Handy Little Tip: Coupons

I’m sure you have all heard of the show Extreme Couponing and believe me, I am nowhere near as mad about coupons as the people on that show. However, as a mum I am always looking for the best deals on everything and am signed up to all the major loyalty cards.
This means I regularly get mail with my points balance and coupons inside. I struggle to keep my purse clean and tidy at the best of the times, so add a load of tiny pieces of paper and it is absolute chaos! I decided to come up with a neat way of storing them – pretty and practical and can easily be slipped into a handbag pocket. 
What you need:

*Your coupons 
*A pretty little organza bag (this originally came with a prize, I wear the jewellery regularly so I have repurposed the bag for this)
The next steps are pretty simple:
Cut the coupons into handy little sizes; you may have to lightly fold a few, depending on the size of your bag. Then place them in the bag.
Voilà. Neat and tidy, pretty and practical. This can be tucked away in a little pocket in your handbag and you don’t have to clutter up your purse with little scraps of paper.
Do you use coupons? If so, what extreme do you go too?

That Was The Week That Was: A Week In Pictures

Yes, I am an awful blogger. What is a week in pictures post without any actual pictures? Unfortunately, this is the view I’ve been seeing most of this week. As you may recall from a post earlier in the week, my body hasn’t been exactly kind to me these past few days. Migraines, a vomiting bug, stomach aches. Then once I had got over that, my back decided to go. It has eased off a little now, but it is still incredibly painful!
With everything that has been going on, it completely slipped my mind to take any pictures! To be honest, this week has been far from exciting – next week is going to be amazing though – I’m going out with a friend to see Frankenstein (I’m not sure if it is Benedict Cumberbatch or Jonny Lee Miller in the lead role, but hmm, who cares? It’s Frankenstein!) on Thursday and then Saturday is TOWIB, of course and I get to meet the lovely Lisa and Louise. I’m looking forward to hearing speakers such as Dr. Linda Papadopoulos and the beautiful Jayne.
I’m also hoping my back clears up enough to go visit a few family and friends to gain some sponsorship for my abseil down a local shopping centre in August. Yes, it is creeping up fast! I’m doing it with the lovely Sarah from The Challenge 30 (Website/Twitter) and a few friends. I have been shamefully very lazy and slow off the mark in getting sponsors-I have a few but hardly any- so I shall be visiting those that love me in the hope of garnering more sponsors for Hope For Children. If you’d like to sponsor me, you can find my JustGiving page here.
Are any of you doing anything for charity this year? Or have you got something fab planned for the week ahead?

Friday Letters


Dear Clare,
It was great to catch up the other day – even if you have now added a pile of books to my already towering to-read pile! I can’t describe how happy I am to have you back in my life.

Dear Body,
Please stop hating me this week! First of all, you left me with the mother of all migraines and a vomiting bug for two days straight. Then just to put the cherry on top, you decided it was high time for my back to give way…again! I’m typing this, suffering in silence. I’m definitely going to have to visit the doctor about this, it is too painful for words and not practical with a six month old baby!

Dear ‘Friends’,
I’m sorry if sometimes I don’t want to come out because I want to spend time with my son. I’m sorry if I don’t want to join you because I’m exhausted from a days battle with a six month old. I’m sorry if you don’t seem to get blogging and my blog, it’s my little piece of relaxation. I’m sorry if you don’t understand that my priorities have shifted dramatically in the past year. Oh yeah, one last thing…I’m sorry that actually – I’m not sorry at all.

Dear Charlotte,
Sorry I have been a rubbish friend lately. Things have just got a little hectic around here – being ill and babies don’t mix! I promise we’ll have a major catchup soon.

Dear Michelle and Lil Sis Sophie,
When am I ever going to see you girls? We keep all saying that we miss each other but nothing seems to come to fruition. Let’s set a date in our diaries, yes?

Dear Laura,
So excited for our girly trip out to watch Frankenstein! It is one of my favourite stories of all time and I seriously can’t wait!

Who are your Friday Letters to this week?


Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tint in ‘Timeless Tango’ – A Review

Having heard plenty about the Rimmel 1000 Kisses lip tints all over the blogosphere, I thought I’d see what the deal was. I had quite a few Advantage Card points on my card so I thought I’d treat myself to one of the range to see for myself, just what people were talking about.
I chose the shade ‘Timeless Tango’ after swatching each one in the shop a couple of times each. I even got my boyfriend to choose his favourite shade, as I could not pick! 
The lip tints are designed to give you a ‘royal flush of intense, vibrant colour that stays on duty and ready for action for hours – leaving no trace, so your kisses never tell’. This intrigued me as nothing irks me more than a lip colour that fades within minutes. I even purchased some Lipcote to deal with such problems but some products I’ve bought just don’t want to stay. I was interested to see if the product lived up to the claims.

 The packaging is simple, a double-ended applicator product not dissimilar in appearance to a Sharpie pen. The colour of the pen is reminiscent of the shade of the lip tint and the plain black writing is just that, informative but unoffensive.
When swatched, the colour is very intense and almost glittery in appearance. How would it cope when on the lips?

As you can see, the colour is definitely less intense when applied to the lips – and this was after building it up for a couple of minutes. I think that these tints are perhaps best to provide just a light colour to the lips rather  than what is advertised with Georgia May Jagger – the tints are made to look a lot more intense on the lip than they have found them to be.

However, although the colour is not as intense as I would like it to be, I cannot fault the staying power.

Really should have taken a picture of the lip balm before using – oops!

I applied the lip balm over the top of the tint and I have to admit, although not totally convinced by the intensity of the product, I am definitely impressed by the staying power and the feeling it leaves on your lips. The tint stayed on my lips for a good 6-8 hours (and this was whilst eating and drinking) and the lip balm left my lips feeling smooth and moisturised.

Would I repurchase? I’m on the fence with this one. The intensity of the tint once on the lips leaves a lot to be desired, but I would be willing to try out other shades in the range to see if my opinion can be swayed.

You can buy these from any good Boots for the price of £6.99 or for an even better price of £5.99 at Feel Unique.

Have you tried these? What did you think of them?
If you haven’t tried these, would you consider purchasing them?


Item was paid for out of my own Advantage Card points.

Jack: Six Months On

That’s right, my beautiful little boy is six months old today…he’s growing up so fast! I can’t believe how quick this time has flown. He’s now sitting up unaided and is pretty much crawling, he’s mastered the basics of it and he’s started to go places. He’s also managed to pull himself up on the sofa and stand by himself for a few seconds…it’s all so crazy! He’s desperately trying to say something, you often hear him saying something like ‘mumumumumumumumummmmm’ or ‘dedadadadeda’ which, of course, can sometimes sound like mum and dad!
He is definitely starting to develop his taste buds – he still loves his fruit pots, rice pudding, egg custard and any form of porridge, he quite likes pumpkin, chicken and rice or pasta bolognese – but he absolutely hates chocolate pudding and cauliflower cheese. We’re going to try him on these again in a few weeks time to see if his taste buds have changed.
I could go on and on for ages about Jack but I’m sure you’ll all get bored, so I’ll leave it for now. I can’t wait to see what he’ll be doing, ready for next months update!