Prague Stag Do: Everything You Need To Know!

Well one of the top-rated destinations, Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic, makes sure that you won’t be disappointed if you choose it as a destination for a stag do. This place is famous for its legendary stag dos.

If you have already finalised your stag do destination as Prague then, you must read on, as this article provides you with all the required knowledge for your Prague stag do!

Stag-friendly Hotels – It is not always easy to find such hotels that are very welcoming to guests such as a ten or twenty member stag party! However, these following hotels have been recommended and proven to be stag friendly over time. They are also not very far away from the New Town area!

The Grand Majestic Plaza – This hotel is located at a distance of a five-minute walk from Old Town and Wenceslas Square, along with many clubs in the vicinity!

Amarilis – Two blocks from away from the Wenceslas Square and seven minutes to the Old Town. Irish Bar Rocky O’Reilly is on the same street. One block away from several strip clubs!

Rokoko – Directly on Wenceslas Square, Goldfingers has a strip club opposite to it, and restaurants are a two-minute walk!

Jaromír Kavan

Prague Strip Clubs – Now more and more of the Prague strip clubs are allowing private rooms. Officially, these rooms are for private strip shows and personal entertainment for the stag or stag party. Ve Smeckach (off Wenceslas Square) has the largest concentration of Strip Clubs that are one the very famous in Prague, for a stag do. There are many others by the Wenceslas Square itself. The most famous and most expensive is Goldfingers located under the Ambassador Hotel where you can have the complete lavish experience!

However, the thing here to keep in mind is to always use cash for paying and not to hand out your card to any stranger!

Attitude To A Stag Party Or Large Groups Of Men – The situation here tends to become a bit difficult as there have been instances in Prague where large groups of stags have created havoc. This resulted in many bars banning large groups of stag parties in their places. However, with the improved situation, the ban was lifted within a year, although they still take precautionary measures! But again if you are a large group, then you can try out Harleys Bar in Dlouha and Sports Bars (Tip Games) in Ve Smeckach for a smooth and enjoyable experience!

Night Clubs – The two central nightclubs for tourists and Prague stag groups desiring mainstream music are next to the Charles Bridge. They are called Lavka and Karlovy Lazne. Apart from these two, you have the M1 Lounge which offers a luxurious and upscale environment in which you can enjoy a vast selection of drinks, shots and exclusive high-quality cocktails prepared by their friendly bar staff. Also in the main list is the KU Bar & Lounge, which is based on the retro theme and houses the most amazing parties in Prague! 

Places To Go To Get Cheap Food And Drinks – On the side roads of Wenceslas Square, on the right, as you go upwards, you will find Rocky O’Reillys in Stepanska area. In Ve Smeckach you’ll find some strip clubs and three sports bars. Around the Old Town Square, you’ll have Caffrey’s Irish Bar. A little walk away from the Old Town Square you have James Joyce Bar in Kozi and The Dubliner (in the Tyn courtyard). Follow Me, and Harleys Bar are in the Dlouha area. Joe’s Bar in Malostranska will allow a group of up to ten stags easily. Enjoy some of the best Irish drink and cuisine here! All these places are not very heavy on your pockets as well!

Now just plan it out thoroughly and make sure to be safe as well. Happy stag times to you and your best buddy!

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Why Prevention Is the Best Way to Deal With Illnesses

Imagine sitting at home, nose full of leaking snot while you’re sat in front of your laptop trying to answer emails and be at least a little bit productive. It’s hard, it sucks and no one likes to feel under the weather. We might chug medication, take tablets or drink a lot of chicken soup. We could mix tried-and-tested remedies, or we could try the latest fads circulating the internet on how to deal with your issues.

Either way, it’s a horrible experience and it leads us to one conclusion: we never want to be ill again! Sadly, even with all the healthcare advice and assistance available, we still end up sticking to poor habits that slowly eat away at our health and make us ill again. While it’s fairly difficult to never ever be sick again, there is something you can do to drastically improve your well-being; use preventative measures.

What are preventative measures?

The best way to deal with a problem is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Tired of catching a cold? Then there are ways to prevent yourself from getting it in the first place. This includes staying warm, keeping away from others with colds so you don’t catch it and so on. Preventative measures are different for every illness and condition, but there some universal ways to prevent yourself from getting ill.

Bruno Nascimento

  • Stick to a healthy diet. One of the most important aspects of our health is our diet. The type of food we consume on a regular basis will drastically change the quality of our health. If you’re used to chowing down on fast food and sweets, then this is obviously bad for you and it’s best to cut down on those unhealthy foods and swap them for healthier alternatives. Your diet can also prevent you from gaining too much weight (or even losing too much weight). However, a balance is always good and it’s best to occasionally mix in some fatty foods and sweets just to treat yourself.
  • Take care of your body. From spa treatments and massages to osteopathy and getting enough sleep, there are a countless number of ways to take care of your body. Make sure you look after your physical health by reducing stress and finding ways to relax the muscles that you use the most.
  • Exercise to look after your health. Lastly, we can’t forget about exercise. One of the best benefits of exercise is to keep your joints healthy. As we age, our joints will naturally start to deteriorate and we’ll lose control of them sooner or later. With regular exercise, we can keep our body healthy and nimble so that we don’t succumb to the effects of ageing so soon. It can also help keep your heart healthy and reduce your risk of developing heart conditions.


Preventative measures are arguably the best way to shield yourself from getting ill. Practice good habits like eating well, taking care of your body and exercising on a regular basis if you want to reduce the number of times you fall sick.


Three Honest Conversations To Have Before You Get Engaged

If you’re one of the thousands of people thinking about saying ‘I do’, then your thoughts are probably running more around table settings and flower arrangements than anything else. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the fairytale of planning your big day, that sometimes you can forget that it’s not just about the wedding arrangements.

No, getting engaged is much more significant than that. You’re about to merge your life fully with that of your partner- and that requires a few major conversations that you’d be surprised just how many people don’t have before making the biggest commitment of their lives. Solid foundations are built on open communication, so make sure you discuss these important things before you go searching for Diamond Engagement Rings:

The Kid Question

Being on the same page with family plans is something that quite a few are reluctant to discuss before the ink is even dry on the wedding invites. But it’s essential to understand – not just, does your partner want kids and how many? But how do you plan on raising them? Where do you stand on issues such as discipline and education? Raising children together is a huge journey and it can be as challenging as it is joyful. Getting the fundamentals right and acknowledging that you will both have an equal say in your children’s future is a worthwhile discussion to have.

The Money Question

Let’s face it, talking money can be hard. There are complex feelings at stake, as our attitudes to money are a lot more emotional than most of us realise. Approach the topic gently, but recognise the importance of having an honest discussion. We all have attitudes and feelings around money and it’s worth knowing what your partner’s are. Finances are one of the main causes of marital conflict, often because so much is unspoken before tying the knot. Know what each of your expectations are, and you’ll help to avoid a lot of arguments.

The Career Question

Don’t assume that you know it all when it comes to your partner’s attitude to their career. Work eats up a lot of our time and occupies a lot of our headspace, so it’s worth sharing exactly what your career goals and aspirations are. What are you prepared to do to make them happen? Would you move cities or work away? How would this work with any family plans? What happens if you have a set back like redundancy? Who is the main breadwinner and how does this affect the division of labour at home? All useful information to navigate your future together. Our careers don’t just affect us but they also affect our spouse and family. Work can cause a lot of issues that get carried into or affect home life too.

You may not be able to predict all the ups and downs that your marriage will face, but knowing each other’s attitudes and values well at the outset can help you to step into your new Union with clear vision and avoid a lot of heartache in the future.


Thinking of leasing a car? Here’s what you need to know.

Be it for business or personal use, car leasing provides an affordable and convenient way to have a vehicle. Afterall, repayments will be much less costly than a loan, the car will often be covered by a warranty, and there are even tax advantages for business-owners.

Leasing a car is typically a quick process, however, there are a few things that you should take into consideration before you do so. Read on to find out the main things you need to know before leasing a car.

Car Leasing Details and Costs

Your leased car will come with a set of specifications and regulations that you need to adhere to. Make sure you read them carefully and discuss your options with the dealer, so you know clearly where you stand. Quite often you will be required to pay a deposit as part of the lease program.

This deposit will secure your vehicle for the duration of the lease, providing that you keep up with the repayments. In some instances, there may be a special no-deposit offer. Some dealers will charge a delivery fee if you want the car to be shipped to your home or place of work and ready to drive.

There will also be mileage limits in place for your vehicle. Prior to purchasing you will be asked to estimate the number of miles that you expect to do over a certain period. You’ll then have a mileage cap. Make sure you estimate wisely to start, as running over your mileage allowance will often result in a additional fee per mile.

Other potential fees include document fees, tire fees, and extra insurance costs. If it’s for an employee, you will need to make sure that they are properly insured. If you think other people will be using the vehicle then you also need to mention that to the dealer. It worth noting that you may be able to avoid extra fees by negotiating your lease. You may want to brush u a little on your negotiation skills before you sign a lease.

When and How the Car Lease Ends

Once you choose to lease a car, you should decide how long you want to lease it for. This will be clearly stated in your contract, and provided that you make the repayments on time, you will be able to use the car up to that time. Some cars require a disposition fee at the end of the lease, while others will offer a purchase options where you can choose to buy the car. Some will also enable you to extend your lease should you decide that you want to use your car for longer.

Find car Leasing Deals on the Intelligent Car Leasing Website

With thousands of different car leasing options, it can be tough to know where to start. The fastest way to find your perfect lease is to use Intelligent Car Leasing. Stay entertained and informed with our blog. Good luck.


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The Benefits Of High Net Worth Insurance

We all know how important insurance is – and we wouldn’t dare think of not insuring our lives, our cars and often our homes. But sometimes we don’t necessarily consider what things could or should be insured. There are many different types of insurance out there and one such one is high net worth insurance.

Now if you haven’t heard of it, I’m not surprised – it isn’t something that everyone would consider for a financial product. High net worth insurance is something to consider when you have some luxury items in your possession that may overstep the amount general insurers cover – we’ve all insured our contents and seen that there is a maximum limit general insurers will cover, high net worth insurance is exactly what you need for those type of items.

Providers of this insurance will work extensively with some wealthy individuals to ensure all their needs are met. Financial affairs of the wealthy can be complex so each approach will be built around the individuals requirements. With limitations on the amount of cover from general insurers, providers specialise in helping them with custom arrangements so that they have the peace of mind that everything is covered. These things could include a high value home, fine art and antique items, expensive jewellery and luxury watches, anything equine related, cover for renovation and refurbishment if needed, luxury cars and much more.

Now whilst Steve and I have no need for such insurance, we both have or have had family members who used this insurance or could have benefited from high net worth insurance. With a family member with a large many bedroomed property, plenty of luxury jewellery and timepieces, luxury cars and much, much more, we are pretty sure that they wouldn’t have been covered by standard insurance so would have needed some high net worth insurance of their very own to ensure their contents were covered.

I also have family members now who don’t have it but could certainly benefit from it. Why? They have items of significant value that standard insurers won’t cover or won’t cover to the full amount. It is so important to have cover that actually covers the cost because the cost of replacing such items if they aren’t insured can become very expensive. They should really be making sure they have protection to the right level to cover their items and that they are sufficiently covered. I think they are foolish for not already having a policy in place.

It is so easy to sit there and think that a standard policy will be fine – but checking the small print will probably lead you to realise that it isn’t the case. To avoid the shock when making a claim and finding out you aren’t covered for that amount, why wouldn’t you make sure you have peace of mind? You don’t want to lose out on money when it could have been avoided.

Something that is also important to remember regarding high net worth insurance is that you yourself can be covered. There are certain jobs in certain industries where you may be able to earn a lot but there is also a high potential risk of something happening to you – think Formula 1 drivers and other sports men and women – often doing a dangerous job that standard insurers won’t cover fully – if at all. It is definitely something that needs to be considered to make sure you are fully protected.

So to recap – the benefits far outweigh any negatives, if there are actually any negatives. You will be safe in the knowledge that you are fully covered and won’t have to encounter any expensive shocks further down the line. Why wouldn’t you want peace of mind like that? You may not be in a situation now where you need such insurance but it sure helps to be knowledgeable about it for the future, just in case you do find yourself in that position.