That Was The Week That Was: A Week In Pictures

1. Smiles for Mummy// 2. Chilling in Steve’s Arsenal tee// 3. Walkers call this a bag of crisps! There was only eleven crisps in the bag!
4. This lip balm is amazing – been using at nights. Doesn’t hold a candle to my Elizabeth Arden lip protectant but it’ll do!// 5. This book is beautiful. I cried. // 6. This is limited edition and super yummy! I love J20’s!
7. Spice Girls fan and damn proud// 8. LOTD – Astor 205 Paris// 9. Beautiful boy!
I have been so bad at remembering to take pictures this week! We visited my Dad in hospital after his operation, he seemed cheerful and should be out within the next few days! I’ve been lazing around in Steve’s shirts, reading and starting a brand new skincare routine in the evenings. Loving it so far! I’ve been getting loads of smiles (but also loads of tantrums) from Jack this week, he definitely has developed his only little cheeky charm! This week, he learnt how to wave! He even waved at Justin Fletcher on the TV yesterday morning!
I’m planning a mini blogger meetup in the week with Emily from Emma’s Channel– Steve is looking after Jack so we can get up to some blogging fun! Maybe a video will happen too! We shall have to see. Also, Rome is this month! Eeek, so excited and also so happy that you get to meet some fantastic people through the guest posts I’ve got lined up for you all!
This week on the blog, there were my regular features: [1] [2] [3]. I also posted a review of some lovely drinks I tried, updated you on my reading challenge and showed you my August Empties.
What have you been up to this past week?

August Empties

I’ve been having a real nightmare trying to take pictures for this post. Either there wasn’t enough natural light or there was too much sun – I was close to tearing my hair out! But here are my empties for the month. Not a great amount, but I’ve been trying to use up more of my samples as I went through my collection the other day and realised just how many I had. Inspired by Sandra at Beauty Balm, I’m slowly but surely making my way through them.
Elemental Herbology Soothing Oil Free Facial Hydrator  – I received this in one of my Little Beauty Boxes from Latest In Beauty and hadn’t given it much thought until I pulled it out of my sample pile. I whacked it on whilst playing with Jack the other morning and it left me feeling refreshed and ready to face the day. Definitely thinking about purchasing the full size.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in Soft Beige – I saw these samples going on the Rimmel facebook page months back and thought I’d try them, but didn’t actually get round to doing so until last week. This is seriously contending with my normal foundation (Rimmel Stay Matte) so I shall be seeing which is on offer when I run out of my Stay Matte full size before making any decisions about whether to buy this.

Origins Plantscription Anti-Ageing Eye Treatment  – Someone get me some Origins pronto! I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Origin as a brand and I’m impressed, just from this tiny sample. I know skincare is a tricky one when it comes to samples, you can’t be too sure if they truly work from a little sample – but I have a few more of these samples to get through, so I can give a definitive answer soon enough.

Flexitol Hand Balm for very dry skin – I don’t particularly have very dry skin but this was just one of a handful of samples I have from Flexitol and I just happened to use it when my hands were feeling a little worse for wear. They were red, sore, cracked and flaking but after using this, they felt amazing! I wouldn’t recommend this for everyday use, however.

Super By Dr Nicholas Perricone Bright Eyed Flawless Eye Cream ‘Melon’  – Another sample from a Little Beauty Box, I have used one or two of these before and I always find they do what they say on the packet. A few people commented that I looked more alert after application, I didn’t look so tired – so I’m definitely going to be investing in some of their products.

L’Oreal Youth Code Luminize – You know me, a sucker for anything new, so when L’Oreal were offering free samples of this on their website, I didn’t need asking twice. That said, I didn’t notice any visible difference after using this. I will use up the rest of the sachets that I have but I doubt I’ll buy the full sized product.

Johnson’s Face Care Daily Essentials Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes – These are amazing. I love Johnson’s – they certainly have their market covered. I happily use the brand for all of my family; Jack and Steve both use Johnson’s products too. These are great, easily take off any makeup. I use before cleansing and they’re a great buy.

 Imperial Leather Cotton Soft hand soap – Hand soap in an empties post? Really? Well, yes – because this happens to be my favourite hand soap right now. It smells divine, leaves my hands feeling soft and smooth and is always on offer! Result.

Lush Cosmetic Warrior face mask – I prefer Lush face masks to Montagne Jeunnesse for some reason and this was no exception. My skin felt great after use and I’m looking to try some other masks from Lush.

The Co-operative Aloe Vera fragranced hand wash – Another hand soap. I picked this up when I couldn’t find any Imperial Leather one day. It smells nice and does the job but isn’t too impressive.

What products have you emptied this month?

Friday Letters

Dear Dad,
It was so nice to see you yesterday & its great Jack got to see you too…he’s been missing his Grandad! Hopefully you’ll be home very soon.
Dear 30 Day Shred,
I’m coming for you…watch out!
Dear Franklin and Bash,
Stop being so addictive & making me relive my childhood crush (Zack from Saved By The Bell, of course). Just remember that Mark-Paul’s haircut is not doing him any favours!
Dear Jack,
Grandad said it was great to see you had your own little personality and I suppose that’s right, you do. You’re a cheeky little chap but when you’re grumpy, my oh my are you grumpy! I can’t believe its almost 9 months since you came into this world…time goes so fast!
Dear Lulu,
I miss you chick.
Dear Mum,
I’m so proud of you for how well you’ve coped these past few weeks. It can’t have been easy, I admire you so much.
Dear Steve,
I can’t wait until Rome – its going to be amazing.
Who are your Friday Letters to this week?

Book Challenge Update

I don’t like to admit failure but I can’t help but feel that I am destined to fail with this challenge. I have just over three months to read just under 100 books – it just isn’t going to happen, right?
Still, I shall carry on and see just how far I can get in that time…

28. The Humorist by Russell Kane*
I recently helped Ellie from Curiosity Killed The Bookworm with her Review Cleanup challenge – she wanted a few guest reviewers, I wanted a new read, so I picked this and the book below.
It was a strange book, this one, Kane definitely surprises you. The scenes are often macabre and a little OTT but the premise of the book is interesting.  However, it fell a little short, in my opinion. A full review will be on Ellie’s blog soon.

29. Slash and Burn by Colin Cotterill*

Full review here.
This was the other book I picked from Ellie’s review pile – and the better of the two. Although this book is the eighth in the series, it works perfectly well as a stand alone too – which to me, always marks out a good book! Dr Siri Palboun isn’t your stereotypical investigator – he’s nearing eighty and looking for an easy life but life in Laos just doesn’t work that way. Fantastic book, definitely worth a read.

30. The Girl On The Stairs by Louise Welsh* 
(Full review coming soon)

This book was creepy, haunting and kept you guessing throughout. I was offered the chance to review this & I only had to take a brief glance at the synopsis before I knew it was one for me. Serious subject matters such as mental illness, child abuse and murder are brought into play here but are handled sensitively by the author. One to add to your to-read pile.

Three books. That is all I managed this month. Its hard enough trying to read with a 9 month old but three books is distinctly unimpressive compared to last months total..

What are your must-reads of the summer?

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My Mocktail: Woo Woo & Pina Colada

Back in March, I had the opportunity of reviewing some lush cocktails from the My Cocktail range (review here). I was recently contacted and asked if I’d like to now try the non-alcoholic alternative My Mocktail*.

These can be enjoyed alcohol free or you can add the alcohol you usually find in each cocktail to the mix too. We decided to enjoy these as they were and we loved them! We had a few friends around to try them and the majority felt that they could taste no difference to the alcoholic cocktails they had tried over the years.

The Woo Woo definitely has a strong hint of cranberries, just like the alcoholic version and I truly enjoyed this. Steve was a little unsure himself, not being a cranberry fan – yet he still managed to drain his glass. 

The Pina Colada is just as tasty – as a mum, I can’t drink cocktails whenever I feel like it and Pina Colada happens to be one of my favourites, so offer me a non-alcoholic alternative and I will be chomping your hand off at the bit to get to it! It also tasted just like the alcoholic version, as did the Woo Woo and I had to be quick, else Steve would have drank it all! Of course, it tastes primarily of pineapple but it doesn’t overpower and leaves you with a pleasant aftertaste.

I love the functionality of these mocktails. You can enjoy them alcohol free or with your favourite tipple, they are easy to store, great packaging and can be bought for as low as Β£1.97 at Asda. You can check out their Facebook page here

Are you a fan of non alcoholic cocktails or do you need a bit of alcohol in your tipple of choice?