Maximise your bedroom space with these savvy storage tips

Creating a space savvy bedroom is all about organisation and the correct furniture. A lot of us tend to focus on the on our décor additions when it comes to being space conscious and that tends to be where we go wrong because you can do a hell of a lot more with your bedroom furniture. Just simply changing where you place your bed or your lighting can make the world of difference to storage space. Here are some tips to help you out.

The right bed

Your bed is of course the most crucial part of your bedroom. For a small room, the bed takes its shape the heart of the bedroom. For a bigger bedroom having a bed right in the middle of the room could work really well also. But for the best results of storage and space is a storage bed. With these you can pull them up by a handle and you have so much storage underneath to put anything you want in it. Check out Divan Beds Centre for a wide selection of beds and choose the one that give you more space saving goodness. If you are fixated on on not having your bed in the corner of the room, then get yourself matching floating beside tables as this will free up lots of foot space for you. Get a bed with a low frame and headboard as well because they create the sense of spaciousness.

Shelves and wardrobe space

Moving away from the bed now and on to the wardrobe and shelving space. If you have a smaller bedroom a wardrobe with a glass / see through door adds so much more. But, if you’re not one for organisation or tidiness then it probably bests that you have translucent doors or mirrored ones. An open rail is also a great choice; it gives off so much more space plus things are a lot easier to find on a rail, great for those on a smaller budget too.

Customise your wardrobe and shelve system as it will help you store lots more stuff. Place baskets for your things in those awkward spaces near the ceiling or in the corners as it will magically transform into useful storage space. If you take the time to properly store all your clothes, then it could give a lot more storage space and more than likely make you realise you don’t need or wear half your clothes!


This is a unique idea and one that is only for an acquired taste. But trunks fit in so perfectly with any sized room and can be in any colour you want. They are big enough to keep at the bottom of the bed and you can store extra pillows, blankets or clothing in. You could opt for smaller ones or large ones whatever you prefer.

Recycle and reuse

Try and think outside the box and what is around you that users can use for storage. For example, use wine boxes for shoe storage! These can be hidden under your bed, the bottom of your wardrobe or placed neatly in the corner of your room.

Are you someone with loads of shoes? Check out these other clever ways of storing them.

Hopefully, you have some storage inspiration now and can begin to interpret them into your bedroom.


Protecting Your Family’s Financial Future

Protecting our family’s financial future is always something that has been important to us. This is why Steve and I have been working all the hours under the sun – him outside of the home, me working from home – to ensure our family have the best possible future we can.

Steve has recently left his security job and is currently in the interview process for multiple other jobs – he’s currently taking a career break whilst he searches for something part time to work alongside his studies and this is something we have budgeted for. Him studying for his new career is something that needs to be done to get him his dream job – and us a decent income on decent hours (no more night shifts!) so we’ve made sacrifices to ensure our financial future is as bright and rosy as it should be.

However this isn’t the only way we have protected our financial future and the future for our children. If either Steve or I were to pass away, the loss of income we would suffer would be vast –  however we have prepared for this.

Life insurance is a must, especially when you have children. We’ve both recently taken out new policies – mine is slightly cheaper for the same amount of coverage due to certain differences – and should anything happen to either of us, this would go to the other for the children. When my father passed away in January, his policy paid for the funeral and has also been so helpful to my mum in the months afterwards as she went through the grieving process. Our policies will also be for the same things – to make any arrangements for our funerals and then to ensure the quality of life of our children for as long as it possibly can.

Critical illness cover isn’t something we have yet added to our policy but it is something we are definitely considering. Critical illness add-ons usually cover a number of different conditions including different types of cancers, heart attacks and strokes. With my father suffering a heart attack not long before he passed away, Steve’s grandad having a stroke and friends and family passing away from other illnesses covered, we know just how common these illnesses can be and how important this cover is so we will definitely be sorting out some for both of us.

Another form of cover we are yet to add on to our policy but are considering is personal accident cover. Just knowing we are covered should an accident occur would be a great weight off our shoulders. I’ve also noticed that more and more places are doing children’s cover as an add on for no extra cost. Whilst we are yet to add Jack and Olivia to our policies, we do think it is always best to be prepared and whilst you never want to think that something could happen to them, nobody knows the future. That’s why you have to prepare for it.

When it comes to life insurance for my family, I always ask certain questions before purchasing a policy.

Can I hold multiple policies if I so wish? Yes you can. I don’t plan to always have more than one policy but I currently also have a free life insurance policy until Olivia is one which is running alongside my paid for policy. This pays out £10,000 which isn’t a lot, but for a free policy, is great. It is handy to know if you can hold multiple policies if required.

What do all these terms mean? There are so many different things to look out for – is life assurance the same as life insurance? Technically no. Insurance pays out when something happens to you. Assurance pays out when it does. I always make sure to know exactly what I am buying.

How much cover do I need? This is where I always struggle. I try to make sure that any funeral costs are covered and that my family are provided for, for the foreseeable future – whether that means paying rent or a mortgage, bills or just there in case they need it. I’m currently covered for just over £100,000 but this can be scaled up and down if I so wish – the monthly amount I pay would just vary slightly.

I’m taking other steps to provide protection for my family’s financial future too. I’m working hard to get out of debt, I’m putting money aside for a ‘rainy day’ and we also know of an inheritance coming to our family, the majority of which will be put away in a high interest savings or bond account as our fully funded emergency fund.

I’m taking steps to protect the financial future of my family – what are you doing?

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How To Stop Your Necklaces Getting Tangled

I haven’t been wearing necklaces recently due to the fact I have a really grabby seven month old who loves nothing more than tugging on a necklace or a bit of hair, no matter how much pain it causes you. One problem I have always found though is necklaces tangling. I’ve got some top tips to stop that happening in the future for you!

You’ve just bought yourself a few new necklaces and there’s a few new fabulous designs you’ll surely adore that you are very likely to purchase too. You want to store them safely where they won’t get tangled – so what do you do?

Utilise Storage

Many people swear by key holders to keep their necklaces apart – a simple storage hack that you probably wouldn’t have thought of! You could also purchase a jewellery organiser, specially made to keep your items from tangling. You can get a jewellery organiser or a key holder from plenty of places on the high street and even online so you will be spoilt for choice for storage options for your jewellery.

Give Straws A Go

Using household items as hacks seems to be a big thing and this is a really great idea which takes something most people have in their kitchen cupboard and utilising them for something else. Cut some straws in half then feed your necklaces through them, one by one, making sure a little bit is hanging out of each end so it can be clasped shut. Then you can simply store them away until you need them – keep your sterling silver necklaces for women safe and untangled and ready for the next time that you just want to grab them and go!

If They’re Already Tangled…Use Baby Powder

May seem crazy but if your necklaces are already tangled, place the chain on a clean plate, sprinkle with powder and the knot will loosen, enabling you to detangle with a needle or something similar. Just remember to rinse afterwards!

How often do you find that your necklaces have got tangled? Will you be taking any of my tips on board – whether that is to prevent it happening again or to finally detangle some necklaces that you have missed wearing due to the massive knot in them? I’m definitely going to be investing in some storage for mine – after all, jewellery makes an outfit doesn’t it – so we need to look after our pieces because no one else will!


Weaning With Tommee Tippee | Magic Mat & Easy Scoop Bowls

These Tommee Tippee products were sent for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Olivia has now been weaning for a couple of months and is doing well. As I’ve mentioned before, we have been letting Olivia explore different things – finger foods, purees etc. She loves a pouch when out and about and loves her porridge in the morning.

Apart from a few small bowls and a few spoons, we didn’t have much in the way of weaning implements but were recently asked if we would like to review some items from fabulous baby brand Tommee Tippee so it made sense to ask if we could review some weaning items. We opted for some Easy Scoop Feeding Bowls and one of the Magic Mats.

Olivia currently alternates between her booster seat with tray or her highchair at mealtimes – in the mornings we just don’t have the time or energy to get the highchair out so her booster seat gets pulled out ready for porridge time. I was wondering if the Magic Mat would work with the booster seat but I needn’t have worried as the mat sticks to all flat surfaces!

Let me tell you about the items we received and what we thought about them.

The Easy Scoop Feeding bowls are stackable which makes them easy to store – always a bonus. They have a triangular base and an ergonomic handle for better grip. These work with the Magic Mat which is why we chose them. They are suitable for babies from 7 months and they are BPA free. They’re also dishwasher, microwave and steriliser safe.

So what did we think? The bowls are a great shape and are a decent size for growing babies. The bowls we currently have for Olivia are tiny and the shape is quite difficult plus it is super easy for Olivia to knock it over or put her hands in it and get the food absolutely everywhere. With this bowl I can keep a good grip if not using the Magic Mat and can make Olivia’s porridge with ease without worrying about the bowl overflowing with porridge – her other bowls are so small!


The Magic Mats work with all Tommee Tippee bowls and plates which is fantastic. They are designed to hold the bowls and plates in place using the suction device in the middle of the mat. This makes it so much easier and less messier to feed your baby – although mine has given it a real good go at still making a mess even with those! It is wipe clean, is suitable for babies from the age of 7 months, is BPA free and also dishwasher, microwave and steriliser safe.

As you can see from one of the above pictures, when a Tommee Tippee bowl or plate is attached to the mat, it is stuck there completely. The mat itself sticks to all flat surfaces as mentioned above but I do have to admit that Olivia has been able to peel it off on a couple of occasions when she is one of her more spirited moods – not so helpful when her bowl is full of food. However if your child isn’t determined to be a little monkey, this will stick there perfectly and won’t move unless you decide to remove it. The suction works well and it is super easy to clean which is just what you need from a weaning product.

Would I recommend? I’d say mostly yes. You’d have to be careful with the Magic Mat if you have a very spirited child – I’d have been okay with Jack as he didn’t really muck around at mealtimes but Olivia is a nightmare for it – but if your child isn’t so spirited, you won’t encounter any problems. The bowls are a great addition to our weaning products as they are the perfect size, shape and grip for both mother and baby plus they are easy to store – just what every mum wants!

Have you ever tried any of the Tommee Tippee weaning products?


How Jack Raised Over £180 For Cancer Research UK

I have mentioned before that I currently attend Slimming World. I joined to lose the baby weight I put on with Jack, lost loads, put it all back on when I was pregnant with Olivia and am now trying to lose again. I’ve been keen to get back into exercise too but so far since Olivia has been born, I haven’t done all that much. Somehow I ended up running a charity race this past Sunday and boy, was it tough! But let’s talk about Jack and how he did.

When Em mentioned that Slimming World would again be running their Slimming World Walk All Over Cancer race again, I signed myself and Jack up once again. Jack really enjoyed running last year, raising over £50. This year he was determined to beat that amount and boy did he!

Our consultant Em, who is a personal friend of mine also, beat cancer a couple of years ago so the cause is very close to her heart. It is also a cause very close to our hearts – my brother and my sister in law have battled the disease in my immediate family, aunts and cousins in my extended family. Steve’s grandfather, uncle and aunt have all battled it and we’ve had friends and friends children who have also battled the disease. This is such an important charity to us all so we are keen to raise as much money as possible.

Jack asked plenty of his family if they’d like to sponsor him and he has had great support from his grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Various friends also sponsored him as well as members of our Slimming World group too. He was even lucky enough to receive a substantial donation from the charitable trust set up in his great great grandparent’s names – something he is ever so grateful to his great uncle, great aunt and cousins for who are trustees.

My son has been very active in getting donations from people and I even posted on Facebook to see if any other people would like to donate – he has been so happy with the amount of people who have taken the time to support him. He loves running and raising money for charity – this is the child who will sit there and put things aside for the charity shop; want to visit charity shops when in town and always loves a go on a charity raffle or tombola! This has again reiterated the fact that he really loves running so I’m also going to be looking for some athletics or running groups for his age group.

Photo Credit for bottom 3 photos: Em from Emah Online

I’m so proud of him for what he has achieved and I think that raising over £180 is amazing for a five year old! Let’s see if we can beat that next year!