Lunch With My Little One With Hartley’s Jelly

This post is in collaboration with Hartley’s Jelly

Jack is super excited to be back to school. One of the things he has mostly missed is lunchtime and whilst he normally indulges in a hot school meal, he has recently been asking to take a lunchbox in every now and again. He loves nothing more than sitting and chatting to his friends at the lunch table. Hartley’s, the brand behind the jelly pots that Jack loves so much, have even released a series of videos focusing on the weird and wonderful things kids talk about over their lunchbox. Dr Sam Wass is a child expert who created these videos – it has been very interesting to see just what topics children talk about together over lunch. Watch them here!

Hartley’s kindly sent us a lunchbox, some stickers and some of their fantastic No Added Sugar jelly pots so that I could have lunch with Jack now that he is back at school and talk about some of the different things going on in our lives – from the food he likes, to friendship, family and education. He even decorated his lunchbox, back and front, with the stickers provided.Hartleys No Added Sugar jelly pots are all the fun of a normal pot, just with no added sugar. These are a handy small pot and perfect lunchbox size so made for the perfect treat for our lunchtime chat. We discussed how he was feeling being back at school (super happy apparently because he was made Artist of the Week!), who his good friends were this week (he told me in great detail that he had been playing King Arthur and Merlin with a couple of his friends) and also family and food. No surprises when it came to the food discussion – he obviously mentioned jelly! He’s a big fan and so am I especially now they have introduced the No Added Sugar jelly pots to the range!
It was really nice getting to chat to him one on one – we don’t get much one on one time at the moment with him being at school and his sister being so small so it was well needed. As you can see, he enjoyed wolfing down his jelly pots – and I’ll be surprised if he leaves us any to try! Hartley’s know how super stressful the back to school rush can be which is why they have your back – they are giving away lunchboxes when you collect 12 Hartley’s lids. If you’re buying Hartley’s anyway, then why not collect your lids and claim your free lunchbox and sticker pack? If you don’t, why not give their No Added Sugar pots a try? Your child thinks they’re getting a really tasty treat and you can be safe in the knowledge that it is good for them too! What kid wouldn’t love a free lunchbox too?

These pots come in a range of great flavours – strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, orange, apple and tropical – so your child really will be spoilt for choice. Will you be collecting lids so you can pick up your free lunchbox? Check out promotional pots for more details and once you’ve collected all 12, visit the site to claim!

We’ve been loving these no added sugar pots – have you tried them yet?

Dating Isn’t Just For The Young Ones

Dating, especially online dating, is seen as a young people thing – but it isn’t. Anyone of any age can try online dating and potentially even find the man and woman of their dreams. With the rise of dating apps comes the potential to meet so many more suitors. Whilst apps like Tinder are probably still most commonly used by younger people, more and more older people are starting to use online dating sites to find love or just some companionship.

Online dating cuts out the awkwardness of meeting people face to face – you can get to know each other well before you even decide to make a first date official. With the potential baggage an older person can come with, getting to know each other online makes that situation so much easier – you can mention any previous failed relationships, any children or grandchildren.

I bet if you were to ask around, you’d find that plenty of older people that you know have given online dating a try – and their partner may even be someone they have met through the medium of online dating. You just never know.

If you’re over 50, you may be interested in some of these location specific dating sites – over 50s dating Hertfordshireover 50s dating Jerseyover 50s dating Isle of Wightover 50s dating Nottingham or over 50s dating Bristol. If you aren’t over 50 but know someone who would be interested in giving online dating a whirl, why not let them know about such location specific sites?

They may just find the one for them on one of these sites!



Woman Up: Breaking With Tradition For A Better Wedding

There is nothing wrong with wanting to stick to traditions. A lot of us do because we want our wedding to feel like what we’ve grown up hoping for. But treating those traditions like rules isn’t the way to go, either. Women are starting to take a little more control of their weddings and here are a few ways they’re doing it.

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Getting it out before him

It’s still a rarity, but women proposing to men is getting a lot more common. Some simply don’t feel like they have to sit and wait to be asked. If you know what you want, then asking for it at the beginning of a life-long partnership is a refreshing way of starting a habit of openness and honesty. Not just from him making the big question, but from the lady of the relationship, too. There are plenty of resources like the 77 Diamonds Engagement Trends 2017 to help you put the plan together for it as well. The cultural notion that a man isn’t ready to get married until he proposes is just wrong. Anyone should be open to starting that dialogue rather than fidgeting and waiting for it constantly.

Put a ring on it

If there’s one aspect to feel truly sorry for the man about, it’s choosing a wedding ring. What does the average guy know about choosing a ring? How well would you even trust some of your best friends to choose a piece of jewelry you are going to wear for life? More couples are choosing rings together, so perhaps that fearful trip to the jewelers for men is becoming a thing of the past.

The question of money

The parents of the bride pay for the wedding is the traditional answer. Your parents might even insist on it. However, the truth is that weddings aren’t getting less expensive. Even smaller arrangements cost more nowadays. Instead of entrusting it all to them, it might be worth putting together a budget with The Knot’s How To Pay For A Wedding guide. If they want to help, then let them, but don’t be afraid to pitch in if you’re afraid of imposing on them too much.

The role of the mother-of-the-bride

Mothers are super important. We know it both as daughters as mothers, ourselves. But our mothers tend to get relegated to the sides when the wedding happens. Even worse, we attribute to them a stereotypical role of controlling and overbearing behavior on them when often that’s very far from the truth. It’s emotionally difficult for them and it doesn’t often reflect the closeness of the relationship between mother and daughter. It’s time to stop shoving mothers aside. More women are starting to let their mothers have that role in their bridal shower that they’ve always been told to avoid and even making them their matron-of-honor and giving them pride of place. Could you show your mom some more love during your wedding?

It’s wonderful to see women becoming more empowered and giving themselves more agency on how they want their relationships to go. If a tradition just doesn’t feel right to you, talk to your partner about it and see if you can’t find your own way, a better way, to do it.


Making Reading Fun With Storytime Magazine

We were sent a couple of copies of Storytime magazine for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Jack loves magazines and he loves stories (see all of our book reviews here) so when we were offered the chance to review Storytime magazine, we jumped at the chance. The UK’s only story magazine, with thousands of readers in over 50 countries, you can try it yourself today on a trial offer or on a subscription for as little as £2 an issue. You can choose your subscription here.

Before setting up Storytime, the team behind the magazine worked in large publishing companies and created a number of well known branded magazines which kids enjoy. However, they enjoyed it mainly for the plastic toy rather than the content which was a little lacking to say the least. They left their jobs, took a huge risk and used their own money to launch Storytime as a social enterprise..

Storytime gives children brilliant stories in a fun, colourful magazine format. Something that works for reluctant readers who won’t pick up a book thatstill appeals to children who devour stories and do read books for enjoyment – the money made from Storytime magazine allows them to work with schools, charities and councils to give some less-advantaged children some good quality reading materials at a low, low price.

Each issue contains fairy tales, poems, myths and legends, folk tales, plus puzzles and activities, with beautiful, fun and colourful illustrations to bring it all to life. There is also no adverts and the magazine is printed on good quality paper. So what did we think?

Jack absolutely loved Storytime magazine. Not only is it jam packed full of stories that Jack can enjoy but there is also plenty of puzzles for him to do and many competitions – which Jack loved. He loves entering competitions so this mixes all of his favourite things. He has read all the three copies we received cover to cover and has spent ages poring over the puzzles and asking me to help him enter the competitions.

I’m very impressed. There is a variety of stories available so your children is bound to find one they really love. The illustrations are great and as mentioned before, there is no adverts and the paper is great quality! We will definitely be looking into getting a subscription as a present for his birthday or Christmas as it is definitely something you’d enjoy.

Is this something your child would enjoy?

How Well Does Online Dating Work?

Online dating is a big thing nowadays – but how much of a success rate does it actually have? We’ve all read the success stories on the websites and in the pages of weekly magazines but how much should we actually deem to be true?

Research has shown that it does work incredibly well – people tend to go on much more than a first date – but sometimes there isn’t always the possibility of a second or third date as you just don’t click in real life like you did online. It can be so easy to pretend to be someone else online, tempting to try to catfish someone and it is incredibly easy to be catfished. It is so important to be aware of what dangers there lie out there and to choose wisely.

Choose the best site for you – maybe try a local one such as the Gloucester dating site, Strathclyde dating site, Jersey dating site or the Wiltshire dating site. If you are of an older age, perhaps consider checking out an age specific local site such as over 50s dating Dorset site.

Online dating can work really well if you are prepared to give it a try – just ensure your dating profile is set up perfectly and honestly. Read up on the success stories, ask around your friends and family and see how well they have got on. I’m sure you’ll find some interesting stories!