Speed Dating | Can You Really Find The One?


Speed dating is described as an organised social activity in which people seeking romantic relationships have a series of short conversations with potential partners in order to determine whether there is mutual interest. But with speed dating, can it ever really be successful? Can you ever actually find the one from such an occasion?

The first speed dating event took place in Beverly Hills in 1998. There have been several studies to see how successful it is. Most have found speed dating a great way to observe individual choices random participants may make.

So if you were looking to find the one by going dating, what should you do to ensure you have a positive experience?

You need to break the ice – perhaps scope the men or women in the room out before you all sit down to chat. Note something about them that you can start a conversation with them about. You also need to stay positive – bringing negativity to such an event will not lead to a high success rate with the opposite sex.

Don’t push it – if the attraction isn’t there, there is no point pushing it – you only have to sit and chat with them for a few more minutes before you move on.

Try and bring something new to the table. You don’t want to be having exactly the same conversations with everyone at the event – try and mix it up a little.

If you take on these tips, you are bound to have some success and hopefully find someone who suits you. Perhaps you may even find the one!

Want to try speed dating in your area? Try these sites if you live locally and see what happens: speed dating in Guildfordspeed dating in Shetlandspeed dating in Leedsspeed dating in Gloucester and speed dating in Reading. You might even find the man or woman of your dreams!


Setting Up Your First Website

Have you got a business that needs some serious internet presence? Social media is a big thing and is super easy to get involved in – simply by setting up some quick profiles and adding an interesting bio. Make friends, get chatting and your social media will still grow.

However the actual website side of things is a lot more difficult. Not everyone knows what they are doing when it comes to setting up a website and sometimes it can be best to rely on the professionals to design your first website. There is no harm in learning all about websites further down the line but as you make your tentative steps into an online presence for your business, it is best to rely on those who know what they are doing.

First impressions count and you want to make a good one. You want to choose a business that offers you a lot – your own design, secure hosting, support 24/7. Make sure you choose the right people for the job and your site will totally reflect exactly what you want it too.

Have you got your social media presence set up too? You may have already set up the profiles but once your website is ready, make sure your website and all your social media accounts are cohesive, that they are on brand. It can be difficult to align one profile with another if they don’t all show the same branding, the same message. Once you know what you want from your site, apply it to your social media accounts too and really get the word out there.

I set up my first site many years ago and relied on the Blogger platform for far too long before moving to my own site. My second and third sites I started from scratch myself. What would I do differently if I was back there, almost seven years ago? I would write down what I wanted from a site and got professionals in straight away to create what I wanted. Obviously back then I didn’t know where this site would take me, how far I would go with it – I honestly thought it would be over in weeks and now seven years later it is part of my job – but knowing what I know now, I would totally take the proactive steps to ensure I had a cohesive business, perfectly branded, that had been created by people that knew what they were doing – seven years later, I am only starting to work out how to create sites.

People want their businesses to grow straight away with little to no effort and little to no money put in. However this just doesn’t work. You have to put the passion in and you need to invest in your business from the outset. A perfectly designed website, perfectly optimised for search engines is just the start.

Did you hire web designers for your first site or did you do it yourself?


Eight Simple Ways To Save Money

You know I am a big fan of saving money – and whilst I can’t always say that it stays in my savings account for very long with the various emergencies that come up, I have a few ways of saving money that anyone can try and most likely have some success with.

*Start food planning and build your shopping list around your plan – I must admit that we don’t always stick to a meal plan – it can be extremely difficult when you just fancy something else – but when we do stick it, our bank balances thank us for it.

*Make a budget – and stick to it – don’t make it too flexible – Again this can be difficult to stick to – however if we know we have a strict budget for something (rather than a more flexible one) then we are likely to stick to it and transfer the excess we would have spent into our savings account.

*Utilise deals – If you know you need something new, check for a good deal on it. We don’t buy anything without checking if there is any money saving offers we can apply first.

*Have you got an old account? – I find it hard to believe that people can have bank accounts that they’ve forgotten about but it does happen – Steve did. Who knows what riches you could be holding in these forgotten accounts?

*Sell, sell, sell – Got a ton of stuff taking over your house and garage that you no longer want? Stick if on Facebook selling sites and eBay and see if you can raise some cash for getting rid of your unwanted items.

*Apply for free samples – Use a site for freebies to find the samples you would like. Want a new foundation or perfume but don’t want to pay out until you have found one you like? Apply for any of the free samples that take your fancy – and hopefully they will be coming through your letterbox soon. You can get free samples for pretty much anything if you look hard enough and sites for freebies make it easier by listing what is available out there right now.

*Got a skill? Use it – Some people can sew, some people can bake, others can write. Why not use your skills and make some cash from it?

*Answer those questions – Whether you take surveys or you do market research, these can be handy little earners which can really boost the coffers on your savings account. I’ve made up to £300 in one month before from simply answering some questions.

What do you do to save money?

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Win A Mr Men/Little Miss Haliborange Prize Bundle


Haliborange are made by the UK’s leading supplements manufacturer, Seven Seas, and they are the UK’s number one children’s supplement brand. Haliborange are so proud of their products that they are sure your children will love the taste. If they don’t, Haliborange will give you your money back.

Their children’s supplement range features a whole host of different combinations of essential vitamins and minerals to help support a child’s natural growth and development at every stage, from one month to their teenage years. Haliborange is specifically tailored to support a healthy diet and lifestyle according to your child’s individual needs. There are a range of great tasting flavours including orange, blackcurrant, strawberry or citrus which children are sure to love. All products now come with a Money Back Taste Guarantee.

We’ve recently been trialling some of the Haliborange Mr Men/Little Miss range and we have a review coming soon.However we have something special for you today. Haliborange are kindly letting us give away one of their fabulous Mr Men/Little Miss prize bundles. What could you win?

  • Mr Men/Little Miss pencil case
  • Mr Men/Little Miss lunch box
  • Mr Men/Little Miss water bottle
  • Mr Men/Little Miss bookmark
  • Mr Men/Little Miss erasers
  • Mr Men/Little Miss pens
  • 3 month supply of Haliborange vitamins

For your chance of winning such a fabulous prize, just fill in the Rafflecopter below. Giveaway is also running on Instagram – one winner will be picked from ALL of the overall entries across all the platforms. Good luck!


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Prize giveaway open to UK residents aged 18 and over only. The competition ends on 25th November at 23.59pm, and the winner will be contacted by email after this date. The prize is non-transferable and no alternative will be offered.


This is a commissioned post in collaboration with Haliborange.  Vitamin A: helps support normal vision, Vitamin C: helps support the immune system, Vitamin D: essential for the normal growth and development of bones in children, Vitamin B12: contributes to normal energy release.

Food supplements do not replace a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Want to find out more about the brand? Then visit the Haliborange website here.

Looking Your Best For Prom

One thing I will always regret is not going to my prom. None of my friends were going, either male or female, so I made the decision to not go too. Over ten years on and I still wish I had. I did, however, go to my Sixth Form leaving do which is a prom in a way – but much smaller as most people had said their goodbyes and gone off to college after Year 11.

But there is so many things to remember when considering going to prom. Will you be going with anyone in particular or just hanging out with your friends? Do you know where to find your dress? Do you even know what style of dress you are looking for? Do you want strapless or with straps? Do you want black and white or with colour? I chose a black and white strapless dress for my sixth form prom whereas plenty of other girls went for really colourful dresses.

Once you’ve got the dress sorted, then you’ve got to think about the hair and makeup side of things. Will you be attempting to do your own – a wise idea if you are really good at it, not so much if you aren’t – or will you be relying on the professionals to swoop in and save the day? Perhaps book in with your local salon – one like Worthington’s Hairdressing and Beauty salon – to see how they can help you? You may have a look in mind but they will be able to advise you on what look would go best with the dress. You don’t want your makeup to contrast with your dress, do you? You want to look your best!

Once your dress, hair and makeup are sorted, then it is time to finally think about the accessories. You don’t want a massive bag, a clutch will do – so you only need the bare essentials in there. A phone, your keys, some money, some basic makeup for top ups if required and perhaps some chewing gum – you don’t need a massive bag with the whole kitchen sink in it.

We all like to think we know what looks best on us but sometimes we can drastically get it wrong. So if you want to look your best for prom then it is important to take the thoughts of others into consideration. The salon will be able to advise you on what look would suit you best should you choose to go down this route and if you decide to do it all yourself, your parents, siblings and friends should be on hand to tell you if you look okay – you want to know that you look the bee’s knees before you head out that door to party the night away, don’t you?

Dress, hair & beauty, accessories. Getting ready for prom all sounds so simple, doesn’t it? It can be a stressful time though so make sure to take these tips on board to avoid getting too caught up in the stress of it all.