Healthy Snacking For Children With Googly Fruit

Googly Fruit healthy snacking for children

We were sent the Googly Fruit snacks for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

As a parent I am always looking for healthy snacks for my kids. It can be so easy to give in and give them those sweets and chocolate they are demanding but why not try to give them something a little healthier?

Googly Fruit healthy snacking for children

I am quite lucky in that both my children quite like fruit but sometimes just don’t want a whole piece of fruit. When offered the chance to review Googly Fruit, I knew that these had the potential to go down really well with my children. So who are Googly Fruit and what did we think?

The brand was founded by Natacha and Alex, parents and aunt and uncle to children. Their mission is to help kids make a lifelong friendship with fruit and vegetables.They have given all their fruit and veg googly eyes and cheeky names and personalities. Googly Fruit is made from 100% organic fruit and veg with no organic nonsense.

We were sent a variety of different products for the children to try. So what did we think?

Googly FruitWe were sent five of the Squeezy pouches – apple, blueberry and purple carrot; apple, mango and peach; apple, pear, carrot and pumpkin; apple, sweet potato and clementine & apple, strawberry, blueberry and raspberry. Both kids love a pouch – they are so convenient and usually quite tasty and the Googly Fruit pouches are no different. I even tasted a couple – they are so fruity and delicious and you can tell there are no additives in them. They taste just as they’re meant to taste and Olivia and Jack are loving them.

We were sent three packets of their crisps: 100% strawberry, 100% banana and raspberry and 100% apple and blueberry. Olivia has tried little bits of these but I still feel as if she is a little too small for these so Jack has been the one mainly snacking away on them – and loving them! He loves fruit and veg crisps – he loves a tasty snack with crunch!

We were also sent three packs of their crunchy puffs. Now my children LOVE puffed crisps so I was sure these were going to go down well – and I wasn’t wrong. I’ve had to split the packets into two equal halves when giving them as the kids love them so much and don’t really want to share with their sibling! So far the carrot ones seem to be most popular – but the others are well liked by Jack and Olivia too.

As well as this lovely selection of tasty treats that my children have enjoyed, they sent this lovely lot to the kids too: an activity book, googly eyes, stickers and a book that tells you the names of all their fruit and veg! Jack was disappointed not to see his name under J until he realised there was a jackfruit and now he is chuffed! Olivia is quite happy that her name is an Orange, she giggled when we kept pointing to it saying it was her, haha!#

All in all, I have been very impressed by what Googly Fruit has to offer. They are spreading a very popular message – that we should introduce our children to fruit and veg whilst they’re young even if that means making them fun. Their products also taste great and I can be assured that when I am giving my children one of their snacks, I’m not giving them any chemical nasties.

I’ll definitely be picking up some more of these for the kids – I can let the kids snack without worrying about what they are consuming.

Have you ever tried the brand?

Why do we need to introduce colour into our children’s lives from an early age?

Babies and young children are fascinated by colour. It has the ability to stimulate their mind and grab their attention. A baby is born with monochrome vision and is unable to distinguish the difference between colours, until around 8 months when their colour vision fully develops. By 3-4 years, a child can begin to recognise and name basic colours as frequent exposure can help strengthen this skill.

But, not only is it enjoyable for a child to be surrounded by colour, it is also beneficial to their development. Infinite Playgrounds, educational play area designers and retailers of playground canopies, have provided us with more of an insight.

The significance of colour

We shouldn’t underestimate the importance of colour in a child’s life.

As we know, babies do not have the ability to see colour. At 8 months, they begin to notice bright colours and this stimulates their minds. Exposing a baby to different shades of the same colour can help them make important colour connections early on in life rather than surrounding them with the same primary colours. Experts have said that showing patterns to a baby is important as it provides visual and cognitive stimulation for a growing baby as they focus on what they can see.

Having the ability to differentiate between colours is important for a child to get through younger life too. Learning colours allows them to recognise significant visual hues such as red as a code for danger and the meaning behind traffic lights. It is useful outside of the curriculum too — knowing the difference between a red and a blue coloured tap.

The knowledge of different hues of colours can improve a child’s ability to creatively write. Describing an object without saying its colour is difficult! Similarly, when they are exercising their imagination when creating a story, colour is an important part of descriptive techniques.

There has been a large amount of research done on the effects of colour on people and behaviour. Some experts claim that different colours enhance learning in different ways:

  • Blue — a colour that encourages creativity, if overused however, it can bring the mood down in a room. A cool blue enhances relaxation levels in individuals.
  • Yellow — a colour of happiness for children as it is associated with sunshine. This can lift the mood and excite a child due to its vibrant appearance.
  • Orange — this is said to enhance critical thinking and memory.

Teachers have noticed that they are happier teaching in a colourful classroom too. It gives them various colours to refer to when teaching and creating an overall pleasurable place to work. Research has shown that colours are more memorable than monochrome too — a bright and colourful classroom makes new learned experiences stick in the mind.

Add colour to learning

As a teacher or parent, you may be wondering how you can ensure that children and pupils learn the essentials of colour. From decorating your classroom to introducing games based on colour, there are plenty of ways that you can incorporate colours into the classroom.

Outdoor learning is a fun way to get children engaging in new experiences. Consider installing colourful playground canopies and parasols. These can sit over areas of a playground, allowing the sun to shine through and create many colourful patterns for children to enjoy. Pupils can trace shadows of the patterns on the floor with chalk and learn how they move throughout the day with the sun.

Bring colour into the classroom by talking about its significance in different countries. Discuss how colours have different meanings in various countries, for example red signifies good luck in China and green is a colour of independence for Mexicans. Encourage children to use colour to create their own national flags and teach them more about the country.

For younger children who enjoy more hands-on play, introduce them to brightly coloured mats, books and toys. Research has highlighted the importance of messy play too — where children can take part in unstructured play and get their hands dirty! Let them play with brightly coloured foodstuff such as jelly and develop their fine motor skills too.

Dedicate part of your week to reminding children about colours. There are many games that you could add onto the end of any lesson too. How about colour eye-spy, colour matching memory games or presenting coloured flashcards and encouraging pupils to name them.


Changing Up My Wardrobe For 2018

There is so much I want to change in 2018, not least my appearance. As a result, I’ve been changing up my wardrobe – decluttering as such. I’ve been getting rid of clothes that are either way too small or way too big, colours or shapes that don’t suit me, anything that is looking a little threadbare, anything I no longer like. Anything that is of good enough quality is going to the charity shop, anything that isn’t is being taken to the clothes bank to be made into rags.

But this leaves me with a little bit of a dilemma. You see, those items above account for most of my clothes and I am left with the bare essentials – some leggings, one pair of jeans, a couple of tops…you get my drift. I’ve got a few dresses but nowhere near what I used to have – I used to have more dresses than anything else in my wardrobe.

I’ve been wanting to update my clothes for a while and am going to be hitting up the stores and websites to buy some items for myself. With the plan to lose weight, I am only going to buy a few items in the size I am currently and the same as I go down in size until I hit my target weight – then I can go a bit crazy with clothes buying!

When it comes to clothes buying, I have finally come to the realisation at 27 years of age that I need to focus on pieces that stand the test of time and that will suit most occasions. I can occasionally indulge in ‘fast fashion’ but ultimately I need to ensure that the items I am buying are of decent quality, are suitable for various events and will stand the test of time, not falling to pieces within days or weeks.

With my dresses thoroughly depleted, I’ve been considering some jersey or silk dresses from David Nieper. There are super stylish options in a variety of colours and sizes which would suit the majority of occasions. The prices are a little more than your cheap high street store but that is only testament to their good quality and your knowledge that they will stand the test of time. With a few dresses, a new pair of jeans and some new knitwear, my wardrobe will soon be full to bursting again – and I will have the luxury of choice once more, without having to look through a load of clothes that are no good for me.

Not only that, people will benefit from the clothes I am getting rid of – whether they buy them from the charity shop or are utilising the ones given to the clothing bank at my local supermarket. When it comes to fashion, it is important to pick a few affordable, good quality pieces instead of relying on the cheap poor quality items, don’t you think?




The Unwritten Rules Of Dating Online

When it comes to online dating, there are obviously the real rules, the terms and conditions for each site, but did you realise that there were some unwritten rules too?

Here are some you really should know about:


When it comes to your profile, don’t be modest. You are just putting yourself down and it doesn’t make you attractive to others. On the other end of the scale though, don’t brag too much – you’ll just put people off as they will think you are an egotistical person with no consideration for others.

Don’t buy into the cliches – long walks on the beach; watching the sunset – how often do we see these on people’s profiles? Be unique. Be different.

Don’t specify exactly what you are looking for; just give a general idea. Specifying hair colour, height, weight etc could lead you to not finding the one simply because he or she didn’t quite meet up to the standards you had set out so they never ended up messaging you.


Add a photo- there is nothing worse than an online dating profile with no photo. It makes it look like you have something to hide. That being said, make you sure you have more than one. Just one photo isn’t very reliable. Also make sure the photo shows your true self. Don’t choose one that is overly flattering as people will be so disappointed if your picture doesn’t match up to your true self.


You don’t have to reply to every message you are sent, no matter what people say. That being said, don’t keep messaging for weeks on end without doing anything about it – you’re only stringing each other along that way. However don’t engage in conversation with people if you truly aren’t interested. Just gently end the conversation and move onto chatting to someone else – you don’t want to be giving people false hope.

Had you heard of these unwritten rules before? Are you looking for love or some fun? Why not check out this adult dating site if you are looking for a bit of fun or these other sites if you are looking for something more: Cumbria singles, date Hampshire singles, dating Suffolk, Southampton dating sites or Northamptonshire dating sites.

Fingers crossed you can find the man or woman of your dreams – and make sure you keep to the unwritten rules of online dating to ensure you can potentially meet The One – or the one for fun!


Celebrating My 28th Birthday

At the end of this month, I turn 28. Just two more years until the big 3-0. I haven’t really done much on my birthdays in recent years – least of all last year when Olivia was just three weeks old. This year, though, I would like to do something – I’m just not sure what.

Perhaps some drinks with some friends – one of my friends is having drinks next weekend and has said I can make it a joint thing with her. Maybe a meal out with Steve – but that requires babysitting. Maybe booking a last minute party at my local hall – it is affordable and there is sure to be some availability close to my birthday. Yes, I’d need to hire some entertainment quite last minute – I’d use Headliner as they cover all bases (bands, DJ’s, musicians in various genres and various locations – I’m bound to find some entertainment that suits me and my guests) and just hope that my guests could make it fairly last minute.

Why now do I want to do something to celebrate when there is just over two weeks? Well, after participating in the Best Foot Forward linky with other bloggers, I realise that I really don’t do that much for myself or by myself. It would be nice to actually treat myself on my birthday for once whilst doing something special, thinking about me for once.

I’m not getting any younger and birthdays are that one day a year where everything can be about you and it is okay to be a little bit selfish – so why not? A small party, a meal out with family, some drinks with friends – anything would be nice to break the monotone of staying in, don’t you think?

I’m not asking for anything big and fancy – just something a little more special than my day to day for the other 364 days of the year. January is a boring and depressing month as it is, I’d like to liven it up a little. The only problem is everyone is still so poor from Christmas that hardly anyone ever actually makes it out for my birthday – perhaps I should be like the Queen and have two!

I’ve still got just over two weeks to go so I am going to get my thinking cap on and decide what I want to do – I’ll be sure to let you know when I decide. How do you think I should celebrate my birthday this year? Have you got any special ideas – perhaps something unique?