Caidr© – The Healthcare App Offering Advice At Your Fingertips

Common medical ailments are a day to day occurrence. From colds to ear infections to a bout of flu, we all have an inkling when we are coming down with something but are reluctant to visit the doctors in case it isn’t as serious as we think. But how can we distinguish between something small and something that we should be visiting a medical professional for? It seems we have been waiting for something to help us for a long while.

Well, the wait is over. Clinova recently launched their app Caidr© which is designed to help you assess those common ailments we all suffer from. They help you to distinguish between those minor ailments where you don’t need a doctor to the more serious illnesses where referral to a healthcare practitioner or doctor is required.

I think that an app such as this is a great thing. Steve and I are often left wondering what we are suffering from – and we don’t want to take up the doctor’s time if we don’t need to. The only time we call the doctors regardless is when it involves Jack and Olivia – you really can’t be too careful with children, especially at Olivia’s age.

There are so many people out there visiting the GP unnecessarily so if an app like this can help reduce the amount of people visiting for silly things, it can only be a good thing. This past winter, the Royal College of GP’s urged the public to follow the ‘three before GP’ mantra – check if the problem can be sorted through self care, seek help from a reputable online resource and get assistance from a pharmacist. There are estimates of 57 million GP appointments and 3.7 million A&E visits each year for self treatable conditions which is crazy – this is quite clearly a lack of information and this is incredibly shocking.

Caidr© aims to prevent these unnecessary visits. The app provides information about ailments in a user friendly way, asking a series of questions and then providing information and suggestions based on the answers provided. With its cutting edge algorithms, the app hopes to provide minor ailment information, self care suggestions and advice regarding referrals to medical practitioners.

I’m definitely going to be using this on a regular basis – we seem to come down with all manners of illnesses in this house so it will be handy to have a resource such as this to help us as parents to distinguish what could potentially be wrong with us or our children. The apps key benefits are easy to access information and user convenience – and the app certainly is convenient.

Available from the App Store or Google Play absolutely free of charge, this app is definitely worth downloading as a handy resource.

I’ve also mentioned self care is super important – and hydrating after an illness can be difficult. When our bodies are working hard to combat illness, we can lose fluids and electrolytes and these poor hydration levels often upset the fluid-salt balance that we need to maintain healthy cells and tissues. This will show in a drop in energy levels and a drop in concentration.

A way to hydrate the body which is very effective is to take some hydration salts such as O.R.S® Hydration Tablets, dissolved in water. Suitable for both adults and childrens alike, they contain a balanced combination of electrolytes, glucose and minerals to replace the fluids and salts lost and help maintain a healthy balance. Oral rehydration solutions are on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines, a list of the most important medication needed in a basic health system and should be a hero product in every family’s first aid kit. I know that we have often used oral rehydration solutions when the kids have been ill, they really are effective.  

Coming in handy tubes in three tasty flavours (lemon, blackcurrant and strawberry), O.R.S® Hydration Tablets are available in 12 and 24 tablet tubes retailing at £3.50 and £4.99 respectively from Amazon, Morrisons Pharmacy, Holland and Barretts, Tesco, Boots,, and chemists and supermarkets nationwide. I’m definitely going to be picking up some for my medical kit, they are an essential item to have when you have a family.

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My Favourite Holiday Moment

Do you have a favourite holiday moment? Why is it your favourite? I have been on many holidays now, both in the UK and abroad, and whilst I have plenty of amazing memories, I definitely have a favourite memory overall.

Back in September 2012 when Jack was 9 months old, we headed to Rome, Italy for the holiday of a lifetime – and little did I know my life would change from that holiday forward too. It was about three days into the holiday – we went away for four days – and Steve kept looking for little restaurants that were tiny, personal and romantic but shockingly (in Rome!), we could not find one that suited us– or rather, he could not find the perfect one.

The main restaurant in our hotel was situated in a courtyard with some parasols over the table. We’d had lunch there when we first arrived and had some evening meals there once or twice – it was so nice being able to sit in the cool night air by candlelight without having to leave the hotel. It was certainly something special.

I decided I wanted to start packing before going for our meal as it was our final night despite the fact we didn’t leave until 6pm local time the next day. Steve seemed to be getting very frustrated with me and kept telling me to get ready.

He finally managed to get me and Jack downstairs and ordered our meals – Steve had a boring tomato and cheese pasta whilst I opted for something a little different, a gnocchi with sea bass. Steve asked the waiter for suggestions for a bottle of wine and bought a bottle that he suggested. Jack was whinging and tired but wouldn’t go to sleep despite everything we tried! My meal was amazing – and I was stuffed. Steve asked if I wanted a dessert and I wasn’t going to but I saw that the dessert I’d chosen on the first night and decided I’d have that.

Nicola, our waiter, brought our desserts out with some silver lids on them. I was sorting Jack out so found it odd that he didn’t remove them and leave. I sat back down, he removed them then kept asking strange questions. I didn’t realise he was trying to get me to turn the plate around – Steve literally had to tell me to turn the plate around which is when I saw a pouch sitting there. Me being me, I asked what it was and got my answer by Steve getting down on one knee… I said yes of course. The rest of the night was a blur and I don’t remember too much but have some lovely photo memories of the day.

Whilst I don’t think I’ll ever make as such a special memory as this again, I want to make more memories so I’ve been checking out the Holiday Gems site to find some good deals. Visit the website here to find a cheap holiday you will enjoy.


Creating A Memorable and Imposing Restaurant Entrance and Reception Area

A person goes to a particular restaurant either because the dishes are delicious or because the environment is enjoyable. It takes quite a few seconds to form a good or a bad impression. Fortunately, the restaurant operators can apply tricks to enhance the entrance strategies to make the customers feel special. An elegant makeover of the doorway or the entire entrance can make the eating space unique, memorable and catchy. A restaurant can be designed in a more trendy and youthful manner to make it quite interesting. Bold furniture with some exciting colors and bright lighting create a mature style of designing with a subtle touch of uniqueness. So, let us focus, for a moment, on the arrangement and decoration of the restaurant. Some tricks for a trendy eating joint are given below:

  1. Decorating with silk plants: The interior that uses lots of plants makes a place appear bright, fresh and lively. They can provide a different feel to the surroundings altogether. Silk plants can give vitality and brightness to the room making it look calm and beautiful. The artificial plants prepared properly can decorate not only the homes but also the offices and the restaurants giving it a special touch. They do not need maintenance like the real plants and can even provide a decorative touch to the entrance. They even help people relax creating an atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration. Indoor silk plants have an essential part in interior decoration. Large organized plants look attractive and draw attention easily due to their catchy height.  Artificial flowers of vibrant colors are sure to catch the eye even from a distance. The decoration with the silk plants is the best version of the floral art.  They do not need to be replaced every few days, and they create the same effect as real plants. Silk plants create a desirous environment inside a restaurant, and its refreshing existence soothes the atmosphere of the place.
  2. The arrangement of lights: Lights play an important part when it comes to the decoration of the entrance. Proper and bright lightning is a real mood booster. It enhances the look of the place by giving a clear idea about its surroundings. The chandeliers, small light bulbs or even fancy candles are some examples of lights that can be arranged for a better look for the entrance of the restaurants. A specific arrangement of lights gives a distinct appearance to the decoration and design. Lightning inside the restaurant adds to the ambiance of the entrance area. Low lighting can be relaxing and refreshing, and it can even encourage the customers to stay longer. It indulges in creating an intimate environment allowing customers to enjoy an isolated atmosphere. Even the bright lights provide a better view of the space and keep the guests awake and alert. Natural lighting can also play an important part in lightning and to brighten up the establishment. Nowadays, technological advancements with its automatic shut-off or dimming control and other variations make the decoration more lively and entertaining. Therefore, Lightning is an extremely important part of restaurant interior and even plays a significant role in drawing customers.
  3. Artwork: Colors can either ruin or improve the atmosphere of a place. An interesting and unique color scheme sets the ambiance of a restaurant generating a very special, positive, energetic vibe.  A proper paint creates and maintains a balance between the vigor and the comfort. When pastels are blended with a solid color we experience an amazing artwork. Black walls and dark woods create a great combination with a checkered tile floor. Even a blue or a grey colour scheme with a metallic touch in it, enhances the boldness and personality of the space. A little velvet can also increase the beauty of the entrance.  Also, having a piece of art in an eating joint bring about a drastic change in design. Painting and other forms of ornamentation beautify it in a very special manner. An aquarium or a fountain can help the entrance stand out creating a sense of tranquility.
  4. Heating and ventilation: The heating and cooling is an important consideration for any eating joint. A regular kitchen put out a lot of moist and smells and smoke. With a proper kind of ventilation and exhaust fans, it can be controlled. A better air conditioning system is also necessary to design a restaurant.   Improper ventilation can violate safety anytime creating a fall in productivity of the employees. It can even result in higher utility bills, reduce energy efficiency, and lose customers due to an unpleasant and unhealthy condition of the restaurant. Each portion of a restaurant needs its own heat and temperature control system and regulations. The best way to combat the heat and moisture of the restaurant is to combine the ventilation with cooling. A good, fresh and healthy environment is necessary to keep customers and in that case, small fans and evaporative cooling can maintain not only a refreshing atmosphere inside the kitchen and the dining space but also makes the entrance appealing.
  5. Unique waiting space: A unique sitting area can work as a differentiator that makes waiting more interesting. Booths and stools are quite common. An existing chair can be made an arrangement by painting it with bold colors and fabric. Even mixing and matching of the old seating arrangement can make the lounge or the entrance more entertaining and comfortable. A cozy and pleasant restaurant makes its good food even tastier and enjoyable to its customers.  Spending time on designing the entrance in a very special way makes a joint look creative and livens up the environment.

That’s why it is very important to create an outstanding main entrance with an amazing sitting area to make the guests feel perfectly interested and excited about the eating joint. So, with this being said, let us get guests rolling on your entrance door with these trendy, decorative designs.


Keeping costs down

Sometimes we think with our hearts and not with our heads. Making New Year’s resolutions can often be disastrous, with 80% of people failing by February and regretting it instantly. One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to cut down on spending, and although this sounds achievable, if you don’t have a fully-pledged strategy in place, the likeliness of failure spirals out of control.

We understand that people can be victim to an unexpected expense — whether this is a home appliance breaking or making that third trip on a bus with only a return ticket. It all adds up. For that reason, we’ve made some assessments on how those extra savings can come in handy if something like that was to occur.


Start off with something small, but something that will make huge changes when it comes to your bank account. Using a megarider ticket, you will be able to travel as much as you want and can tailor your own needs to the ticket type. Whether you’re in need of a weekly bus pass for your travels, or a monthly one — you will find yourself making a huge saving in comparison to buying a ticket every day.

If you’re a driver, did you know that the average motorist in the UK will spend an astonishing £168,880 over their lifetime? With efficiency growing in public transport, there is no reason for you not to consider making the bold move that could help you fulfil your resolution this year and save you a fortune.

When it comes to payments across the year, petrol costs a driver £1,052.04. Servicing a vehicle costs can add up to £441 over a twelve-month period — which can change depending on the individual’s situation. MOTs can cost up to £168.46 annually. Cost of parking is on the rise, and with more vehicles on the roads, there seems to be a higher demand. Over the year, a motorist can find themselves paying £145.80 on parking. When it comes to insurance, this can sway dramatically as younger drivers will find themselves paying a higher cost to be on the road — on average, insurance costs an experience driver £436 every year. Tax can equate to £116.35 on a yearly basis. Car supplies can cost a driver £29.61 and if you were to go abroad and wished to drive, holiday rental cars can leave you £180 out of pocket. Speeding tickets equal £25.12 for the average driver here in the UK. This would cost a driver £2,594.38 in total where commuters find themselves paying considerably less for a significant service — imagine the saving you would make with a megarider ticket!



According to research carried out by MyVoucherCode, people in the UK visit coffee shops at least three times per week — although it has recently become unavoidable, as currently there are over 21,000 outlets around the country! This means that Brits visit coffee shops around 156 times a year with an average spend of £8.52 — with travel expenses, this could go up to £13.85. This creates an annual average spending of £2,600, a majority of which could be saved if you were to opt for taking your own coffee to work.

Branded coffee company, Douwe Egberts, has said that a 250g pack of ground coffee can make up to 30 cups. When looking to see how much a 1kg pack would cost, Amazon has priced the coffee at around £15, meaning that each cup of coffee would cost close to 13p. Try taking a flask to work and even purchasing an on-the-go coffee cup that will see you through your day.


If the rise in prices for cigarettes hasn’t already put you off, knowing that you could save a whopping £3,796 (if you smoke 20 a day) should be the driving mechanism for you to quit. has stated that non-smokers pay around £6,309 less for life insurance, which could be something worth investing in for the new year.

An alternative that many smokers are trying to save money is vaping. 10ml bottles of liquid cost around £5 on average — saving those who turn to vaping around £1,900.


Many of us find it easier to just buy lunch on the way to work — or popping out on our lunch breaks. But what if we told you that, on average, forking out for lunch every day could cost you £1,288 according to research carried out by VoucherCloud. Evidently, you could make a huge saving by preparing your lunch at home — whether this is making a quick sandwich or taking in a tin of microwavable soup to heat up. When we looked at the total working days in 2017, there was 252 — if we went by Poundland’s price of tomato soup, which is 50p, you would find yourself paying £126! A massive saving for anyone looking to cut down on costs.

Unexpected expenses

We’ve all been victim to an unexpected expense, with 54% of 2,000 people asked saying that they suffered from an unexpected expense within the household. On average, these costs totalled £248.70 — showing that any saving is beneficial for occurrences like these. 47% of these issues happened in the kitchen, a room which is essential to the day-to-day running of any home, and if you don’t have the money to pull out instantly, it could cause an everyday stress. Using the savings you would have made by taking your own lunch and coffee to work, quitting smoking, and travelling smarter — you will be able to make life easier. It was also found that 35% of people had to use a credit card to cover the costs of unexpected expenses. With 18% of them not being able to pay more than £100 on their own, 17% had to borrow from friends and family!

Thinking smarter for 2018 is a must, how will you be changing your ways to save money?


My Wishes For This Year

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We all have goals and targets to hit each year but do you ever have any wishes? These may not be achievable or even semi achievable like goals and targets are but something you really hope does happen. I’ve got a few – how about?

Get Debt Free

This is probably a pipe dream at the moment as it doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere although we do expect some financial freedom hopefully this year so it could happen. It all remains to be seen so I’m keeping this as a wish without getting my hopes up too much.

Lose The Weight

This is possible but I must admit I am struggling a little bit. Sometimes all I want is that super stodgy food and it isn’t always possible. Plus I love a good curry or pizza and don’t get me started on chocolate. I believe I can do this but I am still wishing just in case I sabotage myself.

Help My Family & Friends Kick Bad Habits

I’ve got a few family members and friends trying to kick habits such as smoking and I wish they would be able to – I’m hoping to help them. I’ve recently heard about AYRLabs and their new launch, AYR+ – a platform to help the smokers of the world go nicotine free. Combining the vaping experience with a connected app, it monitors your nicotine levels and gives you advice and support on how to reduce your nicotine levels until you are nicotine free. I think this would be very helpful for my loved ones who really struggle to quit because they would be seeing the information in real time.

Go On Holiday

At this point in time, this doesn’t look like this will be happening. We can’t afford one at the moment and we can’t seem to agree on somewhere to go that would fit our budget if we could. I’ll keep holding out hope, entering competitions and seeing if I can win one – worth a try, eh?

Get A Good Night’s Sleep Finally

I’m still yet to get a decent nights sleep since Olivia was born and I am using all my wishes to hope that at some point this year I manage it. She’s getting better at sleeping so hopefully it won’t be too long but I don’t remember a time when I didn’t feel exhausted already upon getting up in the morning. Just once it would be nice to feel fresh and awake, right?

Do you have any wishes for 2018? What sort of things do you hope happen in your life and the lives of your loved ones? I’d love to hear them, no matter how obscure you may think them to be!