5 Dating Tips We Are Always Told But Don’t Always Follow

When it comes to dating, we think we know it all. Whether you are dating around because you are single or are actually dating someone regularly, we all think we know best and tend to ignore the tips we are given for making it a success. But perhaps we should actually think about following those tips every once in a while.

I never used to follow any dating tips I was given when I was single – and look where that got me? Nowhere. Taking the time to relax and not worry about it (think of this as an extra little tip) saw me meeting Steve and here we are eight years later with two children, engaged to be married! So what tips do I have for you today?

Keep Your Identity

When we meet someone new, it can be so easy to drop everything that is unique about ourselves to fit what we think they want us to be like. Don’t do this! Keeping your identity keeps you balanced and is definitely more attractive to a partner.

Try Something New

Get out of your comfort zone every once in a while and try something new. You can maintain your identity whilst giving something new a try. Perhaps salsa dancing or life drawing has been suggested as a date idea; don’t completely pass it off as a no-go.

Trust Your Gut Feeling

If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t right. We all get that weird feeling in our gut if a situation doesn’t seem all it is cracked up to be. Don’t continue because you’ll feel bad otherwise; if you have a bad feeling about it, get out of there.

Learn From Your Past

We probably all have a bit of a chequered dating history and it is important to learn from this. Work out why your previous relationships failed and if you played a part in their downfall at all. Work on any issues you have so any future relationships are not affected.

Don’t Make Assumptions

It is easy to assume the best (and the worst!) in someone but we really shouldn’t. We could be disappointed or we could be surprised but we could also find ourselves in a situation we aren’t happy with.

Do you find yourself usually ignoring these tips? We all do at some point but they are there to help you – be sure to remember them next time you are on a date. If you are still single, there’s a number of dating sites out there looking for some new singles – why not give Worcestershire dating, Peterborough dating, Galloway dating or Hereford dating a try? Find the right site for your local area!

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Coconut Oil : Some Tips For New Mums That You May Not Have Known

coconut oil

Did you know that Coconut Oil is a great all-in-one product for new mums?

From treating cradle cap to acting as an organic moisturiser and oil for a baby massage, The Groovy Food Company Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is the perfect, 100% raw, all-natural and versatile product to use on both mother and baby’s delicate skin.


Cradle cap is an extremely common skin condition with new babies and appears as a dry, scaly rash on the scalp. Gently rubbing a small amount of Coconut Oil into the affected area (approximately half a teaspoon) every other day can help soothe and clear the skin. The Coconut Oil acts as an intensive and all-natural moisturiser. Olivia has had some cradle cap and we have found this works well.


Soaps and shower gels can often include synthetic ingredients and fragrances that are not good for sensitive or eczema prone skin – with Jack having eczema, we are being even more careful with Olivia’s skin. Create your own baby wash by mixing equal measures of Coconut Oil, organic castile soap and water. Just gently massage the soap over your baby and clean with lukewarm water.


Baby massage is a great way to help a new born baby’s digestion and aid sleep, providing a relaxing treatment for parents and their babies. Natural and organic Coconut Oil is great for baby’s skin too as, unlike other massage oils, it contains no chemicals. It has antioxidant properties and is deeply nourishing, sealing in the moisture.


Pregnancy hormones don’t do wonders for your hair (I should know) – by running a teaspoon of Coconut Oil through wet locks and leaving it overnight for an intensively nourishing treatment, your hair will be left smooth and repaired.


Post pregnancy, skin can become sore and irritated – rubbing some Coconut Oil into the area will leave you with smooth and silky skin. Alternatively, adding a tablespoon of Coconut Oil to a warm bath will also leave your skin feeling brand new.

We’ve been sent some products from The Groovy Food Company and have been putting them to good use. The coconut oil (£5.99 for the 283ml and £9.99 for the 500ml) has been used for many of the above tips – and of course, you can use coconut oil for cooking!

We’ve also been sent some fabulous Agave Nectar (£2.50) to naturally sweeten stuff for us – we don’t use sugar in the house anymore so usually rely on sweeteners but this is a great alternative. Finally, we have been sent some Coconut Flour (£3.76 for 500g) and some Coconut Sugar (£3.99-£4.49 at various retailers for 500g).These are going to be great for the baking we have planned over the next few weeks and we have already given them a quick test – fantastic!

Did you know there were so many uses for coconut oil? What do you use it for?

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WIN 4 Rolls of LEGO Compatible Sticky Brick Tape

Are your children LEGO mad just like mine? Do they wish they could stick LEGO absolutely anywhere – and you are hating the immense pain you suffer when you manage to accidentally step onto a pile of bricks?

All you need to do is snip your tape, stick the adhesive tape to any surface of your choice and then let the building commence… It’s as easy as that! Watch as your kids use their LEGO to craft gravity-defying works of art – how cool?

Fully compatible with LEGO, this tape allows you to turn any surface into a building block fun zone. Now you can build around corners, on curves and even onto other objects!

With free shipping worldwide, Sticky Brick Tape is so cool and enables your children to build on it anywhere.

Jack is loving his and is having fun building absolutely everywhere. I’ll be sure to share some of his creations on Instagram soon!

For your chance of winning FOUR rolls of this fabulous tape, just enter the giveaway that I am collaborating with Sticky Brick Tape on here. Ends on the 30th of September! Good luck!

Mum Hacks by Tanith Carey | A Review

Book sent for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Described as ‘Exactly what every time-starved modern mum needs‘ by Fiona Phillips, I had high hopes for this book. I usually read a lot but since I gave birth to Olivia, I hadn’t even managed to finish just one book. That was until this book came along.

I am exactly what Fiona Phillips describes – a time-starved modern mum. Working from home, I am juggling my work, housework, a baby and the school runs among all the other things that come with being a mum, partner, daughter and friend and sometimes it can all just get too much. Especially when your child likes to push you to the limit. Now I know I am by no means the only person who has this – all mums have so much on their plate just like me – and we all know how difficult it can be to juggle absolutely everything!

With Tanith Carey’s latest book, Mum Hacks, claiming to offer time-saving tips to calm the chaos of family life, I knew I needed to read this and see if she could help me with some of my daily struggles. I mentioned before that I haven’t managed to finish a whole book since Olivia was born and Tanith seems to have thought of this for all of us stressed mums – you can dip in and out of it as it is handily split into sections. Ranging from Kitchen (with ideas ranging from quick meals, how to get your children to eat more vegetables and the best kitchen products to have in your household) to Playtime to Housework Hacks, you really can just dip in and pick and choose what you want to take from the book at that specific time.

Whilst I knew some of the tips that the author mentioned, she certainly gave me plenty more ideas. She’s revolutionised the way I will be doing my laundry from now on and I also have a few more quick meals I want to try out that she suggested. There’s even a quick recipe for microwave in minutes banana bread – Jack is keen to try this as soon as possible.

I love that the author talks about getting the children more involved with things – especially in the kitchen. Helping out with the shopping list or meal planning really helps Jack to be more adventurous with his food – he can be quite fussy. The author also gives some handy tips for aiming to get round situations like this – and I will definitely be giving them a go.

No matter what you are struggling with, I’m sure the author has a tip for you. I’m currently going through the book again section by section to see what I can implement to make my life that little bit easier. I’ve already tackled my hallway from the Housework Hacks section and now have a new coat and shoe rack ready to store our stuff – no more dumping our stuff wherever we can when we get in.

If you are looking for some time-saving tips to help you out in your everyday mum life, I would definitely suggest picking up a copy. Whilst every tip won’t be for everyone, you are bound to find some tips that you can put into practice to make your life as a mum that little bit less stressful.

You can buy a copy for yourself (either in paperback or on Kindle) here {affiliate link}. Are you looking for some ‘hacks’ to make your life a little bit easier?

Jungle Jam in Brazil | Review & Giveaway

Jack is such a little bookworm, much like I was when I was a child, so whenever we are offered books to review for him, I always agree as I know he’s bound to be excited by them turning up.

We were recently offered the chance to review Jungle Jam In Brazil by Noam and Louise Lederman. This is the second book in the Jungle Jam series (we were kindly sent the first book too) and are available to buy here as a pair for just £11 – how great! With more to come in the series, we can’t to read more!

Jungle Jam in Brazil, illustrated by Jason James, follows the story of Gina The Giraffe. The Jungle Jam band are going to Brazil to perform but Gina has never been away from home and is a little scared! Gina is very anxious on the whole trip but the band help her to conquer her fears.

The tale is a great story of learning to conquer your fears and how people can help you through it. With the positive encouragement of her Jungle Jam bandmates, she is able to give things a go that she otherwise wouldn’t. Aren’t they great friends? The tale really shows children that they can do anything they put their mind to if they really want to; that they too can be big,brave and strong.

I love stories for my children like this – stories that tell them that they can achieve their goals if they put their mind to it. Currently, Jack has very big ambitions and stories like this really encourage him to keep pushing for his dreams.

The illustrations in the book are absolutely incredible – just look at how great the animals look, how colourful they are. You can really tell how they are all feeling – Jason James has done an incredible job. As we expected, the words really convey the story well too. Done in rhyme, the story flows quickly and easily and keeps you interested throughout. Another great addition to the book is the inclusion of an activity sheet for your children too – Jack loves these in books so was happy to see this! There was even a Brazil facts sheet so your child can learn all about Brazil too which is great!

Jack loves to read this to himself now that he is getting so good with his reading or also loves reading it to Olivia. He is quite an independent little chap so I have read it to him a couple of times but he prefers to read it himself, haha!

If you would like to win your own copy of Jungle Jam In Brazil, just enter via the Rafflecopter below. This giveaway is UK only and ends at 23.59pm on the 26th of August 2017. Good luck!


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