BEDM #2 – Five Favourite Posts

The prompt for today is Five Favourite Posts. Whilst Elizabeth says we don’t necessarily have to follow the prompts, I love this prompt and thought it would be a great idea to share my favourite posts from over the past three years.
True Friends – those ‘friends’ really aren’t worth your time, after all.
Blogging vs Comping – I wrote this back in Summer 2013 and it is still relevant now.
How To Use Rafflecopter – A guide for those entering a giveaway with a Rafflecopter form.
Difficulties Of Being A Mum – I talked about some real home truths here; it felt good to let it out.
How To Write And Send A Guest Post – One of my most viewed posts of all time; this makes it so much easier for everyone!
What are your favourite posts?Blog Every Day in May badge

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5 thoughts on “BEDM #2 – Five Favourite Posts

  1. Oooh you're a right little tutorial-informative post writer aren't you? I hadn't seen most of these before so I shall have a read πŸ˜€ thanks for sharing! My shares aren't anywhere near as useful haha!

  2. I feel the same about "friends". I have made greater friends online and will be meeting a few of them for the first time and hopefully make new ones soon at BML.
    Blogging vs Comping. I do not mind who enters my giveaways/comps, the majority of entrants stay around, with just a few not. Its all good for stats with blog traffic too.

    I think a lot of those "perfect" posts are make believe, who really has time to bake from scratch do the housework and make a house spotless in every room while running around after a toddler or 2 plus blog about it haha. JMO

    Your tutorials are great too πŸ™‚

  3. I can definitely relate to your post about the difficulties of being a mum and it's great to read about the not so pretty & perfect side of things. My sitting room looks like a branch of Toys 'R Us, my ironing pile could probably be seen from space and my daughter (2 years going on 40) kicked me so hard earlier that I actually cried!

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