Dating Has Changed – But For The Better?

I will never proclaim to be a dating blogger or pretend I know a lot about the dating scene nowadays – after all, I haven’t been single in over eight years – but I do write regular content for some dating sites in my freelance life so I do have to know a little bit about what is going on in regards to dating.

So many of my friends are currently in ‘break up mode’ and looking for new loves or are getting married. I’m at the period of time in my life where everyone is starting on new beginnings whether that is with the end of a relationship or the start of a marriage or the birth of a child. This is such a stark change from eight to ten years ago when we were all young, carefree and single and could go out whenever we wanted. Now we have responsibilities.

Back then you met people in bars, clubs, whilst out. Dating sites were only just coming into fruition in those days and now you can’t move for dating websites or apps for your phone. They now even have area specific or age specific dating sites – this Dorset dating site, Tayside dating site, Manchester dating site and Bedfordshire dating site are just a few area specific examples whilst over 50s dating Staffordshire and over 50s dating Birmingham are just two examples of age specific (and perhaps even area specific) sites.

There was only a few dating sites to choose from back then which is why my friends and I relied on meeting people whilst out. Living in a small village though, you had to make sure the guy you were talking to wasn’t also originally from the village – my friends and I have big families and you don’t want to find out that the guy you are getting on really well with is actually a distant cousin, do you? Steve actually lived and worked in the village just like me but was actually originally from the next town over so I knew everything was okay there. My friends and I did have one guy try it on in the pub one day with us though – only for my Mum to mention that he happened to be our distant cousin – eek!

The main point of this post though was to discuss the fact that dating has changed so much over the years – but is this for the better or not? I actually think this is a double edged sword. Yes, there is so much more variety now and you can really whittle down your search by using a site that looks for specific things – you can use an area specific site, an age specific site, a fetish site, a sugar daddy/sugar baby site, a cougar/toyboy site. You want to look for it, you will be able to find a site that specifies in it.

However with so much choice comes so many problems too. Certain apps have a reputation for just being full of men and women wanting hookups and being total jerks – however you can get the odd good egg. There is also the fact that you can literally have too much choice and don’t know which way to turn. Finally it is sad that the old way of meeting people for the first time in a bar is dwindling out. Gone is the time you will swap numbers and arrange a date – now it’s all like Geordie Shore (don’t get me wrong, I love that show!) where you take them home straight away. Going out and meeting someone isn’t about finding someone to date anymore, its about finding someone who will want to jump into bed with you at the end of the night – and whilst if people want to do that. it’s fine, but it is also a shame that people can no longer tell the stories to their grandchildren about ‘how their eyes met across the bar’ and stuff like that.

Dating sites have certainly revolutionised the dating scene and I can only see them getting bigger. I do think dating has changed for the better with everyone having so much choice but I think I would be totally lost and overwhelmed if I was to join the dating scene again anytime soon. Just seems so crazy! What do you think?

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Get Your Voice Heard With The New Hatch App From C Space

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Hatch by C Space was only available to US and Mexico before but it is now live in the UK too – why not download today to start earning rewards and influencing big brands. Below are links to download on iTunes and Google Play. Please use referral code UKLaunch1 when signing up – this is my referral link and I would be ever so grateful!

You can find the iTunes Hatch here and the Google Play Hatch here. Don’t forget to use referral code: UKLaunch1. You know how much I love a good survey – so I will be airing my thoughts on the app! Why don’t you join me?

The Key Features of a Fab Living Room

There is no doubt that the living room is one of the most important ones in your home. It is a place where you can gather together as a family to enjoy some fun times together; a place where you can invite friends over to catch up; and a place where you can unwind at the end of a busy day. So, a room this important needs some thought into how you are going to make it the best area you possibly can. Of course, the actual furnishings and features are important, but a great living room is also created by how you choose to design it and the ways in which you get the most out of the space you have. Coming up, we’re going to look at some of the key features of a fab living room and discuss each one in more detail.

A Social Seating Arrangement

When you are choosing where you want to position your furniture, you want everything to be arranged in a way that helps to spark off conversation. This is definitely not going to be the case is everything is pushed back against the walls and everyone has to shout to hear each other! So, try to position your furniture so it is facing each other while not putting too much distance in between the different items. At the same time, you also want to make the room easy to navigate comfortably so there is definitely a balance to be struck.

A Mix of Art and Personal Items

One of the best ways that you can add a personal touch to your living room is with the artwork and family photos that you select. But try not to cram in too much and leave some negative space which will give the eyes natural resting points. If you have a particularly interesting piece of art or photo, you could make this the focal point of the room by hanging it somewhere that is instantly noticeable from the moment someone walks into the room.

Choose Your Furniture Carefully

You should choose your furniture carefully as you will likely be living with it for a long period of time. So, whether you go for modern furniture or something more classic, you should make sure that you are 100 percent happy. Every piece that you have should serve a function, and try to avoid adding extra items that you don’t like all that much just to fill up the space. Whenever you choose a new piece, think about it carefully to make sure that it fits in with the overall style that you are trying to create.

Make Changes and Evolutions Over Time

Of course, you won’t want to be changing your furniture every couple of years but there are plenty of other additions that you can make to your living room over time. You may want to give it a lick of paint to freshen up the space. You may just want to add some new cushions or throw rugs which can help to give the furniture a new look without going through the expense of actually changing it. In today’s digital world, we often forget to actually have photos developed, so don’t forget to do this so you always have new mementos to look at and bring back fond memories.

Make it Cosy and Welcoming

The whole point of a living room is that it actually feels lived in. So, you don’t want the space to feel like it has just been lifted straight out of a design magazine. Everyone has their own quirks and personal touches that they want to add to the room. It may well be that you have an overflowing toy chest in the corner or some bean bags scattered around the room, but the point is that this is a room that you can well and truly call your own.

Bring in Some House Plants

If you are looking to add some more life to your living room, there is no better way of doing this than with some house plants. Not only do they look great from a design point of view, but they also have a number of other benefits which are worth mentioning. First of all, they play a big role in reducing carbon dioxide levels in the room and they have also been shown to reduce certain pollutant levels including benzene and nitrogen dioxide. On top of this, they can also reduce airborne dust levels and keep air temperatures down as well.

Storage is Important

As we talked about at the start, you want the living room to be a relaxing and comfortable room which is certainly going to be much more challenging if there is clutter all over the place. So, this is where creative storage solutions come in handy. First of all, you should aim to clear anything out that isn’t used on a regular basis and move it to more traditional storage locations like closets or the garage. And anything that you do want to keep should be stored on shelves, drawers or cabinets.

Highlight with the Lighting

One thing that you certainly want your living room to be is well lit. A good option that allows you to throw light on key features is track lighting or maybe recessed lighting. Ultimately, you don’t want it shining directly overhead as this could feel like a spotlight. Lamps are a good idea as they act as design features as well as sources of lighting. However, don’t put one directly next to the TV as this already gives out light. Big windows are also great in the living room as they allow plenty of natural light inside.

So, give some of these tips a go to see what a difference they could make to your living room. And after you have finished, you can sit back and relax, basking in the glory of the wonderful space that you have created!     


Choosing The Right Venue To Set The Mood On Your Wedding Day

Picking the right wedding venue will undoubtedly be, one the most important decisions any engaged couple can decide. The venue can be in any style, so the choice is completely void of the lack of choice. The venue could be a castle, a hotel, a manor house in the countryside, a barn on farmland, or a mystical retreat by a lakeside. The venue should reflect your and your partner’s personalities, the things you’re interested in and thereby the setting that most matters to you both. Architecture, size, materials and the location will all have a subconscious effect on your guests, and it will create the image they’ll keep in their minds of your wedding, for the rest of their lives. And, so will you; so the move the budget aside, the timing schedule you’ve planning and the honeymoon all to the back of your mind. You need to allocate a good amount of time to the reasons, why, you’re going to choose a certain venue. There some stand-alone tips which you should incorporate into your thinking.

Finding your style

If you have a darker nature to your personality, you could book a venue with a little history linked back to it from the Middle Ages. Castles are great for this kind of wedding; something with history, ancient civilisations and the smell of the bricks. If you’re religious, you may find more comfort in a cathedral, than you may in your local church. Cathedrals in the UK will have a gothic 14th-century twist to their architecture. However many modern cathedrals, however, have less stubborn features to the building and much more room inside. If you’re someone who is in tune with nature, a manor house in the countryside would be a great place to take your vows.

When to book

It’s normal for couples to book their chosen venue around 12-18 months in advance. This is so the date is not booked by another couple, and the company who either owns the venue or has it on their list of options is prepared in advance. If you’re working directly with a venue, agreeing to the set date is going to need you to employ a negotiating stance. You may also, need to pay extra, but you should book the venue even further out in advance if you can; over two years if need be. You must also factor in the weather. Study the meteorological patterns over the venue or perhaps ask the company, if they can supply you with the relevant information.

Take precautions

When you book the venue, make sure it’s in writing. You may get an online confirmation, so before you click on anything that finalises the purchase, carefully read the terms and conditions of the agreement. If you want any special circumstances for your wedding, they’ll have to be agreed to in person, and in writing. To protect yourself, from the other party falling through, get a wedding insurance policy from a company such as Regarding the venue, any agreement that is changed on the day, such as the allotted time that you paid for being decreased, certain parts of the venue being cut off to guests, last minute changes to the day or the venue cancelling should be subject to a coverage plan.

Sufficient room

Although a venue may look spectacular from the outside, the inside may leave a little something to be desired. It’s important to not put style over substance and rely totally on pleasing aesthetics when it comes to catering for all your guests. A spectacular building will only go so far, when family and friends want the room to play, dance, eat, drink and laugh. Work out how many guests will be coming to your wedding, and mold the stylish choices you make of the venue around the number of people. There must be ample room for tables, chairs, and waiters to move around freely. Many wedding venues will have main halls, but the size of these rooms should be measured by an independent professional to give you an accurate figure. The tables and chairs can all be downsized too, to make room, but the venue itself must be comfortable handling potentially hundreds of people.

Take the time to search within yourself and find the perfect style that would compliment your personality. Not all weddings are going to be like fairy tales, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying. The key is not to let emotional response get in the way of logical thinking. Book the venue well in advance, and start thinking about how best you will use the room supplied to you.


Five Date Ideas

I mentioned recently that Steve and I are making time to have a date night every now and again to ourselves. We really don’t make enough time for ourselves as a couple and we really should do. We’ve been coming up with ideas for what we can do on dates that doesn’t always rely on a movie and some dinner and here are five ideas for you:

Play A Sport

It may sound silly but going out and getting active can be the perfect date. Whether you are great at tennis or love a good run, why not turn your passion into a date? We live in Hertfordshire so we have plenty of things to choose from – a great addition to the Watford dating scene is Top Golf – as Steve loves golf, it is a great date for the two of us.

Go On A Day Trip

I love visiting places for the day and one of my favourite places I have ever visited was Cadbury World – if you are trying out the Birmingham dating scene, then this would definitely be a unique dating idea. But seeing as we are Hertfordshire based, I am trying to persuade Steve that he wants to take me to the Harry Potter studios..

Go Hiking

Now this won’t be for everyone as not everyone will have the resources available at their disposal but hiking is a great way to get out into the great outdoors and spend some time with each other. I’d love to visit Snowdonia – those giving Gwynedd dating a try are very lucky!

Be Romantic

Ever considered doing something extremely romantic on a date? After all, they are meant to be about the romance! Perhaps visit one of the many places talked about in romance novels or perhaps you’d love to visit the birthplace of some romantic writers – could there be anyone more romantic than Shakespeare and his sonnets? I’d love to try Warwickshire dating as a great date would be to Shakespeare’s birthplace.

See The Sights

Why not make it a date weekend and perhaps even book some time away? Visit the Western Isles and see what sights you can go and see. Those trying Western Isles dating are very lucky with all those beautiful sights to be able to see on a regular basis. For those of us who are not so lucky to live in such a beautiful area, we will just have to consider a date weekend instead, eh?

What date ideas do you have?