas. Perhaps you’ve done all the usual dates that people do and want to do something different. Here are three different date ideas that you can do easily right now.

Have A Picnic

It is easy, it is free – all you need to do is bring the food, the drink and the blanket. What if you’re single, Scottish and just met someone on your local Fife dating site? Perhaps suggest a picnic as a great first date. You’d be meeting in a wide open space with plenty of people around and you don’t have to spend lots of money on a date that could potentially go nowhere. You can even do this on the Isle of Man if you have found someone on your local Isle of Man dating site.

Do Something Active

Why not consider doing something like Go Ape? You can be active, have fun and it is quite a unique date idea compared to the usual. There are so many around the London area so if you are from Essex and met your partner on an Essex dating site, perhaps this is the perfect date idea for you!

Get Up In The Sky

Try something different by going on a hot air balloon ride or something extreme like bungee jumping. If you’ve been on the Berkshire dating site and met the man or woman of your dreams, why not try something together that is a little bit different? Just make sure you both like heights!

What date ideas do you have?



The Importance Of The Perfect Wedding Ring

There’s a lot of imagery that comes with the idea of a wedding. The flowers, the guests, maybe the church hall – the beautiful surroundings, the suits and of course the dress.  All of these things come with the idea of the wedding and all of them signify matrimony. The biggest sign of the wedding is the wedding ring, despite everything else – the wedding can’t happen with the rings!

The wedding ring is an incredibly important part of a wedding. Why is that? Well, rings have always proved partnership – from the Egyptian days where rings made of the papyrus reed were offered to potential wives right through to now, where you buy a set of rings to propose a marriage and then seal a marriage.

Marriage has been seen as a religious tradition, but rings haven’t! Christians didn’t except the ring’s use in marriage until almost one thousand years after Christ. However, the wedding rings used were not the simple ones we prefer now – they were high fashion and decorated to the extreme. The Church still disagreed though and their views became the norm in the 13th Century, when rings became simplified and more spiritual. We still see this today, but we still use excess with our luxurious engagement rings, which are seen as an embodiment of love, so need to be beautiful, fashionable and expensive! The wedding band is more refined.

Yes, there are two rings – the engagement ring and the wedding ring! You propose with one and ‘seal the deal’ with the other. Both are incredibly important in the role of the wedding. The engagement ring is usually more exciting – simply to signify the seriousness of the commitment and the love involved, while the wedding band harkens back to traditional times. We still follow in that vein to this day, and it doesn’t look like it is changing.

It’s almost important to get the perfect wedding ring for your partner. A nature lover might love something more laid back, so check out these wooden wedding ring sets while a traditionalist will opt for a gold band. It’s all about knowing your partner, so you need to be the expert here. Choosing a wedding ring that is heavily disliked by your partner is a recipe of disaster in a number of areas, simply because it is so very important.

A wedding ring is specifically important because it’s usually worn every single day moving on from the wedding. A ring sends a message to everyone that you’re in a relationship. What’s more, it’s a constant reminder that you’re in love, and there is another person on this planet that loves you back! It is a constant reminder of your happy day. Getting the right wedding ring is important because it’s one of the only things that will last for an entire lifetime, hopefully like your marriage! Not many things are eternal, but marriage should be, and a wedding ring is – it might just be one of the most important decisions you have ever made. Take it seriously!