BEDM #3 – Weekend Morning Routine

Today’s #BEDM prompt is Weekend Morning Routine. I will be the first to admit I don’t really stick to many routines except when it comes to Jack. I hate things to be the same day in and day out – I find it rather monotonous and boring and it makes me strive for some excitement. Our weekend will normally be one of three ways, however.

Scenario #1: Steve is working days so it is just me and Jack around in the morning. I wake up when Steve goes to work then fall back into a doze until Jack wakes up. We get up, eat our breakfast, do our teeth, watch some TV (normally CBeebies – I don’t really get a say in the matter) and then decide our plan of action for the day. We may go and visit family, stay in and play toys or craft or we may go shopping or to the park. It all depends on how we’re feeling and what the weather is like.

Scenario #2: Steve is working nights. Pretty much the same as above but if we go out, we normally go out before Steve wakes up after getting in from a night shift. This is so Jack can be around to see his Daddy in the short time between waking up and going to another night shift (damn long commutes!)

Scenario #3: My favourite of all – Steve is off work and has actually managed to have a good nights sleep. We spend these days doing fun things: whether that is visiting Steve’s side of the family, going shopping as a family or visiting the river and playing pooh sticks – we always make the most of them. The morning generally starts the same although we do tend to be a little more relaxed and occasionally attempt a lie in – not always easy with a toddler who wants to go out and explore!

What is your morning routine?

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