Best Places To Promote Your Posts

This post was originally published in 22nd January 2015 but I wanted to re-publish it for you today because I have a feeling that you’ll love it as much as I did.

I’ve been meaning to post this for quite some time, months in fact. Funny thing is that since I first started planning this post, the places have swapped around quite a bit. I am finding some platforms much better at promotion than I was last year whilst some of my former loves have taken a tumble down the list. Nevertheless here are my best places to promote your posts.

Whilst I would have to say that Pinterest isn’t currently my top referral for traffic, it has grown and grown since I started paying more attention to the site. One of my goals this year was to utilise the site more, spending more time on my images and pinning images from blogs I love. I was told to pin at certain times a day – little but often (no pinning a trillion images in a short time period) and I’ve also picked up a few more tips along the way. This is definitely the fastest growing platform for me in terms of referral traffic and I am looking forward to seeing what it has to bring me for the rest of the year.


After a long discussion with Gemma and Vicky the other day regarding Pinterest as a tool for promotion, we all lamented how much Twitter has fallen in regards to promotion. Whilst it was always incredibly fast moving, Twitter always seemed like a great place to network and promote – via Twitter chats, Twitter lists or relevant hashtags. Twitter used to be number one for referral traffic for me but it barely features nowadays. The only reason it does feature so highly is that although it may not garner as many click throughs anymore, I have met some amazing people via Twitter, some who I know now read my blog regularly as I do theirs. Without Twitter, we wouldn’t have met.


3 | Facebook 
What do I mean, Facebook? Don’t I realise that reach is pretty much impossible nowadays unless I shove Facebook some cash? Well yes..I do realise that. But I am not talking about that. I am talking about Facebook groups.

Whilst Facebook groups for bloggers won’t necessarily promote your posts to non bloggers, you do get the opportunity to share your latest posts, find bloggers within your niche and make friends. I’ve met countless other bloggers through FB groups whose blogs I’ve grown to love. Whilst reach is obviously limited and restricted to other bloggers, these groups can be invaluable.

4 | Instagram
There is no denying that people want a more visual blog reading experience now so I find Instagram can be great at promoting blog posts. I try not to post too many blog related photos on there as I also have family and non blog friends/readers who follow me so I only promote specific posts. However, these visual representations of my blog post often direct people to my blog so I can’t complain. Pinterest and Instagram are certainly rising up the rankings for me when it comes to promoting my blog posts.

5 | Google+
The one I am still yet to truly conquer but probably the one I should the most. I have Google+ sharing set up as soon as a post goes live so I can add a message, change images around if needs be – just make amendments. What I do find with Google+ is that a great visual and a interesting tagline are what draws people in – then you just need to make sure your content matches up to their expected standard.

Where would you say are the best places to promote your posts? I occasionally use forums, StumbleUpon and LinkedIn but find these work best for me. How about you?


Five More Bloggers To Follow

I recently posted about 5 blogs you should be following so today I thought I would bring you five more bloggers to follow! So who am I recommending to you now?

five more bloggers to follow


Angela’s blog is one of my most favourite recent discoveries. Her content has a lot of variety but is always engaging whether she is talking about making money blogging or her personal life. She is a real inspiration to me and a daily read.


Stevie’s blog has long been a favourite of mine, I am surprised I haven’t mentioned her before. She writes some fantastic posts, runs some great linkys and is generally a lovely person and a fab part of the community.


I have known Courtney for years now so it seems bizarre that I haven’t really mentioned how much I love her blog. So now its time. I love how honest she is about her life, I have so much respect for her. Plus how great does she always look in her outfit posts? Well worth a read!


Aimee’s blog is a fairly new discovery for me but is quickly becoming one of my favourites. She has some really interesting posts and she’s definitely worth checking out.


Gem’s blog is always great to check out as I never know what to expect but her posts are always fantastic. I love how she writes about her favourite films, her month in review, so many different topics but they are always interesting and engaging. Worthy of a read!

Whose blogs would you recommend?

Monthly Goals | February Goals

So this is a few days later than I planned to get this up but I needed to collate the info to see how I had done in January and what I want to do for my February goals.

So how did I do in January?



  • Get at least 4 posts up on Keene On Saving this month – MAJOR FAIL. Think I may give up, I’ve lost the love for it.
  • Get non time sensitive content scheduled in advance – SEMI PASS. Managed it somewhat.
  • Write at least two guest posts for others – Nope, nope and nope again. Hope to change it this month!
  • Build up my Instagram following and interaction – YES! I managed it. I have seen my account grow loads in January


  • Find at least one long term client – SEMI PASS. I found someone in January but didn’t start working with them for February.
  • Start planning for the ideas I have had – SEMI PASS. Started this off but still need to spend more time on it.
  • Update my work website regularly and promote it more – SEMI PASS. I have been promoting it more but haven’t been updating it as much as I should, whoops.


  • Enter at least five writing competitions. I’ve already entered two this year (yes, two were entered on the 1st of January) so that leaves another three. I am going to enter one that is free of restrictions then two (or more, if I feel like it!) that have a specific theme. I will use this fantastic website to find them. – FAIL. I managed two but I did manage to participate in Prose For Thought quite a bit.
  • Read at least 11 books this month. I have already read two but since I have now set my 2016 reading challenge, I now know how many I need to keep on track to reach my overall goal. –  YES! I managed 14, yay!


  • Get decluttering and donate/sell what I can – SEMI PASS. Managed to get rid of a lot of stuff in January but still got more to go.
  • Hustle for more work to help me achieve my overall financial goals – PASS. I spent a lot of January working out where my strengths lie.
  • Keep adding small amounts to my savings account – FAIL. Had to take some out but I did end the month by putting a cheque in there.


  • Lose 0.5lb to 1lb a week – I want to lose 1lb this week to hit my half stone but also feel this is an achievable and realistic weight loss goal for the month – FAIL. I had a bit of a weird month, what with my birthday and everything.
  • Walk more – I will be getting more walking in once Jack gets back to school but rather than going straight home (unless I absolutely have to), I am planning on going for a long walk two to three times a week before picking him up. – PASS. Been walking everywhere and plan on doing more this month!
  • Get exercising – It doesn’t matter how but I aim to get some exercise (that isn’t walking) in somewhere – PASS! I have been using the exercise bike and have plans to diversify my fitness routine this month.

February Goals

So what are my February Goals?


  • Write at least two guest posts
  • Get scheduled two weeks in advance (apart from time sensitive content)


  • Update my work website more regularly.
  • Search out some more long term clients


  • Enter at least three writing competitions
  • Read at least 15 books
  • Check over my half finished NaNoWriMo draft from November and try and add some more each weekend


  • Hustle for more work
  • Declutter some more
  • Add at least £100 to my savings account


  • Exercise more – and try to diversify my exercise routine more this month.
  • Lose 0.5lb to 1lb a week at least.
  • Walk even more
  • Look for a reputable personal trainer in my area that works like this personal trainer in Singapore

What goals have you set yourself for this month?


My Most Popular Instagram Photos

I saw someone do a post like this recently (I forget who) and it looked like fun so I wanted to join in. Here are my most popular Instagram photos, what are yours? It is interesting to see the content my followers prefer on my feed and what doesn’t fare so well. Don’t forget to follow me too, I am @rebeccajlsk. I used ink361 to find out my most popular photos!

My five most liked pictures are these: instagram photos most liked

It seems my most liked pictures are Slimming World as two of these pictures feature in the top 5 but the most liked is actually Jack’s Halloween outfit! The Harry Potter adult colouring book proved popular too and Steve’s Sticky Toffee Pudding from a review meal crept into the top 5 on likes.

My most commented pictures were slightly different though:

instagram photos most commented

Jack yet again creeps into 1st place on the most commented. Randomly, the new flavour Muller Light is my next most commented followed by MY pudding from the same review meal as above, the tomb of the Unknown Soldier which I linked up to Zena and Kaz’s new #inspiringtravelpics hashtag and finished off by Jack’s preschool graduation which I linked up to #MyHappyCapture, run by Sian and Katy and also #LittleFierceOnes run by Aby and Amy – some great Instagram communities that you should certainly check out!

This has been an interesting project to undertake – it seems people love to see pictures of Jack (although not constantly), pictures of food whether Slimming World or otherwise and me sharing my Slimming World achievements. I shall be sure to keep this in mind when curating my feed from now on.

What are your most popular Instagram pictures? I would love to see you write a post about yours! If you do, tweet the links to me at @OhNoItsBex – I would love to take a look!

Five Blogs You Should Be Following

Every now and again I like sharing some blogs that I have really grown to love in recent weeks and who I think you should be checking out too. That time has rolled around again so here are my five blogs you should be following, the January edition.

five blogs


I adore Lucy’s blog. It is always full of fun, fresh and exciting content and I can always find something new to read. I’ve been particularly enjoying reading all about Veganuary experience. A great read.


Jessica’s blog is a real mix of content and I really love that. She has really interesting posts and I also love reading about the things that interest her such as her history, dolls or magazine posts. A real mixture and a worthy read.


Sally’s blog is simply beautiful and she always has fantastic content too. Whether she is writing about beauty products, sharing a recipe or even posting one of her 7 Days, 7 Posts blog posts where she mentions her favourite posts from that week, you can always guarantee a great experience. Go check out her blog now!


I have found that my Amazon wishlist always seems to get larger after a visit to Laura’s blog. Her blog is stunning and she always writes such interesting posts that I always go back for more. Her book reviews are my favourite – even if they do end up costing me money!


Dannii’s blog isn’t new to me as such, I’ve been aware of it for a while but it is only recently that I have become totally and utterly addicted. As I am trying to eat much more healthily now that I am on Slimming World and keeping syns down to a minimum, I have found that Dannii’s recipes are just the ticket. She has even just released her own recipe book which I have popped onto my Amazon wishlist as a clue to Steve & Jack for what I want for my birthday next week. I can’t wait to get it and try out even more of her fab recipes!

What bloggers do you think deserve some more attention? Let me know below!